Barrier Quotes

Barrier Quotes by Ananya Birla, Miguel de Unamuno, Josh Gondelman, Randa Haines, Karen Traviss, Miguel McKelvey and many others.

Human beliefs, like all other natural growths, elude the barrier of systems.
I think the term ‘Twitter comedian‘ can seem like a pejorative because it’s not a job, really, and there’s such a low barrier for entry to get started.
A barrier for me – which has been both a strength and a weakness – has been my taste. The kind of things I’m interested in aren’t always mainstream.
I’d probably play games obsessively if I didn’t write, although I admit I don’t read novels partly because I don’t enjoy it, not just because it’s the wrong side of the creator-consumer barrier for me. I’m a visual writer. I think in moving 3D images and write down what I observe.
I don’t think we are trying too hard. WE is inclusive from the beginning. That’s the whole point. We’ve always been, ‘everyone is welcome.’ There is no velvet rope, no barrier to entry.
I think that it’s really important to step back and to take breaks as a digital creator because every other kind of platform is kind of set up to have seasons or time off or at least a barrier between creator and consumer. You have these set-up boundaries.
As more women ‘lean in’ and we collectively continue to fight sexism, there’s another barrier to progress that hasn’t been addressed: Many men who would like to see more women leaders are afraid to speak up about it.
A lot of my work is about equalizing things and kind of destroying any barrier between what’s high and low, or what’s deep or what’s shallow, complex or simple. I hope I’m ever-changing.
I don’t know why there is still any barrier between men and women in terms of achievement and success.
As you become more successful, the gender barrier disappears. The credibility challenges you have during your growing up years starts disappearing when you start demonstrating success.
I’m obsessed with great white sharks. And I want to dive into the coral of the Great Barrier Reef.
To be able to know that I can push myself a little further than you think you can was so important. And that it’s a mental barrier more than anything. You can break through it.
Because there’s no structural barrier to joining 4chan, the community is really dynamic; for every five people that leave, five new people join, bringing their perspective and culture. A lot of other communities get set in their ways.
As every newspaper reader, liberal activist, or parliamentary junkie knows, the overarching barrier to most of Obama‘s agenda is the abuse of the filibuster in the Senate. In fact, several of Obama’s second term priorities are not ideas in search of a majority – they are majorities in search of an up-or-down vote.
My aim is to do better than I did in Tokyo. I am glad I won the Olympic gold. I may have got the national record, but I am trying to breach the 90-metre barrier.
Communication is paramount, and what medium or what format you utilize should be a non-issue. In some respects, that has created a barrier for new media, especially web new media, because often times maybe the media itself comes before the concept, before the ideas, and ends up navigating or dictating the outcome.
The counter is a barrier.
The barrier to entry, to being a model, is not hard work. You don’t need a degree. You don’t need to win an award. It’s just about how you look.
The biggest barrier to starting a company isn’t ideas, funding or experience. It’s excuses.
For an economic recovery program to be effective, it must not only create a short-term economic boost but also generate lasting value. Home Star would accomplish that by breaking down the key barrier between homeowners and money-saving retrofits: upfront costs.
I never saw gender as a barrier.
I want to be the defensive player to break the MVP barrier. I want to break barriers. I want to do things when people tell me I can’t.
Parallel parking is desirable for two reasons: parked cars create a physical barrier and psychological buffer that protects pedestrians on the sidewalk from moving vehicles; and a rich supply of parallel parking can eliminate the need for parking lots, which are extremely destructive of the civic fabric.
Ultimately, some stream of stars aligned, and people have gotten to hear my music, and with that, there’s no more barrier.
We do not want to live in a theocracy. We should maintain that barrier and government has no business telling someone what they ought to believe or how they should conduct their private lives.
When I first started touring, we had a crappy van, and we would all share rooms. So for many years as a grown adult woman, I would share a bed with a bandmate, whether it would be Jimmy Tamborello from the Postal Service or Pierre De Reeder from Rilo Kiley, just a pillow barrier between us sleeping on the same bed.
Your skin is a barrier that protects you from environmental aggressors like pollution, bacteria and moisture loss.
Certainly, I want to be the first through the sound barrier in a car.
My idea of an amusement park story is getting adventurers to go tour environmental disaster areas. After all, if the entire Great Barrier Reef gets killed, which seems like an extremely lively possibility, what are you going to do with all that rotting limestone?
