Alas Quotes

Alas Quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Henry Mackintosh, Amiri Baraka, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Rick Riordan, Francois Fenelon and many others.

In the beautiful, man sets himself up as the standard of perfection; in select cases he worships himself in it. Man believes that the world itself is filled with beauty -he forgets that it is he who has created it. He alone has bestowed beauty upon the world -alas! only a very human, an all too human, beauty.
A true evangelist is almost as great a rarity as a true pastor. Alas! Alas! How rare are both! The two are closely connected. The evangelist gathers the sheep; the pastor feeds and cares for them. The work of each lies very near the heart of Christ- [Who Is] The Divine Evangelist and Pastor.
Alas, we have not yet the power to render completely sterile or make impossible the errors and lies which will merely be America being itself rather than its unconvincing promise.
As beauteous is the world, and many a joy Floats through its wide dominion. But, alas, When we would seize the winged good, it flies.
Juno: “The heroes of olympus must unite! After your victory over kronos in manhattan…well I fear that wounded jupiter‘s self-esteem.” Percy: Cause I was right and he was wrong” Juno: “He should be used to that after being married to me so long, but alas.
Do we accustom ourselves to see all things in the light of faith? Do we correct all our judgments by it? Alas! The greater part of Christians think and act like mere heathens; if we judge (as we justly may) of their faith by their practice, we must conclude they have no faith at all.
Cell phones, alas, have pretty much ruined train travel, which I used to love. I could read or even sketch notes for what I was working on.
Alas! it is not the child but the boy that generally survives in the man.
In spite of the honestest efforts to annihilate my I-ity, or merge it in what the world doubtless considers my better half, I still find myself a self-subsisting and alas! self-seeking me.
Alas! those good old days are gone, when a murderer could wipe the stain from his name and soothe his trouble to sleep simply by getting out his blocks and mortar and building an addition to a church.
Hear, O God. Alas, for man’s sin! So saith man, and Thou pitiest him; for Thou madest him, but sin is in him Thou madest not. Who remindeth me of the sins of my infancy? for in Thy sight none is pure from sin, not even the infant whose life is but a day upon the earth.
Alas, their love may be call’d appetite. No motion of the liver, but the palate
Of what use is a long life, if we amend so little? Alas, a long life often adds to our sins rather than to our virtue!
The key solution is to invest in innovation and entrepreneurship within the company. Reducing wastealthough probably not eliminating it – and do so at all levels of government would probably generate the capital needed. Alas, that will probably not happen because it makes too much sense.
It’s a joy to be up close to Derek Jacobi’s work. Alas, we haven‘t worked very much, over the years, since we were at university together, but I don’t think I’ve missed many of his great shows and performances.
Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still, Should without eyes see pathways to his will!
The difference between Libertarian and Conservative is that Conservatives understand this, and know that unregulated capitalism will eventually end with human meat sold in market places, and slavery. Alas, many Conservatives think that everything has to be regulated and controlled.
Were I to be angry at men being fools, I could here find ample room for declamation; but, alas! I have been a fool myself; and why should I be angry with them for being something so natural to every child of humanity?
Alas, not all things in life are easy; Even man struggles to be human.
Catch, then, oh! catch the transient hour,
Improve each moment as it flies;
Life’s a short summer-man a flower;
He dies-alas! how soon he dies!
My childhood began, as everybody‘s childhood begins, with prejudices. Man finds prejudices beside his cradle, puts them from him a little in the course of his career, and often, alas! takes to them again in his old age.
All the revision in the world will not save a bad first draft: for the architecture of the thing comes, or fails to come, in the first conception, and revision only affects the detail and ornament, alas!
Alas! how light a cause may move Dissension between hearts that love! Hearts that the world in vain had tried, And sorrow but more closely tied; That stood the storm when waves were rough, Yet in a sunny hour fall off, Like ships that have gone down at sea When heaven was all tranquillity.
Alas! in nature, as in art, we gain only according to our capacity. You cannot put an ocean in a pint pot.
I do not now begin, – I still adore Her whom I early cherish‘d in my breast; Then once again with prudence dispossess’d, And to whose heart I’m driven back once more. The love of Petrarch, that all-glorious love, Was unrequited, and, alas, full sad.
For, I must tell you, in this world where today all lose their minds over many & wondrous Machinessome of which, alas, you can see also in this Siege – I construct Aristotelian Machines, that allow anyone to see with Words.
