Follow Me Quotes

Follow Me Quotes by Francis Chan, Lynsey Addario, Frederick Lenz, Robby Albarado, Jon Hendricks, Mao Zedong and many others.

Jesus didn’t say that if you wanted to follow Him you could do it in a lukewarm manner. He said, ‘Take up your cross and follow Me.’
I was assigned a Taliban “minder” who followed me everywhere. But he couldn’t follow me into homes where there were women, so I took photos inside people‘s homes.
Stop trying to figure it all. Why worry about it all so much? Why not just live? And then you die. And then you live again, unless, of course, you follow me.
Actually, now I don’t even eat that much anymore. If you tried to follow me now, you’d be in trouble. You wouldn’t be able to follow through on life during the day. You wouldn’t focus. You’d get brain cramps, probably.
Robby Albarado
Trouble follows me wherever I go. Thing I’m in is just a sack o’woe.
Jon Hendricks
If we did ten things, nine were bad and got disclosed by the newspapers, we will be over. Then I will go, to the countryside, lead the peasant and revolt. If the Liberation Army do not follow me, I will get the Red Army.
I wear my shadows where they’re harder to see, but they follow me everywhere. I guess that should tell me I’m traveling toward light.
My ex-husband is not on social media or Facebook, which I find fascinating and I do not follow any [others]. I know that one of them follows me, which I find interesting.
If I were hanged on the highest hill, Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine! I know whose love would follow me still Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!
What do you want for your life? And how are you going to get it? Figure that out. And then follow me to gloryville.
Wrath jammed a finger in V’s face. “Don’t follow me. We clear? You don’t follow me.” “You stupid fool,” V said with total exhaustion. “You’re the king. We all must follow you.
The hype that follows me doesn’t bug me. I expect more out of myself than anyone else does, that’s for sure.
Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and said, Bob, why are you resisting me? I said, I’m not resisting you! He said, You gonna follow me? I said, I’ve never thought about that before! He said, When you’re not following me, you’re resisting me.
A leader is not someone who says: Follow me…….A leader is someone who says: I’ll go first.
Let him who loves his country in his heart, and not his lips only, follow me.
I want to be someone who is doing something solid. And I am doing my thing. You can like it or not, but I know that now I have a really nice group of really cool and talented actors that follow me. It’s the same for them. They have a special connection with my movies because we do these movies differently.
I do not want you to follow me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out.
I can’t control who follows me, but I can control who I follow.[Social Media]
The more that you follow me, the more I get lost
It makes me feel so amazing to know there’s people out here that support me and follow me on Twitter and watch my shows on YouTube and come to my concert, so I’m very thankful.
Follow me,” Myrnin said. “And do stay together. And by the way, this is the last time I go anywhere with you people. You are all insane.
Yeah, it’s been a ride I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one Now some of you might still be in that place If you’re trying to get out, just follow me I’ll get you there
You will follow me, if we are what we are, you and I, if we live, if the world exists, if you know the meaning of this moment and can’t let it slip by, as others let it slip, into the senselessness of the unwilled and unreached.
I tell people that we must have the courage to share what we feel, but no one follows me.
I speak only of myself since I do not wish to convince, I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices his art in his own way.” – Tristan Tzara “Dada Manifesto 1918
Now I have shed my first blood. I feel no qualms, no pride, no remorse. There is only a weary indifference that will follow me throughout the war.
Do you hear what the music is saying? ‘Come follow me and you will find the way. Your mistakes can also lead you to the truth. When you ask, the answer will be given.’
Follow me,” said Karou. As if he could have done anything else.
This is a good day to die. Follow me!
All the people who follow me on Twitter know my sense of humor. I sometimes forget the blogosphere will give it more weight than I intended.
The problem with winter sports is that – follow me closely here – they generally take place in winter.
Jesus didn’t mean this as a sweeping command for everyone who has a lot of money. Jesus meant this for any of us who wallow in whatever abundance we have. I imagine Jesus looked straight into this young man‘s soul and said, ‘I want you to give up the one thing you crave more than me. Then come, follow me.’
I know death follows me, but I murder him first.
When we teach our children to be good, to be gentle, to be forgiving (all these are attributes of God), to be generous, to love their follow men, to regard this present age as nothing, we instill virtue in their souls, and reveal the image of God within them.
Christianity is radically different from every other religion in the world.
Leaders never have to ask the people to, ‘Come follow me.’ The people believe just by watching his lead.
Marc Marcel
Follow me, the wise man said, but he walked behind.
The next night, Lincoln parked his Corolla right next to The Courier’s front door. I’m here, he thought. Find me. Follow me. Make this inevitable.
Jesus came to live the life we could not live and to die the death we deserve to die.
Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I am a massive Frank [Turner] fanboy.
Superficial religion consists of merely believing certain truths and doing certain things….such superficial religion is rampant in the world today.
I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely with his lips, follow me.
As Christ begins to live in us, everything begins to change about us.
