Criteria Quotes

Criteria Quotes by Lewis Thomas, Keith Ellison, Anthony Giddens, Bruce Tulgan, Frances Wright, Aljamain Sterling and many others.

Ants are more like the parts of an animal than entities on their own. They are mobile cells, circulating through a dense connective tissue of other ants in a matrix of twigs. The circuits are so intimately interwoven that the anthill meets all the essential criteria of an organism.
The most important criteria for a DNC chair is going to be vision.
To a greater or lesser degree, the project of the self becomes translated into one of the possession of desired goods and the pursuit of artificially framed styles of life. (…) Not just lifestyles, but self-actualisation is packaged and distributed according to market criteria.
A person‘s willingness to conform to arbitrary parameters is not a good criterion for selecting talent or allocating rewards.
Bruce Tulgan
The condition of women affords in all countries the best criterion by which to judge the character of men.
I almost want to ask the judges, ‘If you don’t count leg kicks, if you don’t count body kicks, why not?’ So if you don’t think they’re effective in the scoring criteria, they’re not effective striking, effective grappling, so how about I kick you in the body, I kick you in the leg, and you tell me how that feels?
When it comes to social consequences, they’ve got all different people acting in different ways, very difficult to even have a proper criterion of success. So, it’s a difficult task.
the desire to enforce our own moral and spiritual criteria upon posterity is quite as strong as the desire to enforce them upon contemporaries.
There is nothing new and nothing truthful in the false accusations against public officials make by the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation today, … The simple reality is that the Schaghticoke fail to meet the criteria for federal recognition.
Comparative appraisals of efficacy require not only evaluation of one;s own performances but also knowledge of how others do, cognizance of nonability determinants of their performances, and some understanding that it is others, like oneself, who provide the most informative social criterion for comparison
Art, we are told, is a criterion of one’s taste. How humiliating, should our taste turn out to be bad. Rather as though we were caught stark naked with a poor figure.
There is only one Art, whose sole criterion is the power, the authenticity, the revelatory insight, the courage and suggestiveness with which it seeks its truth.
Herman Brown was a businessman who wanted value for money spent. His relationships with politicians were measured by that criterion.
Every act of every man is a moral act, to be tested by moral, and not by economic criteria.
The criterion for free choice can never be an absolute one, but neither is it entirely relative.
Basically with everything, I choose my criteria based on what can be easy. If I made the real world the setting, I’d have to draw looking at reference materials for stuff like buildings and vehicles. When you do that, people complain even if it’s just a little bit off.
I just cannot fathom the criteria and the eligibility for awards as there is an ocean of difference between the state and national awards.
The major caveat in all of comedy is that it’s all instinctive. There’s no true criteria. There is no right or wrong. Ultimately, often I’m surprised at what an audience will or will not laugh at. I have to stay very, very open to an audiences first exposure to that material and how they react to it.
Larry Charles
One of the criteria for a global company is that it should have a manufacturing presence in multiple countries and should not only be an exporter.
The criteria, the only rule you should follow – the only rule – is to never touch a product or service unless, every time it is sold, part of the profit has to come back to you.
Artists who have produced experimental innovations have been motivated by aesthetic criteria: they have aimed at presenting visual perceptions. Their goals are imprecise, so their procedure is tentative and incremental.
Attachment to the past and fears concerning the future not only govern the way you select the things you own but also represent the criteria by which you make choices in every aspect of your life, including your relationships with people and your job.
I wanted a half-hour, single-camera comedy with a great lead where I could be No. 2 or 3 on the call sheet, and it was going to get on the air. Those were my criteria, and they sent me ‘Cougar Town.’ I read it and loved it.
The Republic is one and can’t be divided: That’s the Constitution! It means the Republic can’t ground its action on local community criteria. Can’t accept it.
Remember, results aren’t the criteria for success — it’s the effort made for achievement that is most important.