It is easy to promise, and alas! How easy to forget!
Alas! we makeA ladder of our thoughts, where angels step,But sleep ourselves at the foot: our high resolvesLook down upon our slumbering acts.
Alas, it is just a single image – an extended moment perhaps. Unlike a biography, a portrait cannot present the many differing moments that make up a personality.
Alas! the scientific conscience had got into the debasing company of money obligation and selfish respects.
My soul, alas, needs these uneasinesses in outward things, to be driven to take refuge in God.
Yes!–still I love thee: Time, who sets
His signet on my brow,
And dims my sunken eye, forgets,
The heart he could not bow;–
Where love, that cannot perish, grows
For one, Alas! that little knows
How love may sometimes last;
Like sunshine wasting in the skies
When clouds are overcast.
Rufus Dawes
There is alas no law against incompetency; no striking example is made. They learn by our bodily jeopardy and make experiments until the death of the patients, and the doctor is the only person not punished for murder.
I have no words alas! to tell the loveliness of loving well
Do you seriously propose that they are going to be so insane as to allow tariffs to be imposed. The EU is, I’m afraid a job destroying engine. You can see it all across southern Europe, you can see it, alas, in our country.
Property is unstable, and youth perishes in a moment. Life itself is held in the grinning fangs of Death, Yet men delay to obtain release from the world. Alas, the conduct of mankind is surprising.
I have, alas! Philosophy, Medicine, Jurisprudence too, And to my cost Theology, With ardent labor, studied through. And here I stand, with all my lore, Poor fool, no wiser than before.
[Newton wrote to Halley … that he would not give Hooke any credit] That, alas, is vanity. You find it in so many scientists. You know, it has always hurt me to think that Galileo did not acknowledge the work of Kepler.
Alas, it looks like those unsubstantiated rumours about me are about to come true after all this time.
The form of a town changes more swiftly alas! Than the heart of a mortal.
Passion is like the lightning, it is beautiful, and it links the earth to heaven, but alas it blinds!
Alas! how many souls there are full of self, and yet desirous of doing good and serving God, but in such a way as to suit themselves; who desire to impose rules upon God as to His manner of drawing them to Himself. They want to serve and possess Him, but they are not willing to be possessed by Him.
Prosperity, alas! is often but another name for pride.
The natural idealism of youth is an idealism, alas, for which we do not always provide as many outlets as we should.
Alas! if the principles of contentment are not within us, the height of station and worldly grandeur will as soon add a cubit to a man’s stature as to his happiness.
All the great Shakespeare plays are about killing. ‘Alas, poor Yorick,’ that’s about death. And in ‘Romeo and Julieteveryone up ends up dying. The greatest dramas in the world are all about sex, violence and death.
Alas for the unhappy man that is called to stand in the pulpit, and not give the bread of life.
We have had, alas, and still have, the doubtful habit of reverence. Above all, we respect things as they are.
My rejection at the Salon brought an end to my hesitation [to settle in Paris] since after this failure I can no longer claim to cope… alas, that fatal rejection has virtually taken the bread out of my mouth.
Alas, I am a woman friendless, hopeless!
The Raven‘s house is built with reeds, — Sing woe, and alas is me! And the Raven’s couch is spread with weeds, High on the hollow tree; And the Raven himself, telling his beads In penance for his past misdeeds, Upon the top I see.
Alas, day, you brought light,
You trailed splendour
You showed us god:
I salute you, most precious one,
But I go to a new place,
Another life.
Alas! all music jars when the soul’s out of tune.
Look round and round upon this bare bleak plain, and see even here, upon a winter‘s day, how beautiful the shadows are! Alas! It is the nature of their kind to be so. The loveliest things in life… are but shadows; and they come and go, and change and fade away, as rapidly as these.
The artist who is not also a craftsman is no good; but, alas, most of our artists are nothing else.
Alas! I have nor hope nor health, Nor peace within nor calm around, Nor that content surpassing wealth The sage in meditation found.
I remember watching steak being cooked on TV and wanting to try it. As a special treat, my mother cooked it for me, and I thought this would be the time I would eat with a knife and fork. Alas, I ate it with chopsticks!
Removing prejudices is, alas! too often removing the boundary of a delightful near prospect in order to let in a shockingly extensive one.
Alas! for love, if thou art all,
And nought beyond, O earth.
