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I got to meet Kanye West because we were shopping my artist deal, and I was interested in his label. When I met him, I played him all the records I had. He introduced me to Rihanna, and she recorded and cut some of those records.
If it’s time to party, it’s time for hip hop. I love Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye. If I’m chilling at home though, I’m listening to Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Radiohead, DJ Shadow. I also listen to a lot of classical.
He’s so sophisticated… Kanye is likeFifty Shades of Grey,’ he‘s interesting, so you want to be around him.
Nothing me and Kanye can do musically was gonna match the event of what we were trying to do. So we were trying to deliver an album and experience at one time; that was the idea for ‘Watch The Throne‘.
Kanye is one of my favorite producers and artists.
That’s why the Kanye Wests and the Drakes are just in a different league, because they have the ability to be vulnerable and open.
I don’t know if there’s anything Kanye West can do that can erase his influence on me, because it’s here. It’s already there. He can’t even reverse that himself, because it’s just so ingrained in me.
I’ve got a variety of things I like to listen to. I like R&B. I like Chris Brown. I like Nas. I like Jay Z. Rick Ross. Kanye West. I try to mix it up.
I don’t really know too many designers. I like a lot of what Kanye West has done with Yeezy, but I think it’s a bit too, how you say, elevated; it’s a little bit too special. Like he’s trying to make something that’s kind of a little bit too cool sometimes.
If Kanye was not in the equation, I literally wouldn’t even be here. His music pushed hip-hop – the man is a master at taking a complex idea and presenting it in a way that is accessible for everyone.
I’m proud of Jay Z’s success and Kanye’s success. Inside, I feel like I had something to do with their success… I don’t have anything but positive things to say.
I am the biggest Kanye and Jay Z fan.
I got a lot of influences. I got relevant influences today. I got influences that you wouldn’t even think of. I’m very influenced by Marilyn Manson. His style is ridiculous. Like, honestly, if you want me to keep it 100, Marilyn Manson has as much style as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.
We honestly shouldn’t be paying attention to nothing Kanye West says until he actually goes out there and gets the help we all think he needs. That’s what keeps these stigmas about mental health and everything going – we act like it’s a joke.
I really want to work with Rufus Wainwright. Michael Stipe from R.E.M. I would love to work with Kanye West.
So basically, Travis Scott took files from Tommy Brown and took them to Kanye and said he produced them and it was on video. He took a song I had written a hook to and took it to Teyana Taylor for her to do and change a little bit.
I love Kanye. He’s literally the only person that challenges me. He has an overwhelming love for music also, and that’s why he’s misunderstood. The boy is a genius. You can be mad all you want, but he loves what you listen to more than you love it. When he lost his mom I cried.
I rock with Chance, I rock with Kanye, I rock with Common.
The work ethic behind everything Kanye does is crazy. It’s greatness. He told me, ‘We’re not just rappers, we’re artists.’
Me and Kanye work awesome together. He’s a creative man, I’m a creative man, we put our ideas together, it’s like the perfect formula.
Obviously, Kanye and I are very different in the way we express ourselves publicly. He’s so passionate… about art, about culture, about creativity. And he’s really good at it. And that honesty manifests itself in ways that are not politically correct, not socially acceptable sometimes.
I signed with Kanye back in 2003, and at that time, ‘The College Dropout’ hadn’t even come out, so he was still relatively unknown compared to where he is now. He wasn’t a household name; people were still calling him ‘Kane.’
I was lucky enough to be in the studio with Drake and Kanye before I put ‘Freaky Friday‘ out. I showed them the video before I put it out.
I’d love to be the female Kanye. I think he’s so cool and effortless.
The Kardashians are walking clickbait – but let’s look closer. Do Kim and Kanye affect how society feels about interracial relationships and blended families?
What started it all was the Kanye album, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ We started listening to that and just fell in love with it, fell in love with his production style.
I’ma work with Kanye. I’ma try my damndest.
I started singing backgrounds for Mary Mary and Usher during ‘Confessions.’ Then I jumped to working with Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott; jumped again to Kanye West, The Killers. I kept saying, ‘OK, this is the last time; then I get to do my music.’
Who wouldn’t want a baby girl? They’re the best! And I know that’s what Kanye has always wanted; he wanted a little girl.
I don’t think I ever wanted to be like Kanye in personality. I think I definitely want to, have always wanted to, have his boldness or assurance in myself.