New Orleans invented the brown paper bag party – usually at a gathering in a home – where anyone darker than the bag attached to the door was denied entrance. The brown bag criterion survives as a metaphor for how the black cultural elite quite literally establishes caste along color lines within black life.
I judge a woman and a horse by the same criteria: legs, head and rear end.
I think that the fact that a theory so vague, so insufficiently verifiable, and so far from the criteria otherwise applied in “hardscience, could become a dogma, can be explained only on sociological grounds.
By any reasonable criteria, the discipline of economics as a whole, in its present state, is sadly lacking.
The only infallible criterion of wisdom to vulgar minds – success.
Widespread intellectual and moral docility may be convenient for leaders in the short term, but it is suicidal for nations in the long term. One of the criteria for national leadership should therefore be a talent for understanding, encouraging, and making constructive use of vigorous criticism.
In ‘The Hunger Games,’ in most people’s idea, in terms of rebellion or a civil-war situation, that would meet the criteria for a necessary war. These people are oppressed, their children are being taken off and put in gladiator games. They’re impoverished, they’re starving, they’re brutalized.
The greatest miracle Christianity has achieved in America is that the Black man in white Christian hands has not grown violent. It is a miracle that twenty-two million Black people have not risen up against their oppressors in which they would have been justified by all moral criteria and even by the democratic traditions.
I understand and accept criticisms of my work, provided they are done with professional criteria and arguments.
We begin every act of choice and avoidance from pleasure, and it is to pleasure that we return using our experience of pleasure as the criterion of every good thing.
We have to change the way we coach kids in the long-term so that by the time they hit 16, they are better than the Spanish, French, and German players. That is the big challenge, but the No. 1 criteria for me has always been how you are technically judged, from the age of eight, not size or power.
The point of equilibrium will be known by the criterion that an infinitely small amount of commodity exchanged in addition, at the same rate, will bring neither gain nor loss of utility.
I find it terrible when talents are rejected based on computer stats. Based on the criteria at Ajax now I would have been rejected. When I was 15, I couldn’t kick a ball 15 meters with my left and maybe 20 with my right. My qualities technique and vision, are not detectable by a computer.
Over the past several decades, a growing number of investors have been choosing to put their money in funds that screen companies for their environmental and labor records. Some socially responsible investors are starting to add free expression and privacy to their list of criteria.
The fundamental criterion for judging any procedure is the justice of its likely results.
What I’m trying to do is bring certain of those engineering values into the design process, such that when you think about form you’re already incorporating those performance criteria in the process of the generation of forms.
In the visual arts, for example, the semiological approach to graphics provides a rigorous analysis of the visual means used by the artist. It defines the basic properties and laws governing the arts and suggests objective criteria for art criticism.
Jacques Bertin
One thing that makes the adventure of working in our field particularly rewarding, especially in attempting to improve the theory, is that… a chief criterion for the selection of a correct hypothesisseems to be the criterion of beauty, simplicity, or elegance.
We should have learnt by now that laws and court decisions can only point the way. They can establish criteria of right and wrong. And they can provide a basis for rooting out the evils of bigotry and racism. But they cannot wipe away centuries of oppression and injusticehowever much we might desire it.
I think you could offer seven or eight different possible ends for energy policy. Climate change is one of them. Dealing with criteria pollutants is one of those related to that.
The criteria, for me, is movie star. It’s Hollywood. Not Somalia.
Choose a field that will supply sufficient remuneration to provide adequately for your companion and your children. I bear testimony that these criteria are very important in choosing your life’s work.
The thing that I have been emphasizing in my own work for the last few years has been the group approach. To try to buy groups of stocks that meet some simple criterion for being undervalued-regardless of the industry and with very little attention to the individual company.
Demonization of people on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other criteria leads to dehumanization. The notion that some are ‘other’ is a dangerous and slippery slope.
Successful investment may become substantially a matter of techniques and criteria that are learnable, rather than the product of unique and incommunicable mental powers.
