Big Star Quotes

Big Star Quotes by Sammo Hung, Chris Elliott, Winona Ryder, Namrata Shirodkar, Zeenat Aman, Cush Jumbo and many others.

I’m a big star in Asia, but I never think about being famous.
But I don’t think I was ever destined to be a big star.
Remember, I’m the kind of kid who used to get stuffed into a locker by school bullies. I’ve never felt like I’m a big star at any level of my life.
Mahesh is a big star, but he doesn’t like to flash his money.
To make a breakthrough in Hollywood, you have to be committed to doing it, which is true of anything in life. I was already a big star in India and I stayed with that.
When you’re working with a big star, you always wonder what it’s going to be like. Hugh Jackman puts you at ease within 10 minutes. He has such a wonderful energy and is so generous when you’re doing a scene. He’s just so funny and friendly and playful – he instantly becomes your friend.
I don’t want to get any bigger – what does a ‘big star’ mean? I just want to be loved.
I used to be a big ‘Star Searchfan. I think it’s great people who have a music dream have a place to showcase their talent.
Why can’t I ever play a nice, normal, salt-of-the-earth type? Is there something I should know? It’s fun to play villains and character roles, of course – but I’m sure it’s also fun to be a really big star and play the lead in everything, where all you have to do is show up and not blink.
Big Star invented a vision of bohemian rock & roll cool that had nothing to do with New York, Los Angeles or London, which made them completely out of style in the 1970s, but also made them an inspiration to generations of weird Southern kids.
I used to think I was a big star. And I used to think that the TV industry, Balaji, and my show will not survive without me. But then I realised that you cannot be bigger than your work.
The UFC will always need to have a Plan B when they have a big star fight me.
If you think that one should do a commercial picture because everyone is doing it and that one will become a big star after that, I think that if you don’t have that grain in you, it will not happen.
I may not be a big star, but I am appreciated by one and all. I feel that’s an achievement.
I felt inferior. I had this tremendous need to perform. I wanted to be acceptable to my peers. I thought if I could just be a big star, I’d feel like somebody, too.
I’m preparing myself to be a great, great fighter and also a big star in the sport.
Many years ago, I had the pleasure of editing a book by Joan Crawford, who, like Norma Desmond, was still a big star; it was just the movies that had gotten smaller.
I lived in buses. I didn’t really have anything else. I didn’t feel like a female, and I ended up really kind of isolated. Everybody thinks you’re so happy and so wealthy and such a big star, but you’re really kind of lonely and don’t know how to stop it.
Dolores O’Riordan
The first real gig I went to was Randy Crawford in 1980. Seeing a big star like that was just fantastic.
I became alienated from this religious upbringing, and started making music. I wanted to be a big star. All those things I saw in the films and on the media took hold of me, and perhaps I thought this was my god: the goal of making money.
I come from a family of actors. My grandfather was like a Laurence Olivier with the Comedie Francaise. Since I was four I went every week to the Comedie Francaise. My aunt and grandmother were there, but my grandfather was a big star.
I don’t know if I want to be a big star though.
I can’t compete with really big stars. I’m not a big star; I’m just an actor who came from Delhi to pursue her passion.
We’ve always had a simple philosophy in casting. We don’t care if somebody’s a big star or a little star. We just want the best possible actor for the part.
I can’t be the big star in the family. We have a family, and we are all equal.
And I learned a lot from working with this kid, and I think he’s gonna be a big star. Remember the name, Tim Dark, because he has something about his voice that’s different from all the other rappers, even though his style is similar.
I’m not in a real rush to be a big star.
I’m not such a big star. I am just a little planet. In Spain, people don’t put so much attention on the star system. But here in America, I can feel it. Mostly, people are very, very nice. But there are also a bunch of fanatics behind the stars.
See, I am straight woman, but Tanushree Dutta made me a lesbian. She used me thinking I will not become a big star and reveal what she did to the public. She is wrong.
I wasn’t one of those kids who was chasing the dream and wanted to get to Hollywood because one day I was gonna get my chance and be a big star. I never felt like that.
High school girls love me. Fourteen to eighteen, I’m a big star with them.
Shirley Maclaine once said that she didn’t want to be a big star, just a long star. That’s what I want too.
Star cast is very important, for the songs to fly again. You need someone like a Shah Rukh Khan or a Salman Khan, a big star in the film. They will make sure that the song is taken to a different level.
Stardom doesn’t appeal to me in anyway. Of course, I want people to like my work, but in my mind I’ve consciously created a line where I don’t think of myself as a big star.
When you go out on auditions for big movies, and you’re not a big star, you get used to getting close but not getting the part.
I think when you make something that is non-mainstream and people don’t have automatic way of consuming, like you don’t have a big star, or a hit song or marketing money then you need to find some way to make audience aware of your film.
It was really good working with Paresh Rawal. I was nervous at first because he is such a big star and I love his performances, but the initial nervousness went away once I got to know him. He is a very simple and hardworking man.
Just like I have all the capabilities to become a big star, Golden Boy has all the tools to get me there.
I don’t think I am a very big star on TV.
I trained with a guy by the name of Scott Casey. He actually worked with WWE back in the day, but he didn’t become a big star. What I want to teach is what he taught me: that the smallest things are what people are really looking for.
Jensen Ackles has everything I want. He’s in great shape. He’s got a full head of hair. He’s got a square jawline. He’s a big star!
I am thrilled to debut in Kannada alongside Puneeth Rajkumar. I know of him and what a big star he is.
Our job is to make manifest the story, to be it. In a sense, the theatre is such a big star itself, bigger than any Shakespearean actor I could hire, that we should take the opportunity to fill it with voice and verse and movement, not interpretation.
I do see myself being that big star. I do believe I have the skills and ability to be that big star. I just need to be me, be fan friendly and keep connecting with the boxing fans.
I’m not a big star in Japan. I’m an actor. I have a very normal life. Four days a week, I cook at home. A star doesn’t do that.
Amitabh Bachchan is such a senior actor, a big star, everyone is in awe of him, but he is such a great guy to work with.
I never think of myself as a big star. Getting good scripts is all I think about. I don’t have a godfather or anyone to take care of me. To move forward, I have to be very careful in choosing the right scripts, the right director, and the right technicians.
I always wanted to be a big star.
If becoming a big star means doing a film that I can’t watch with my daughter, I don’t want to become that star.
Lynda Carter, I think the reason I liked her was because she was so down to earth. Even though she was a big star and she was Miss America, she was very approachable.
I’ve always known I was going to be a big star, so I need a big stage and a big platform.
To be the first Puerto Rican to win a world title in four divisions would be an achievement. Gomez, Benitez, there have been a lot of good fighters from Puerto Rico before me. When I started boxing, Tito Trinidad was our big star.
It wasn’t until after Raspberries, Big Star and Badfinger came to exist that powerpop became a genre. In each case, I suspect Pete Ham, Alex Chilton and I all felt the same void after the Beatles broke up, and somehow we were all trying to fill it.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been an actor for such a long time, but I think, unless you’re a big star, you don’t really have much control over anything. I’ve never been able to make any plans.
I know I want to work for my whole life because I know I can’t live without music or dancing. But I don’t know if I want to be a big star.