Dollhouses Quotes

Dollhouses Quotes by Terry Crews, Melanie Martinez, James Wolcott, Jill McCorkle, Brandi Carlile, Matthea Harvey and many others.

There’s drama in everything. That’s why I love movies. Like Welcome to the Dollhouse, I’m a 350-pound black man, and I could understand what it was like to be a little white girl.
I never accepted why there should be some invisible, wavy cutoff line separating Great Fiction from phosphorescent beauties and dollhouse miniatures, novels that contain a whole world in a snow globe.
I think because “Dollhouse” was the first story that I put out. It was the first thing that people were able to listen to and find the aesthetic of my music, so I figured we could use that as a title.
Building a dollhouse is a lot like writing a novel because you are God of the Universe.
The mole can’t live in your dollhouse.
I like to photograph miniature constructed scenes – I’ll buy a very sad cake decoration like a plastic computer for a dreary office birthday party and construct a wildly colorful scene to put on its screen, or do a series of dollhouse chairs frozen in ice cubes.