[Albert] Camus always insisted that historical criteria and historical reasoning were not the only things to take into account, and that they weren’t all powerful, that history could always be wrong about man. Today, this is how we are starting to think.
For the first time in my life, I want the right to get married. I’ve met somebody who meets the criteria of what I’ve always imagined in and wanted from a partnersomeone to marry and to bring children into the world with.
In the consumer economy taste is not the criterion in the marketing of expensive soft drinks, usability is not the primary criterion in the marketing of home and office appliances. We are surrounded with objects of desire, not objects of use.
It may be an extreme example brought about by abnormal circumstances – but the criteria of human rights kick in, surely, precisely when the conditions are extreme and the situation is abnormal.
It’s runs for batsmen which is the criteria for selection and similarly, it is wickets for bowlers which are important.
Easily acquired. Inexpensive. Perfectly functional. Portable. Identifiable. Disposable. Eternal enough. These are my criteria for the perfect storage system. And I’ve found the answer in the simple file box.
Why was Effenberg a leader, because he was outspoken? Or because he had a certain presence on the pitch? When that’s the criteria, OK, then maybe I have a different definition of what a leader is.
Celestial criteria measures service, not status.
The best source for finding an agent is called Literary Agents of North America. It’s a complete list of agents, not only by name and address, but by type of book they represent and by what their submission criteria are.
I’ve had years of psychiatry, and I ask about every six months – it’s sort of like getting your oil checked – I ask, ‘I’m not an actual narcissist, am I?’ The learned men of psychiatry assure me that I meet none of the medical criteria.
Whatever a theologian regards as true must be false: there you have almost a criterion of truth.
It has been said that a country’s greatness can be measured by what it does for its unfortunates. By that criterion Canada certainly does not stand in the forefront of the nations of the world although there are signs that we are becoming conscious of our deficiencies and are determined to atone for lost time.
We think the most important criteria for selecting an investment firm are the manager, team, and track record.
One of the things I try to work with white people on is letting go of our criteria about how people of color give us feedback. We have to build our stamina to just be humble and bear witness to the pain we’ve caused.
If you make a record, you should ask yourself, ‘Did it make someone cry, in a good way, not a bad way?’ There should almost be subjective emotional criteria for evaluating work, instead of just profitability.
If someone uses the amount of time I spend in the public eye as criteria for what my music could possibly mean to them, they probably should take a long, hard look in the mirror and figure out why they need to think they’re so special. Because I don’t think anybody is that special.
The only way to raise the quality of writing in school is to create, share, and celebrate the specific criteria for that quality with everybody on a regular basis.
Barry Lane
If you need food stamps, you should meet the criteria.
Above all we need, particularly as children, the reassuring presence of a visible community, an intimate group that enfolds us with understanding and love, and that becomes an object of our spontaneous loyalty, as a criterion and point of reference for the rest of the human race.
In the real world in which we live, you always have to choose between evils. And in choosing between evils, you have to have moral criteria for how to make those choices.
The man who is egoless is the man who has no ideals. Let this be the criterion, and you have stumbled upon a fundamental. The man of no ego is the man of no ideals. Then how can the ego be created? – the very energy is missing. The energy comes out of friction, conflict, struggle, will.
I just want a lady who can be themselves, it’s not a cookie cutter criteria that a woman should fall under.
It is difficult to judge the past by the criteria of the present.
By elevating the dictum of the market to the role of the sole criterion of rationality and efficiency, economics denies even all “respectability” to the distinction between essential and non-essential consumption, between productive and unproductive labor, between actual and potential surplus.
At the end of the day, both men and women who become CEOs have showed tenacity and hard work to succeed in their careers. It takes not just skills but also extreme dedication and commitment. And regardless of gender, CEOs are measured by the same criteria – the growth and success of the business.
There is one sure criterion of judgment as to religious faith in doctrinal matters; can you reduce it to practice? If not, have none of it.
I think probably winning these things [an Oscar] can be a bit of a curse depending on who you are and how you think. But I haven‘t been on a journey to get anywhere in particular, so that hasn’t changed. And my criteria for choosing projects hasn’t changed.
