Hammers Quotes

Hammers Quotes by Peter Weir, Adam Carolla, Jim Harbaugh, Anya Seton, Markus Zusak, Drake and many others.

I carve stone. I’ve got hammers and chisels and I carve from sandstone. I just did a big mural of birds and trees.
I’m a sort of nuts-and-bolts guy. I’m into turning wrenches and swinging a hammer and wrenching on cars.
I don’t take vacations. I don’t get sick. I don’t observe major holidays. I’m a jack hammer.
Life is malleable and the hammer is desire.
Grimly, she realized that clocks don’t make a sound that even remotely resembles ticking, tocking. It was more the sound of a hammer, upside down, hacking methodically at the earth. It was the sound of a grave.
I got the Hammer money, sweetie you can’t touch this.
It’s a reality of art that the fewer lines you get, the harder it is. Cartooning is actually harder than realism. You have less to work with. It’s like trying to build a house-if you have unlimited resources, you’re in much better shape than if you get two bricks, a hammer, and a bent nail.
Little-known fact: When the stock exchange closes, the guy who comes out on the balcony with that big hammer slams it on the head of the person who lost the most money that day.
It’s not that he lacked poetry. But his poetry was of the body, not the mind. He spoke it in the way he moved, the way he held a hammer, rowed a boat, built a fire. I, on the other hand, was like a brain in a box, a beating heart in a coal scuttle.
Time passed by. I had furnished steam hammers to the principal foundries in England. I had sent them abroad, even to Russia. At length it became known to the Lords of the Admiralty that a new power in forging had been introduced.
Leonardo‘s Mona Lisa is just a thousand thousand smears of paint. Michelangelo’s David is just a million hits with a hammer. We’re all of us a million bits put together the right way.
Technology is usually fairly neutral. It’s like a hammer, which can be used to build a house or to destroy someone’s home. The hammer doesn’t care. It is almost always up to us to determine whether the technology is good or bad.
I would rather be the hammer than the anvil
Buffett found it ‘extraordinary‘ that academics studied such things. They studied what was measurable, rather than what was meaningful. ‘As a friend [Charlie Munger] said, to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
While you’re trying to get ahead, remember to get aheart as well. When your only problem IS a nail, all you want is a decent hammer. There are only two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is a miracle.
If you nail a tool shed closed, how do you put the hammer away?
If there is some good in me, it is because I was born in the subtle atmosphere of your country of Arezzo. Along with the milk of my nurse I received the knack of handling chisel and hammer, with which I make my figures.
If my only tool is a hammer, then every problem is a nail.
Communism has nothing to do with love. Communism is an excellent hammer which we use to destroy our enemy.
My great-grandfather Melvin had been a carpenter – so was my father – and they taught me the value of tools: saws, hammers, chisels, files and rulers. It all dealt with conciseness and precision. It eliminated guesswork. One has to know his tools, so he doesn’t work against himself.
If only the Geologists would let me alone, I could do very well, but those dreadful Hammers! I hear the clink of them at the end of every cadence of the Bible verses.
Treat your past as a book that you learn from instead of a hammer that you beat yourself up about.
Man is born to trouble. Man is born for trouble. Man is born to battle trouble. Man is born for the fight, to be forged and molded–under torch and hammer and chisel–into a sharper, finer, stronger image of God.
When I was handed a hammer, my first project was building a three-story tree house.
If the only tool you have is a hammer, it’s hard to eat spaghetti.
Infants need the most sleep, and, what is more, get it. Stunning them with a soft, padded hammer is the best way to insure their getting it at the right times.
Bloody Hammer is a screw capitalism song about college kids banging hammers on top of the roof.
Roky Erickson
The intentions of a tool are what it does. A hammer intends to strike, a vise intends to hold fast, a lever intends to lift. They are what it is made for. But sometimes a tool may have other uses that you don’t know. Sometimes in doing what you intend, you also do what the knife intends, without knowing.
