Hatched Quotes

Hatched Quotes by Leo Tolstoy, Guy de Maupassant, Hans Christian Andersen, Terri Irwin, Aesop, Dick Van Dyke and many others.

In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.
Patriotism is a kind of religion; it is the egg from which wars are hatched.
Being born in a duck yard does not matter, if only you are hatched from a swan‘s egg.
Bindi’s been filming with us since she first hatched.
Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.
Here’s the truth. Your teens and twenties are your Plan A. At 50, you’re assessing whether Plan B or Plan C or any of the other plans you hatched actually worked. Your sixties and seventies, they’re an improvisation.
My dear Mama, you are definitely the hen who hatched a famous duck.