I try to fix things between the Asian community and the English community. There are always going to be racial things there, not getting on with each other and stuff. I have tried to break that barrier.
I am attempting to understand Telugu and then give my dialogues. But language is not a barrier for me.
Wildlife crime goes well beyond just a threat to endangered species but also has impacts on our society, economy and security. It undermines efforts to uphold the rule of law, acts as an agent for corruption, creates a barrier to development and fuels global instability.
The principal barrier to a general acceptance of the monist position is that it is counterintuitive.
The idea that we are not going to look after the Great Barrier Reef, which is just a wonderful tourism resource that it can be just for one example – we are not going to look after it, we won’t have tight environment regulation, is frankly just not true.
It’s a pretty cool feeling to be the person to knock down a barrier – just like the Williams sisters did in tennis or Tiger Woods in golf.
We want to allow Costa Ricans to make a qualitative leap in our development and go to an economy based on innovation and developing a broadband infrastructure in order to overcome the barrier of 15 per cent penetration.
When I look at China‘s environmental problems, the real barrier is not lack of technology or money. It’s lack of motivation.
The want of education and moral training is the only real barrier that exists between the different classes of men.
I swam in the Great Barrier Reef when I was five months pregnant. I went on the bullet train in Japan, which was so much fun, and getting to see Mount Fuji. I did Mykonos and its black volcanic beach. Most of the fun times I’ve had have something to do with a vacation. I love traveling.
For many of us, we imagine that separation is crucial, the time for your mind to switch from one thing to another is important. And there are other people who are much more comfortable with that barrier being on a spectrum, always working or always semi-working.
The only barrier to human development is ignorance, and this is not insurmountable.
Language should not be a barrier for an actor; I want the world to see my work and not limit it to Hindi-speaking audiences.
I like contemporary, bare-boned writing. I don’t like having the language that I barely understand get in the way of me interpreting it over to an audience. It’s this barrier that I don’t want to have to attack.
But once the ants and termites jumped the high barrier that prevents the vast variety of evolving animal groups from becoming fully social, they dominated the world.
I think it’s mainly the language barrier and the cultural barrier, but of course also my songs, they have been very serious and melancholic, and so maybe people need to see more of my bubbly side and my personality.
A cool thing about enthusiast press is the low barrier to entry. Anyone can decide they want to set out on this path and start publishing immediately.
I’ve always loved to prove people wrong. I want to be able to cross color lines, because in music, there really is no barrier.
As a child growing up in Ireland, you would have to go to Dublin if you wanted to go to the luxury brands. And I remember my mother being too uncomfortable to go into some of those stores. I want to get rid of the barrier.
Literature is my Utopia. Here I am not disenfranchised. No barrier of the senses shuts me out from the sweet, gracious discourses of my book friends. They talk to me without embarrassment or awkwardness.
Despite girls’ sparkling resumesincluding rates of college enrollment and high school grades that outstrip boys – sexism is a barrier that still leaves girls ambivalent about power. Opening doors has not amounted to ambition to lead for many of them, even those with options, networks, and resources.
There was no language barrier when it came to kids, and when it came to play.
Broadband eliminates so many barriers to entry for so many different people that it’s actually become a barrier to entry in and of itself if you’re not getting online on a regular basis.
I think the Sixties in some ways is a barrier to young people today. They think of it, you know, what we’re doing is not that. But it’s partly the myth of the Sixties. It always felt embattled and small. It always, almost always, was a small group of people relative to the opposition around.
To put it bluntly, I feel relevant and valuable, and I am struggling to understand why, when women reach age 65, they encounter an invisible barrier of perception that says it’s time to walk away. Shouldn’t we have a choice in the matter? Shouldn’t our experience and energy be worth more?
Historically, stop-motion animation has had a jerky-jerky quality, which is a constant reminder to audiences that they’re looking at artificial objects. It creates a barrier between the audience having an emotional experience and what they’re looking at. We’re working hard to get past that.
What’s the right way to think about the distribution part of Steam? You need to worry about viruses and people trying to publish other people’s content, but the underlying thing is to eliminate that barrier between people who create stuff and people who want to have access to it.
Mountains and oceans do not furnish any impassable barrier to the extension of trade.
Henry J. Heinz
Arafat was a barrier to peace.
This is still a big barrier for me and it is for a lot of foreign actors.
