Ask A Girl Quotes

Ask A Girl Quotes by Jenna Jameson, Julia Roberts, Iliza Shlesinger, Chris Parnell, Matthew Perry and many others.

When it comes to being a good lover, a guy has to ask a girl what she wants and be willing to give it to her.
Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.
When you ask a girl out and she suggest a bar, you’re answer shouldn’t be great, I like that bar and they’ll have the Rockets game on too.
The best advice I never got. I don’t know if it would have done any good, but to be more confident with girls in school. I actually had a couple of girlfriends, but I was still pretty timid and it was hard to ask girls out.
My sense of style is an old Polo shirt, jeans and, unfortunately for the longest time, white running shoes, which was not attractive. The one thing I’ve learned about clothes is to ask a girl.