Technology is basically neutral. It’s kind of like a hammer. The hammer doesn’t care whether you use it to build a house, or whether a torturer uses it to crush somebody‘s skull.
I have found that the person with a sense of story built in from childhood is in better shape than one who has not had stories . . One knows what stories can do, how they can make up worlds and transpose existence into these worlds. . . .One learns that worlds are made by words and not only by hammers and wires.
I was never an Angry Young Man. I am angry only when I hit my thumb with a hammer.
How much happier you would be, how much more of you there would be, if the hammer of a higher God could smash your small cosmos.
Jesus didn’t just give hugs; He also gave a hammer. Paul didn’t just pass on holy kisses; he also tirelessly dealt out swift and holy kicks to the rear end of the ancient church. The Bible has the manly stuff intact, and that is why it is such a great mystery how it got lost in the modern church.
If you think you can temper yourself into manliness by sitting here over your books, it is the very silliest fancy that ever tempted a young man to his ruin. You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.
To me, my biggest fear is getting a big head, and that is when I get the hammer. Because it’s very easy in this game to believe you’re something special.
…[the photographer] can be considered a kind of disembodied burrowing eye, a conspirator against time and its hammers. His work, print after print of it, seems to call to be shown before the decay which it portrays flattens all… Here are the records of the age before an imminent collapse.
Just because you’ve got a mind like a hammer doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone else like a nail
You must be either the servant or the master, the hammer or the anvil.
[Internet] is kind of like a hammer. The technology itself doesn’t determine how its used. It depends on the social, cultural and economic context in which the technology is made available.
Sure. Knock yourself out. No, really. Hammer to the head, works every time.” Claire
The anvil is not afraid of the hammer.
Things only ‘show up’ for us as they do, as Heidegger would put, in and through practical engagements with the world that enable objects to have significance and salience – as hammers, pots, trees or whatever.
This camp is a forge for the army; it’s testing our mettle. Instead of heat and hammer, our trials are cold and hunger. Question is, what are we made of?
The eyes are hammers.
There are some people as obtuse in recognizing an argument as they are in appreciating wit. You couldn’t drive it into their heads with a hammer.
Every time you see me that Hammer’s just so hype
I’m dope on the floor and I’m magic on the mic
Oh, a passing, skeptical kind of interest. I’m a hammer-and-nails kind of guy.
The ship, built on one element, but designed to have its life in another, seemed an image of the soul, formed and fashioned with many a weary hammer-stroke in this life, but finding its true element only when it sails out into the ocean of eternity.
When he looks back, the critic sees a eunuch’s shadow. Who would be a critic if he could be a writer? Who would hammer out the subtlest insight into Dostoevsky if he could weld an inch of the Karamazovs, or argue the poise of Lawrence if he could shape the free gust of life in The Rainbow?
Not hammer-strokes, but dance of the water, sings the pebbles into perfection.
And you will believe in love And all that it’s supposed to be But just until the fish start to smell And you’re struck down by a hammer.
All this is, is a nine hundred dollar hammer.
Getting angry over something that won‘t change is like seeing what happens if you hit your hand with a hammer over and over again, and being surprised each time when it hurts. So you might as well stop doing it.
The Soviet Union could not exist without the image of the empire. The image of the empire could not exist without the image of force. The USSR ended the moment the first hammer pounded the Berlin Wall.
But still the block of Vengeance firm doth stand, and Fate, as swordsmith, hammers blow on blow.
… when I saw any of those kinds of beauty I knew I was alive, and not just in the sense that when I hit my thumb with a hammer I knew I was alive, but rather in the sense that I was partaking of something–something was passing through me that it was in my nature to be a part of.
He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail.
Cap and trade is a sledge hammer to freedom.
I’ve always acknowledged my debt to Hammer. I’ve always said I’m very grateful to them. They gave me this great opportunity, made me a well-known face all over the world for which I am profoundly grateful.
My place in Scotland is in the middle of nowhere, so you’ve just got a keyboard, guitar, a little drum machine and you know if you can work stuff out like that, if you can hammer out songs that sound good just with those three things and a voice, you’re on your way.
