Invitations Quotes

Invitations Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson, A. A. Milne, Joshua Oppenheimer, Gerald Stern, Curtis Stone, Jason Fulford and many others.

[T]omorrow is a new day. You shall begin it well & serenely, & with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense. This day … is too dear with its hopes & invitations to waste a moment on the rotten yesterdays.
It is a terrible thing for an author to have a lot of people running about his book without any invitation from him at all.
Each and every perpetrator was boastful, usually they would invite me to the places where they killed and I would of course accept those invitations because I could document what happened that way.
Political means so many things. We are political willy-nilly. Political poetry is an easy invitation to disaster. But then so is love poetry. But we are a little more patient with bad love poetry.
It is great to add some glamour to the food industry, like television shows have done for the food world and inspiring people to work in the industry. The flip side of that is unfortunately people think that after they get their qualifications, they get their invitation to compete on ‘Top Chef.
When a person looks at a photograph you‘ve taken, they will always think of themselves, their own life experience. They will relate your photograph to their memories. That interplay is where a picture comes alive and grows into something. They function like invitations.
Jason Fulford
I would welcome a friendship with Lynne Hinton. I would welcome an invitation to sit down at her table, but mostly I would welcome her next book.
She had heard someone say something about an Independent Labour Party, and was furious that she had not been asked.
A Muslim has five duties towards another Muslim; to return a salutation, visit the sick, follow funerals, accept an invitation and say ‘God have mercy on you’ when one sneezes.
God is not just one thing we add to the mix called life. He wants an invitation from us to permeate everything and every part of us.
As someone who has enjoyed visiting Russia in the past and can also claim a degree of Russian ancestry, it would make me happy to say yes. However, as a gay man, I must decline.
Mythology tells us that where you stumble, there your treasure is … The world is a match for us, and we’re a match for the world. And where it seems most challenging lies the greatest invitation to find deeper and greater power in ourselves.
When the heart is pierced, there is pain, yes, but also an invitation to a greater becoming.
You know you’re in love when you stop comparing.
Events need their invitation, dissolutions their start.
It’s all in her walk, a cartoon swagger. Part Jayne Mansfield, part Muhammad Ali. Men never know if it’s an invitation upstairs or an invitation outside.
The first flower that blossomed on this earth was an invitation to an unborn song.
In the most difficult circumstances of life, there is often only one source of peace. The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, extends His grace with the invitation, ‘Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’ (Matthew 11:28).
Donald L. Hallstrom
Chronic pain or other challenges are invitations; gifts that challenge us to learn how to manage the mind.
The invitation to repent is rarely a voice of chastisement but rather a loving appeal to turn around and to “re-turn” toward God.
The essence of wisdom, from a practical standpoint, is pausing long enough to look at our lives-invitations, opportunities, relationships-from God’s perspective. And then acting on it
Christmas is an invitation by God to say: Look what I’ve done to come near to you. Now draw near to me…I want to be a friend.
A favorite strategy was the paragraph-terminating: Right? Followed immediately by Wrong. This linear invitation to a mugging was considered a strategy of wit.
Cocktail party: A gathering held to enable forty people to talk about themselves at the same time. The man who remains after the liquor is gone is the host.
When autumn darkness falls, what we will remember are the small acts of kindness: a cake, a hug, an invitation to talk, and every single rose. These are all expressions of a nation coming together and caring about its people.
They are asleep. This is the condition they prefer. They are afraid of the world and sleep is a way of dealing with their fear. Someday they will wake. Perhaps something frightful will happen. Indeed, there is no better invitation to the frightful than ignorance – that is, sleep. (29)
Choice, with its inevitable invitations to loss, is always such a trial.
If sadness comes to you one day with an invitation, tell it you are committed to joy and will be faithful to it your whole life long.
Fame is really great in a lot of ways, you know? People are a lot nicer to you. Like, the more famous you are, the more free presents you get. And invitations to really amazing things.
People decline invitations when they are “indisposed” physically, and I wish they would do likewise when they feel indisposed emotionally. A person has no more right to attend a party with a head full of venom than with a throat full of virus.
Thus I draw from the absurd three consequences, which are my revolt, my freedom, and my passion. By the mere activity of consciousness I transform into a rule of life what was an invitation to death—and I refuse suicide.
I’d extend an invitation to Lisbeth Salander. She would definitely shake the party up and get it started. I think she is hands down one of the most original, innovative, kickass female fictional characters ever.