I shall always feel respect for every one who has written a book, let it be what it may, for I had no idea of the trouble which trying to write common English could cost one—And alas there yet remains the worst part of all correcting the press.
There’s a boy across the river with an ass like a peach; alas I was no swimmer and lost my Clementine.
Alas! for that accursed time They bore thee o’er the billow, From love to titled age and crime, And an unholy pillow! From me, and from our misty clime, Where weeps the silver willow!
The year is ended, and it only adds to my age;
Spring has come, but I must take leave of my home.
Alas, that the trees in this eastern garden,
Without me, will still bear flowers.
Su Ting
Alas! while the body stands so broad and brawny, must the soul lie blinded, dwarfed, stupefied, almost annihilated? Alas! this was, too, a breath of God, bestowed in heaven, but on earth never to be unfolded!
Life goes on and on after one’s luck has run out. Youthfulness persists, alas, long after one has ceased to be young.
Do you recall Fred Merriville?” She stared at him. “Fred Merriville? Pray, what has he to say to anything?” “The poor fellow has nothing to say: he’s dead, alas!
The life’s story of great geniuses is a sad one, without much tangible reward, which does not inspire future generations to face a similar fate. Alas also, it stands to reason why so many talent will not come to sparkle on the artistic firmanent.
Morgant?” Taran asked, turning a puzzled glance to Gwydion. “How can there be honor for such a man?” “It is easy to judge evil unmixed,” replied Gwydion. “But, alas, in most of us good and bad are closely woven as the threads on a loom; greater wisdom than mine is needed for the judging.
Like driftwood spares which meet and pass Upon the boundless ocean-plain, So on the sea of life, alas! Man nears man, meets, and leaves again.
Alas! how has the social spirit of Christianity been perverted by fools at one time, and by knaves and bigots at another; by the self-tormentors of the cell, and the all-tormentors of the conclave!
Oh literature, oh the glorious Art, how it preys upon the marrow in our bones. It scoops the stuffing out of us, and chucks us aside. Alas!
…alas, raising a young lady is a mystery even beyond an enchanter’s skill.
Alas, not me, lord!” she said. “Shadow lies on me still. Look not to me for healing! I am a shieldmaiden and my hand is ungentle.
We need a government, alas, because of the nature of humans.
Alas! It is well written, The road to eminence lies through the cheap and exceedingly uninviting eating-houses.
Alas! how little can a moment show Of an eye where feeling plays In ten thousand dewy rays: A face o’er which a thousand shadows go!
Alas! I do not believe that inspiration falls from heaven. think it rather the result of a profound indolence.
I have, alas, only one illusion left, and that is the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Alas, how easily things go wrong! A sigh too much, a kiss too long And there follows a mist and a weeping rain And life is never the same again
I always wanted to be a cowboy. But alas! I was burdened early with certain inescapable obligations to world literature.
Alas! it is true: “Be polite to bores and so shall you have bores always round about you.”
If hell has no answer for the questioning dead, it is not because it refuses to answer (for rigorous, alas, in observance, is the imperishable fire), but it is because hell has nothing to say, will say nothing eternally.
The celebrations Of secret nonmeetings are empty, Unspoken conversations, Unuttered words. Glances that don’t intersect Don’t know where to come to rest. And only the tears rejoice Because they can flow and flow. Sweetbrier around Moscow, Alas! Somehow it is here … And all this they will call Love eternal.
There is nothing is more musical than a sunset. He who feels what he sees will find no more beautiful example of development in all that book which, alas, musicians read but too little – the book of Nature.
If only I had discipline, but alas, it is only an obsessive-compulsive trait and the beauty of habit that causes me to return again and again to my work.
Alas, how right the ancient saying is: We, who are old, are nothing else but noise And shape. Like mimicries of dreams we go, And have no wits, although we think us wise.
We had lost the art of communication – but not, alas, the gift of speech.
Alas! There cometh the time when man will no longer give birth to any star. Alas! There cometh the time of the most despicable man, who can no longer despise himself.
Can it be, that Providence has not connected the permanent felicity of a Nation with its virtue? The experiment, at least, is recommended by every sentiment which ennobles human Nature. Alas! is it rendered impossible by its vices?
Alas! it is not till time, with reckless hand, has torn out half the leaves from the Book of Human Life to light the fires of passion with from day to day, that man begins to see that the leaves which remain are few in number.
Woman, thou art a river, deep and wide, Of waters soft and sweet: Alas! I’ve never reached the other side; Though oft I’ve wet my feet!
