Horrific Quotes

Horrific Quotes by Susie Dent, Jerry Hall, Rich Sommer, Michael Specter, Nnedi Okorafor, John McAfee and many others.

If you eat foie gras, I would really urge you to look at the practice that goes in to producing it. It is totally barbaric and involves force-feeding on the most horrific scale imaginable.
The idea of getting old is horrific, but I don’t want to make it worse by becoming a grotesque caricature. A lot of people have made that mistake of trying so hard to hang on to their looks that they make themselves look really scary.
The worst job I ever had was as a telemarketer for, oh, I don’t know, I think I made it about 90 minutes. I quit before lunch. I went in around 10:30 or 11 and said, ‘I can’t do this.’ It was horrific. I had too many people yell at me within that 90 minutes to be able to continue.
Most reputable scientists agree that climate change is real and that the effects are likely to be bad. But nobody can say for sure exactly what ‘bad’ means. The safest and most equitable way out of this horrific mess is simple: cut fossil-fuel emissions.
I slammed the door in the child‘s face, a horrific scream trapped in my throat.
Living with one woman is horrific.
We have lost close friends and relatives to cancer and Parkinson‘s disease, and the level of personal suffering inflicted on patients and their families by these diseases is horrific.
I have made my living bearing witness to some of the most horrific events of the end of our century, at the end of the 20th century.
Prison service vans that travel 90 miles to take a prisoner 90 yards; paedophiles free to leer at children in the very parks where they have committed horrific crimes.
You have to write scenes and design scenes that are scary and horrific, but that are also watchable. I didn’t want people to just feel like they got punched in the stomach.
Working in a bar was a horrific idea for me.
Everyone knows now how early a fetus becomes a baby. Women who have been pregnant have seen their babies on ultrasounds. They know that there is a terrible truth to those horrific pictures the anti-choice fanatics hold up in front of abortion clinics.
The fear and the search for security have turned the world into a horrific hell.
If there is a horrific attack on this country like 9/11, the American people will demand we go to war and settle accounts with those who did it. But America’s appetite for intervention, for nation building, for democracy crusades, is fully sated.
None of us are alien to horrific news stories that appear every day about crimes of many colors, especially child trafficking and abuse. As a mom and an extremely emotional person, they have a long-lasting effect on me.
There is something really horrific for any human being who feels he is being consumed by other people. I’m talking about a writer‘s critics, who don’t address what you’ve written, but want to probe into your existence and magnify the trivia of your life without any sense of humor, without any sense of context.
Adulthood can do the most horrific things to the best of people.
I grew up under the British system, which I think is horrific for children – very, very strict – a system that did not recognize children as being individuals. You were small animals earning the right to be human.
When I moved to L.A. in 1989, the very first thing I did was this horrific pilot called To Protect And Surf.
If anyone has seen the horrific and unwatchable footage of the Chinese cat and dog trade – animals skinned alivethen they could not possibly argue in favour of China as a caring nation. There are no animal protection laws in China and this results in the worst animal abuse and cruelty on the planet. It is indefensible.
Horrific things should be presented as horrific.
A lot of guys go through ups and downs in their careers, and sometimes those downs are like horrific and they can really change you. A lot. And so when you go out there and do something like score a touchdown and have a good game, you appreciate it so much more when you’ve been through those valleys in life.
The Monster’s crimes were so horrific that a mere man could not possibly have committed them. Satan, in the end, had to be invoked.
If you’ve been to China, you know there are over 100 cities in China, and the pollution levels are just horrific – 60,000 people a year die in Chinese factories and facilities because they don’t have any safety regulations. It’s a carnage; it’s Dickensian.
Life is absolutely horrific, leading up to absolute horror.
If the universalists are correct in saying that everyone is going to be in heaven regardless of what they believe, or the pluralists are correct that all religions lead to the same god, then the horrific death of Jesus Christ was completely unnecessary.
Love is as simple as the absence of self- given to another. God, when invited, fills the void of any unrequited love; hence loving is how one is drawn closer to God no matter its most horrific repercussions.
I saw my whole life flash before my eyes, boss. It was horrific. I haven’t done anything to regret yet and it’s been way too brief. I at least want a license before I check out, you know?
Richard Gavin is one of the bright new stars in contemporary weird fiction. His richly textured style, deft character portrayal, and powerful horrific conceptions make every one of his tales a pleasure to read.
We’re doing terribly. We’re leaving these unborn children trillions of dollars of debt, which is just horrific. We’re leaving nuclear weaponsenough to end life as we know it – all over the planet. We’re leaving a legacy of violence and killing and guns.