What is likely to vanish – or be transformed beyond recognition – are many of the things we think of when we think of Australia: the barrier reef, the koalas, the sense of the country as a land of almost limitless natural resources.
When the media’s around, I try to be careful. I don’t want to make a mistake or use bad language, and I have to really concentrate because of the language barrier.
There is always someone in the world who is better or worse off than yourself, and I’ve never seen that – in either direction – as a barrier to becoming friends with somebody.
When you become famous super young, you learn how to behave by the rules because you’re the one that has to take the stress. But that also creates a barrier that I really didn’t want.
Finding initial funds is the primary barrier most entrepreneurs face. Many people don’t have three or six months’ worth of savings to free themselves up to do months of unpaid legwork.
Big-government economics breeds crony capitalism. It’s corrupt, anything but neutral, and a barrier to broad participation in prosperity.
Anything with the title ‘Breaking The Barriers’ means a lot to us, and to myself in particular, because if it wasn’t for those who broke the barrier of color before me, I would not have the opportunity to live the life I’m leading right now.
By lowering the barrier to create new digital currency applications, we’ll see an explosion in the number of ideas tried. We’ll invest in, partner with, or build a number of new applications in this space, including replacements for many of the services people use in finance 1.0.
The biggest barrier we’ve seen to student progress is this: School policies and practices often prevent good teachers from doing great work and even dissuade some talented Americans from entering the profession. This needs to change.
Natural erosion had reduced the critical barrier islands in the Gulf, the result of the destruction of some 300,000 acres of wetlands. This amounted to 30 miles of marshlands.
The greatest obstacle to international understanding is the barrier of language.
I imagined there would be a way to crack the diffraction barrier. But of course I didn’t know exactly how it would work, but I had a gut feeling that there must be something, and so I tried to think about it, to be creative.
I’m crossing the EDM barrier.
I’m a huge fan of Chennai – the culture, the musicians, the audience… Language is not a barrier. It is all about the emotion in the music.
Proficiency in a craft is essential to every artist. Therein lies the prime source of creative imagination. Let us then create a new guild of craftsmen without the class distinctions that raise an arrogant barrier between craftsman and artist!
If you have a recital to do, you have to memorize the songs. I never use music when I do recitals. It produces an instant barrier, both for yourself and the audience.
Everybody that’s trying to get anything progressive done in this country knows that the biggest barrier is getting money out of politics.
The biggest barrier for women is the thought that they can’t have it all.
I’ve never thought that being Scottish should mean there was any kind of barrier to me getting where I wanted to go, and I still feel like I can keep improving.
Every Bachelor and Bachelorette says, ‘I never would have dated a person like that or a person from this place.’ But if you’re on the ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette,’ obviously your type isn’t working. So our job is to break that comfort barrier.
Lectins bind to receptors on the surface of each cell lining the gut, breaking down the tight junctions that normally make an impenetrable barrier between the intestinal contents including bacteria and ourselves.
We work together as a team. And between us and between the crew and our teams on the ground, we don’t look at gender, and we don’t see it as a barrier.
A big barrier to people getting help with online harassment is the general attitude either that it’s not a real issue – that it’s ‘only’ online – or that it’s limited to someone saying they don’t like you, and all of that stems from a basic misunderstanding of what we mean when we say ‘online harassment.’
We don’t want cost to be a barrier to good students getting a higher education.
Independent media can go to where the silence is and break the sound barrier, doing what the corporate networks refuse to do.
I understand and appreciate and respect that any time a barrier is broken or history is made, people want to celebrate it and mark it as progress.
I feel like ‘Power Rangers‘ as just a franchise and as a message in itself is taking down the barrier of putting a certain look to a certain thing, right?
The Whitsundays are a sailor‘s paradise and because they sit at the southern limit of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, they are also a diver‘s dream.
I think, ‘How could anybody mock a good pop song?’ It is timeless; it transcends barriers; it breaks down every single type of social barrier that you can possibly have. It can deal with the most difficult subjects, even if it abstracts the subject matter.
I got bored with the topic; I felt this was 19th century physics. I was wondering if there was still something profound that could be made with light microscopy. So I saw that the diffraction barrier was the only important problem that had been left over.
We have four good film industries in the south and language for us is no barrier.