The criterion for judging whether a movie is successful or not is time.
Because anybody can write, but not everybody invents new forms of writing. Gertrude Stein invented a new form of writing and her imitators are just “talents.”
Our criteria for deciding what’s good and what’s bad is very fickle, especially in this country.
My four criteria: I don’t want to work with people I don’t like; I don’t want to work in a business I either don’t like or don’t understand; I don’t want to work for nothing unless I choose to, and I do a fair amount of that already; and I want to have some fun.
I only want to be associated with music that is high quality. That’s my main criteria.
the senses alone are not implicitly to be depended on. We must correct their evidence by reason, and by considerations, derived from the nature of the medium, the distance of the object, and the disposition of the organ, in order to render them, within their sphere, the proper criteria of truth and falsehood.
Mathematical Reasoning is not only exact; it has its own criteria of reality.
If you’re going to use standards as criteria for signing musicians, you can sign thousands. If you’re going to use some sort of conceptual interpretation that’s based on the tradition of those standards, but is trying to move away from it, you’re down to about 10 people or so.
Our criteria is that it’s okay to invest in companies so long as they stop lobbying in Washington, stop exploring for new hydrocarbons, and sit down with every one else to plan to keep 80 percent of the reserves in the ground.
The criterion of truth is that it works even if nobody is prepared to acknowledge it.
Things have a behavior online, whereas in print, there is a single canonical expression for them, but online everything responds to different criteria or has inherent states to it based on that criteria. So, you have to design that in a different way. It’s a completely different dynamic even though it may look similar.
My criteria for doing a television series never changed. I wanted more stability, I wanted more of a sense of family, I wanted to do light comedy.
I believe that the testing of the student‘s achievements in order to see if he meets some criterion held by the teacher, is directly contrary to the implications of therapy for significant learning.
Before my mother died, I was supposed to go to the local university, where I’d applied early decision. It was the same school my two older sisters had graduated from, which had been the sole criteria for choosing it.
To be pleasing to God, art must be true as well as good. Truth has always been one important criterion for art. Art is the incarnation of the truth. It penetrates the surface of things to portray them as they really are.
George W. Bush cannot out-talk Al Gore. Period. Mr. Gore thinks faster on his feet and is much more verbal. So if that is the criteria, Gore won the debate. But if that is the criteria, Don Rickles should be President.
Universities are the cathedrals of the modern age. They shouldn’t have to justify their existence by utilitarian criteria.
Questioning the nature and implications of liminal instances necessarily involves failure, if only in the specifically technical sense of entering spaces where prevailing criteria of success scarcely apply.
A rock-and-roll group needed a name that fit criteria in three areas: It had to be great for a bowling team; it had to be great for a gang; and it had to be great for a rock-and-roll group. So we called ourselves Dion and the Belmonts.
Profit is the sole criterion used by the establishment to evaluate economic activity. From the rat race to lame ducks. The vocabulary in vogue is a give-away. It’s more reminiscent of a human menagerie than human society.
But on balance, a performer wants to feel that there’s something there which stands out because you put a lot of effort into it, a lot of energy and a lot of yourself into something. I feel pretty successful about some movies I’ve been in that have not been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm and I do trust my own criteria.
Finally, ultimately, you write music for yourself. I mean, I need a public, I need people to play, I need everything else. I’m not working in isolation. But finally the man that writes the music is alone. And I have to respond to those criteria which are almost like inner needs or inner responses.
These two criteria are like the pillars of true love: deeds, and the gift of self.
An inner process stands in need of outward criteria.
As for the (Ballon d’Or) criteria, I’m not really sure how it works. Sometimes it’s a World Cup year, sometimes it isn’t. Let them vote. For me, there is no doubt as to who is the best, year after year.
It is absurd to talk of one animal being higher than another…we consider those, where the intellectual faculties most developed as the highest. – A bee doubtless would [use] … instincts as a criteria.
