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Developers Quotes by Mike Wilson, Jason Schreier, Marsha Blackburn, Ben Aaronovitch, Jaron Lanier, David Baszucki and many others.

I think that that multiplatform development is what’s on the mind of most high-end PC developers now… this is really the first time in the industry‘s history that we’ve had console machines that can handle all that PC developers can deliver.
I think there’s this tradition of a culture of NDAs that has spanned all the way back to the ’70s and ‘80s when game developers where very paranoid about cloning and people copying one another‘s ideas and business sabotage.
Most website developers say an aggregator website, such as what is, could be built easily for a half a million dollars. They have spent a half a billion dollars.
Landscaping is the great cardinal sin of modern architecture. It’s not your garden, it’s not a park – it’s a formless patch of grass, shrubbery and the occasional tree that exists purely to stop the original developer‘s plans from looking like a howling concrete wilderness.
When developers of digital technologies design a program that requires you to interact with a computer as if it were a person, they ask you to accept in some corner of your brain that you might also be conceived of as a program.
As our platform gets technically better, coupled with allowing developers to make real money on Roblox, that’s created a virtuous cycle where the quality of Roblox games is continuing to go up and up.
Today’s developer is a poor substitute for the committed entrepreneur of the last century for whom the work of architecture represented a chance to celebrate the worth of his enterprise.
Software patents are dangerous to software developers because they impose monopolies on software ideas.
As mayor of Milwaukee, I’ve had many developers come and many businesses come and have asked for financial assistance from the city, and my questions have always been: how many jobs are we talking about and are these family-supporting jobs.
A very important part of game development is testingsomething that a lot of developers don’t do.
The single most important thing for any processor is getting adoption by software developers.
Responsiblity is the great developer of men.
We don’t expect Google as a first party service to provide all the answers. Part of the reason a platform is successful is because there are very very important things from other companies and other developers on top of the platform.
People get really attached to it: many of our players have played for four to five years, and our developers range in age from eight to 80. Some of the top developers are 18 or 20, and we have kids in high-school who are making two, three or four thousand dollars a month.
Any fool can use a computer. Many do.
I guess if you include contractors that are six or seven people working on reddit, but when we got acquired there were basically three and then in the years since, we’ve added three more developer hires full time, and a community manger. But the site is still remarkably small.
The Web is not a prize to be won, and Mr. Ballmer’s attitude is deplorable in the light of what the Web means to the world, to users, to designers and developers, and – to put it into Microsoft parlance – customers.
There is a bit of arrogance with ‘Hollywoodtypes that doesn’t sit well with game developers.
Developer testing is an important step towards accountability. It gives developers a way to demonstrate the quality of the software they produce.
I often see the materials of photography as being a type of terrain. Emulsions, liquid developers, silver salts, and fixers interact, and I construct a landscape that I need to first explore in my mind’s eye if I am to make it manifest as an artful image in silver.
VK is famous for its competitions among third-party developers who build alternative versions of VK on its open API.
We are so fortunate that our IP has been so effective out in the marketplace that every time there’s a new iteration, our developers feel a sense of pressure.
Regional developers have a clear head start in their home communities. They have been there longer and understand their market. As a result, these markets are, in fact, more competitive than those in Manila.
I remember the first year at the Game Developers Conference I wore these big red giant knee-high boots. Nobody cared. You can wear anything you love, because that’s what you do in games. You make yourself who you want to be.
Complexity kills. It sucks the life out of developers, it makes products difficult to plan, build and test, it introduces security challenges, and it causes end-user and administrator frustration.
AIR grew out of our early thinking about rich Internet applications around 2001. We started to see web developers pushing the boundaries of what could be done inside the browser and taking advantage of Flash in ways that we hadn’t expected.
For too long, the system has been biased in favor of oil and gas developers: sweetheart lease deals, generous subsidies and a regulatory process so slanted in favor of Big Oil that often permit reviews are simply waived.