The public‘s evaluation of the job George W. Bush is doing as president changed dramatically as a result of the horrific attacks of September 11 and his response in leading the country on a campaign against terrorism.
We will always remember the victims of the horrific terror attacks of September 11th, 2001.
I write the book for one person — for Fiona [Staples, the artist]. I spend a lot of time just thinking how she‘ll react to things and manipulating her into drawing perverse, horrific things. It’s a really weird job but I enjoy it.
You get an audience to laugh and then show them something horrific, it’s going to be even more horrific because they’ve had the release of the laugh before it.
The Commission‘s findings underscore that the nation is still vulnerable to attack and that we must move more quickly to make us safer. We must take the Commission’s work and use it to make certain that such horrific attacks never occur again.
I was a high school senior and home alone one night with my younger brother. And a guy – gunman – kicked in our front door at our home in New Jersey and held the two of us captive. We escaped. He caught us again. We escaped again. So, a pretty horrific experience.
My mother had a horrific life. At fourteen, she was in the Nazi concentration camps. Her sense about life now is, every day above ground is a good day.
I’m trying to make order out of chaos, trying to find some way of rationalising the horrific things that people do or the way the world is.
…the horrific fact that our lives and those of the people we love are impermanent and exquisitely fragile, that any of us can cease to exist without warning, that loving anyone, anywhere, at any time, leaves you infinitely vulnerable at every single moment. (20)
Let all those in government be warned: They cannot order people to pay for the murder of babies, and betray God Himself, without horrific consequences.
No wonder we cannot appreciate the really central Kafka joke: that the horrific struggle to establish a human self results in a self whose humanity is inseparable from the horrific struggle. That our endless and impossible journey toward home is in fact our home.
Borderlands’ is a horrific failure if our goal is to entertain the world.
Pain is part of the past. There isn’t one of us who doesn’t still carry childhood wounds. Some are more horrific than others, but no matter how painful your young memories are, there were also glorious moments that kept you alive, or you would not be here today.
Even if Donald Trump had lost the 2016 election, instead of won it in a surprise, the media‘s coverage of his campaign and supporters would have been a horrific failure. They presented that race as unwinnable for Trump and as if his support was inexplicable.
As horrific as this impact has been on my constituents, it is only a small part of the overwhelming destruction covering 90,000 square miles of the Gulf Coast.
The politics is broken up and down. And Trump may emerge from a reality TV world that is much more powerful than we think. And there is the prospect that this is where we are, which is an horrific thought.
I was told to have an ice bath once, which I did once, and it was the most horrific experience. In my head it sounded like a great idea, so I filled my bath with ice and water, and it was absolutely horrendous.
We are getting used to levels of violence, we are getting used to seeing these horrific things going on all the time. I think it’s tough. It’s rough.
The PGA Tour has a lot of interaction with our military, and I’ve grown to have an incredible respect for our troops who are coming home with these horrific injuries, as well as any organization that can not only help them get healed up, but help them get integrated back into society.
Does the global Left – as well as the Israeli Left – truly not care about the horrific Taliban regime, the terrible oppression of women in Gulf states, and the mass hanging festivals in Iran?
I’m definitely drawn to stories of just regular folks, just generally in some kind of horrific situation. I keep saying I want to do a love story in the south of France with a boy and girl and some wine. Then I always end up in an oil rig with four hundred guys or on a mountain with guys shooting at each other.
So many women have experienced horrific forms of male violence throughout their lives, and why isn’t there a song about how you get depressed because of it?
Ebola is a horrific disease.
I was consuming the most food when I came to Wasps. I was eating six meals a day – 250-300g of protein, 300g of carbs, 250g of veg, six times every day. It was extensive, horrific. And tedious.
The problem I’ve got is that I really, really like drugs. I love everything about them. It is horrific being sober all the time-utterly awful.
9/11 was a terrible, horrific, tragic day.
You know what I’ve seen? Is that people who have gone through unfair, horrific experiences, is that they have this will, and when they get support, a chance, they can not only survive, they can thrive.
The older I get, the more I can’t stand violence and have a hard time with seeing people die in horrific ways. It gets harder and harder to watch and deal with that stuff.
I think a nuclear detonation is society-altering in ways that other attacks, even as horrific as 9/11, are not. This isn’t because we have power-hungry political leaders, but I think it might be demanded by the people themselves out of fear.