Don’t force it… get a bigger hammer.
When I was a kid, I was always around boys. I was always trying to keep up with boys – skateboarding and snowboarding. If my brother was mowing the lawn, I had to mow the lawn. If my brother was using a hammer, I needed to use a hammer. I’ve always been a little bit of a feminist.
If I had time and a hammer, I’d track down every bootleg copy and smash it.
Thaw with her gentle persuasion is more powerful than Thor with his hammer. The one melts, the other breaks into pieces.
The weight is just a tool. Do you focus on the hammer or the nail? You better focus on the thing you’re trying to hit.
To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.
There is a joke that your hammer will always find nails to hit. I find that perfectly acceptable
What was your secret?” That brought another smile. “Learn to laugh, otherwise, you’ll beat them to death with a hammer first chance
I long to embrace, to include in my own short life, all that is accessible to man. I long to speak, to read, to wield a hammer in a great factory, to keep watch at sea, to plow. I want to be walking along the Nevsky Prospect, or in the open fields, or on the ocean – wherever my imagination ranges.
I have been dubbed ‘the girl who puts the glamour into hammer’
Sophie Hitchon
So it has come, the day of testing. Without warning, without fanfare, it is here, and he is in the middle of it. In his chest his heart hammers so hard that it too, in its dumb way, must know. How will they stand up to the testing, he and his heart?
I think if we can accept Thor as a frog and a horse-faced alien, we should be able to accept a woman being able to pick up that hammer and wield it for a while.
The two most important tools an architect has are the eraser in the drawing room and the sledge hammer on the construction site.
Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women, kitchen of love, bedroom of grief, bathroom of apathy. Sometimes, the men, they come with keys, and sometimes the men, they come with hammers.
Sometimes we are so busy being the hammer or the anvil, that we forget who really needs the shaping.
We’re going to hammer guns on the anvil of relentless legislative strategy! We’re going to beat guns into submission!
The Church of Christ is an anvil which has worn out many hammers. Our opponents may boast of their strength, but they do not realize what they have challenged.
Temperance is the wisdom to know that not every constructive job requires a hammer.
If at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger hammer.
Whatever has made, or does make, or may make music, should be held sacred as the golden bridle-bit of the Shah of Persia‘s horse,and the golden hammer, with which his hoofs are shod.
When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail; and when you’re a left-wing sorehead, everything is an occasion to damn the rich.
Cut out the eye from a photograph of one who has been loved but is seen no more. Attach the eye to the pendulum of a metronome and regulate the weight to suit the tempo desired. Keep going to the limit of endurance. With a hammer well-aimed, try to destroy the whole at a single blow.
Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.
I wrote the original Mike Hammer as a comic, Mike Danger.
Spit fire from my hammer like I wasn’t God’s child.
Eric Murray
If I had a hammer, there’d be no more folksingers.
I believe that inside every tool is a hammer.
If you take a hammer and hit something over and over again, it’s gonna be destroyed. I don’t wanna destroy my body cause I want my body to last me as long as it possible can. If you train hard and push it everyday, your body is going to wear out. So I give my body time to recover.
Man is a long time coming. Man will yet win. Brother may yet line up with brother: This old anvil laughs at many broken hammers.There are men who can’t be bought.
In this world a man must either be anvil or hammer.
Individuals differ in how empathic they are. Some people would really flinch if they watched me hitting my hand with a hammer, and other people would just not care.
I was going to be a writer. One person believed I could do it: my mom. Having her faith in me was like carrying around the Hammer of Thor.
A Dionysian life task needs the hardness of the hammer and one of its first essentials is without doubt the joy to be found even in destruction.
Una’s face was an unbroken block of calculation, saving where, upon her upper lip, a little down of hair fluttered. Yet it gave one an uncanny feeling. It made one think of a tassel on a hammer.
Fabio Capello needs to nail his hammers to the mast.