Growth provides novel experiences for youth; decay the same, alas, for age.
Alas, criticism has always been what human beings, especially leaders, most hate to hear.
Alas, regardless of their doom, the little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come nor care beyond today.
Alas, where is there still a sea in which one could drown: thus our lament resounds – across shallow swamps.
I believed, when I entered this convent, I was escaping from myself, but alas, poor me, I brought myself with me!
… there is an irrational, cultish tendency in many intellectual movements, and Objectivism, alas, is no exception. Ayn Rand’s personal obsession with loyalty did little to discourage this trend…. Rand had often protested, ‘Protect me from my followers!’
Alas! the fleeting years, how they roll on!
The problem of disbelieving in God is not that a man ends up believing nothing. Alas, it is much worse. He ends up believing anything.
Alas, our technology has marched ahead of our spiritual and social evolution, making us, frankly, a dangerous people.
There is nothing more musical than a sunset. He who feels what he sees will find no more beautiful example of development in all that book which, alas, musicians read but too little – the book of Nature.
Two souls dwell, alas! in my breast.
Alas, I have done nothing this day! What?! Have you not lived? It is not only the fundamental but the noblest of your occupations.
James O’Donnell Bennett
For a long time, I’ve had a recurring dream – I dream I don’t have to write any more, that I’m free. I’m not free, alas; I’m still clearing the same terrain, with the impression that it’s never finished.
When you find yourself with the Beloved, embracing for
one breath, in that moment you will find your true destiny.
Alas, don’t spoil this precious moment.
Moments like this are very, very rare.
Despite history, despite English, despite the noteworthies, and a little bit also despite ourselves, alas!, the Quebecois people have stayed French. I had violently returned. This people had no need of directives to affirm its French pride in the face of the whole world
Here with my beer I sit, while golden moments flit: alas! They pass unheeded by: and as they fly, I, being dry, sit idly sipping here, my beer.
Alas! when passion is both meek and wild!
How many, alas, of the precious saints of God must we shut out from being believers, if there is no faith but what amounts to assurance…. shall we say their faith went away in the departure of their assurance?
Alas! You complain that your soul is out of tune. Then ask the Master to tune the heart-strings.
Alas, I know if I ever became truly humble, I would be proud of it.
Time, time – that is our greatest master! Alas, like Ugolino, time devours its own children.
We are told to walk noiselessly through the world, that we may waken neither hatred, nor envy; but, alas! what can we do when they never sleep!
My interest in food really began with a month‘s cookery course in Frome, Somerset, after my A-levels. I left the course not an incredible cook, alas, but a real enthusiast. Food and cooking is at the core of entertaining, and my passion grew and grew.
Alas! How difficult it is to prevent the countenance from betraying guilt!
This source of corruption, alas, is inherent in the democratic system itself, and it can only be controlled, if at all, by finding ways to encourage legislators to subordinate ambition to principle.
The ALAS Foundation was born as a consequence and a continuation of what we are doing with Pies Descalzos. I started the Pies Descalzos foundation in Colombia when I was 18, and since then, I have been very involved in the crusade for education.
How can I no longer bear my weary doom? Alas! what have I gain’d for all I lost?
Maria Gowen Brooks
I am so fed up and joyless that not only have I nothing to fill my soul, I cannot even conceive of anything that could possibly satisfy it – alas, not even the bliss of heaven.
I am Roman, alas, because Horace is Roman.
Place (or put) a spider on top of a mountain, it will only try to catch flies; alas, they are many those who, in the figurative meaning, have spider’s eyes.
Alas for him who seeks salvation in good only! Balanced on God’s strong shoulders, Good and Evil flap together like two mighty wings and lift him high.
Alas, woman is faithful as long as she loves, but you demand that she be faithful without love and give herself without enjoyment. Who is cruel then, woman or man?
Alas! to seize the moment When the heart inclines to heart, And press a suit with passion, Is not a woman’s part. If man come not to gather The roses where they stand, They fade among their foliage, They cannot seek his hand.
Writing anything is terribly hard but, alas for me, because I am addicted, a heck of a lot of fun. I often am sorry I ever started writing prose, because it is so hard. But I can’t stop.
Alas, poor men, their destiny. When all goes well a shadow will overthrow it. If it be unkind one stroke of a wet sponge wipes all the picture out.
Happy and alone, you say? Reclusive and merry? How oxymoronic! Pas possible! Alas, the concept is lost on so many.