I wouldn’t write about people who are living and who are close to me, because I think it’s a very violent thing to do to another person. And anytime I have done it, even in the disguise of fiction, the results have been horrific.
Personally, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. So for me and my tiny little bubble the world is awesome, but I think that the world is in a pretty horrific state, especially at the momet with Syria.
Obviously radical Islamic terrorism is a big problem, but there are all sorts of kinds of horrific terrorism that take place.
The intelligence community agrees 30 percent of the terrorists released from Guantanamo are known or suspected to have already re-joined the fight against Americans_- a statistic that translates to a horrific reality.
We don’t like admitting this, but it is a key component of human existence: the fact that life has the potential for things both wondrous and horrific.
The more horrific works came out of a feeling that everyone accepted my stuff too easily. I was deliberately trying to be antagonistic towards collectors and critics.
Broadchurch’ is shot through with the fear of being a parent: what’s the most horrific loss you can imagine and how could you go on living afterwards?
The possibility that terrorist groups could obtain weapons of mass destruction should not be dismissed as a fiction. This is a horrific threat the international community should take seriously. As long as these weapons exist, so, too, does the risk of their use – by accident or design.
Pornography, it seems to me, is no different from war films or propaganda films in that it tries to make the visceral, horrific, or transgressive elements of life consumable.
I spoke French a bit, and I could speak a bit of this and that, and when you were taught those things by people who couldn’t really do it, you can do some pretty wonderfully, imaginative horrific things to teachers.
It’s hell with that big beard and stuff. That’s the one bit I don’t like. Either you take out at lunch or you don’t eat. So I opted not to eat, ’cause having to put it on twice is horrific.
I have spent 11 horrific years in solitary confinement in a 6-square-meter dungeon three floors underground without sunlight or fresh air. But I endured my hardships because I was merely living my convictions.
Samir Geagea
Are my politics Democrat or Republican? I think both are horrific. And it doesn’t matter anyway. Money runs America; money runs everywhere.
I tried making an album six years ago. It was just horrific. Trust me, it’s smashed into smithereens. I paid big money to silence that one.
Anybody who knows about having a premature baby, it’s horrific. He was part of a twin, and I lost his sister.
You spend so much of your life crafting this stuff that you want to laugh in the room. I don’t want to sit there and slit my wrists. And I think it reflects reality. People use humor to survive, even in the most horrific situations.
It’s a conversation that nobody really likes to have, and it seems that we never can get to a solution with it and something horrific happens. We all stand back and say, “How could we let that happen?” and then it goes away and we move on.
Oh gosh, I dyed my hair red when I was in year 11 with that L’Oreal Live stuff. It was like plumy purple – it was horrific. I looked awful; I don’t know what I was thinking!
I’ve never been one to take glee in anyone’s demise, and when I saw Jerry Sandusky walk out in handcuffs, I did kind of feel a bit sorry for him, even though the jury found him to do some horrific things; I was like, ‘His life is over.’
Towns and cities throughout the United States have opened their hearts and homes to thousands of families displaced from their homes as a result of this horrific storm.
Sometimes the most difficult, horrific things can be the greatest spiritual teachers.
Part of the problem of being labeled a model minority is that everyone thinks you’ve made it, but that’s far from the case. You can see that in the horrific stories where undocumented workers are trying to get into the country. That’s the backlash.
Arthur Dong
[Dennis] Etchison would write stories that were just punch lines at the end. You wouldn’t realize something horrific was happening until the last paragraph.
Doom yourself to horrific climate change by burning all that carbon and releasing all that CO2. Or power down society, reducing total energy usage around the planet. One leads to ecological collapse. The other is a reversion, in many ways, to poverty.
I would certainly never want to inflict anything on the world exactly as [Buckminster Fuller] envisioned it because there is a technocratic worldview that I find horrific.
There is a lot of pretty horrific stuff that happens, and I don’t usually get those kinds of characters who get to go to those places.
Send me to Washington, and if I can’t make a difference, I’ll voluntarily come back after just one term. Cut the deficit, slash illegal immigration in half, fix our horrific tax system – or I’ll come home and help find somebody that can. That’s my product guarantee.
I had been fascinated with Islam since collegeparticularly how it could inspire such fervor in our modern age and move a significant number of its followers to horrific acts of violence. That invisible hand moved me to study more and more about Islam.
To me it’s a mystery that you can show the horrific things in the movies, but not some sexual stuff which everyone does.
Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by financial fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that’s wrong.
There is something really horrific for any human being who feels he is being consumed by other people.