The crooks downtown figured out that comedy is like a hammer. It can put up a barn and it can knock down a wall. So they bought it outright and marketed it as Comedy Central.
It gets cold in the desert at night, particularly up in the mountains; the stars hammer on the rock and strike frost.
When you make a drama, you spend all day beating a guy to death with a hammer, or what have you. Or, you have to take a bite out of somebody’s face. On the other hand, with a comedy, you yell at Billy Crystal for an hour, and you go home.
And we will NOT let Campbell‘s Soup, Old Navy, or anybody ELSE, HAMMER into the minds of girls as YOUNG as SIX YEARS OLD that they should ALWAYS hate their bodies and ALWAYS be on a diet!
The country blacksmith who employs no journeyman is never conscious of any conflict between the capital invested in his anvil, hammer and bellows, and the labor he performs with them, because in fact, there is none.
Imagine this guy hits Mike Hammer over the head with a wooden coathanger and knocks him out. You hit Mike Hammer over the head with a wooden coathanger, he’ll beat the crap out of you.
You might be a redneck if you hammer bottle caps into the frame of your front door to make it look nice.
Welcome to Atlanta
Jack and hammers and vogues
Back to the mackin’ and jackin’ the clothes
Adolescents packin the fo’
I’m fascinated by the narrative of geology, and I’m a veritable pack rat of a collector on the road. I keep a rock hammer in my car.
Beethoven always sounds to me like the upsetting of a bag of nails, with here and there an also dropped hammer.
When I read the script sometimes, it’s like ‘Christ! Enough!’ I can’t sleep at night sometimes. There’s the occasional script that just hammers you, that you can’t shower off.
Through the repeated hammer blows of defeat, destruction, and deportation, interpreted by the faithful prophets, Israel has to learn that election is not for comfort and security but for suffering and humiliation.
Thou must (in commanding and winning, or serving and losing, suffering or triumphing) be either anvil or hammer.
The hammer and the anvil are the two hemispheres of every true reformer‘s character.
A rose looks grey at midnight, but the flame is just asleep. And steel is strong because it knows the hammer and white heat.
Art is not a mirror. Art is a hammer.
Nowadays, the game is all bugged out,
Phony, like back when Hammer tried to come thugged out.
A sign in the yard of a church next door said CHRIST IS THE ANSWER. (The question, of course, is: What do you say when you strike your thumb with a hammer?)
I think Brian Moore‘s gnashers are the kind you get from a DIY shop and hammer in yourself. He is the only player we have who looks like a French forward.
Paul Randall
And that’s when I snapped up my left hand and smashed him in the face with the hammer I’d grabbed.
If I hammer my own thumb while doing some DIY, it’s not nice, but it’s not the end of the world. To care obsessively about similar levels of discomfort in animals seems to be a case of mistaken moral priorities.
Sometimes the sins you haven‘t committed are all you have to hold on to. If you’re really desperate, you might need to grope, saying, for example, “I’ve never killed anyone with a hammer” or “I’ve never stolen from anyone who didn’t deserve it.
A cat will blink when struck with a hammer.
Like other beautiful things in this world, its end (that of a shaft) is to be beautiful; and, in proportion to its beauty, it receives permission to be otherwise useless. We do not blame emeralds and rubies because we cannot make them into heads of hammers.
I don’t think men should think too much about their hair. They shouldn’t think. They should just open bottles for women, hammer nails into wall and chop wood.
Hammer the iron that lies on your anvil instead of daydreaming about working silver.
Before my first novel, I was dating a woman who later went to prison for bashing a guy with a hammer.
I will punish the hammer and turn him into a mallet.
May God strike me down with a hammer on the head before I write a book with a teach-y goal!
Don’t judge someone until you’ve stood at his forge and worked with his hammer, eh?
What was beauty unless you intended to use it, like a hammer, or a key? It was just something for other people to use and admire, or envy, despise. To nail their dreams onto like a picture hanger on a blank wall. And so many girls saying, use me, dream me.