Ah! Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans! I was unfortunate enough in my youth to come across a vomit-flavored one, and since then I’m afraid I’ve rather lost my liking for them — but I think I’ll be safe with a nice toffee, don’t you?” He smiled and popped the golden-brown bean into his mouth. “Alas! Ear wax!
Unlike other vices, cruelty, alas, is never boring.
Alas! Our dancing days are no more. We wish, however, all those who have a relish for so agreeable and innocent an amusement all the pleasure the season will afford them.
Alas, by what rude fate Our lives, like ships at sea, an instant meet, Then part forever on their courses fleet.
You can have no wise laws nor free enforcement of wise laws unless there is free expression of the wisdom of the people — and, alas, their folly with it. But if there is freedom, folly will die of its own poison, and the wisdom will survive.
I greatly enjoy reading the biographies of scientists, and when doing so I always hope to learn the secrets of their success. Alas, those secrets generally remain elusive.
Alas few socialists are either benevolent enough to work hard at these occupations out of benevolence or self-interested enough to work hard at them for money.
Queens you must always be: queens to your lovers; queens to your husbands and your sons, queens of higher mystery to the world beyond. . . . But alas, you are too often idle and careless queens, grasping at majesty in the least things, while you abdicate it in the greatest.
O my Blessed God! let me climb up near to Him, and love, and long, and plead, and wrestle, and strech after Him, and for deliverence from the body of sin and death. Alas! my soul mourned to think i should ever lose sight of its Beloved again. O come, Lord Jesus, amen.
Alas, why are my nights all thus lost? Ah, why do I ever miss his sight whose breath touches my sleep?
Alas, bacon and eggs are not health foods.
But alas! Science cannot now rescue us, for even the scientist is lost in the terrible midnight of our age. Indeed, science gave us the very instruments that threaten to bring universal suicide.
I stood beside Van Helsing, and said;- “Ah, well, poor girl, there is peace for her at last. It is the end!” He turned to me, and said with grave solemnity:- “Not so; alas! not so. It is only the beginning!
It is not a case we are treating; it is a living, palpitating, alas, too often suffering fellow creature.
There’s a house across the river, but alas, I cannot swim
I’ll live my life regretting that I never jumped in
But, alas! what poor Woman is ever taught that she should have a higher Design than to get her a Husband?
Time passes you say, But no! Alas, time is staying and we pass by.
Andrew Dobson
Sometimes writers say true things about the overall nature of publicity, promotion, and the publishing industry; but alas, not always.
I built myself a house of glass:It took me years to make it:And I was proud. But now, alas!Would God someone would break it.
Alas, passion is conducive to certain other things because when you have too much passion and you have too much work, you possibly end up having black holes. The danger is too much passion.
The dumpling is indeed of more ancient institution, and of foreign origin; but alas, what were those dumplings? Nothing but a few lentils sodden together, moisten’d and cemented with a little seeth’d fat.
Alas! we give our own coloring to the actions of others.
Alas, to wear the mantle of Galileo it is not enough that you be persecuted by an unkind establishment, you must also be right.
Robert L. Park
Alas the Church of England! What with Popery on one hand, and schismatics on the other, how has she been crucified between two thieves!
Old age doth in sharp pains abound; We are belabored by the gout, Our blindness is a dark profound, Our deafness each one laughs about. Then reason’s light with falling ray Doth but a trembling flicker cast. Honor to age, ye children pay! Alas! my fifty years are past!
We do not trust educated people and rarely, alas, produce them, for we do not trust the independence of mind which alone makes a genuine education possible.
The stars are dead. The animals will not look: We are left alone with our day, and the time is short, and History to the defeated May say Alas but cannot help nor pardon.
…without a Respectable Navy, Alas America!
The flesh is sad, alas, and I have read all the books.
Alas! is even love too weak To unlock the heart, and let it speak?
You say you experience great difficulty in the mission. Alas! Monsieur, there is no lot in life where there is nothing to be endured.
We live in a world with huge repositories of logic and even greater such of information-but, alas, so little wisdom.
Apostolos Doxiadis
Art, like religion, arises from the spirit, but alas, the formalizing of spiritual life all too often ends in hypocrisy.
All the great Shakespeare plays are about killing. Alas, poor Yorick, that’s about death. And in Romeo and Juliet everyone up ends up dying. The greatest dramas in the world are all about sex, violence and death.