The infallible criterion by which to distinguish the true from the would-be strategist is the degree of originality of his conceptions. It makes little difference whether this originality is carried to excess, as was the case with Steinitz and Nimzowitsch.
I think women benefit from being in places and having positions where the quality of work is the criteria, not what you look like. Not every place is like that.
Our criteria for good data feeds are that they need to be dynamic enough to be interesting, something that users want to attune to throughout the day, etc.
To seek the timeless way we must first know the quality without a name. There is a central quality which is the root criterion of life and spirit in a man, a town, a building, or a wilderness. This quality is objective and precise, but it cannot be named.
One could not have isolated this retrovirus without knowledge of other retroviruses, that’s obvious. But I believe we have answered the criteria of isolation.
I always did what I thought was interesting. I always just did what caught my fantasy. Looking like a woman, that was never the criteria for me. It was always to do drag. And drag is not gender-specific. Drag is just drag. It’s exaggeration.
A man’s penmanship is an unfailing index of his character, moral and mental, and a criterion by which to judge his peculiarities of taste and sentiments.
The criterion of mental health is not one of individual adjustment to a given social order, but a universal one, valid for all men, of giving a satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.
By what criterion… can we distinguish among the numberless effects, that are also causes, and among the causes that may, for aught we can know, be also effects, – how can we distinguish which are the means and which are the ends?
The criteria for success: you are free, you live in the present moment, you are useful to the people around you, and you feel love for all humanity.
Simplicity is indeed often the sign of truth and a criterion of beauty.
Mahlon Hoagland
I was experimenting with ways of creating edible objects from digital content, and I was working to three criteria: 1. They had to be delicious. 2. They had to be personalized. 3. They had to fit through a letterbox or in a mailbox. After much experiments, Boomf! There it was: photo marshmallows.
If intelligence and capability are not criteria for the possession of rights, why would animals -who have the capacity to feel fear and pain- be excluded from our moral consideration?
Jack Norris
I admit I love clothes and I buy clothes. But they sit in my closet. I like a pair of comfy pants, flip flops and a t- shirt. And when we pick a restaurant, my criteria is: Where can I wear this?.
It should be quite clear, then, that there are no criteria to be laid down in general for distinguishing the real from the not real.
This is criterion by which the Church is to be judged, not by the forms of its doctrine or ritual, but by the reality of the reality of the love which it manifests.
To have full and multiple criteria is the best way to decide who is best prepared to be on that Olympic team.
We can establish empirical criteria for free actions, and investigate human actions on the presupposition we are free.
According to a recent study, ten percent of ‘Star Trekfans meet the psychological criteria for addiction. Deprived of their favourite show, some Trekkies disply withdrawal symptoms similar to drug addicts. Of course, the real difference is that drug addicts aren’t nearly as annoying.
For me personally and for most other Americans, this commitment to peace and diplomacy does not imply a blind or total pacifism. There are times when war is justified, and for many centuries the moral criteria for violence have been carefully delineated.
If I had criteria, it would just be that I want to play active people who can solve problems, not people who have things thrust in their lap and need somebody to solve their problems for them.
The criteria for serving one’s country should be competence, courage and willingness to serve. When we deny people the chance to serve because of their sexual orientation, we deprive them of their rights of citizenship, and we deprive our armed forces the service of willing and capable Americans.
An empowering mission statement has to become a living document, part of our very nature, so that the criteria we’ve put into it are also in us, in the way we live our lives day by day.
There is no objective criteria for either success or failure. People who achieve their goals are successful, those who don’t are not.
There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace?
I accept a character purely based on its merits and not on any other criteria.
Our relationship with each other is the criterion the world uses to judge whether our message is truthful – Christian community is the final apologetic.
I’ve written close to 20 screenplays and 100 sketches – I know exactly how to do them. They’re judged by set criteria that I know.