I heard through the nightThe rush and the clamour;The pulse of the fightLike blows of Thor’s hammer;The pattering flightOf the leaves, and the anguishedMoan of the forest vanquished.
Think of the tools in a tool-box: there is a hammer, pliers, a saw, a screwdriver, a rule, a glue-pot, nails and screws.–The function of words are as diverse as the functions of these objects.
All at once it hit him: this was power too, just as surely as smashing your fist into someone’s face, just as surely as putting a hammer through someone’s skull. The power to make another person crazy with pleasure instead of fear and pain, to have every cell in another person’s body at your thrall.
For all your days be prepared, and meet them ever alike. When you are the anvil, bear – when you are the hammer, strike.
If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
The giants of the race have been men of concentration, who have struck sledge-hammer blows in one place until they have accomplished their purpose. The successful men of today are men of one overmastering idea, one unwavering aim, men of single and intense purpose.
Hammer and tongs! I am so torn between rage and joy, that if I do not burst, it will be a marvel!
When all you’ve got is a hammer, bad service looks like a nail.
Every time I felt the pain coming on I’d go downstairs and hammer out an idea. After a few months I started to take a look at what I was making, I had for the first time in my life written a large grip of songs completely alone and without any expectations or plans of what they would be for.
If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
You don’t have to just hit nails with hammers, you know; you can use a hammer to beat somebody’s brains in, to make armor or break a car window. You can do all kinds of things with your instrument outside of its surface purpose. My bass is my crutch but the best crutch I could have.
This whole acting thing was always just for me and was always an absolute shot in the dark. If it didn’t pan out, I had my hammer and tool belt, banging nails again tomorrow if I had to.
Don’t accept the limitations of other people who claim things are ‘unchangeable‘. If it’s written in stone, bring your hammer and chisel.
Reign of blows cascading down upon your shoulders Far too many men dressed up as soldiers The lamb is brought to the ground Under the weight of the Crown A crown of thorns and dark deeds The swastika and the hammer and sickle Are symbols that reap only weeds
There is no way to understand the public reaction to the sight of a Freak smashing a coconut with a hammer on the hood of a white Cadillac in a Safeway parking lot unless you actually do it, and I tell you it’s tense.
As will so often be the case when a men has a pen in his hand. It is like a club or sledge-hammer, – in using which, either for defence or attack, a man can hardly measure the strength of the blows he gives.
Never in history have we seen such a coverup as this [by Hillary Clinton], one that includes the total destruction of 33,000 e-mails; 13 iPhones, some by hammer; laptops; missing boxes of evidence; and many, many other things.
I like poems you can tack all over with a hammer and there are no hollow places.
When I arrive in Los Angeles in the entertainment community, and I use implements like a shovel and a hammer, our society has distanced itself so far from working with its hands that those incredibly pedestrian skills are perceived as somehow being extraordinary.
Crush humanity out of shape once more, under similar hammers, and it will twist itself into the same tortured forms. Sow the same seeds of rapacious licence and oppression over again, and it will surely yield the same fruit according to its kind.
I’m learning to use othersweaknesses. I don’t hammer a man’s soft spot constantly, because he may strengthen it. I just save it as a trump up my sleeve for moments when I really need a point.
Genius is always allowed some leeway, once the hammer has been pried from its hands and the blood has been cleaned up.
If you watch the award shows, you’ll see variations of the hammer pants. It’s always cool to see that and then every now and then, you’ll see an artist who’s pushing the envelope and it may not be all the way there but you can see where it’s coming from. I’m always appreciative of seeing my influence.
Give Bush 10 minutes before you hammer him. I think he’s going to surprise people. He sounds simple and uncomplicated, but maybe that’s what we need now. He’s not as stupid as everyone thinks. I like the guy.
Wrath clapped his brother on the shoulder. On the whole, though, the SOB was a total keeper. “Forgiven, forgotten.” “Feel free to hammer me anytime.” “Believe me, I do.
When you find your opponent‘s weak spot, hammer it.