Friendship is but a name, faith is an empty name. Alas,
it is not safe to praise to a friend the object of your love;
as soon as he believes your praises, he slips into your place.
Railway termini are our gates to the glorious and the unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return.
Every reporter inhales skepticism. You interview people, and they lie. You face public figures, diligently making notes or taping what is said, and they perform their interviews to fit a calculated script. The truth, alas, is always elusive.
Our sense of worth, of well-being, even our sanity depends upon our remembering. But, alas, our sense of worth, our well-being, our sanity also depend upon our forgetting.
Common sense, alas in spite of our educational institutions, is a rare commodity.
Alas, so all things now do hold their peace:
Heaven and earth disturbed in no thing:
The beasts, the air, the birds their song do cease;
The nightes chare the stars about doth bring.
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Alas for the rarity Of Christian charity Under the sun!
If we are honest and fair, then we are known by that. If we are not, alas, we are known by that as well. What we want to do is do right, but you have to say it, you have to show it, and not stop.
Alas, why will a man spend months trying to hand over his liberty to a woman–and the rest of his life trying to get it back again?
But when I came, alas, to wive, With hey, ho, the wind and the rain, By swaggering could I never thrive, For the rain it raineth every day.
Alas! innocence is but a poor substitute for experience.
‘T is said that absence conquers love; But oh believe it not! I’ve tried, alas! its power to prove, But thou art not forgot.
Frederick William Thomas
Alas, regardless of their doom, the little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come, nor care beyond today.
Virtue, vain word, futile shadow, slave of chance! Alas! I believe in thee!
Alas, how many have been persecuted for the wrong of having been right?
The chief secret of comfort lies in not suffering trifles to vex us, and in prudently cultivating our undergrowth of small pleasures, since very few great ones, alas! are let on long leases.
Richard Sharp
Alas, sir, how fell you besides your five wits?” Malvolio: “Fool, there was never a man so notoriously abused. I am as well in my wits, fool, as thou art.” Feste: “But as well? Then you are mad indeed, if you be no better in you wits than a fool.
Alas! How enthusiasm decreases, as our experience increases!
Alas, irreverence has been subsumed by mere grossness, at least in the so-called mass media. What we have now – to quote myself at my most pretentious – is a nimiety of scurrility with a concomitant exiguity of taste.
Like water spilt upon the ground–alas, Our little lives flow swiftly on and pass; Yet may they bring rich harvests and green grass!
Alas, poor Yorick! How surprised he would be to see how his counterpart of today is whisked off to a funeral parlor and is in short order sprayed, sliced, pierced, pickled, trussed, trimmed, creamed, waxed, painted, rouged and neatly dressedtransformed from a common corpse into a Beautiful Memory Picture.
No legal plunder: This is the principle of justice, peace, order, stability, harmony, and logic. Until the day of my death, I shall proclaim this principle with all the force of my lungs (which alas! is all too inadequate).
Everything, alas, is an abyss, В— actions, desires, dreams, words!
Alas, thereВ isn’tВ a pain-free way to achieve your goals.
I set out to become the greatest lover in Vienna, the greatest horseman in Austria, and the greatest economist in the world. Alas, for the illusions of youth: as a horseman, I was never really first-rate.
Alas, O Lord, to what a state dost Thou bring those who love Thee!
Alas, that Spring should vanish with the Rose! That Youths sweet-scented Manuscript should close!
It does not astonish me that the critics in London relegate me to the lowest rank. Alas! I fear that they are only too justified!
Alas the Master; so he sinks in death. But whoso knows the mystery of man Sees life and death as curves of the same plan
The greatest dramas in the world are all about sex, violence and death.
What can ennoble sots, or slaves, or cowards? Alas! not all the blood, of all the Howards.
Man, do not pride yourself on your superiority to the animals, for they are without sin, while you, with all your greatness, you defile the earth wherever you appear and leave an ignoble trail behind you — and that is true, alas, for almost every one of us!
If it comes to that,” retorted Frederica, with spirt, ” I am continually shocked by the things you don’t scruple to say to me,cousin! You are quite abominable!” He sighed. “Alas, I know it! The reflection gives me sleepless nights.
Damned money! Alas! How many religious did it blind! How many cloistered religious did it deceive! Money is the ‘droppings of birds’ that blinded the eyes of Tobit.
But alas, if I have not maintained my victory, it is God’s fault for not making man and the devil of equal strength.