Dreadlocks Quotes

Dreadlocks Quotes by Clemence Poesy, Matisyahu, Lara Stone, Steve Martin, Vinnie Jones, Lenny Kravitz and many others.

I had a grungy period and looked like a tramp for a very long time – my mum really hated it! I destroyed her entire ’70s wardrobe by putting studs into everything – I thought I was really cool. But it’s good to experiment – I even had dreadlocks at one point.
Some artists are bound to an image: Bob Marley has dreadlocks, Matisyahu has a beard. But that’s a reminder that the whole thing is not about style. It’s about music.
Every time I wake up I have this huge dreadlock in the back, and I don’t know why. It’s not like I sleep like a maniac or anything. It gets knots out really easy, and it’s handy.
…a young man, Jamaican, perhaps, his head circled in a scarf with sunbleached dreadlocks on piled on top, looking like a plate of soft-shell crabs.
If all else fails, you could wait for the first corner and tie his dreadlocks to the goalpost.
I’ve always had to deal with being biracial, even in music. When I came on the scene, I’d go to these record labels, and they’d say things like, “Lenny Kravitz. That’s a weird name.” I’m brown-skinned and I’ve got these dreadlocks and I’ve got this Jewish last name.
My real fantasy if I was to drop out would be to live in a mobile home and be a hippie and drive around festivals and have millions of children – children with dreadlocks and nose rings – and play the flute.
I was kind of ashamed of my bourgeois family as a teenager, I guess – I had dreadlocks, shopped in thrift stores and pretended I had no money. At that time, I would have spat on a girl who was buying Yves Saint Laurent.
Compared to my talents, Whoopi Goldberg is like one of those fake plastic Buddhas you get at dollar stores. I mean really, I fail to see the humor in an overweight negro woman with dreadlocks, no eyebrows, and is named after a childish term for flatulence.
There’s a weird thing about me and characters with hair, from Ariel or Pocahontas to Tarzan with his dreadlocks and now Rapunzel… it’s like I’m trying to make up for some loss in my life, I don’t know what that is.
I had the afro when I was in high school. I had the flattop during a short period in the early ’90s. And I’ve had different variations of dreadlocks. I’ll admit to those!
I’ve had every haircut you could possibly imagine: mullet, tail, dreadlocks, afro, crew cut. It’s always been an expression of who I am.
Marc Forgione
You might see someone with dreadlocks and label them a hippie in your head, but that doesn’t mean they think of themselves that way. A lot of people look at me and see I have a beard and shaggy hair, and think I’m a hippie. I’m not a hippie, and I’m not not a hippie. I don’t know what the f**k I am.
My first on-screen kiss was lame: Nickelodeon. But my first real-life kiss was super cute and nice, but still very awkward. It was with this hot skateboarder with dreadlocks. He was my little Rasta man.