Headache Quotes

Headache Quotes by Kiersten White, William Makepeace Thackeray, Roger Maris, John F. Kennedy, Daphne Oz, Henny Youngman and many others.

Greed and desire Not peace, but fire Coveting creation Created damnation Pulled alongside A gate thrown too wide Now our home calls And darkness fall “I rubbed my temples, feeling a headache coming on.”A for effort, ladies, but F for clarity. You do realise that your wierd poem things never explain anything“.
At that comfortable tavern on Pontchartrain we had a bouillabaisse than which a better was never eaten at Marseilles; and not the least headache in the morning, I give you my word; on the contrary, you only wake with a sweet refreshing thirst for claret and water.
It would have been a helluva lot more fun if I had never hit those 61 homeruns… all it brought me was headaches.
If I don’t have a woman for three days, I get terrible headaches.
After my first week of no wheat, my stomachaches were gone, my mucous cleared up, and I felt incredibly energetic. My headaches were also less frequent and less severe, and I had lost 3 pounds, most of it swelling and water weight my body had been holding onto as part of its response to the wheat products in my diet.
My son complains about headaches. I tell him all the time, when you get out of bed, it’s feet first!
Hello, Max,” he said quietly, searching my face. “How do you feel?” Which was a ten on the ‘imbecilic questionscale of one to ten. “Why, I feel fine, Jeb,” I said brightly. “How about you?” “Any nausea? Headache?” “Yep. And it’s standing here talking to me.”
I tell young players who want to be coaches, who think they can put up with all the headaches and heartaches, can you live without it? If you can live without it, don’t get in it.
The gods have chosen to entertain me with chronic eyestrain headaches. Very poisonous episodes. So I don’t do a lot of reading anymore except on tape.
I get a headache when I hear supporters of this endless warfare complaining about the federal budget deficits. They’re like arsonists complaining about the smell of smoke in the neighborhood.
Electro ‘80s is very popular in Australia. Like, you get a headache if you walk into a mall with the number of girls and boys that are wearing big hair, leggings, headbands. You feel like you‘re back in the ’80s.
The two-headed boy in the circus never had such a headache.
Writers don’t give prescriptions. They give headaches!
[On her husband:] The other day he woke up with a headache. I felt sorry for him. I would like to help him but I can’t. I told him so many times. When he jumps out of bed – it should be feet first.
Jean Carroll
People moan about drugs being tested on animals. I sort of think it depends innit. If the drug‘s aspirin and the monkey‘s got a headache, is it right?
I act once in awhile if something comes up that seems fun. I like to do it – its a lot of fun because theres no responsibility. You let other people have the headaches. The director has all of the headaches.
Life is a long headache in a noisy street.
Negative thoughts were treated by Cherokee healers with the same medicines as wounds, headaches, or physical illness. It was believed that unchecked negative thoughts can permeate the being and manifest themselves in negative actions.
Let me tell you quite bluntly that this king business has given me personally nothing but headaches.
Most people would say safety was my best position. To me, the biggest challenge and most gratifying thing I got out of playing football was playing corner, because it was a bigger challenge than playing safety. Playing corner provided me my biggest thrills and my biggest headaches.
Barack Obama won a second term but no mandate. Thanks in part to his own small-bore and brutish campaign, victory guarantees the president nothing more than the headache of building consensus in a gridlocked capital on behalf of a polarized public.
You and your friendsalways together,
No time for the B-I-G, so I’m O-U-T.
The sex was great, but the headaches I can’t take.
I think I made a very big mistake.
It hurts to imagine stuff. It can give you a headache. Probably doesn’t hurt physically, but it hurts mentally. But the more that you can do it, the more you’re able to get out of it. Everybody has that capacity, but I don’t think everyone develops it.
Tell them I have the headache–no, the plague! I need something nice and contagious.
Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life.
When Elton John sang a duet with the white rapper Eminem on a Grammy telecast, rap went mainstream. Massive parental headaches followed.
It’s not that your back hurts, .. You get these horrible, ice cream brain-freeze headaches. So I would go in on the weekends and get these things called blood patches, where they’d shoot blood into your spine. It was like running a marathon to get it done.
Many people who did not die right away came down with nausea, headache, diarrhea, malaise, and fever, which lasted several days. Doctors could not be certain whether some of these symptoms were the result of radiation or nervous shock.
Living in New York is like being at some terrible late-night party. You’re tired, you’ve had a headache since you arrived, but you can’t leave because then you’d miss the party.
His most frequent ailment was the headache which he used to relieve by inhaling the steam of coffee.