For most developers, that kind of situation – a player figuring out how to do something that the designer didn’t intend – to most developers, that’s a bug. For me, that’s a celebration.
I understand that, today, some developers are asking architects to design eye-catching, iconic buildings. Fortunately, I’ve not had that kind of client so far.
Fumihiko Maki
Today there are hundreds of millions of mobile devices, but you do have to know a bit about what each device is capable of doing in order to approach it as a developer.
John Beresford Fowler
We’re the toolmakers. Our developers are the real creative geniuses.
In reality, handing over public space to private developers does not guarantee that new library spaces will be comparable in size or otherwise remain fully-functional.
…the divided world of Aspen, where locals with a sense of entitlement were pitted against developers with a sense of condominiums.
I’m not a developer; I am.
I can mostly laugh at myself and this whole mess called “Linux developers,” which means that I get along with most people and most people get along with me.
The most important people is to pick people who like to write software and who are good at… good developers like working with each other. And they… they reinforce each other’s skills.
The developers, if they decide to move a tortoise, have to pay the long-term costs for enhancing the areas that take care of the tortoise, and it gives us the opportunity to manage an area that is going to be protected.
Today, Web services is really about developing for the server. What it means to developers is any set of systems services that you make a Web service you to access by any kind of device with a highly interactive client, not just a browser.
John Fowler
As a former Apollo astronaut, I think it’s safe to say that SpaceX and the other commercial developers embody the 21st century version of the Apollo frontier spirit.
Modern life is so thin and shallow and fake. I look forward to when developers go bankrupt, Japan gets poorer and wild grasses take over.
Software is like sex: It’s better when it’s free.
I know reels can be expensive but even if you construct one on your own if you don’t have enough money to get a more professional one while you’re getting started, as far as college animators go or young indie developers I don’t think they are going to care if you have the highest quality reel yet.
Roblox is spearheading the next generation of gaming – one in which players become developers and user-generated content is at the core.
When you’re external to a publisher, most independent developers live on paranoia. The mainstay of every day is paranoia – every indie company believes their publisher in some way has these Machiavellian plans that will cause disaster for the game and the studio.
It gives me a lot of energy to talk to developers or meet students in classrooms who are using our technology to help learn faster and better. Watching them pursue their passion.
In 2007, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would become a ‘platform,’ meaning that outside developers could start creating applications that would run inside the site. It worked.
The National Multifamily Housing Council, a trade association of apartment owners, managers, developers and lenders, has come to the defense of the interest deduction and other provisions favorable to the real estate industry, describing them as ‘core principles‘ and promising a fight.
The team developer realizes that at times the leadershiptorchmust be passed on to others. This empowerment of others serves a dual purpose; it helps them hone their own team-building skills and it brings a fresh approach, perhaps even a special expertise, to the group‘s efforts.
We are shifting into an enjoyment-based economy. And who knows more about making enjoyment than game developers?
Ethereum exists because it enables developers to write smart contracts better than Bitcoin in the near-term. Zcash will exist because it will attempt to do privacy better than Bitcoin in the near-term, and the token gives you access to the anonymity protocol.
You’d be surprised. A number of developers recognize that having a cultural activity in their space brings kudos. People like the idea of being near to creatives.
There’s a lot of opportunity for game developers to show value to people, things they want to spend money on. I think offers are just another kind of ads.
Consolidation isn’t new, though… it was a major factor in our rush to form the Gathering and place a stake in the ground to ensure that there is a solid path for developers who are willing to stay independent and build their own companies on their own terms.
Before I started Code for America, I spent my career around startups. First it was game developers, small teams trying to make hits in a tough business. Then, when I started working on the Web 2.0 events, it was web startups during times of enormous opportunity and investment.
Games take years to make, and it’s important that when we launch, it can’t just be a great launch catalog and then a desert for a really long time. To be honest, for a lot of developers, they’d rather not be competing at launch with all this other software.