Mozart‘s music is an invitation to the listener to venture just a little out of the sense of his own subjectivity.
Is that an invitation?” “I suppose it is.” “Good.” Cade’s voice dropped lower, adding one last thing before hanging up. “And tell your friend in the striped shirt that he’s in my seat.
It [salvation] is not this flu shot mentality of an invitation of the Gospel.
Come with me.” “Come with you? To Pandemonium? To the Void? And here I thought that my invitation to summer in New Jersey was the worst I had ever received.
The words of confirmation into the Church are an invitation: Receive the Holy Ghost. And that choice must be made not once, but every day, every hour, every minute.
I go where I’m invited. And all I can tell you is if we accepted every invitation we had, I’d be away every day of my life.
I moistened my lips. His gaze fixed on them. I think I stopped breathing. He jerked so sharply away that his long dark coat sliced air, and turned his back to me. “Was that an invitation, Ms.Lane?” “If it was?” I asked, astonishing myself. What did I think I was doing? “I don’t do hypotheticals. Little girl.
Beauty has been democratised. No longer the preserve of movie stars and models but available to all. But while the invitation to beauty is welcomed, it has become not so much an option as an imperative.
.. every single corner and aspect of our lives, every single choice, will be different if we take the invitation of this [Rumi’s] poetry to act from the Divine Center of Silence and allow the glory of the Presence to soak our every movement.
The world needed a little Evil, so Good had something to compare itself to, but you couldn’t let it think it had the right-of-way on the road and an invitation to dinner.
I have been challenged by the concept of meditation … I decided recently to accept the invitation of a friend to experience the sheer silence of meditation-undirected prayer. … I had before only sensed intellectually … But by going deep into prayer I could almost feel it.
Laurie Beth Jones
The invitation for artists to compete to see who can be the most charitable is a wonderful thing.
The Invitation, To Tom Highes What we can we will be, Honest Englishmen. Do the work that’s nearest, Though it’s dull at whiles, Helping, when we meet them, Lame dogs over stiles.
Socrates had no system to teach. Throughout, his philosophy was a spiritual exercise, an invitation to a new way of life, active reflection, and living consciousness.
When people are breaking the law, they don’t get an invitation to the White House. They ought to be getting an invitation to the big house… This is just an anathema to everything that the civil rights movement was truly all about and what it accomplished.
The wild gander leads his flock through the cool night, Ya-honk! he says, and sounds it down to me like an invitation: The pert may suppose it meaningless, but I listen closer, I find its purpose and place up there toward the November sky.
Satsang is the invitation to step into the fire of self-discovery. ThisВ fire will not burn you, it will burn only what you are not.
Most people think of a feel as when you touch something or someone and what it feels like to your fingers but, a feel can have a thousand different definitions. Sometimes feel is a mental thing. Sometimes feel can happen clear ‘cross the arena. Sort of an invitation from the horse to come to you.
Gluttony and satiety in food produce defiled lust, while free association with women enflames the fire of lusts … At the time of struggle with defilement, punish your thoughts with lack of nourishment, so that you will think not of defilements, but of hunger, and reject the invitation to go visiting.
Nilus of Sinai
Hispanics are the fastest-growing evangelical group in the country right now, an important constituency. But Trump‘s views, especially his views on immigration, did not exactly go over well with this faith constituency. Rev. Rodriguez told me that Trump’s invitation created something of a stir in his world.
Failure is not a destination; it’s an invitation to unforeseen VICTORIES.
When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anything but an insult; it’s an invitation.
As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations, compounded by December‘s bad weather, it is good to be reminded that there are people in our lives who are worth this aggravation, and people to whom we are worth the same.
You don’t need an invitation to your own life.
[On turning down an invitation to appear for four minutes on the Ed Sullivan Show:] Honey, it takes Moms four minutes just to get on the stage.
So many plays with magic in them that would be a terrific invitation to an imaginative animation team.
I need to brush my teeth. And I need a shower.” He grinned, hopping off the bike. “Now that is an invitation.
Christianity did not begin with a confession. It began with an invitation into friendship, into creating a new community, into forming relationships based on love and service.
Diana Butler Bass
I have plenty of invitations to go places, lots to do. If I’m not working, I go to have my hair taken care of and work at needlepoint
If every call to Christ and His righteousness is a call to suffering, the converse is equally – every call to suffering is a call to Christ, a promotion, an invitation to come up higher.
