God Knows Everything Quotes

God Knows Everything Quotes by Francis George, R. C. Sproul, Marcus Eremita, D. A. Carson, George Mikes, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many others.

The fact that God knows everything does not mean that He is directly causing everything. He respects our freedom at our level. He makes it possible for us to act freely. If He didn’t, we wouldn’t act at all – we wouldn’t be at all.
The whole concept of providence is that God knows everything about what we do.
God tested Abraham. That is, he sent him afflictions for his benefit, not so that he could find out what sort of man he was, for God knows everything, but so that He give him the means to perfect his faith.
To God on whom we rely knows what suffering is all about- not merely in the way that God knows everything, but by experience.
Israelis keep teaching you your own business. God knows everything but the Israelis know everything better.
God knows what you’ve been doing, everything you’ve been doing. You may fool me, but you can’t fool God!
God knows everything. So why not run to him and tell him all the things that he already knows?