Our developers will make great games for whatever high-end platforms exist.
I don’t think I’m any smarter than any of my developers.
A critical factor in its success was that the X developers were willing to give the sources away for free in accordance with the hacker ethic, and able to distribute them over the Internet.
I want to be known internationally as one of the most creative real estate developers in low-income communities. I want to be known as someone who actually promotes economic diversity and does a great job.
Facebook’s data trove is enviable, and its moves into nearly every aspect of our lives – from payment to media, will create even more of it. The company also has created a huge base of developers for its platform, but the ecosystem is incomplete compared to vertically integrated OSes like iOS, Mac or Windows.
The dueling maturity levels in high school is such a source of comedy to me. I was always such a late developer. I was last to walk. I was last to ride a bike. I was last to have sex. That’s why it’s fun to portray one side of your childhood onscreen.
I think a lot of developments start with the desire of the developer to get what he really wants so that he can use it. It’s not just the technical fascination or the business opportunity.
Ray Dolby
We must stop tax giveaways to rich corporations and developers while our schools are crumbling and people are losing their homes.
Before the commercial ventures, Linux tended to be rather hard to set up, because most of the developers were motivated mainly by their own interests.
I think right now it’s a battle for the mindshare of developers and for the mindshare of customers, and right now iPhone and Android are winning that battle.
Each party should gain from the negotiation.
To avoid long-term deleterious effects, game developers must commit to stop facilitating a culture in which crunch is the norm. The occasional long night or weekend at the office can be useful and even exhilarating, but as a constant, it is damaging.
Among video game developers, it’s called ‘crunch’: a sudden spike in work hours, as many as 20 a day, that can last for days or weeks on end. During this time, they sleep at work, limit bathroom breaks and cut out anything that pulls their attention away from their screens, including family and even food.
I’ve been quite a late developer on the clothes front, but I’ve suddenly realised it is one of life’s joys.
I think all of the great developers start not with the intent to make money, but with the intent to make something fun that’s in their passion zone.
An individual developer like me cares about writing the new code and making it as interesting and efficient as possible. But very few people want to do the testing.
If I buy a game on Steam and I’m running it on Windows, I can go to one of the Steam machines and already have the game. So you benefit as a developer; you benefit as a consumer in having the PC experience extended in the living room.
The thing with Linux is that the developers themselves are actually customers too: that has always been an important part of Linux.
The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it’s too late.
The more we can make our developers famous, the better.
I know and have worked alongside some of the designers, developers, and editors at Vox Media; you’d be proud to work with any of them.
How many roads must a developer walk down, before they accept the amenities package?
Because now it’s the fans out there that are entertaining us, the developers, with their creations!
One of the biggest problems that software developers face is that technology changes rapidly. It is very hard to stay current.
I got married a bit late, I agree. In any other period of history I’d have been dead at that age and they’d have assumed I was gay. Like Michelangelo, or Leonardo da Vinci. But I was a late developer. I didn’t go through puberty until I was 35.
I have never been on the trail of developers or contractors.
I think there’s that widespread sentiment that game developers need to be quiet unless they’re talking on-message. I think that’s changing a little bit; Twitter has helped, with developers sharing personal opinions on things.
Working on stage is really a great voice developer.
A developer is someone who wants to build a house in the woods. An environmentalist is someone who already has a house in the woods.
On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.
Many people think that open source projects are sort of chaotic and and anarchistic. They think that developers randomly throw code at the code base and see what sticks.
Basically, a manager‘s job is to make other people more productive. What’s one really good way to do that? Do the work that is getting in their way. Which means find out what kind of important work your developers dislike the most, and do it for them.
Right now you are a prisoner of each application you use. You have only the options that were given you by the developer of that application.
Robots have gotten steadily more capable, but humansexpectations that robots should have minds keeps biting robot developers.
The knowledge that all the games are created by the community, it gives the opportunity to try exploratory gaming concepts. Our developers take larger risks in what they make.