Charles Bent
The essence of temptation is the invitation to live independently of God.
I knew a pure heart who refused tot be mistrustful…. He had written at his doorstep: “From wherever you are, enter and be welcome”. Who do you think responded to this lovely invitation? The militia, who made themselves at home and gutted him.
These are hard times. The world hurts. We live in fear and forget to walk with hope. But hope has not forgotten you. So ask it to dinner. It’s probably hungry and would appreciate the invitation.
He’s never quite got the trick of conversation, tending to hear in dissenting views, however mild, a kind of affront, an invitation to mortal combat.
The only man who is really free is the one who can turn down an invitation to dinner without giving an excuse.
I like my use of light to be openly situational in the sense that there is no invitation to meditate, to contemplate.
All the problems sitting there are an invitation for you to be creative, make use of your skills and resources and find a solution.
To girls and women everywhere, I issue a simple invitation.
My sisters, my daughters, my friends; find your voice
The truly free man is he who can decline a dinner invitation without giving an excuse.
A democratic civilization will save itself only if it makes the language of the image into a stimulus for critical reflection – not an invitation for hypnosis.
I regarded our progress merely as an invitation to do more – as an indication that we had reached a place where we might begin to perform a real service.
It seems that simply being willing to express our views clearly, persuasively and without malice, can be a powerful invitation to others who may be lurking out there, in agreement with us but unsure whether their position is speakable or practical.
In Romanian society, I am not particularly well-liked. I don’t often receive invitations.
Change is not a threat to your life, but an invitation to live.
I’ve been all over the world on my own because, as a scientist, you travel a great deal if your work is reasonably successful or published. I get invitations to go to all sorts of strange countries where I would mostly be by myself and just meet other people there, instead of having travelling companions.
The most difficult part of dating is the initial invitation.
Janell Carroll
I must decline your invitation owing to a subsequent engagement.
each of us has been given the ability to reach God with our prayers. … Whatever form it takes, each prayer is an invitation for God to bring his power into another life. God wants to help us, but he waits for us to seek his help.
Minus my relationship with Kennedy, I had no automatic invitation to Greek Parties or events, though Chaz and Erin could invite me to some stuff since I fell under the heading of acceptable things to bring to any party: alcohol and girls. Awesome. I’d gone from independent girlfriend to party paraphernalia.
I think that ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance‘ was mentally taxing, if only because I had to go to a Christmas party shortly after I had wrapped photography in Romania at two in the morning as the Ghost Rider. The invitation had a Christmas ornament on it with Ghost Rider’s face on it as a tree.
[I’ve gone to big stadium rock concerts at some artist‘s invitation], and eventually you find yourself in the room with the Radiant Being around whom all this is revolving. It’s very bizarre, and it’s quasi-religious, or possibly genuinely religious. Spooky. It’s a spooky and interesting thing.
The nation’s non-co-operation is an invitation to the Government to co-operate with it on its own terms, as is every nation‘s right and every good government‘s duty.
I feel that very strongly: having been an academic, having been tempted by the invitation to stay on to become a Ph.D., a professor, and all that, one side of me certainly does respect all disciplines, as long as they don’t ossify.
As I see it, a green salad is an open invitation to carrots, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and the sprouts that grow in jars on my kitchen counter.
What will happen in your life if you accept the invitation to stillness cannot be known … what can be known is you will have a larger capacity to truly meet whatever appears.
You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things.
Immigration and travel certainly don’t mean the same thing everywhere. Here in Cuba, the big wall isn’t just the fact that it’s an island, but the fact that we need an exit permit in order to leave, and the letters of invitation in order to visit another country.
The good news is that . . . humans are gifted by the potential for self-awareness and intelligent choice, and knowing our circumstance is an invitation to change.
But then she was not awkward, she was slow-flowing, graceful, seductive – a seductiveness that had nothing to do with breast and hips and legs, but was an invitation to forget the world in the recesses of the body
Focusing upon the positive by counting your blessings, or using positive affirmations in the fertile time before you fall asleep is an invitation to both your subconscious mind and your pre-conscious mind to use your dreams as a way to show you insights, solutions and new creative ideas.
There is no greater invitation to love than loving first.
