Concern For Others Quotes

Concern For Others Quotes by Dalai Lama, Bill Gates, Karen Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Mike Vance, Will Tuttle and many others.

Developing concern for others, thinking of them as part of us, brings self-confidence , reduces our sense of suspicion and mistrust, and enables us to develop a calm mind.
Creative capitalism takes this interest in the fortunes of others and ties it to our interest in our own fortunes in ways that help advance both. This hybrid engine of self-interest and concern for others can serve a much wider circle of people than can be reached by self-interest or caring alone.
The challenge today is to convince people of the value of truth, honesty, compassion and a concern for others.
…there is something wrong with any spirituality that does not inspire selfless concern for others
If we develop concern for other people’s welfare, share other people’s
suffering, and help them, ultimately we will benefit. If we think only
of ourselves and forget about others, ultimately we will lose. The more
we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of
well-being becomes.
Warm-heartedne ss and concern for others’ well-being are a condition for happiness, whether you are religious or not.
Refraining from harm, not out of fear, but out of concern for others, their well-being and out of respect is non-violence.
A sense of concern for others gives our lives meaning; it is the root of all human happiness
In our concern for others, we worry less about ourselves.
By developing a sense of concern for others’ well-being, then no matter what others’ attitudes are, you can keep inner peace.
A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.
Success and all good things in life, start with a genuine concern for others.
Mike Vance
Once a vegan, we are always so, because our motivation is not personal and self-oriented, but is based on concern for others and on our undeniable interconnectedness with other living beings.
Anger and hatred lead to fear; compassion and concern for others allow us to develop self-confidence, which breeds trust and friendship.
Because He came to earth, we have a perfect example to follow. As we strive to become more like Him, we will have joy and happiness in our lives and peace each day of the year. It is His example which, if followed, stirs within us more kindness and love, more respect and concern for others.
Great tragedy has come to us, and we are meeting it with the best that is in our country, with courage and concern for others because this is America. This is who we are.
I want you to know that this administration is motivated by a political philosophy that sees the greatness of America in you, her people, and in your families, churches, neighborhoods, communities – the institutions that foster and nourish values like concern for others and respect for the rule of law under God.
More compassionate mind, more sense of concern for other’s well-being, is source of happiness.
The more we feel concern for others and seek their well-being, the more friends we will have and the more welcome we will feel.