If the web can be evolved to include the missing APIs and have better performance, [developers] won’t need to go beyond the web.
Brendan Eich
If we merely try to impress people and get people interested in us, we will never have many true, sincere friends. Friends, real friends, are not made that way.
Adding last-minute features, whether in response to competitive pressure, as a developer’s pet feature, or on the whim of management, causes more bugs in software than almost anything else.
Most people don’t remember names, for the simple reason that they don’t take the time and energy necessary to concentrate and repeat and fix names indelibly in their minds. They make excuses for themselves; they are too busy.
I figure that since proprietary software developers use copyright to stop us from sharing, we cooperators can use copyright to give other cooperators an advantage of their own: they can use our code.
Because the competitive landscape of the web is such that the site which looks and works best gets the most traffic, developers and designers put a premium on the presentation of that content and let structural markup take a back seat.
Too many developers still treat cultural strategies as a fig leaf to get planning permission, rather than make a thoughtful, genuine commitment to the cultural life of their areas.
We started having more developers who wished they could develop on Roblox forever, but they were starting to go off to Google and get jobs. It struck us that this whole platform play, where the creators were powering the fun, we could wrap it into powering the monetization as well.
We try to continually push ourselves to do more and more, not just on the hardware side but also in terms of developers’ tools so they can take advantage of the hardware that’s there, in the best way.
A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
Attention to detail is crucial in my roles as a real estate developer and principal of a lifestyle brand. Fine jewelry is especially intricate and requires a very well trained eye.
We have seen a lot of interest from Chinese developers on Google Play because the extent to which Android is used. If we can figure out a model by which we can serve those users, it would be a privilege to do so. So I don’t think of China as a black hole.
I just love building buildings. I’m the largest developer in New York City. I’m having a lot of fun doing it. I think I’ve never had more fun. I’m just enjoying my life.
As a property developer, I learned a long time ago to choose your battles wisely and that, unfortunately, compromise is a given.
What is Southern California but an ever-changing dreamscape backdrop for the postmodern ideal? The psychology of the postmodern world is the continual state of change as we live in its idealist manufactured dream, built by developers.
I think it’s really clear that Sony lost track of what customers and what developers wanted. I’d say, even at this late date, they should just cancel it and do a do over. Just say, ‘This was a horrible disaster and we’re sorry and we’re going to stop selling this and stop trying to convince people to develop for it’.
There’s a tiny number of Bitcoin wizards and an enormous number of smart developers that have no onramp to Bitcoin. We need to make that onramp easier.
There is a strong movement towards increased accountability for software developers and software development organizations.
Private funding was one of the first methods used when MIT funded Bitcoin core developers Gavin Andresen, Wladimir van der Laan, and Cory Fields in 2015.
There’s a common personality type to software developers – one I certainly fall into. We’re more comfortable staring at a screen than staring into someone’s eyes. Engineers can be brilliant in the workplace, and something less-than-brilliant everywhere else.
While free software was meant to force developers to lose sleep over ethical dilemmas, open source software was meant to end their insomnia.
The original dream of Facebook Platform was to enable developers to build experiences that were social at their core, like Facebook Photos, without having to build their own standalone social network.
So, we’re saying, if we can give developers and builders incentives to cut down on the regulatory barriers that are faced in this country, then we might be able to address the needs of affordable housing.
The job of the average manager requires a shift in focus every few minutes. The job of the average software developer requires that the developer not shift focus more often than every few hours.
For the first time, open source, peer-to-peer protocol developers can monetize their project on a protocol level.
Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.
Our job as the game creators or developers – the programmers, artists, and whatnot – is that we have to kind of put ourselves in the user’s shoes. We try to see what they’re seeing, and then make it, and support what we think they might think.
There are signs, these days, that the cultural hegemony of postmodernism is weakening in the West. When even the developers tell an architect like Moshe Safdie that they are tired of it, then can philosophical thinking be far behind?