I don’t like to go into subways, because I always see them [ mice]. They are like my naguales [kindred animal spirits]. They follow me. I have literally stepped off of a plane in Phoenix and gotten my bag and stepped out on the curb and they’ll be a big desert rat walking right in front of me.
If you want to buy my wares
Follow me and climb the stairs
Love for sale.
Men, I’m getting out of Rome. Anyone who wants to carry on the war against the outsiders, come with me. I can offer you neither honours nor wages; I offer you hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Anyone who loves his country, follow me
The very first word out of Jesus; mouth in is ministry in the New Testament is clear: repent.
The real challenge the rich young man faced was not just giving up his possessions, but giving up himself. The last command Jesus says (“Come, follow me”) is the one that we so often overlook and think that he must have left Jesus simply because he liked his green bills.
Follow me, reader! Who told you that there is no true, faithful, eternal love in this world! May the liar‘s vile tongue be cut out! Follow me, my reader, and me alone, and I will show you such a love!
He (Jesus) came so that we might receive new life through supernatural regeneration.
The journey begins, though, with understanding what it means to be a christian. To say you believe in Jesus apart from conversion in your life completely misses the essence of what it means to follow him. Do not be deceived.
Please follow me because I have to follow him and he isn’t here.
I can’t go to Hindu countries where they respect rats and mice, and I can’t go camping. I don’t like to go into subways, because I always see them. Rats are like my naguales [kindred animal spirits]. They follow me.
Crows follow me wherever I go.
There are so many little girls who follow me and look up to me. I’m their role model, so I have to make sure I’m always being professional and not putting any swear words out there – just really putting positive things out there on the Internet.
I have grounded my preaching upon the literal word; he that pleases may follow me; he that will not may stay.
There is no path I follow. I feel as if I’m just drifting along, because although I can progress physically, through my training, mentally and spiritually I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. It’s like that car sticker: ‘Don’t follow me, I’m lost’.
You ask yourself, ‘What do you want your legacy to be?’ I’m content at this point to say, ‘Those who follow me.’ Romeo Crennel, Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, to name a few. I think I’ve got a pretty good group, so far.
The press follow me. I sue them. That’s the deal.
As much as I make my music for me, I make it for the people who rock with me and follow me. They’re the inspiration behind it.
The word reality scared me. I just looked at reality as everybody follows me around with a camera, and I’m not that kind of person. I fought for my privacy in England. And I didn’t see another way it could be done.
According to government auditors, the stimulus money is being held up because there aren’t enough government workers to oversee the spending. So follow me, in other words, government workers who aren’t there are needed to spend money we don’t have to create jobs that don’t exist.
Follow me and do exactly what the song says
Smoke weed, take pills, drop outta school, kill people
And drink and jump behind the wheel like it was still legal.
To be a Christian is to be loved by God, pursued by God, and found by God.
Don’t follow me, I’m lost.
Anywhere I go, there is always an incredible crowd that follows me. In Rome, as I land at the airport, even the men kiss me. I love Rome.
What I love most about achieving whatever Ive achieved is that the Seattle Seahawks follow me on Twitter!
Intrinsic value follows meaning follows form follows economics follows function follows more economics follows market research.
Erik Adigard
Thank you from the heart to all those who in various ways are near me or follow me spiritually with affection and prayers from afar. To each one of you, I ask you to continue to support me by praying to God to let me be his gentle and firm pastor of his church.
Pity. It seems determined to follow me everywhere.
Ari Marmell
For effective communication, use brevity. Jesus said, ‘Follow me.’ Now that’s brief! He could be brief because of all that he was that he didn’t have to say.
Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
To all the seeds that follow me protect your essence, Born with less, but you still precious.
A map says to you. Read me carefully, follow me closely, doubt me not… I am the earth in the palm of your hand.
Peter must have thought, “Who am I compared to Mr. Faithfulness (John)?” But Jesus clarified the issue. John was responsible for John. Peter was responsible for Peter. And each had only one command to heed: “Follow Me.” (John 21:20-22)
My care is like my shadow in the sun, Follows me flying, flies when I pursue it, Stands and lies by me, doth what I have done.
Now I feel I have an unspoken deal with the paparazzi: ‘I won’t do anything publicly interesting if you agree not to follow me.’
I don’t remember much about my bar mitzvah. The only thing I remember – I killed! That’s what I remembered. Nobody could follow me at my bar-mitzvah. It was over when I was done.
You lead me and keep me from falling. You carry me close to Your heart. And surely Your goodness and mercy will follow me.
I try not to read reviews because I know how sensitive I am and how debilitating it is and how it follows me around. If they’re bad, you feel terrible, you feel worthless, no matter if you think they’re wrong – and if they’re good, it feels cheap and sleazy because you went looking for it.
I plead with my Moonlight fans to give this show a chance if they let me give it a chance. I can’t do Moonlight again — it’s finished. The bottom line is that my true fans will follow me where I go.
I think my fans will follow me into our combined old age. Real musicians and real fans stay together for a long, long time.