It’s one of the reasons [Vladimir Putin invitation to U.S] why 50 national security officials who served in Republican information – in administrations have said that Donald [Trump] is unfit to be the commander- in-chief. It’s comments like that that really worry people who understand the threats that we face.
I love very much the night after every fashion show when I have all those invitations to parties and I stay quiet at home by myself.
Find a way to say “Yes” to things. Say yes to invitations to a new country, say yes to meet new friends, say yes to learning a new language, picking up a new sport. Yes is how you get your first job, and your next job. Yes is how you find your spouse, and even your kids.
But I also say this: that light is an invitation to happiness, and that happiness, when it’s done right, is a kind of holiness, palpable and redemptive.
But as a woman, I really started feeling vulnerable on the set, and I really felt that it was important that I should not be open for invitation or making myself look as though I was waiting for something.
True religion is not about possessing the truth. No religion does that. It is rather an invitation into a journey that leads one toward the mystery of God. Idolatry is religion pretending that it has all the answers.
We know that a ready amnesty tends to be an invitation to more illegal entries.
Briefs need limitations and invitations
Today, see each problem as an invitation to prayer.
Part of the creative process for me is an invitation for readers to follow their imagination.
The body apologizes to the soul for its errors, and the soul asks forgiveness for squatting in the body without invitation.
Beware of “the real world“. A speaker‘s apeal to it is always an invitation not to challenge his tacit assumptions.
I have never been any place where I was not first invited. And upon invitation, if I feel that there is potential for making some contribution to humanity, I will comply in spite of being tired.
Weeds don’t need planting in well-drained soil; they don’t ask for fertilizer or bits of rag to scare away the birds. They come without invitation; and they don’t take the hint when you want them to go. Weeds are nobody‘s guests: More like squatters.
Norman Nicholson
The inner self of every human waits patiently until we are ready to discover it; then it extends an invitation to enter the luminous mystery of existence in which all things are created, nurtured, and renewed. In the presence of this mystery, we not only heal ourselves, we heal the world.
Look, Matisse I ain’t. You know how they have on the invitations, a reception for the artist will be held at… And I say, Look, you gotta change this. I’m not an artist. I’m a photographer, a skilled craftsman.
Phil Stern
You do not invite experience with your ‘yes’ and exclude it with your ‘no’. There is no exclusion in this attraction-based Universe. Your focus in the invitation.
In most writers, style is a welcome, an invitation, a letting down of the drawbridge between the artist and the world. Shaw had no time for such ruses. Unlike most of his countrymen, he abominated charm, which he regarded as evidence of chronic temperamental weakness.
To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.
The U.S. government knew that China wanted to acquire sensitive U.S. technology, and instead of implementing a policy to prevent them from acquiring the information, the government all but gave them an invitation to take our equipment and designs.
You can’t act like you‘ve arrived when you’re only just receiving the invitation.
Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
EITC is an invitation to fraud.
Screenplays are not works of art. They are invitations to others to collaborate on a work of art.
The beliefs which we have most warrant for, have no safeguard to rest on, but a standing invitation to the whole world to prove them unfounded.
I cannot accept this invitation [to celebrate the bicentenial of the Constitution], for I do not believe that the meaning of the Constitution was forever ‘fixed’ at the Philadelphia Convention… To the contrary, the government they devised was defective from the start. [Progressive]
Look, lovers: almost separately they come towards us through the flowery grass and slowly; parting‘s so far from thought of, they indulge the extravagance of walking unembraced.
So on May 1, 1987, at Gary‘s invitation, I agreed to see him one last time – to confront him face-to-face about his sincerity and with the intention of ending our brief relationship.
I don’t worry about being a woman alone out there. My advice to people is to smile a lot, talk to strangers, accept all invitations and eat everything you’re offered.
I’ve had marriage proposals, invitations to military balls and even a few prom offers from 18-year-old boys.
I wish to extend an invitation to solidarity to everyone, and I would like to encourage those in public office to make every effort to give new impetus to employment, this means caring for the dignity of the person, but above all I would say do not lose hope.
You do not require an invitation to make profits.
Like other parties of the kind, it was first silent, then talky, then argumentative, then disputatious, then unintelligible, then altogether, then inarticulate, and then drunk. When we had reached the last step of this glorious ladder, it was difficult to get down again without stumbling.
She assumes that skill will guide her fingertips, that shapely lines will uncoil out of the pencil the moment she starts. Surely talent is a thing curled deep inside, just waiting to be exercised, and at the slightest invitation it will stretch, shake itself, make itself known? Talent, it seems, is not so insistent.