I wondered if all of us churchgoers were just exhausted by grief. For the dying priest and us, I thought, “God” always refused to become glorious, instead stubbornly remaining plain, a headache, a sorrowful knot of language.
Your existence gives me a headache. Go stand over there.
It was the kind of crying that comes from the pit of the stomach and brings a headache with it. The kind that makes a person snort and gasp, and no matter how idiotic you feel or how hard you try, you can’t stop.
Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he thought. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache, a nearly irresistable urge to commit murder, and an inferiority complex. Yippee.
When I’m at home, I don’t discuss business. I don’t talk business. I don’t answer the phone. It’s just me, my wife, my children, my dogs. That’s my world. We go out, take a ride in one of the low riders or something. Totally different person than when I’m working. But the work comes to some headaches.
That I be not as those are who spend the day in complaining of headache and the night in drinking the wine which gives the headache!
I was crying when I was editing [Beacher] but I stopped all the screenings years ago because I had a headache but then I had seen it again… Well I always cry at the same place, when they play that song “Wind Beneath My Wings“. It gets you.
We have had two chickens in every pot, two cars in every garage, and now we have two headaches for every aspirin.
Using Waze, they’re saving time on the road, money on gas, and emissions into the environment – a proposition they really can’t turn down. But more than that, drivers use Waze because they feel they are part of a community, working together to overcome the global headache that is traffic.
If a man sits down to think, he is immediately asked if he has a headache.
If you look at astronauts closely, their eyes look kind of puffy. And it gives you this mild headache. But one of the advantages of that, if you will.
It is a real service to humanity and the world to be a good programmer, particularly if you design great products. You make is easier for everybody, everybody has less headaches.
I don’t take the movies seriously, and anyone who does is in for a headache.
When I’m in an interview with someone who is not intelligent, but flat-out ignorant, idiotic and stupid, or just an ass, it really gives me a headache.
I used to drink wine. This girl asked me, “Doesn’t wine give you a headache?” “Yeah, eventually, but the first and the middle part are amazing!”
I don’t want to die now!” he yelled. “I’ve still got a headache! I don’t want to go to heaven with a headache, I’d be all cross and wouldn’t enjoy it!
Aspirin is perfectly legal, but if you take 13 of them motherf***ers, it’ll be your last headache.
Getting punched in the face with a padded glove doesn’t really hurt your face. It doesn’t hurt your skull. The only thing it hurts is your brain. You can feel the brain injury happening. It’s an instant headache.
We are not bearing our crosses every time we have a headache; an aspirin tablet will take care of that. What is meant is the trouble we would not have if we were not Christians.
I saw ‘Spacehunter 3-D.’ It gave me a headache.
What can money do to console a man with a headache?
When men lose against me, they always have a headache … or things of that kind. I have never beaten a completely healthy man!
I have a strange need to paint; if I don’t paint I cry and get bad headaches.
Judith Ellen Levy
I’ve helped people get rid of headaches by placing my hand on their forehead, and backaches by placing my hand on their back. It’s a powerful example of love that really works.
Long weekends at festivals, short weeks at home, all summer long: now that is surely preferable to the immense cost and headache of the nuclear family holiday in the sun?
When the woman is attractive, is it an interesting picture, or is it the woman? I had a lot of headaches with that, which was why it was interesting. I don’t think I always got it straight.
If I have a fizzy drink and an ice cream, I get a sore tummy and a headache.
When there is money, there is also greed. Everyone wants to talk to you when there is money. Only if you have the passion for it, you must become a philanthropist, else it’ll become a headache.
For misdirected love, the attainment of its object is, indeed, the best cure; but it cures as the guillotine cures headache.
Oh, you mean I’m a homosexual! Of course I am, and heterosexual too, but what’s that got to do with my headache?
People never think of entertainers as being human. When you walk out on stage, the audience think, Nothing can go wrong with them. We get sick and we have headaches just like they do. When we are cut, we bleed.
I went through 17 operations. I had to deal with the pain every single day. I used to compare my scars with buffalo skin. And because my skin wasn’t have any pores, I cannot sweat, make me feel so tired, so headache.
I’m a woman of a certain age who doesn’t have kids and never really settled down … I enjoy kids but not for long periods. I think they’re adorable and funny and sweet, and then I have a headache.
Unemployment is like a headache or a high temperatureunpleasant and exhausting but not carrying in itself any explanation of its cause.
I don’t care about sex anymore. It’s a headache. It’s hard to trust people. You talk to a girl, and then she screenshots a text message.