Rain is my lover, my apple strudel. / It haunts my heels like a pedigreed poodle. / Beyond the seas or across the nation, / It follows me faithful on every vacation.
I think anyone who follows me knows how I react. It’s not always poetic and perfect but neither am I.
The devil follows me day and night because he is afraid to be alone.
I despise followers of any kind, especially those who follow me.
When we realize that Jesus is the one who takes the initiative and invites us to follow him, everything changes-on multiple levels.
My greatest affliction… is perhaps the major theme of my writings, the affliction of loneliness that follows me like a shadow, a very ponderous shadow too heavy to drag after me all of my days and nights.
If I advance; follow me. If I retreat; kill me. If I die; avenge me! It is better to live one day as a lion than one-hundred years as a sheep!
Did you follow me from the party?” “Yes” “I didn’t even know you were there.” His dark clothes indicated he must have been on guardian duty at the party. “So you saw the illustrious Janine cause a commotion by dragging me out.” “It wasn’t a commotion. Hardly anyone noticed. I saw because I was watching you.
« Barabas pulled Christopher out of the cage. The man stared up at him. “I died, didn’t I? Are you an angel?” “Sure,” Barabas said. “Follow me to the Heavenly Shower »
Repentance is a rich biblical term that signifies an elemental transformation in someone’s mind, heart, heart, and life.
At some point he has to show that he has a vision of a better way. He can’t just say ‘The future is bleak, follow me.’ Because no one will.
I’ve never had paparazzi follow me and I rarely get recognised. I dress like a tramp when I’m not working. My hairdresser calls me the Romanian window cleaner. That’s just the way I am.
I think someone follows me. They do the most random stuff. I get a photo taken through a burger drive-through window and it’s like, ‘What?’. They always seem like they’re six feet away. I don’t understand. I’m walking around and I don’t see anybody.
The time has come when the whole world must be concerned about me. From now on, American Christianity must follow me.
Day in, day out. That same old voodoo follows me about.
If you don’t like it, don’t follow me, don’t watch me, cause I’m not going anywhere.
My popularity does not derive from me pandering to people. People came to me. I don’t tell anyone to follow me on Twitter. I don’t tell people to like my Facebook page. I don’t tell people to fill the venue. I’m offered to people, and then people come.
I’m not explaining this right. What happened was this. There were these beautiful feelings and loose little pleasures inside me. And this woman was something like an assembly line for my soul. I run these little pieces of myself through her and I come out complete. Now do you follow me?
His voice, even now, follows me everywhere on this longest of rides, this thing called life.
Follow me if I advance, kill me if I retreat, avenge me if I die.
Today, the only thing Hollywood swears by is space adventures because that’s what goes over well. For my part, I trust my instinct and I make the films I believe in. If the public follows me, that’s wonderful. If it doesn’t follow, “c’est la vie.
Spiritual deception is dangerous -and damning.
So now what happens is the cameras follow me around and capture exactly what I’ve been doing since I was a boy. Only now we have a team of, you know, like 73 of us, and it’s gone beyond that.
I am pure light, not just a fistful of clay. The shell is not me, I came as the royal pearl within. Look at me not with outward eye but with inward vision of the heart; Follow me there and see how unencumbered we become.
People who claim to be Christians while their lives look no different from the rest of the world are clearly not Christians
Knackered inmates are easier to control than pumped-up ones. And dead inmates are even easier to control, if you follow me.
Maybe I was cast into a different role (in Montreal) and it seemed to follow me around wherever I went, … Everyone is skeptical until you produce. It’s up to me from this point forward. I’m going to get an opportunity to maybe take on a bigger role leadership-wise and offensively.
Darcy Tucker
For the last 30 years, I’ve been leading a life of crime and international intrigue that’s involved 40 stamps in my passport, love affairs, and broken hearts to go with each one of them. You would have to live three lifetimes to catch up with just the allegations that follow me!
If you want to know if I’m a Godly man, follow me home.
Someday, Will, I will go where none can follow me, and I think it will be sooner rather than later. Have you ever asked yourself why I agreed to be your parabatai?
Trouble seems to follow me around, waiting to club me with a tire iron.
We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.
Don’t ever follow me, because I am difficult.
I prefer it when the conductor follows me. It is more difficult to work with a conductor who does not listen – even if I understand that sometimes it makes sense when one person is ruling everything. But for bel canto, I have to have a conductor who listens and supports me.
Goddamn it, you’ll never get the Purple Heart hiding in a foxhole! Follow me!
Henry Pierson Crowe
Here’s a message to the new borns, waiting to breathe: if you believe then you can achieve. Just look at me, against all odds ‘though life is hard, we carry on, livin’ in the projects, broke with no lights on. To all the seeds that follow me- protect your essence, born with less, but you still precious.
What is a constitution? It is a booklet with twelve or ten pages. I can tear them away and say that tomorrow we shall live under a different system. Today, the people will follow wherever I lead. All the politicians including the once mighty Mr. Bhutto will follow me with tails wagging.
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq