Financing Quotes

Financing Quotes by Jeff Nichols, Andrew R. Wheeler, Naval Ravikant, Sharan Burrow, Isabella Lovin, Desmond Tutu and many others.

Financing for ‘Shotgun Stories’ was initiated with money from close friends and family. This is where the money to go into production came from. After production, a company called ‘Upload Films’ came on board and provided post-production funds and services. In both instances, people were taking a gamble on us.
We are working on a lot of innovative ways to provide safer drinking water to the American public. Innovative financing ways.
Startups often want to control the timing of their financing announcement and prefer not to reveal amounts raised for competitive reasons. If more of the Form D information was confidential rather than public, compliance rates would jump dramatically.
Until you separate the speculative behaviour of the financial sector from the real economy and the financing of the real economy, then we are not going to see the kind of stability or the capacity to drive genuine, income-led growth as opposed to debt-fuelled, speculative behaviour.
The Green Climate Fund is very much a strategic building block in the architecture for financing sustainable development.
People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change.
As an independent filmmaker, to develop the money and the financing and the structure and the whole process, and then promoting them and traveling with them, which is a part of the process that I’ve always enjoyed and I’ve learned a great deal from.
One of the greatest challenges of democracies today is the question of financing campaigns. It’s a tremendous challenge. Obviously I think the solution is to have the governments pay for all the campaigns and not to have any private contributions.
Movie is a near art form. It’s showbiz and people want to make money. And generally people are financing things because they think it will make money whether it’s a cable news show, a cable show, or a feature film, or whatever it is. So that’s the part of it that drives it, I think, is really the dollar.
I think you need clarity with financing [for presidency campaign]. I do think this. I think that you need clarity, you have to be able to see who‘s giving.
Never give up. The bankers and financial people did not take me seriously initially. Everyone thought I would fail. My attitude was that ‘No’ is an unacceptable answer when it comes to financing.
I don’t think of the ‘indie film world‘ as this cohesive kind of world anyhow. It’s so disparate: all these different filmmakers seeking financing from many different sources to make different kinds of movies. It’s hard to pinpoint a trend, really.
I hadalong with my singing and dancing, I was very happy to be born in the hometown of Dylan Thomas. So the government was financing dramatic groups and amateur dramatics and stuff like that.
I want studios to be financing director-driven, auteurist cinema, as they did in the ’70s. I think it’s starting to happen now. Plus, because of how our world has changed politically, I think audiences are demanding more realism. We need to have more stuff in our culture about what is really going on right now.
I’m doing my best to stay off that financing scheme that relies on this one strip of capital, which is the red carpet. And – no sob story – but it’s hard. It takes a while.
Government support is not only investing in upstream areas like basic research, but also in downstream areas like applied research and early-stage financing for the companies themselves. This means there are great risks.
Opponents of central-bank intervention are right about one thing: monetary financing carries serious risks. In order to ensure that it is as safe and effective as possible, it must be used primarily in the event of self-fulfilling debt crises.
There’s no big budget Canadian movie. Whatever movies are big budget in Canada come from the States. Or also have States financing. Everything’s pretty small.
The model today is that as much as 70 percent of the financing of the picture would come from overseas. Now we’re beginning to run out of suckers, because there are not that many people overseas who are willing to put up more than half the money for a movie.
The financing of my films has always been international.
Urbanization has relied on land conversion and land financing, which is causing urban sprawl and, on occasion, ghost towns and waste.
Well, the elected officials in both parties are receiving campaign contributions and support through electioneering communications from groups that aren’t technically affiliated with the campaigns, but really are. That’s the off-the-books financing of electioneering communications that’s going on.
The point is – that Donald Trump has been making on the campaign trail is that he’s financing his own campaign. That’s very important for him to say now in his mind because he wants people to know that he owes nobody anything other than the American people, or the voters who are picking, choosing his candidacy.
Public financing would fix campaign donor problems.
While I was in Montrose, the publishing checks went into the band‘s coffers. This was our management‘s decision; we were just financing ourselves on the road.
We need French chaplains and imams, French-speaking, who learn French, who love France. And who adhere to its values. And also French financing.
Manuel Valls
We’re so used to financing things on our own that we always have a plan in place to sort of scale our ideas.