There are several problems with the ACA’s reliance on means-based inclusion criteria and mandatory participation in exchanges – the complexity of the exchange mechanism, and the potential for income-based subsidies to become a disincentive to earn if insurance rates escalate for those beyond the income threshold.
As Graham, Dodd and Buffett have all said, you should always remember that you don’t have to swing at every pitch. You can wait for opportunities that fit your criteria and if you don’t find them, patiently wait. Deciding not to panic is still a decision.
The criteria for architecture after the tsunami is humbleness
Kengo Kuma
One way of looking at Impossibility Theorem is that we proposed some criteria for what a good system should be: what is it you want from a voting system, and impose some conditions. And then ask: can you have a voting system that guarantees that?
I emphasize that virtually every engineering calculation is ultimately a failure calculation, because without a failure criterion against which to measure the calculated result, it is a meaningless number.
If reason is a universal faculty, the decision of the common mind is the nearest criterion of truth.
People make fools out of themselves in all sorts of ways. No particular qualifications or particular criteria are necessary.
Adrian gave the picture a nod of approval before handing me the phone. “Okay, even I can admit that’s pretty cute.” I found myself overanalyzing the comment. What had he meant in saying ‘even he’ could admit it? That I was cute for a human? Or that I had just met some kind of Adrian hot-girl criteria?
To live in accordance with how one thinks. Be yourself and don’t try to impose your criteria on the rest. I don’t expect others to live like me. I want to respect people’s freedom, but I defend my freedom. And that comes with the courage to say what you think, even if sometimes others don’t share those views.
Evolution has no long-term goal. There is no long-distance target, no final perfection to serve as a criterion for selection, although human vanity cherishes the absurd notion that our species is the final goal of evolution.
There has to be a common sense cutoff for craziness, and when that threshold is exceeded, then the criteria for publication should get far, far more stringent.
God evaluates by this criterion: How much love you invest in what you do is more important than how you do. The one who loves much is actually the one who does much.
The conduct of a losing party never appears right: at least it never can possess the only infallible criterion of wisdom to vulgar judgements-success.
Generally there are always a few things that get left off for some reason or other, although the criteria for inclusion vary from project to project.
Both Israel and America should acknowledge that scraps of information cannot serve as the basis for action against Iran, and they should find new criteria for such a decision.
Well, you would have to say what is the criteria to determine the success of any merger? It would have to be that the companies are stronger financially, that they took market share, and they are on a very steady footing in terms of their performance.
I don’t have any specific criteria on doing a drama based on where and what country. If I like the storyline, I’ll go for it.
I have some friends that just stick to the same criteria over and over again not realizing there are lots of other kinds of people and that may be what you like. People get in that mindset and put their blinders on.
Over the longer term, we need to work toward a pro-growth tax code that is fairer and simpler than what we have now. Anything that meets those criteria is going to be better than the failing and dysfunctional tax code we have today.
Today this is what we are confronted with, I mean what is pure ideology, which takes no account of the human context. In economics it’s the same. Economics wanted to take into account theory over and above human criteria, or the parameter ‘man’.
Every hope of successive generations of scholars that order might be constructed from the chaotic mess of medical nomenclature has been frustrated. Even diseases recognized in the same historical period have been given names based on characteristics that have no relation to one another, and thus no common criteria.
Investing is a negative game emotionally. If you’re playing for the emotional satisfaction, you’re bound to lose, because what feels good is often the wrong thing to do. When all the criteria are in balance, do the thing you least want to do.
In literary and art criticism there are two criteria, the political and the artistic.
Meditation is nothing but withdrawing all the barriers .. thoughts, emotions, sentiments .. which criteria wall between you and existence. The moment they drop, you suddenly find yourself in tune with the whole; not only in tune, you really find you are the whole.
I enjoy fighting here in Japan under the regular Dream/Pride rules with the ring and the whole rules criteria.