I think Kanye West is a hilarious writer.
Income inequality has become so prevalent in the U.S. that examples of its negative impact on the middle class are as common as Kanye West saying something cringeworthy in the media.
I used to be very good friends with Kanye.
I love Kanye.
As an artist, you can’t expect a producer to just bring you a record. If you walk in and say, ‘I want Kanye West’s ‘Power,’ it just doesn’t work that way.
I met Kim Kardashian the other week, and she knew who I was! I walked in the room, and she was like, ‘I should text Kanye saying you’re here; he showed me your music.’ It’s really hard to digest. Also, I don’t think you should digest stuff like that.
For somebody like Kanye, fame is the fullest realisation of his art in a way. It’s like an Andy Warhol dream or something. He’s able to marshal all of these different artforms and media into his story, in this very layered, idiosyncratic way.
Kanye has this discursive way of working, getting input from a range of people, that I thought was really cool.
I don’t know. I respect Kanye, but when it comes to Trump, I’m not into that, man.
I’m just the biggest Kanye fan. I think he’s a genius.
Kanye’s the best listener I’ve ever worked with. If I interrupt Kanye, every single time, he’ll wait for me to finish before speaking. It’s a running joke – sometimes I interrupt him just to see. And he always goes, ‘No, no, finish. I want to hear what you have to say.’
There’s so many things that Kanye does that I agree with and disagree with at times. I just say, ‘You’re in a different place, and what you’re doing is experimental. Nobody’s been there in hip-hop.’
I think it would be different to work with a guy like Kanye West or Jay-Z, those guys are so phenomenal, but just to work with a rapper, I don’t think is really my thing. I really like songs, like true songs. Like indie songs.
Justin Vernon is one of the collaborators Kanye will always go to. He doesn’t fit in with any genres – you never know if he’s gonna sing, like, the Bee Gees or some crazy, distorted thing. And you don’t know what he’s saying half the time. He’s kind of like Michael McDonald, like he’s got marbles in his mouth.
I’d like to produce something with Kanye. Like, my production plus his, I think he’d make something really cool.
Kanye is the weirdest… He is the weirdest person I know other than me. I’ve told him that before.
It could be interesting doing something with Kanye.
I can’t front: I like Kanye.
I definitely want to work with Kanye, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande – all the big people.
The first time I was pregnant, Kanye and I were dating, and I was just being introduced to the world of fashion. I wanted to work with a bunch of different stylists, and when you work with a new stylist, everyone wants to possess your look.
What I love about Kanye is that he doesn’t fit the mould either. He does what he feels.
Kanye took me from a kid who listened to music to a kid who lived music.
My sound comes from my inspiration, which is people like Aretha and Jay Z and Kanye, as well as everyone from the Whitneys and Mariahs to Destiny‘s Child and Usher. They all inspired me growing up.
Working with Kanye is one of the greatest things ever. It’s also one of the most nerve-wracking things ever. He’s, like, the most critical, particular, artistic person ever.
Sunken-place entrants include Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpson, sometimes Kanye West, and any black person with something nice to say about President Trump. It’s more generous than ‘sellout‘ and less punitive than ‘Uncle Tom,’ a dis and a road to redemption.
I remember going backstage on a random night and Kanye goes, ‘Ayo Premier, I’m about to drop an album called ‘College Dropout’ and I’m rapping on the whole thing. And as I soon it drop it’s gonna go double platinum.’ I looked at him like, ‘That’s a bold statement to make if you never rapped before.’
It just makes you a better artist when you’re with people who are great artists themselves. Being around Kanye, soaking up all the knowledge, all the stuff he got.
I love Jay-Z, I love Kanye, and I praise the way he’s been able to bring more business out of the jungle.
I miss Kanye. I miss him around; I miss his brilliant energy. Keeps you really motivated… I love it. I love it! He is always ahead of the times. He is inspiring.
I’m really impressed every time Kanye comes to perform at ‘SNL‘ because he finds a new way to make that space work for him.
Kanye is the best. I’m obsessed with him to the nine. There’s nobody smarter, cooler. I sit for hours talking to him sometimes. There’s nobody more amazing, brilliant, innovative. He talks to me and I leave him and I’m like How am I going to talk to regular people now?
I just love his creativity; that’s what I’m talking about as far as being unique and creative and different. Kanye is doing it.