I had to put the company through a reorg, raise a new round of financing, and sort of press the restart button. But my feeling was that I wasn’t going to be bullied. I wasn’t going to let them take me down. I had to pull myself together and move forward.
Dependence on private money to run campaigns causes pain to Republicans and Democrats alike – and business owners. It’s time we did something about it. And public financing of elections should be the first step.
I do not feel that we should allow a shortage of funds to prevent cities from financing needed projects.
Borrowing isn’t inherently bad; it depends a lot on what the debt is financing.
Usually with things, you go where you can find the financing to do it.
Financing films that are demanding is a task, in itself. Because people are so afraid of taking any kind of chance, because they’re afraid the audience isn’t going to respond. But the audience is so hungry for anything that’s a bit original, personal, or different.
Public campaign financing isn’t perfect and can doubtlessly be improved upon as we go.
There aren’t many American directors here trying to direct a Japanese yakuza film. When you combine that with the fact that I don’t speak much Japanese and this was an independent film I was financing myself – people were curious about what I was doing.
Most of the e-mails I get nowadays are from students who ask me how I got my start. In truth its from having a really supportive family but also having a good patron who will help you – like financing all those early trips I took.
As a director, you’ve got to have quite a few projects going because you never know which one will actually come together with the financing and get the green light.
First figure out your partners, then figure out what ideas to pursue. The most important thing isn’t the market you target, the product you develop or the financing, but the founding team.
I have a record of wanting to make sure that campaigns are open and financing is fair, but it can’t just be one sided.
Public-Private Partnership in financing, service delivery and provision of workspaces and training of trainers must be promoted to meet the demand and supply gap in the field of skill development.
Demands for equal financing of sewers, streets, and garbage collection would make more sense than proposals for equal financing of the schools, since some plausible connection may be inferred between the amount of money expended, e.g., for roads, and the quality of service resulting to the taxpayer.
The National Health Service is safe with us. The principle of adequate healthcare should be provided for all regardless of ability to pay must be the function of any arrangements for financing the NHS. We stand by that.
When you’re making an independent film, it’s like this actor plus this actor equals this funding, this financing. Pull this actor out, this actor is still here but this money’s gone. It’s this frightening puzzle mosaic that is the world of independent film.
Any country whose currency is used as a reserve enjoys tremendous benefits because those currencies gain a significant discount to financing costs.
What’s funny is that with my comedies I don’t believe they’re my best screenplays necessarily. They’re just the ones that I wrote that I knew I could get financing, you know? I believe my other films could be better, but right now they’re not being made. But they will eventually.
Public-Private Partnership in financing, service delivery and provision of workspaces and training of trainers must be promoted to meet the demand and supply gap in the field of skill development.
I was lucky to work with Gamechanger Films, who are a consortium of investors financing films directed by women. This is a company that puts their money where their mouth is.
Remember, the first presidential candidate to reject public financing for both the primary and general election was… Barack Obama, in 2008. He did it, in spite of a flat pledge to the contrary, because his campaign saw that it could vastly outspend John McCain.
The network shows have this very commercial voice that you have to adhere to, and the cable shows, it’s kind of like winning the lottery. The independent film world is a world you can actually get to. You can get the under-a-million-dollar film by finding a good cast and financing.
In all our businesses, we are out to build local capability in four basic aspects – product line, manufacturing and supply chain, the service team, and the financing and investment capability.
We need more imagination, more innovation and more public financing for projects and programmes that harness the positive energy of young men.
A lot of people get stuck, like, “Oh, if it’s made by a studio, it can’t be independent.” Often they link it to the source of financing, or how it’s distributed, but I don’t really know how you can. A filmmaker will take his money from anywhere. It doesn’t matter.
It’s very important to be able to act properly. You need financing, and you never have enough.
It was a struggle financing CNN, but I did it without ever asking the government for a nickel.
I have no problem getting financing. I have a problem catching ideas that I fall in love with for the next feature.
Because of the love affair between the American public and the stock market, it is possible for entrepreneurs, technological visionaries and inventors of every sort to get financing.
We would go to visit a wholesaler, say in Napoli. We would go out, have a very long lunch, mozzarellas, wine. We would reach an agreement. And then the client would pay with a cheque that was postdated by six months, nine months. They were financing themselves by delaying their payments.
The problems of financing the universities and their intellectual freedom, threatened by political and bureaucratic interference, are problems which are invariant under the ism transformations: socialism, communism, capitalism, or any other ism or ology.