Acts of violence that occur simply because of how someone looks are horrific.
What I’m trying to say is the Holocaust was a horrific crime against humanity and frankly, I would never want to see that repeated.
There are some things which are so horrific that some people feel they can’t do anything about it: that the natural, understandable response is to tune it out.
One thing I don’t understand is that average American movie-goers cannot watch a movie for three hours, yet they’ll watch a stupid, boring, horrific football game for four hours. Now, that is boredom at its most colossal.
I myself have been the victim of some absolutely horrific speech throughout the years; I know how bad it can make you feel – and yet, I still believe firmly that no words directed at me could ever feel worse than having to worry about losing my right to use my own.
You can’t be more horrific than life itself.
The truth is that humans have the potential to be horrific. And I think being conscious of that is important.
Both Frankenstein and the Hulk are looked at as horrific, but they’re just trying to find their way, like all of us.
I truly do believe that history teaches that weakness arouses evil, and whether it be the horrific attack in France, the inspired attacks here in the United States, the instability in Turkey that led to a coup.
We’ve all lived through something horrific, but the strength and beauty and knowledge that we’re going to win eventually is what keeps me going.
No one is suggesting that [violent video games are] the only reason they went out and committed those horrific acts, but was it a tipping point? Was it something that pushed them over the edge? Was it a factor in that? Perhaps. That’s a really big deal.
What does animal welfare have to do with food safety? The animals are the food! They are living in their own excrement, developing horrific sores, stressed out, and, therefore, more vulnerable to illness and disease.
School was horrific for me, constantly an outcast for being a geek.
There are some things for which there is no apology, and on the question of slavery, there is no adequate apology for ripping people out of their homeland and bringing them here in chains. There is no adequate apology for the ongoing horrific legacy of racism.
I want every day to be the most boring news day ever. I want every day to be about spelling bee champions and baby basketball. It’s better to have no comedy material than a horrific news day.
You know, the sad thing of post-9/11, which was of course horrific, was that the city in which I felt completely at home for two decades, suddenly people like us – brown people – were looked at as the ‘Others.’
Every week, we read about horrific tragedies resulting from children who play with firearms and accidentally shoot themselves or their family members.
I always wanted to do a movie that deals with America’s horrific past with slavery, but the way I wanted to deal with it is – as opposed to doing it as a huge historical movie with a capital H – I thought it could be better if it was wrapped up in genre.
There is ample evidence that the horrific events of Sept. 11 have been carefully manipulated to switch public focus from Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda, who masterminded the Sept. 11th attacks, to Saddam Hussein, who did not.
I’m so frightened of these two people, Bill and Hillary [Clintons], that I’m making an all-out effort to make the truth known about these horrific practices.
I think we need to update the existing laws to create uniformity across the states so that all people with mental illness who find themselves in the criminal justice system for committing horrific crimes will be treated exactly the same.
The thing I’ve learned in life is that basically good people can do some really horrific things, and basically bad people can do some really good things.
When ‘Titanic‘ came out on VHS, I was working at a Sam’s Club, which is already the worst. I don’t know what you know about working for the Walton family, but it’s horrific.
[My grandfather -a miner] had black lung, and he didn’t talk about it much. It’s almost like a combat veteran. But he witnessed some horrific things.
The Lighthouse‘ couldn’t have been made without this kind of freedom that is allowed to some filmmakers to be able to play around with genre. Jennifer Kent‘s ‘Nightingale’ is more horrific than any horror movie – but also, I don’t think you could make that movie without this kind of freedom.
‘The Reader’ is about a young man‘s experience of falling in love with somebody who, it turns out, made some choices that were unavoidable in her life that resulted in horrific crimes against humanity.
In Philadelphia, I inadvertently came upon an edition of Robert Ingersoll’s Essays and Lectures. This was an exciting discovery; his atheism confirmed my own belief that the horrific cruelty of the Old Testament was degrading to the human spirit.
If you just did a horror tone throughout an entire movie you almost, as an audience, can get a little bit used to it. But if you’re laughing one minute and, you know, somebody’s doing something quite horrific the next minute, it’s a little more shocking.
If Russia has the influence in Syria that it claims to have, we need to see them use it. We need to see them put an end to these horrific acts. How many more children have to die before Russia cares?
When you get beat it is the worst feeling in football, it is horrific.
I’m not interested in gothic storytelling or the horrific for its own sake. I’m always interested in it as a way of getting at larger ideas or important meaning. And you don’t see that as much as you’d think in the history of horror cinema. A lot of times, it’s scariness for scariness’ own sake.