Low-value payments are now possible. Now, Ripple can make it easy for Facebook and Uber and Amazon to make payments to developers in real time. It’s online and completely global.
There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult.
With the support of our vibrant web developer community and dedicated partners, our goal is to level the playing field and usher in an explosion of content and services that will meet the diverse needs of the next two billion people online.
Great research universities around the world are visible not just through their quality graduates but as knowledge creators and technology developers.
What moves me about…what’s called technique…is that it comes from some mysterious deep place. I mean it can have something to do with the paper and the developer and all that stuff, but it comes mostly from some very deep choices somebody has made that take a long time and keep haunting them.
Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
George Adair
When lots of stores compete, the result is a combination of better prices for you, better deals for developers, and more investment in new content and innovation.
Our developers are constantly thinking about, ‘How do I bring new and novel experiences to our platforms?’ whether it’s the Switch, 3DS, or even a smart device. So that is just part of the way our developers think.
If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.
Today I am one of the senior technical cadre that makes the Internet work, and a core Linux and open-source developer.
There are several ways in order to reduce the housing problem.One way is to allow a developer to buy land more cheaply if it’s in an outlying area.
Locomotion can be uncomfortable in VR, but a number of developers have figured out how to do some subtle locomotion.
We can provide beta software to our developers in advance of the general public. We can easily link up with external partners, customers, and suppliers.
I have a CS degree and a history that includes working as a software developer and being a computer magazine columnist back during the 1990s. I guess I simply paid attention to the social effects of the IT revolution as I lived through it.
Developers, developers, developers…
Gamers are everywhere, coming in all ages and genders, and developers have grown up, too.
I actually think Facebook made it their business to be close with all of the app developers. They couldn’t have done more.
In short: developers do not give players enough credit. And maybe even players don’t give players enough credit.
Ragnar TГёrnquist
When someone says, “I want a programming language in which I need only say what I want done,” give him a lollipop.
The humanitarian developers behind World of Warcraft have also discovered a way to bribe gamers into turning off their computers and going outside. If you log off for a few days, your character will be more ‘rested’ when you resume playing, a mode that temporarily speeds up your leveling.
It gives you great pleasure to know that millions of developers, day to day, make their living using the software that you created.
Game studios, developers, and major publishers need to vocally speak up against the harassment of women and say this behavior is unacceptable.
I wonder if too frequently publishers and developers are so caught up with going after new, untapped audiences that they can forget to care for the largest, most loyal and reliable audience there is – the current gamer.
Of course, C proved indispensible to the developers of all its alternatives. Dig down through enough implementation layers under any of the other languages surveyed here and you will find a core implemented in pure, portable C
The best performance improvement is the transition from the nonworking state to the working state.
John Ousterhout
If people destroy something replaceable made by mankind, they are called vandals; if they destroy something irreplaceable made by God, they are called developers.
Defeats and failures are great developers of character. They have made the giants of our race by giving Titanic muscles, brawny sinews, and far-reaching intellects.
Small developers can compete on creativity not on scale or staff size…. Nintendo is willing to help bring these ideas to life.
For inexperienced, small developers, getting funding from big game publishers can be a Sisyphean task.
We need games like ‘A Closed World’ for many reasons. When you hear another developer talk about how games need to grow up, they need to tackle adult themes, and how they need to embrace that ability to transport the player into a different world, this is that game that they want other developers to make.
Cheap is the last refuge of a product developer or marketer who is out of great ideas.
In any market, in any country, there are developers who make money. So I say all of this doom and gloom, but there will always be people who make money, because people always want homes.
In 2013, I transferred my company Essential Hospitality that owned the plot to RKW Developers against full and final payment. No loans were taken in this company and it was completely debt-free when we sold the same to RKW.
I’ve loved some gadgets that were not worthy, and I’ve loved gadgets that I would have loved more if I had waited for their developers to figure out how to really make them work, but I loved them anyway.