It is fast becoming an article of political faith that financing America’s public schools by way of the local property tax is a shame and a civic scandal.
In the wake of the housing debacle in California, more people are buying less expensive homes, making bigger down payments, and staying away from ‘creative‘ and risky financing. It is amazing how fast people learn when they are not insulated from the consequences of their decisions.
When the phonies are expelled from their leadership roles and the Republican Party backs a moderate gubernatorial candidate acceptable to the rank and file with proper financing and the intestinal fortitude to fight the good fight, the rank and file will rejoin the fold.
I just thought, given the practicalities of financing an independent movie, you have to have some names. That’s just the way it works. You have to have a name that can get you foreign pre-sales.
Jay-Z is as politically correct as some of the politicians. He’s safe. There’s points when you’re acquiring financing, you make adjustments. He’s made those adjustments. It’s his choice. For me, it’s not a necessity.
It quite often happens that they attach a name to a project and it doesn’t get all the financing it needs.
I had hoped that the current presidential campaign debates might educate the public as to what is really involved in the ongoing controversy over campaign financing.
What we have to do moving forward is to make sure that small businesses that account for most of the job growth in our economy are getting the kind of financing that they need.
With the right kind of financing, I think we can grow by 100 percent per year.
The roots of the crisis in East Asia were in private sector decisions. The biggest problems were the misallocation of investment, most notably to speculative real estate, and risky financing, especially borrowing short-term debt on international markets.
I’m not into fame. I’m not into making money, outside of financing my books. I’m not into status. My thing is basically about time – not wasting it.
Modeling was a way of financing my fighting. My fighter friends definitely made fun of me: ‘I’ve seen you in your underwear, bro!’ But once they realized the girls loved it, they asked, ‘How do I get into it?’
Generally speaking, the stronger the connection between the financing and the ultimate beneficiary, the better the result.
Film is the cheapest part of the movie making process. The expense is the 100-man crew and the financing and everything.
A lot of organizations have pointed out that under public financing systems, you see a lot more candidates of color and a lot more women. But you also see the power base behind these candidates is more representative and far less exclusively wealthy.
Call-time has renewed my faith in the need for public financing of elections. ‘Call-time’ is where I as the candidate, sit in a room with my ‘call-time manager,’ and a phone. Then I call people and ask them for money. For hours. Apparently, I’m really good at it.
Ethereum is enabling a new form of financing in ICOs that is like a massive gravitational pull – dragging every entrepreneur with a sense for opportunity into its blackhole-level gravity.
The key to fixing public financing is to free politics from big money.
Whether it’s space tourism or really interesting missions to the moon or Mars, you really need a healthy capital ecosystem to make that happen. Nation states and governments have the control, but unless the financing is sustainable, it’s hard to really keep them on that.
The financial system has to be regulated, we have to end with the tax havens, and it’s necessary that the central banks in the world should control a little bit the banks’ financing because they cannot bypass a certain range of leverage.
I’m an independent filmmaker with complete creative control of my films. I hire who I want. I have final cut. But at the same time, I go directly to Hollywood for financing and distribution. I find it’s best for me to work within the Hollywood system.
These actions were taken with the support and financing of the United States. How can you say this is part of U.S. adherence to international law and U.N. resolutions? The result is a kind of schizophrenic picture of the United States.
Increasingly, the real estate developers can’t get bank loans for their project financing in China. They’re now going into the Hong Kong market to raise money in the bond market at very, very high rates, as high as 15, 20 percent.
I think it’s the same thing for a country. We are lucky then that we can get some financing from the government, because it means when I get the money, when I get the grant to do the film, of course it’s based on the script, but I have total artistic control and I can do personal stuff.
The casting process for ‘Hate Mail‘ just got so difficult. Once you lock in one person and then you try to find the next person, you lose the first person and then the financing falls away.
I grew up Presbyterian. Presbyterians thought the Methodists were wrong. Catholics thought all Protestants were wrong. The Jews thought the Christians were wrong. So, what I’m financing is humility. I want people to realize that you shouldn’t think you know it all.
I’ve been a strong supporter of public financing my whole career. I’m the first guy to introduce a public financing bill to the United States Senate in 1973.