I am not only the person who wrote and sold a novel while raising a houseful of biological and foster children; I am also the person who wrote a horrific young adult novel that never sold and gave up on a foster child I couldn’t handle – an experience that still haunts me.
We must not allow the horrific actions of madmen to cut us off from our humanity.
It’s hell with that big beard and stuff. That’s the one bit I don’t like. Either you take out at lunch or you don’t eat. So I opted not to eat, ’cause having to put it on twice is horrific.
The specific danger is us; we are rampant; this earth is our only friend; we are destroying it increment by increment at a horrific rate. We must understand that we can’t buy it back.
There are an awful lot of readers who won’t pick up a book if they think it’s got anything horrific in it, or paranormal or whatever.
I definitely am afraid of the dark. Somehow, in my mind I can always come up with some horrific stuff to worry about.
Growing up, I heard a lot about strength. My dad – a Holocaust survivorembodied it, though he would never say that about himself. Not only did he survive one of the most horrific events in history, but he never lost hope along the way, crediting acts of kindness with keeping him alive.
The day I saw my mom eating the Santa cookies on the plate was one of the most horrific days of my life.
A speech from Ernest Bevin on a major occasion had all the horrific fascination of a public execution. If the mind was left immune, eyes and ears and emotions were riveted.
And when you really think about the 9-11 event, the horrific attack on our land here in America and the death of three thousand of out loved ones, it was a defining moment.
The attraction of power is heady, addictive. And as we know from real life, it can be a disease. A horrific disease.
Likewise, education can direct people toward good or evil ends. When education is based on a fundamentally distorted worldview, the results are horrific.
There is no terrorist threat. Yes, there have been horrific acts of terrorism and, yes, there will be acts of terrorism again. But that doesn’t mean that there’s some kind of massive terrorist threat.
I remember when I first came out, it was like half and half, half the female fighters were like, ‘I understand why she did it, and I’ll fight her,’ and half said I shouldn’t be in the cage and said horrible, horrific transphobic comments about me.
When I was 19, I was in a horrific car accident, and it taught me that at the end of our life, we ask all these questions. And my questions, I discovered, were: Did I really live my life? Did I love? Did I matter? And I was unhappy with the answers.
Sometimes the way you respond to horrific, evil deeds is the measure of one’s self as a man, as a nation, as people, as a community.
There are some things I like about L.A. You can have a really healthy lifestyle, and I love running with the dogs on the beach. It’s just the social scene is horrific!
I’ve read and traveled a lot in the Middle East, and I built on eyewitness accounts of horrific executions that would shape a boy’s character and beliefs if he watched his father die that way. These are the stuff of which nightmares are made.
If you think the country is at risk of imploding due to cancel culture, lack of border control, horrific foreign policy decisions going back decades, and bowing down to China – and many of us do – then absolutely a Trump speech is a breath of comforting and soothing fresh air.
After the horrific massacre Wednesday at the French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, perhaps the West will finally put away its legion of useless tropes trying to deny the relationship between violence and radical Islam.
After the horrific attacks of September 11th, it was evident that our Government needed to be transformed to meet the new challenges of this dangerous world.
As the representatives of the people we are here to declare that our resolve has not been weakened by these horrific and cowardly acts.
You get to decide how you’re going to look and what you’re going to be when you grow up and when people learned that my parents actually had an arranged marriage people thought that was the most horrific thing on earth. I mean how could anybody allow their marriage of all things to be prescribed by somebody else?
I did a lot of research on what solitary confinement does to you, how you become acclimated to being surrounded by people again after being by yourself for such a long time. It’s really a horrific thing. It’s definitely worth considering it as torture. We’re just not meant to be in solitary confinement.
Even now, for women to be contemplating the act of ending their life is considered horrific because they are the giver of life. They’re seen in a patriarchal society as the one who offers life and has to nurture a child and have a child within them. That’s your only role.
John and I weren’t capable of getting back to Kenwood from there, so the four of us sat up for the rest of the night as the walls moved, the plants talked, other people looked like ghouls and time stood still. It was horrific: I hated the lack of control and not knowing what was going on or what would happen next.
I think the core of Jaime Lannister is actually that final line in the pilot when he says, ‘The things I do for love.’ He might do horrible things – and they are truly, some of them, horrific. There’s no excuses. But he does it out of what he sees as a necessity, out of love.
There are places in the world that the power goes out in hospitals, and there isn’t clean water, and it’s horrific.