Unlike with any other art form, filmmakers have this unique web of festivals. There are hundreds. It is a democratic system in which you submit films, and if they are good enough, they play. The only barrier to entry is the submission fee.
Cyber criminals often operate through online forums, selling illicit goods and services, including tools that lower the barrier to entry for aspiring criminals and that can be used to facilitate malicious cyber activity.
As a vulnerability researcher, the greatest barrier I see is our low tolerance for vulnerability. We’re almost afraid to be happy. We feel like it’s inviting disaster.
I like work that pushes the barrier of bad taste.
For as little as a thousand dollars, you can open an account at Schwab. I mean, it’s not a big barrier to entry.
Donald‘s ego has been and is a fragile and inadequate barrier between him and the real world, which, thanks to his father‘s money and power, he never had to negotiate by himself.
Hopefully at some point, someone else behind me will have an easier time with training methods, with being honest, with being true to who they are or whatever, because I broke down some sort of barrier.
A barrier is of ideas, not of things.
If you have a strong opponent, a competition is stimulating. I am generally most open to ideas when I have had a bad result. In chess, too, players specialise. This specialty then becomes an entry barrier.
Throughout the second intifada, America provided unprecedented support for Israel‘s struggle against Palestinian terrorism and Israel’s construction of the security barrier.
The dependencies of inner and outer Mongolia are the bulwarks of China. The desert of Gobi, stretching for ten thousand li, is a barrier set by Heaven to the Russians, and if they seek to invade our borders, they will find it everywhere along the Northern frontier difficult and troublesome.
I’m in that comfortable niche where I’m not that famous and sometimes people do need to put a barrier between them and their followers. When you’re real famous you need to do that but I’m not that famous so I don’t need that kind of barrier.
We’re passionate musicians, but we felt classical concerts were more like a funeral because nobody talked and everybody was dressed so conservatively. We thought that’s kind of strange, because music is full of life! We thought we could break through that barrier with theater and comedy elements.
Snow is like a manic pixie dream girl: fun and whimsical when you encounter it only through the barrier of a movie screen – but absolute misery to have to put up with in real life.
Money should never be a barrier to whether or not a young person is given the opportunity to succeed.
Language has never been a barrier for me. I grew up learning Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil.
Obama was elected by the people, and I was glad that barrier was broken down. I did, along with my wife, campaign for him in Ohio because that was a key state. If I had to say does he rate an ‘A’ or does he rate a ‘D,’ it would be very difficult. I give him a ‘C.’
It doesn’t matter to me where am I going. Language is not a barrier for me, I can go anywhere with my craft, so why not Hollywood?
I see a New York where there is no barrier to the God-given potential of every New Yorker. I see a New York where everyone who wants a good job can find one. I see a New York where the people can believe in a grounded government again.
I don’t really see any barrier between teenage fiction and adult literature.
At the height of my career, prior to the injuries, I never thought I could break the barrier of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray, and now I did it with everything that happened.
Language doesn’t seem to be a barrier for me to do films in the south.
Language is no longer a barrier for artistes.
There’s always that little bit of tension that happens when you make a joke, especially when there’s a language barrier.
We are of the opinion that an important and irreversible process is taking place among the white population. Just as with the blacks, the whites, too, are currently overcoming a psychological barrier.
That top 100 is a big barrier that every tennis player strives to break into.
Take the great example of the four-minute mile. One guy breaks it, then all of a sudden everyone breaks it. And they break it in such a short period of time that it can’t be because they were training harder. It’s purely that it was a psychological barrier, and someone had to show them that they could do it.
America is a place where the freedom to be who you are shouldn’t be a barrier to your ability to get a job and provide for your family.
I clipped a Ferrari, hit the gravel trap at a fair old speed, which lifted the car up into the barrier, and then rolled a few times. I had no injuries or anything – I just had to wait for the marshals to right the car before I could get out.
At a certain point, when there’s a barrier between you and what’s right, eventually you have to decide you’re not going to allow yourself to be subjugated.
I think there are barriers, but I think for me specifically, my barrier is being rejected from the kind of hip-hop elitists that think I’m not appropriating it, but just not serious about it. They think I’m a Lonely Island, Weird Al, you know – like a parody rapper. So that alienates me from a lot of things.
For the first time, companies can be their own payment processors without the cumbersome or costly aspects of traditional financial settlement options. Tokens offer a much lower barrier for processing end-to-end transactions inside a given market.