If ethics is limited to financial conflicts of interest – that’s really what I did in the Bush White House – that’s a huge problem for me because Trump refused to sell his businesses. We don’t know where he’s getting his financing.
The essence of any plan for financing old age is saving-to put aside some part of today’s earnings for the future. Anything that saps the value of savings-and inflation is the worst single threat-is the enemy of the aged and of those who expect to grow old.
I put my films together in Europe and it kick-starts the financing when I’m attached as an actress. It makes it easier to move forward.
Arizona now has one of the most innovative systems of financing school construction in the nation.
I also believe that if we’re serious about change, we need to have a real discussion about public financing for congressional elections.
For the first time in history, we declared war without financing it. Americans have not been asked to pay for it through taxes.
David Broder
That’s sort of like what real life is like in Hollywood. You need stars to gain financing.
Money talks. When you have the financing behind you, you can make deals.
I’m struck by the fact that by and large equity capital doesn’t play a big role in new financing; it’s either bonds or internal financing but not really equity. And therefore, it’s not clear that anything which improves the equity markets has really much to do with the productivity of the economy as a whole.
Content financing is a difficult beast no matter what era of Hollywood we’re talking about.
The Federal role in overcoming barriers to needed health care should emphasize health care financing programs-such as Medicare and Medicaid.
I’ve seen it happen with other directors. Sometimes there’s a period where, if they’re lucky, they get the financing where they can make two films in a year.
I believe we have to move, eventually in our country, toward a system of public financing that really works for candidates running for federal office. I will support that as president.
When we look at the credit growth, we should look at it in its totality. Let us not only look at the non-food bank credit growth but also look at the growth across all the instruments of financing.
Immediately after 11 September, the U.S. closed down the Somali charitable network Al-Barakaat on grounds that it was financing terror. This achievement was hailed one of the great successes of the ‘war on terror.’ In contrast, Washington‘s withdrawal of its charges as without merit a year later aroused little notice.
Foreign distribution is a major aspect of financing films. If you’re flooding an entire country with cam rips DVDs before the movie is released, that will affect the bottom line eventually.
Federal policy tells us to fill 50 percent of our plates with fruits and vegetables. At the same time, federal farm subsidies focus on financing the production of corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, sorghum, dairy and livestock.
I am financing the recording myself. So I have no big names to drop.
George W. Bush in 2000 went to private financing for the nomination, but he accepted public funding in the general. And, quite frankly, so did – it was broken in 2008, when Barack Obama decided he wasn’t going to do that.
The U.S. alleges it wants to democratize [the Middle East] whilst it seeks to reverse election results not legally or through polls, but by force, fostering chaos and supporting, financing and arming the corrupt.
I love filmmaking because it’s like harvesting as a farmer. I have an idea, I get the financing, I write the script and then cast and shoot and edit. Then there is opening night, and after that I get another idea.
I lost a year or two in there, trying to get films financed that I didn’t know would never get financing.
If companies are able to raise equity from the market, then their problems for financing incomplete projects will come to end. Investment cycle in the capital market can kick-start with the money of savers and investors.
I could name about a dozen paths, and you’d like to have a whole bunch of research on all those paths, and then, eventually, at least four to five companies with really significant financing try and get to big scale, going down and really trying to prove it out.
Since most American students cannot simply pay their full tuition out of pocket, financing a college education often takes the form of loans, both private and from the government.
If you focus on what you want and you persevere, chances are you succeed. You know, that’s what I found. It might not be in acting – it might be in business, financing, it might be in the arts, it might be in anything. But it’s all about focusing and being inspired.
Financing is tough, and you really have to work hard in the businesses you invest in.
I think that crowdfunding has become such a powerful tool to tell stories that might not find financing otherwise – like a dark comedy about infidelity, for example!
Financing is always the hard part, especially if you don’t have friends or family to back you, which was my case and the case for most designers.
For the first time in history, we declared war without financing it. Americans have not been asked to pay for it through taxes.
Investment in Shriram will actually enable us to enter some of the retail segments such as vehicle financing, consumer and gold loans, and other products such as insurance, mutual funds, among others, where we wanted to have a footprint.
My way of remaining French was the financing scheme I used for Quest for Fire, with Fox funds, since it started as a 100% American production. The film was not in French and yet was French in style, reflecting my personality.
So one of the things I want to focus on is how we can show how taking on private financing is taking on this fundamental democratic threat.