You can’t be Allen Iverson on a football team. And even Iverson got run out of Philadelphia when he was still a spectacular talent because the Sixers got tired of the headache and his bad attitude.
There are just certain nuances of the game that cannot be defined by stats and that’s why you can’t rely on them. That’s why Popeye Jones was Charles Barkley’s biggest headache, not Kevin McHale. That’s why Big Country Reeves is the guy who ate Shaquille O’Neal alive.
When I first started playing football, a headache was called a ‘headache.’ And now it’s called ‘a concussion.’
Anxiety is secretive. He does not trust anyone, not even his friends, Worry, Terror, Doubt and Panic … He likes to visit me late at night when I am alone and exhausted. I have never slept with him, but he kissed me on the forehead once, and I had a headache for two years.
I never want to let my teammates or coaches down, so I always fight through the days when I am exhausted or experiencing discomfort with injuries and headaches.
The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill.
I woke with a terrible headache and wobbled around ’till I fell out the window.” “You what?” “Fell out the window. That one over there.” She [Edwina] gestured to the curtain behind her. “I broke my back. My spine is all wobbly now, but it doesn’t hurt.
I am very short-sighted but I don’t wear my glasses as they give me a headache, so if everyone could just stand closer to me that would help.
The results of this survey are shocking and should be a wake-up call to men and women that drinking and smoking too much not only gives you a bad headache in the morning but can affect your ability to start a family.
As human beings are also animals, to manage one million animals gives me a headache.
The first show I ever did, singing and dancing, was Beauty and the Beast. I was playing Gaston. Gaston has red tights, knee high boots, and it’s very physical. I had headaches everyday for two months.
I deserved the shaking and the headaches and the fact that every single time I took a breath I felt a squeezing in my chest, my heart beating even though I wished it wasn’t.
A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.
If you are a physician and someone comes to see you with an absolutely incapacitating headache or a swollen arm, you don’t tell them, “Come back in 10 years when I’ve completed my study and I’ll see what I can do for you.”
Sometimes I get so pumped up, I get a headache. I get woozy. I get dizzy. I like that feeling, I don’t know why.
Sometimes as a player, you’re not there yet. The doctor can tell you the headache is gone, but he don’t totally know that it is gone unless he can get in your head.
Laughter is just like champagne — only without the headache afterwards.
When the headache persisted, I checked myself into an emergency room. When the doctor used the term ‘brain tumour’, I feared the worst. My whole world shrank around me.
A guy complains of a headache. Another guy says, Do what I do. I put my head on my wife‘s bosom, and the headache goes away. The next day, the man says, Did you do what I told you to? Yes, I sure did. By the way, you have a nice house!
Most women know that sex isgood for headaches.
This is a tremendous assest for the club, a tremendous headache lifted from our shoulders, really.
Public appearances are a headache. I hold mine down to a minimum.
In California virtually everyone has had their teeth whitened. If they all smiled at once, they would give us a headache.
Drake. He liked dangerous pies.” “Why did he join you?” “Who would eat pie that could take over your life? Why risk it?” “Focus. Why did he join you?” “Say no to death pies. Another good motto. I’m getting a headache.” p. 432
I do not envy the headache you will have when you awake. In the meantime, dream of large women.
― Why does toothpaste give me headache?
Christmas is for children. But it is for grownups too. Even if it is a headache, a chore, and nightmare, it is a period of necessary defrosting of chill and hide bound hearts.
Lenora Mattingly Weber
I don’t really wear perfume. I use Victoria‘s Secret sometimes. They have this Coconut Passion spray. But fragrances can give me a bit of a headache.
I’m interested in directing, but it’s a real headache. Directing can be a real pain in the ass, because you not only have to worry about yourself, but all these other people coming to you with their problems. I like just worrying about myself.
When I grew up, the Devil was a reason why I had a headache or the Devil was the reason I got mad today. We always blamed the Devil. I think today when I say the Enemy, I like to make it broader. Sometimes the Enemy can be our own thoughts.
Marijuana is like sex. If I don’t do it every day, I get a headache. I think marijuana should be recognized for what it is, as a medicine, an herb that grows in the ground. If you need it, use it.
There’s a lot of things that haven‘t been communicated to our communities. I didn’t know these things myself. I didn’t know that if you ate cheap food, it was like buying cheap gasoline, and there was a reason why after an hour you get headaches, or youhypoglycemic.
[My father] had this quirky thing of not believing in gravity. And giving me a constant headache about that one. He would say if I showed any interest in gravity, I was becoming a dupe of the system. He could see indications I was beginning to believe in it.
