Bad In The World Quotes

Bad In The World Quotes by John Cleese, James Frain, Gillian Flynn, John Frusciante and many others.

English television from the Fifties to the Nineties was the least bad in the world, and now it’s just as bad as it is anywhere.
And sometimes it’s fun to be the guy who just really enjoys it, like the guy I’m playing now on The Cape. He’s more that. He’s much more flashy and debonaire and devil may care-ish. He just loves doing bad in the world. That’s real fun to do.
I assumed everything bad in the world could happen, because everything bad in the world already did happen.
You should always think good things and always look for the good in the world. If you look for the bad in the world, you will always find something bad. But if you look for the good you will find it, it is there