Invitation to Dance- It’s a Dance. And sometimes they turn the lights off in this ballroom. But we’ll dance anyway, you and I. Even in the Dark. Especially in the Dark. May I have the pleasure?
It requires real strength to love Man. And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not.
It is a fact of life that people give dinner parties, and when they invite you, you have to turn around and invite them back. Often they retaliate by inviting you again, and you must then extend another invitation. Back and forth you go, like Ping-Pong balls, and what you end up with is called social life.
I turn down invitations to do things for money. I have almost no interest in making money. Actually, I’ve acquired a fair amount of money that I will never live to spend. So earning money, in a way, depresses me, because I feel it’s just piling up.
I have an intimate relationship with books. After all, I take them with me into the bathtub-not an invitation I offer lightly.
We, one and all of us, have an instinct to pray; and this fact constitutes an invitation from God to pray.
She was a dull person, but a sensational invitation to make babies.
I’ve learned: When you get older, who cares? I don’t mince words, I don’t hold back. What are you gonna do to me? Fire me? It’s been done. Threaten to commit suicide? Done. Take away my show? Done! Not invite to me to the Vanity Fair party? I’ve never been invited! If I ever saw the invitation, I’d use it as toilet paper.
His invitation lingers. So does my question. Why me? I don’t know the answer. When I look at myself in the mirror, all I see is a starving, stunted bird who never grew wings and lost all reason to sing.
The saints are like the stars. In his providence Christ conceals them in a hidden place that they may not shine before others when they might wish to do so. Yet they are always ready to exchange the quiet of contemplation for the works of mercy as soon as they perceive in their heart the invitation of Christ.
I have great respect for press freedoms. At the same time, however, a politician also has the freedom to decide whether he or she will accept an invitation to appear on a show or not.
The truth is far beyond what we can see. Therefore my art is an invitation to comprehend this fact.
Unlike other countries, it was founded on written proclamations. America is an ideal as well as a republic. Its documents are open to revisions. They’re works in progress. There’s an invitation to participate.
It is the man and woman united that makes the complete human being. Separate she lacks his force of body and strength of reason; he her softness, sensibility and acute discernment. Together they are most likely to succeed in the world.
When you’re the first person whose beliefs are different from what everyone else believes, you’re basically saying, “I’m right, and everyone else is wrong.” That’s a very unpleasant position to be in. It’s at once exhilarating and at the same time an invitation to be attacked.
The Gospel is a declaration of something totally finished apart from our agreement or vote. Inside that declaration is an ongoing and relentless invitation to deepening relationship but any lack of belief or participation on our part has no power to negate the accomplished truth of that declaration.
I wondered what one wore to visit a vampire. The chic red sweater set didn’t go so well with my darker hair, and I was afraid it might be construed as a flirtatious invitation to color me bloodier.
Problems are invitations. They allow us to have encounters and experiences that enable us to discover who God is for us.
For me, writing a novel is like solving a puzzle. But I don’t intend my novels as puzzles. I intend them as invitations to dance.
If you will respond to the invitation to share your beliefs and feelings about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, a spirit of love and a spirit of courage will be your constant companion.
Indeed, I did not truly “belong” to any school, order, intellectual camaraderie or clique; I did not apply for admission to any of them, let alone did much to deserve an invitation; nor would I be listed by any of them – at least listed unqualifiedly – as “one of us”.
I do conventions sometimes every other weekend. Whenever I have time, and it’s not too far away. I get a lot of invitations (to appear at conventions) in other countries and I have to turn them down.
Since that deluge of newspaper articles I have been so flooded with questions, invitations, suggestions, that I keep dreaming I am roasting in Hell, and the mailman is the devil eternally yelling at me, showering me with more bundles of letters at my head because I have not answered the old ones.
I came first to America in 1977 at the invitation of a man who wanted to make my life story into a musical. But my agent said it was not to be and it was never done. So I went back, but I’d seen New York, and I wanted to live there. Because everybody talks to you in the street. See, nobody talks to you in England.
Christ’s voice sounds now for each of us in loving invitation; and dead in sin and hardness of heart though we be, we can listen and live. Christ Himself, my brother, sows the seed now. Do you take care that it falls not on, but in, your souls.
A wedding invitation is a gift subpoena.