The more positions I can play, it gives the manager a nice headache, and it can be helpful for him.
She narrowed her eyes and concentrated on his mouth. Name. He wanted her name. She had to think about it for a second before she remembered. Great. She must have hit her head. Which, duh, explained the headache.
Larissa Ione
If you have a headache every Monday morning when it is time for you to go to work, perhaps you’re driving the wrong car, perhaps you’re taking the wrong route, or you may be in the wrong line of work. Obviously, only you can figure out the message.
King Solomon, who said to his thousand wives, Who doesn’t have a headache tonight? Never got a dinner!
A sore arm is like a headache or a toothache. It can make you feel bad, but if you just forget about it and do what you have to do, it will go away. If you really like to pitch and you want to pitch, that’s what you’ll do.
The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.
If you only watched Fox News, you might think hydroxychloroquine is to coronavirus what Tylenol is to a headache, or that gathering in large crowds indoors without masks is safe.
The most important thing in your life is your health and your body. You can have all the education and you can have millions of dollars in the bank, but if you’ve got headaches every day, if you’re fat and you are out of shape – what good is your money? Your health account and your bank account, build them both up!
If the headache would only precede the intoxication, alcoholism would be a virtue.
Eighteenth-century doctors prescribed sugar pills for nearly everything: heart problems, headache, consumption, labor pains, insanity, old age, and blindness. Hence, the French expression ‘like an apothecary without sugar’ meant someone in an utterly hopeless situation.
If you do not feel equal to the headaches that psychiatry induces, you are in the wrong business. It is work – work the like of which I do not know.
What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whit- man, for I walked down the sidestreets under the trees with a headache self-conscious looking at the full moon. In my hungry fatigue, and shopping for images, I went into the neon fruit supermarket, dreaming of your enumerations!
Do you happen to have another Condom? I think I’ve discovered the cure for headaches.
When you are lying awake with a dismal headache, and repose is tabooed by anxiety, I conceive you may use any language you choose to indulge in without impropriety.
My job is making money, helping other people make money. I am spending money, trying to make sure more people get rich, because you cannot spend a lot of money, right? So my job is spending money, helping others. This is a headache.
When I got hit I went from having 37-year-old eyes to having 65-year-old eyes. That’s why I’ve got the glasses on – so my eye isn’t constantly trying to focus and giving me headaches. But they also help me see better: my right eye is blurry.
Marketing is a major headache for farmers.
Big studio comedies are such a headache.
Yes, golf is a weird game. I was capable of dealing with moving and bouncing cricket balls, but this little silly ball, sitting on the ground, gave me quite a headache early on for few years, but taught me how to be disciplined in controlling the ball.
If meditate on the third eye and have headaches it means you are trying to pull in too much power from the occult chakra. The danger is obsession.
There is a trouble called Twitter, the finest lies are here. Nowadays, social media is actually the headache of societies.
I’ve been looking for a superhero I could tune into and relate to for years, and when nobody stepped in to take the place of ‘Buffy’ in my poor soul, I thought, ‘Maybe I can create somebody!’ That’s how ‘Headache’ came to be.
Taking legal action against pirates is a headache for artists like me.
It’s a bit of a headache being a perfectionist. You’re never satisfied.
I’ve never actually seen a 3-D movie. I’ve seen some dailies in 3-D and it kind of gives me a headache. But it looks really cool.
The crowns of kings do not prevent those who wear them from being tormented sometimes by violent headaches.
I saw my father deal with every headache the government threw his way – whether it had to do with the signs on the front of the building or the prices on the showroom floor. He knew he could do better, if government would just get out of the way – and stay out of the way. He was right.
Every time you engage in a political debate, there is a guaranteed headache from the comment section, from the reaction from everything.
I would feel so guilty about lying that I would try to stress myself out and work up a headache so I wouldn’t have the guilt of not having a bit of the symptom.
Is it me, or is the government more concerned about its own tax headaches, than your tax headaches?
I think I’m incredibly stoic. If I have a bad headache, it takes a while before I reach for a tablet.
The atmosphere is great for people – it allows us to survive – but it’s a real headache for astronomers.
You really want to get a headache? Try to understand Internet advertising.
You don’t solve anything ever, really. You simply state a problem which, when you’re lucky, gives you some idea of what possible problems you can – it indicates, you know, your future headaches.
Material blessings, when they pay beyond the category of need, are weirdly fruitful of headache.
Measuring and laying out the room in advance can save you a lot of headaches.
If I apply a magnetic pulse on salt water – that’s your brains by the way – it’ll generate electric currents, and the electric current in the brain can erase a migraine headache.
