Happy Accidents Quotes

Happy Accidents Quotes by W. Somerset Maugham, Julian Casablancas, Neil Gaiman, Matthew Bonifacio, Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Beachy-Quick and many others.

A good style should show no signs of effort. What is written should seem a happy accident.
The best artists are the ones that work the hardest, and if you work hard enough, you’ll eventually experience the happy accidents that are art.
As for thinking time versus writing time, well, that’s up to you. But – and I wish it were otherwisebooks don’t get written by thinking about them, they get written by writing them. And that’s when you make discoveries about what you’re writing. That’s when you get the happy accidents.
Improvise when obstacles present themselves. Happy accidents are magic! Have an open mind.
To build a better world we need to replace the patchwork of lucky breaks and arbitrary advantages today that determine success–the fortunate birth dates and the happy accidents of history–with a society that provides opportunities for all.
[The publication of his first poem] was wonderful … but it taught me early on that the only thing that really matters is writing the next poem. Publication is best seen as a happy accident.
To the man with an ear for verbal delicacies- the man who searches painfully for the perfect word, and puts the way of saying a thing above the thing said – there is in writing the constant joy of sudden discovery, of happy accident.
Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.
My whole career is just terror, from beginning to end. That’s kind of my thing. A lot of happy accidents happened.
We dont make mistakes. We have happy accidents.
The thing that always fascinated me about improv is that it’s basically a happy accident that you think you’re initiating.
A book, like a person, has its fortunes with one; is lucky or unlucky in the precise moment of its falling in our way, and often by some happy accident counts with us for something more than its independent value.
The rational transparency and beauty of the universe are surely too remarkable to be treated as just happy accidents.
The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.
My favourite things are just wandering from place to place, going to cafГ©s, taking photographs. My favourite day is a happy accident.
Nothing I do is by design. It’s always the result of a happy accident. I didn’t have a career plan. It has just become the way it is. It’s all good fun.
The process of art-making is full of happy accidents – what fun!
Max Elliott Slade
Don’t try to be perfect. Life isn’t; no one is. Use mistakes and mishaps as opportunities to grow tolerance and to teach. There is such a thing as happy accidents. And love, love, love and listen, listen, listen.
You get all the puzzle parts together enough to say the puzzle is complete. It’s a script. In the process of realizing that, new ideas can come, one way or another. Through a happy accident, they just come to you.
Happy accidents are real gifts, and they can open the door to a future that didn’t even exist. It’s kind of nice sometimes to set up something to encourage or allow happy accidents to happen.
There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.
A friendship formed in childhood, in youth,–by happy accident at any stage of rising manhood,–becomes the genius that rules the rest of life.