Satan‘s primary temptation strategy is to try and make us forget what God has said about us and to evaluate our standing before God by some other criteria
In Tanganyika we believe that only evil, Godless men would
make the color of a mans skin the criteria for granting him civil
Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
We live in a society that has ever-changing values and ever-changing standards and ever-changing criteria to determine who is a superstar or not. If you want to be a superstar, if you want to main event, if you want to profit in the entertainment business, you have to go with those trends and spearhead new trends.
I feel sometimes constrained by the expectation that the work should be solely political. I try to create a type of work that is at the service of my own set of criteria, which have to do with beauty and a type of utopia that in some ways speaks to the culture I’m located in.
Politicians should not get involved in the detail of clinical criteria and shouldn’t be arguing with professors and consultants over whether there is one standard deviation or two standard deviations.
One cannot, without reflection, make some into bearers of goodness and others into miscreants, judging them by relative positive or negative criteria. These, like everything else, change according to historical circumstances, the character of a society, the time and subjective points of view.
The capacity to accept suffering for the sake of goodness, truth and justice is an essential criterion of humanity, because if my own well-being and safety are ultimately more important than truth and justice, then the power of the stronger prevails, then violence and untruth reigns supreme.
If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and astonishing results are the three criteria of a human genius, who could dare compare any great man in history with Muhammad?
Youthquake’ wasn’t an entirely predictable choice for Oxford‘s Word of 2017. It hasn’t been on the lips of an entire nation, nor is it new. But it amply fulfilled the criteria Oxford requires for selection.
The ability to play is one of the principal criteria of mental health.
I’ve definitely been spoilt. Every movie I’ve done, it’s always the same criteria: finding a great story, and finding a great part to play.
Equality, therefore, becomes the criterion because we can handle all that in process, but we can’t handle that as principle without infringing on freedom.
The winner‘s edge is not in a gifted birth, a high IQ, or in talent. The winner’s edge is all in the attitude, not aptitude. Attitude is the criterion for success.
A reasonable estimate of economic organisation must allow for the fact that, unless industry is to be paralysed by recurrent revolts on the part of outraged human nature, it must satisfy criteria which are not purely economic.
The criterion of true beauty is, that it increases in examination; of false, that it lessens. There is something, therefore, in true beauty that corresponds with the right reason, and it is not merely the creature of fancy.
George Grenville
I divide all literary works into two categories: Those I like and those I don’t like. No other criterion exists for me.
Pure painting or the art of drawing whose point of departure is based on purely formal criteria is,in my opinion,passГ©. I do not reject it if other artists make attempts,but as far as I am concerned,this is what I believe. if I do not place a text next to my drawings,I consider the work on such programmes to be futile.
Now if you expand their choice set. Say you give them 20 different speed dates, everything goes out the window. Everybody starts choosing in accordance with looks because that becomes the easiest criteria by which to weed out all the options and decide “So who am I going to say yes to?”
My criteria is always, ‘Would I go see this movie? Is this character something I’ve never done? Who is the director? Do they inspire me?’
My criteria for what makes a book an officialfavorite,’ is based almost entirely on how desperately I don’t want the story to end.
If something’s fun and you’ll enjoy doing it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. That’s basically the criteria that I judge jobs by.
The only criteria I have with every new album is to keep moving on from what I’ve done before.
Do I use VORP? I may be using it and not even know it, and if I am, it’s nobody’s business. There are a lot of different criteria in judging players. I think I use, um, esoteric qualitative mathematical review times five. That’s one of them.
Ned Colletti
My criteria for choosing a film are first the story and the team that I’m working with.
Just remember one criterion: whatever you do should not be in the service of destruction, it should be in the service of creativity.
I don’t want to just add another DVD to the pile. So I think, ‘Is this going to have an impact and some lasting value? Is it worth it for me to spend two years of my middle-aged life on this?’ They’re my criteria, and I think that’s led me to more urgent projects.
Larry Charles
So long as we use comfort and security as our criteria of success, we will fear our own intuitive guidance because by its very nature it directs us into new cycles of learning that are sometimes uncomfortable.