Encores Quotes

Encores Quotes by Leni Riefenstahl, Chris Albrecht, Gilbert K. Chesterton, Joseph Roth, Roger Spottiswoode, Drew Holcomb and many others.

The applause was so loud and insistent that I had to respond with several encores. I was numb with happiness, when it was over, I knew that this alone must be my life and my world.
The expensive ones are for Starz. No. We decided, as part of our Encore strategy, to broaden and strengthen and help focus the Encore plexus by adding original programming.
The repetition in Nature may not be a mere recurrence; it may be a theatrical encore.
I am not an encore, not a pudding, I am the main dish.
Actually, after the release of the Bond film, the producers came back to me to offer me another one, but I didn’t have any juice left for an immediate encore.
Roger Spottiswoode
There’s no romance in the details [of touring] anymore for me. But as soon as we’re walking onstage and until we walk off after the encore, I feel totally alive and completely satisfied with my work.
Drew Holcomb
I do not, as a rule, do encores. When I have finished playing, I have indeed finished playing. I have nothing left; there has been no reserve.
You can’t encore the past. If I see a bright light shining out there, I want to go toward it.
In the mini-series area, we are going to have a regular year-round, weekly presence on Encore of classic mini-series and a new mini-series that we are bringing. For the time being, I think the home of mini-series will be on Encore.
I’ve had a pretty good lesson in human nature. It’s more important to try to surround yourself with people who can give you a little happiness, because you only pass through this life once, Jack. You don’t come back for an encore.
In Europe, people tend to be very respectful. They try not to make too much noise at inappropriate times. In other countries, people can be very still. Sometimes I’m not sure if a crowd is into it until the end, when they usually want me to do something crazy for the encore.
I think an encore is perfectly acceptable, but I find it so weird when people do two or three.
I just did 101 shows in 86 different cities in America and Europe and Canada, and I’m not lying or exaggerating when I say, at the vast majority of shows, they loved it. There were encores, there were standing ovations.
Encore’ was an experiment. ‘Encore’ was the second chance at a first impression. ‘Encore’ was not completely planned.
I always give the encore over to chaos, so people can yell out requests and I can hack my way through a song that I don’t really know anymore.
There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. Just don’t respond with encores.
You don’t know how much you’ve grown- until trouble comes back for an encore.
The applause of the audience is short-lived. When calls resound for an encore, we are called to direct our attention to our Master.
Encores! is, to me, a wonderful, warm, welcoming place, and I hope it always will be.
Kate Baldwin
Quand me”В  me Dieu n’existerait pas, la religion serait encore sainte et divineDieu est le seul e”В  tre qui, pour reВ  gner, n’ait me”В  me pas besoin d’exister. Even if God did not exist, religion would still be holyand divine.God isthe only being who, inorder toreign, need not even exist.
To this day, people ask me where is Austin Powers 4? I don’t have that answer, it so hard to come up with a story that deserves an encore like that.
I quite like the drama of an encore. I think an encore is for those artists who are inclined to do dramatic gestures, and I certainly would say I am inclined towards them.
The rabbis paled. I’d managed to terrify holy men. Maybe I could beat up a nun for an encore.
The encore is the short piece after the program has finished, where the performer brings out something that the audience doesn’t expect.
Water is nothing if not ingemination, an encore to the tenacity of life.