By cutting off Hezbollah‘s lifelines to international financing, we can break its cycle of violence around the world.
The purpose of a business is to get and keep a customer. Without customers, no amount of engineering wizardry, clever financing, or operations expertise can keep a company going.
It is important to understand that the WTO, like the United Nations, is a weak international agency which depends upon financing and support from its largest members.
Government should seek more strategic approaches to developing dynamic, resilient infrastructure. Business must be more creative in offering financing solutions as partners with government, and people must support sustainable innovation as a public policy priority.
The decision to incentivise savings for pension funds augurs well for infrastructure financing and retirement planning.
Global issues require common responses: Only together we can create the conditions to defeat Daesh and al Qaeda, block channels for terrorist financing, tackle foreign terrorist fighters.
The Arab nations must be on our side. And if we catch them financing, if they funnel money to IS, that’s when sanctions and other actions have to kick in.
There was no Marshall Plan for Harry Potter, no International Financing Facility for books about underage wizards. It is heartbreaking that global society has evolved a highly efficient way to get entertainment to rich adults and children, while it can’t get twelve-cent medicine to dying poor children.
Everything I have is a private company. And even though a public company‘s a great thing, it’s great for financing and all of the stuff you need to do. I’m not answering to anybody but my wife and my children and the people who work for me, and my partners.
On average, it takes as much as $100 million in paid media for a brand to be a household name in America. Marketing partnerships are the best form of off-balance sheet financing one can ever find. Smart startups use this technique to scale their companies and build their brand equity.
Like a lot of films at the end of 2008, they hit a wall with financing, which is why I moved back ontoStone.’ In doing so, I had to let go of ‘The Beautiful and the Damned,’ to at least give them an opportunity to move forward with somebody else.
The film industry is so fickle about financing, and it’s so difficult to get movies made.
Mid-range to low-budget movies have to have a name in the lead to get financing for it.
No matter what business you’re in, business is business, and financing and money are critical. I would have made a lot fewer mistakes if I had more schooling in that area.
The way we finance homes in this country is slow, filled with middlemen, who run a nonstandardized evaluation process. This makes financing a home cumbersome and difficult.
I was working in financing. I was buying and selling stocks for a market-maker on the options floor at the Pacific Stock Exchange. He took me under his wing and was training me to take over his accounts. That’s the career I had embarked on, at the time.
From NASA putting a man on the moon to DARPA developing what later became the Internet, the U.S. government, through a host of different public agencies, has provided direct financing not only of basic research but also public venture capital; both Apple and Tesla have received direct public funding.
There’s no big budget Canadian movie. Whatever movies are big budget in Canada come from the states. Or also have states financing. Everything’s pretty small.
They’re talking about a movie I don’t want to hold to that because in this business you can talk about things for years before they get donegod knows if the financing would happen.
When our markets work, people throughout our economy benefit – Americans seeking to buy a car or buy a home, families borrowing to pay for college, innovators borrowing on the strength of a good idea for a new product or technology, and businesses financing investments that create new jobs.
In financing growing companies, we always looked for human value that didn’t appear on the balance sheet.
Thus, the use of fiat money is more justifiable in financing a depression than in financing a war.
Most of the e-mails I get nowadays are from students who ask me how I got my start. In truth it’s from having a really supportive family but also having a good patron who will help you – like financing all those early trips I took.
You take something like RingCentral. It doesn’t need any more money or financing: it is relatively mature, recurring revenue business – not really worried – but you know, we could sell it tomorrow. We have not been in a rush to sell it. We don’t care about exits as much. We care about building fundamental value.
It’s a privilege to have the career I have, to love every day and be following my passion, the stories that interest me, to remote locations and people. So nothing stops me from that – but yes, it seems redundant in documentary-filmmaker circles today to say the biggest struggle was financing.
On ‘Platoon‘ I was offered in 1984 a very tiny part that Ivan Kane would go on to play. Then the financing fell out, and the film was scuttled for two years.
I just have to sell enough records to continue financing making more records.
You have to be careful, because, in the [Donald] Trump stimulus package, there were two elements. One is the infrastructure investment program, which at this moment doesn’t have the financing spelled out in any effective form.
Political activities in Russia should be as transparent as possible. Financing political activities from abroad is something the state should keep an eye on.