John Heisman
Managers who master the hammer and expect all problems to behave like nails find organizational life confusing and frustrating.
Lee Bolman
Geoff Hurst had a hammer in his left boot and good left feet are like bricks of gold.
A history of listening to Top 40 radio had left me with a ridiculous and clichГ©d notion of love. I had never entertained the feeling myself but knew that it meant never having to say you’re sorry. It was a many-splendored thing. Love was a rose and a hammer. Both blind and all-seeing, it made the world go round.
In real life it is always the anvil that breaks the hammer.
Here is my Farm Relief bill: Every time a Southerner plants nothing on his farm but cotton year after year, and the Northerner nothing but wheat or corn, why, take a hammer and hit him twice right between the eyes. You may dent your hammer, but it will do more real good than all the bills you can pass in a year.
A hammer shatters glass but it also forges steel.
Smoking is similar to hitting yourself over the head with a hammer because, when you stop, you feel better
Use a screwdriver instead of a hammer. Try to untighten the nut with your hand. Utilize the path of least resistance first.
The first time I saw nitroglycerine was in the beginning of the Crimean War. Professor Zinin in St. Petersburg exhibited some to my father and me, and struck some on an anvil to show that only the part touched by the hammer exploded without spreading.
Harsh counsels have no effect; they are like hammers which are always repulsed by the anvil.
The good nail will do its job regardless what kind of hammer comes its way and what kind of surface it sits on.
It is better to be the hammer than the anvil.
You must either conquer and rule or serve and lose, suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer.
Do not, do not, do not books for ever hammer at people like perpetual bells? When, between two books, silent sky appears: be glad
Art is not a mirror but a hammer.
You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.
Some think the only way to get even, to get attention or advantage, or to win is to bash people. This kind of behavior is never appropriate. Oftentimes character and reputation and almost always self-esteem are destroyed under the hammer of this vicious practice.
I will never become a horse trainer, a biologist, a person competent with a hammer. My loves were my loves.
If you have a hammer, use it everywhere you can, but I do not claim that everything is fractal.
There were not so many physical threats that could not be countered with a decent hammer.
A man who governs his passions is master of his world. We must either command them or be enslaved by them. It is better to be a hammer than an anvil.
Saint Dominic
As great Pythagoras of yore,
Standing beside the blacksmith’s door,
And hearing the hammers, as they smote
The anvils with a different note,
Stole from the varying tones, that hung
Vibrant on every iron tongue,
The secret of the sounding wire.
And formed the seven-chorded lyre.
You should never do two things. You should hammer one nail all your life, and I didn’t do that; I hammered on a lot of nails like a xylophone.
It’s well known that the greatest defence against an intruder is the sound of a gun hammer being pulled back.
We hammer wood for a house, but it is the inner space that makes it liveable.
I feel like I’m ready for any dangerous situation that might come my way, provided I have a hammer on me.
It is necessary for God to use the hammers, the file, and the furnace in His holy work of preparing a saint for true sainthood. It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.
The user of the electric light – or a hammer, or a language, or a book – is the content. As such, there is a total metamorphosis of the user by the interface. It is the metamorphosis that I consider the message.
Growth chestnuts have to be placed on the unyielding anvil of biophysical realities and then crushed with the hammer of moral argument.
Oh thrice fools are we who like new-born princes weeping in the cradle know not that there is a kingdom before them then let our Lord‘s sweet hand square us and hammer us and strike off the knots of pride self-love and world-worship and infidelity that He may make us stones and pillars in His Father’s house.
I am a communist and my painting is a communist painting. But if I were a shoemaker, Royalist or Communist or anything else, I would not necessarily hammer my shoes in any special way to show my politics.
The hardest part about being in radiohead is being inside a giant head that is a radio. Ha ha, little english humour there, or is it a hammer?
The word that came to me now was “defiant.” Because a person had to be defiant to be able to stand amid the wreckage of her life and instead of shaking a fist, pick up a hammer.