Getting Hurt Quotes

Getting Hurt Quotes by Liane Moriarty, Dante Hall, Hasan Minhaj, Sherwood Smith, David Mandel, Sarah Dessen and many others.

All conflict can be traced back to someone‘s feelings getting hurt, don’t you think?
No I don’t get scared when returning kicks or worry about getting hurt. I have been doing this since childhood so I am used to it.
Your courage to do what’s right has to be greater than your fear of getting hurt
Despite how entertaining certain stories were, at the bottom of every item of gossip there was someone getting hurt.
Veep is my priority. Veep is my home, but I have nothing but obviously, good thoughts and really want Curb to be Curb. So anything I can do, as long as Veep is not getting hurt, I guess is the answer.
If you’re not getting hurt, you’re not riding hard enough.
They say that only very good friends quarrel. But at the end of the day a quarrel is a fight between two people’s egos. Since people cannot understand each other by just being honest. May be its impossible to live your whole life without getting hurt but don’t hurt the people close to you.
Sorry – Americans only buy things that come from suffering. They just enjoy it more when they know someone’s getting hurt.
Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.
Actors aren’t fighters. They don’t know how to throw a punch. So, there’s a lot of hitting in the face. I’d much rather fight with a stuntman than another actor. I don’t like fighting with other actors because somebody always ends up getting hurt.
My biggest fear is love and getting hurt in love but still believing.
A knife, it felt like a knife, and I’d discovered that despite everything that’s happened, I still had an endless untapped potential for getting hurt.
When you begin to lose the fire a little bit and if you’re not giving 100 percent out there, then it’s time for you to leave because you’ll end up getting hurt – I want to be able to walk away on top.
I came to running late. It was something I had always wanted to do, but I always end up getting hurt. It didn’t occur to me that I could actually slow down and walk a little bit!
I hate seeing people getting hurt or hurting other people. I hate seeing blood. I am very intolerant of physical pain. I find violence horrifying, so much so that I can’t help being intrigued by it.
It’s much easier to do a fight sequence between two people, if one of the two people in the fight is a stunt person, or you’re going to risk somebody getting hurt.
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.
If everyone is getting money, no one is getting disrespected, and no one is getting hurt, no one should be arguing.
Training is the key to keep people from getting hurt.
Gary Fisher
Don’t give up the search for happiness because you’re afraid of getting hurt.
I think with relationships you have to risk getting hurt. You have to learn to almost know how to let your heart go when that time comes for that right person. You have to be open to having a friendship with somebody of the opposite sex. We can’t let fear keep us from being open to relationships.
With friends, if you keep making an effort to reach out and you keep getting hurt, you eventually stop trying. But it’s much harder to give up on family. Somewhere deep down you want it to work so badly that you keep making the same mistake over and over again.
Growing up is all about getting hurt. And then getting over it. You hurt. You recover. You move on. Odds are pretty good you’re just going to get hurt again. But each time, you learn something.
I’m a warrior if you try to hurt my family. And anybody I see getting it in the neck out there, I’m right there to protect them. I’m a big, strong guy who knows what he‘s doing. I’ve stopped a lot of things in the street, stopped a lot of people from getting hurt.
Sometimes being too nice is dangerous, you have to show your mean side once in a while to avoid getting hurt.
Let him tell us he’s never been hurt, but that’s the definition of getting hurt.
In an age of so many people getting hurt in real estate, it shows that you can still do well in real estate.
I’m very headstrong and I know what I want from life. I listen to peoples’ opinions, but a lot of the time I’ll trust my own instincts. I’m also really clumsy, so I’m always getting hurt.
It would have been funny if I had been an observer and not a participant, an idea that gave me a disconcerting insight into gossip. As I walked beside the silent Tamara, I realized that despite how entertaining certain stories were, at the bottom of every item of gossip there was someone getting hurt.
I would climb on roofs and jump off using my parentsbed sheet, hoping it would open like a parachute. I was always getting hurt, breaking a leg, you know, bruising, cracking my head open.
Getting hurt and narrowly escaping death is sort of a thing for me.
Trying and getting hurt can’t possibly be worse for you than being… stuck.
My biggest fear had always been getting hurt, and not being able to leave the game as a player on my own terms.
Skateboarding teaches you how to take a fall properly. If you try to kickflip down some stairs, it might take you thirty tries – and you just learn how to take a tumble out of it without getting hurt.
All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
Adventures are only interesting once you’ve lived to see the end of them. Before that, they are nothing but fear, and being too cold or too hot or too wet or too hungry, and getting hurt.
There are two reasons not to tell the truth–becuase lying will get you what you want, and because lying will keep someone from getting hurt.
Everybody was being decent, and when people are decent, thing work out for everybody. That has been my theory all through life. If you’re making money, let the other fellow make it too. If somebody’s getting hurt, it’s bad, but if you can work a thing out so that everybody profits that’s the ideal business.
In NFL preseason, the coaches don’t use 10% of the playbook. They don’t game plan. They do nothing. They don’t give anything away for the regular season. They try to get everybody safely through it without anybody getting hurt.
With love, you should go ahead and take the risk of getting hurt because love is an amazing feeling.
I can’t risk getting hurt. I have to be smart about what I’m doing. But the competitor in you wants to try it, wants to see how you would do. But at the same time, after a few rounds I’m so tired, and my arms are so tired after punching. It’s a whole different monster.
Cullen Jenkins
It seems everyone’s so worried about getting hurt that they forget about letting love happen.
I’m not scared of getting hurt. I’m not scared of, pretty much, anything. If you live your life scared, what’s the fun in living it? If you were scared of getting hit by a car, would you still cross the street?
“After you were bitten, i knew what would happen. I waited for you to change, every night, so i could bring you back and keep you from getting hurt.” “How long did you wait?” “I haven‘t stopped.”