Different Roles Quotes

Different Roles Quotes by Ayelet Zurer, Kellan Lutz, Mammootty, Adama Traore, Michael Moriarty, Abhishek Bachchan and many others.

There’s no such thing as too late. There are different roles for different ages, assuming an actress has something to offer. There aren’t many Helen Mirrens and Meryl Steeps, and it takes a lot of talent to get to that level. I hope I have it. That’s the model I aspire to if I’m lucky enough. It’s all about luck.
I am very picky with my career. I don’t need to do it for the money or the fame. I’m very choosy, which is why I haven‘t played the typical role that people expect to see from someone of my stature and size, as the mean jock or the preppy. It’s very easy to see me like that. That’s why I go against it in different roles.
A good deal of my effort goes into the selection of films, because these things cannot be just predicted, so I am careful about the movies I finally do. Next year, too, I will have four or five films where I play different roles.
Every player has a dream to play at Barcelona for a long time, but you have different roles for the team.
I’ve become so earthy. And I never was earthy. I’m doing all kinds of different roles which are not at all like the intellectual and the legal mind of Ben Stone.
I am happy with all the films I’ve done. I have not become the victim of an image. I have managed to do different roles, and I am proud of that.
As far as the lack of hits goes, I think perhaps it’s because I’ve played a lot of different roles and have not created a persona that the public can latch on to. I have played everything from psychopathic killers to romantic leading men, and in picking such diverse roles I have avoided typecasting.
My dream as an actor growing up was always to challenge myself to different genres, different roles, and it’s actually rare that an actor’s given that opportunity to do that.
As an actor, you always have aspirations to play different roles.
I’ve always wanted to demonstrate a variety of different roles when I act and do different projects and not ever do one of the same.
I want as much as I can to try and explore different roles and different characters; that’s important to me to get involved in as many different parts as I can.
All of us play different roles in our chosen career. I play the role of an actor. But I realised I am also an actor apart from various roles I play in my personal life.
When I first started acting, I knew that you have to learn different skills for different roles.
In acting, while you play different roles, you begin to discover yourself and begin to notice life as you relate to the characters you represent.
I am lucky to get different roles.
I’m always looking to do different roles and play around a little bit. That’s always the fun part of my job.
What I love about my job is challenging myself and finding weird, different roles.
I admire actors that consistently challenge themselves and play a wide range of different roles. Every actor has a reason for being an actor… it’s boring to play the same person over and over again. People like Daniel Day Lewis, who completely transform time and time again, I look up to.
What I have come to realize over the twenty years when I have worked in different roles as a legislator is that no legislation is as good as the enforcement of it.
All I will say is that I’m playing a lot of different roles that, to be honest, are more interesting and demanding than any I’ve played before.
On television, there isn’t much scope to do different roles. I try to bring some new shades to my roles, and I try to play them differently. I think I have been able to manage that pretty well.
I’ve been lucky enough to play many different roles from darker characters to family orientated shows to comedy.
Playing character roles gives me the freedom to try out different roles, including negative ones or elderly ones. When one is playing the lead role, clearly there are limitations and responsibilities.
I was doing well for myself and wanted to play different roles and not just be happy portraying glamorous characters.
If I can, I would like to do as many different roles in a year because then there is no stagnation. That used to happen when I played one role in a serial for years. When a show goes on for years and is delivering ratings, you didn’t get the chance to take up other roles and shows.
As a performer, I want to push my boundaries and try different roles.
Generally, I look forward to doing different roles and I am game for challenges.
M&A at Microsoft is a team sport for the senior leadership group. They’re all involved in it, and we all play different roles. My role is the first centralized business development role at Microsoft.
There is more for women in terms of character roles now. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith have constantly changed over the years and challenged themselves with different roles. That’s impressive.
My whole life, I’ve felt like I can do anything on the basketball court, from playing point guard in high school to having to play center one year in high school, doing everything in college and going through different roles in Philadelphia.
I don’t want to build any image for myself. I don’t want people to say, ‘He does only a certain type of role.’ I don’t want only to be the hero of the story. An actor’s weakness is the different roles that he can’t do. But I am keen to grab only those roles as I am here to challenge myself.
I remember that my mom, my dad and I would play different roles in mock debates, where one of us would be the moderator, one of us would be my dadfrequently not my dad – and then one of us would play his opponent.
Because I’ve done so many different roles, I don’t want to repeat myself. It’s getting harder and harder to find something interesting. You never know – I might never make a film again.
I’m always trying to look for different roles.
We were using Brooke as an actress; she was playing different roles: a liberated woman, a teenager, a vamp.
I try to avoid typecasting by doing different roles.
I just wanted to get out there and do different roles and try new things.
Typecasting is an interesting thing because, in a way, if you’re good at something, you’re going to work at that thing. In other ways, you constantly have to change people’s opinion of you as one thing, especially if you want to play different roles. You have to shatter that image sometimes.
I’ve been thrown into different roles each and every year.
I did flirt with the idea of going to law school, but not for long. Maybe I’ll play a lawyer one day – the beauty of acting is that you can try on so many different roles without having to commit to them in real life.
I want to do roles that will challenge me. I’m definitely interested in period pieces. But I definitely don’t want to limit myself. I’m very open to different roles.
We are all multidimensional and kind of have dual personalities. Everyone puts on different roles depending on what circumstances they’re in without even noticing that they do that.
I am looking for different roles as many writers are coming up with the same kind of characters.
While training is important to fine-tune one’s skill set, in my case, the exhaustive theatre experience and the grind of rehearsals ensured an easy transition into different roles.
A lot of times when people cast me, they want this big, deep black voice… And I tend to recycle them with different roles from time to time.
Kevin Michael Richardson
I have never feared of being typecast as I tried to do different roles on television.
When I started acting, my whole focus and intention was to work as a stage actor in a company where you’re asked to different roles – do a comedy, do a tragedy, etc. I haven’t had any reservations about jumping from one type of genre to another.
I would not want compliments that ‘I can do different roles’. I want compliments that whatever I did, I did nicely. That’s how I see acting.
It’s important that we educate Americans about how hedge funds and private equity play completely different roles.
Part of what’s interesting about the ‘Star Warsworld is, villains are complex, obviously, and they occupy, as in life, different roles within different organizations.
The essence of my work, and of me, is the softer side of a strong woman, and that goes into a number of different roles.
I want everyone to understand that as an actor you need to be able to play different roles, be versatile even in terms of your personality.
The hardest thing for me was probably the different roles in the Performance Center because when you go to the Performance Center and become a WWE Superstar, you’re on a different schedule. But in the indies or in Mexico, you have your time.
TV doesn’t have variety. It’s a fact that you don’t have different roles to perform. You get similar characters only.
Now that I am a part of the Hindi film industry, I hope I can do different roles with a lot of scope.
I have tried to look different and play different roles through my life because I am passionate about my work.
I always look so different in different roles, people are never quite sure. Which is the way I like it.
After doing so many different roles, if you don’t stretch yourself, there’s no excitement left.
I think what’s so interesting for me is the different roles that I play. I love doing the research, and I love – I feel fortunate in the sense that I get to explore many different worlds, of things that I may not really get to learn a lot about.
I like to have my hair grow, because I need to have hair for different roles. But I’m a woman, so I’m always cutting my hair off and wishing that I hadn’t.
I have very much enjoyed being in the music business in different roles through five different decades.
I am obsessed with the idea of transformation. I have been very lucky so far to play very different roles – and I would love for that to continue.
I have always tried to make life interesting for myself by doing different roles that connect mainstream cinema with its offbeat counterpart.
Some days I want to look like a hipster kid, and then other days I want to be prim and proper. I really wish I had, like, seven lives so I could go from being a hipster one day to a punk the next. But that’s the great thing about fashion. In a way, it’s like acting, because you can try on all these different roles.
I would say I am more comfortable in the centre of midfield. But when you are at a big club like Liverpool, you maybe get played in positions with which you might not be so familiar. But you have got to learn the different roles, because it gives you a better opportunity to play.
If you join a growth organization, you’ll likely do different things in different roles throughout your career. It’s excellent to learn and build with others. You’ll meet people you want to work with.
I’d rather do a lot of movies than a TV series and do a lot of different roles than be stuck in one TV thing.
I love to play different roles. That’s just the kind of actor I am.
The actors that inspire me are the comedians and the people able to shape-shift into different roles and into different media.
I’ve pitched in a lot of different roles in my career. I’ve been the middle-inning guy. I’ve been a lefty matchup guy. I’ve closed. I’ve kind of done a little bit of everything.