Robert Fischell
I never felt the same passion for the game in the States and there were a lot of headaches, a lot of obstacles to overcome – it didn’t just run itself for the love of the game because soccer is not the No. 1 sport as it is in Europe.
Some people spend the day in complaining of a headache, and the night in drinking the wine that gives it.
My work is a matter of fundamental sounds (no joke intended) made as fully as possible, and I accept responsibility for nothing else. If people want to have headaches among the overtones, let them. And provide their own aspirin.
I like hitting people. The best feeling is when you hit so hard, pow! You get a jarring headache.
Normally seven minutes of another person’s company was enough to give her a headache so she set things up to live as a recluse. She was perfectly content as long as people left her in peace. Unfortunately society was not very smart or understanding.
Those who see and observe kings, heroes, and statesmen, discover that they have headaches, indigestion, humors and passions, just like other people; every one of which in their turns determine their wills in defiance of their reason.
The religion I have is music. Even the times I have headaches, when I’m singing, I can’t feel them. My dad used to say that, too, especially near the end of his life. He would be in pain – a lot of pain – and he said the only time when he didn’t feel pain was when he performed and sang.
Rearing a family is probably the most difficult job in the world. It resembles two business firms merging their respective resources to make a single product. All the potential headaches of that operation are present when an adult male and an adult female join to steer a child from infancy to adulthood.
I don’t want to do an action movie, because I’ve acted in them, and they’re so boring to do, because they’re so technical. The headache of that is daunting. But, if it were an action movie with really interesting characters, how great would that be?
Popularity can be a real headache.
My daughter is a real migraine sufferer; the minute she has a handful of Haribo sweets, she gets a headache. There’s a connection between what the liver can’t break down with what goes on to trigger a headache. You just have to be aware.
I got all my politics and culture and my sense of the great wide world of adults from ‘Mad Magazine.’ But all other comic books literally gave me a headache.
I like being a consumer. I’ll do collabs with brands I like, only because I would like something free to wear. But I don’t want people to dress like me, which is what you’re asking when you create a brand. The fashion industry‘s just a super-duper headache.
We deal with all the production headaches and all that stuff. They just have to come here and be super funny. And it’s worked out well. I mean, literally, every day they’re all saying things I’d never thought I’d hear before and just some of the funniest discussions I’ve ever heard.
Depression is like a headache or true love or any of those indefinable concepts. If you’ve never been there, you don’t know what it’s like until you’re too far in to stop the process.
I’m very brave generally,’ he went on in a low voice: ‘only today I happen to have a headache.’ (Tweedledum)
Most people, including many Jews, think of Yom Kippur as a 25-hour caffeine headache capped off by a lox-and-bagels binge. It’s undeniably that. But it is also, at its deepest level, a dry run. It is the one day of the year when we Jews are asked to look our mortality in the face.
I’m kind of like Britney Spears having a headache. Everybody wants to know about it.
You read the pragmatists and all you know is: not Descartes, not Kant, not Plato. It’s like aspirin. You can’t use aspirin to give yourself power, you take it to get rid of headaches. In that way, pragmatism is a philosophical therapy. It helps you stop asking the unhelpful questions.
Learned researches lead to headaches, constipation, and befuddled quarreling.
Well’ Francie decided, ‘I guess the thing that is giving me this headache is life – and nothing else but’.
Honestly, just waking up every morning with headaches is tough, to know that I can’t play tonight or I can’t run tonight. Once the headaches started going away a little bit, I knew I had a chance.
Alecko Eskandarian
I think I cause a lot of headaches for editors – it’s impossible to keep up with the ridiculous amount of changes I make.
In headaches and in worry
Vaguely life leaks away,
And Time will have his fancy
To-morrow or today.
The Royall Crowne cures not the head-ach.
[The Royal Crown cures not the headache.]
your culture has become sophisticated, like a computer, or a drug that you take for a headache. You can use it, but you cannot explain how it works. Certainly not to girls who stack up their firewood against the side of the house.
It was far too cold. The second I got out I had this incredible headache, I’m just not used to it. The last time I saw snow was years and years ago.
Love is like wine. To sip is fine, but to empty the bottle is a headache.
I shall take all the troubles of the past, all the disappointments, all the headaches, and I shall pack them in a bag and throw them in the East River.
Trygve Lie
If you want to resolve a dispute or come out from conflict, the very first thing is to speak the truth. If you have a headache and tell the doctor you have a stomachache, how can the doctor help? You must speak the truth. The truth will abolish fear.