I’ve had this opportunity to get some of my financing out of Europe, which has helped tremendously, so I’m not completely dependent on the studio system or on U.S. financing.
On the Internet, companies are scale businesses, characterized by high fixed costs and relatively low variable costs. You can be two sizes: You can be big, or you can be small. It’s very hard to be medium. A lot of medium-sized companies had the financing rug pulled out from under them before they could get big.
In the ’90s, indie movies could get financing, because financers gave money straight to directors… Now it’s a different system. Indie movies got co-opted by the studio system.
When I was younger, I worked for several years composing music for commercials, but I was very happy to give that up. I didn’t really like it, it was a way of financing my bands.
One of the things I care about a lot is public financing in elections.
The most common way customer financing is done is you sell the customer on the product before you’ve built it or before you’ve finished it. The customer puts up the money to build the product or finish the product and becomes your first customer. Usually the customer simply wants the product and nothing more.
In the U.S. box-office driven industry, if you want to do a smaller personal film, you have to find your own financing.
If a movie doesn’t even have financing yet, they’ll do a table read for it at a casting director’s office with actors, for the producer and the writer, just to hear if the movie is working.
Public control of the political process requires public financing. The restoration of our American Democracy depends upon public financing.
A social impact bond is a new way of bringing financing into social and environmental support issues.
When it comes to paying contractors, the sky is the limit; when it comes to financing the basic functions of the state, the coffers are empty.
An intensification of trade or geopolitical tensions – with negative repercussions for global growth and risk appetite – could affect economies that are highly dependent on foreign demand or external financing.
When I was looking for financing while making ‘Hellraiser,’ I wish there was a studio like Project Greenlight Digital Studios behind me.
I’m talking a lot on financing in the Masterclass and I know what it means to because I had to finance my first films, all of them, and I earned my money as a welder in a steel factory doing night shifts while I was still in high school during the day.
[It] has a lot of things in it that I like, but I think it’s way too hard on financing things from immigrants.
It is not like casting me in your movie is going to help you get financing.
It’s very hard, for example, to justify the thirty-four-year occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. It’s very hard to justify 140 Israeli settlements and roughly 400,000 settlers. These actions were taken with the support and financing of the United States.
I’m in full transparency here of “Yeah, I’m trying to find my financing.”
I’m not a very good financing person. I don’t even know how much money I have in my bank account. I never have opened one single envelope from the bank – they freak me out.
We have to go into fundamentalist mosques; we have to stop foreign financing of Islamist groups.
Well, we are not doing that film actually. At least I am not at the moment, but we are making an effort to get it done; I don’t know whether we’ll get the financing for it. The old story we had it, it fell out of place and this and that.
If I had high-ticker 10 percent financing, which would probably be the market rate, I would have to dump stuff. The interest payments would be killing me.
There is a production and distribution pact, so they help with the production financing and take international territories and do international distribution and marketing.
The big banks advise cities about whether privatization is a wise choice. They also control the ability of states and cities to access the market for their financing needs.
At that point, the movie was called Wild Force. Everything fell apart, eventually – our financing completely fell apart – and we were never able to make that film.
In fact, not only do I support eliminating soft money, but I support full public financing for campaigns.
We, Will Ferrell and I, were approached by Sequoia, which is a big financing firm up in Palo Alto; they do a lot of Internet stuff, and they came to us and said they had an idea for a comedy site, and Will and I were sorta like, ‘Yeah, we don’t know. It’s the Internet, we’ve seen it come and go.’
European museums are all dependent on government financing. The moment European governments are under financial pressure, their budgets are cut.
The transfer society is forever testing the bounds of patience of taxpayers. Having reached the limit and still facing loud demands for more benefits, it resorts to deficit financing.
Oftentimes, small business owners are unable to obtain reasonably priced financing and instead turn to higher priced forms of capital, such as credit cards.
Coppola has problems getting financing, so why should I not have problems getting financing.
Focus on executing to give maximum value to your customers. That means learning everything from financing to producing to marketing.
The bad things are that our financing of health care is really a moral morass. It is a moral morass in the sense that it signals to the doctors and hospitals that human beings have different values depending on their income status.
The reason I ran in 2006 was to make my district one of the fifteen that at the time it would have taken to switch the control of the House and stop the Bush agenda. The second priority I had was to provide health care for everybody. And the third was to do public financing of campaigns.