I listened to a lot of Jay-Z and Kanye coming up, which would be unexpected for a boy bander like me. But I’d listen to a lot of that, and a lot of Ed Sheeran, actually.
I’d love to work with Kanye West. He’s gone through a lot of stuff in the public eye, but his music is genius. He always takes risks.
Kanye West is my older brother, an inspiring guy and someone who keeps pushing my level up further and further.
Kanye West is a brilliant poet and artist. He and I work in a very similar way. We feel the vibration, the power of something, and it inspires us to create, whether it is music or design. It is the same process. Working with Kanye is a joy and great privilege. In 2012, we did collaboration together.
The first time I really listened to an album and thought, ‘This album is mine,’ was Kanye’s ‘Late Registration.’
I feel like I’m the Kanye of the NFL.
Black people are not a monolith. Black people have different thoughts. And sometimes people just need to hear the harsh truth – even myself. But you can’t manufacture a hard truth and place it on somebody. When Kanye says slavery was a choice, that’s not a harsh truth.
Here’s Kanye, the great musical genius of his generation in hip hop, but, like, society really can’t even deal with him because he’s always saying something that people go, ‘Oh, I can’t believe Kanye said that. I can’t believe he did that.’
Kanye is going to have to decide early whether or not he’s a Baby Bjorn guy, because the minute you put on that Baby Bjorn, there’s no turning back. It’s like buying a minivan. You lose a little piece of yourself when you get that Baby Bjorn.
We don’t need Kanye to spit on grime instrumentals to show grime is great.
What Autotune allows is for people like myself and Kanye West not to depend on the singer. Back in the Fifties, the songwriter was rendered invisible. Now the songwriter is there in the forefront.
Oh man, I would definitely love to work with Kanye on something. But it really is all up to him, so whatever he wants to do, I’m with it.
I love Kanye for that. Being a producer, making beats, and being a rapper. He does it all.
Whether you like Kanye or not, there has been a character assassination against this guy. You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but you do have to defend his right to say it.
Kanye West is my favorite artist.
I’m a young dude from Chicago who grew up with Kanye as my image of hip-hop. Finding your voice in a room where you have to challenge Kanye is scary – but it’s also life-affirming.
His belief in the power of music to convey ideas – not just entertain – has filtered down to musicians in every field, from alt-rock to hip-hop, from Bruce Springsteen and U2 to Arcade Fire and Kanye West. Popular music is different because of Johnny Cash.
What I want to say about the Kanye thing is that whoever wants me to be in their life – whether it’s a rapper, celebrity, janitor, banker, newsman, teacher – my job is to be a light for God and Christ. Whoever I’m with and whatever I’m doing, that’s my purpose.
I only think one person is really cool, and that’s Kanye.
My favorite rappers are, I can’t really say. I like Kanye because he’s so creative. He’ll just do anything. I like what Kanye’s bringing to the game. Lil Wayne. I like Wayne.
I’m a Kanye fan.
All I really want is a beat from Kanye West. I’ve met him, and I think he’s real cool with us. If I get that beat, I’m going to rap the best verse I ever dropped – even if it’s his worst beat.
Every time I get dressed, I try to channel a little bit of Kanye West and a little bit of Sailor Moon.
I knew Kanye way before he was signed.
I had an advantage because people would post me on blogs because I had co-signs from Kanye West, Def Jam, and G.O.O.D. Music. Everything I put out, the blogs would put up. When I realized that, I used that to my advantage and helped build my following on my own.
Hip hop is the strongest form of protest there is, and it doesn’t always have to be a violent protest. It can be romantic, also. When you listen to Kanye West’s ‘Street Lights‘ for example, there’s romance, there’s pain – you feel the essence. I get the same thing from Drake and 2 Chainz.
The only people playing the roles of classic rock stars are hip-hop artists, now. Kanye’s stage persona, and the way he approaches making albums, and the way he wants to be better than everyone else? That’s reminiscent of Freddie Mercury. That’s reminiscent of the Beatles.
I listen to unhealthy amount of Kanye. The Fugees. Also, ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.’
Michael Jackson was a Gemini. Kanye, Lauryn Hill, a lot of people that are amazing artists are Geminis.
Kanye is so much fun. He’s a wonderful person. What I love about Kim and Kanye is that I think they save their happy moments and their smiles for themselves rather than sharing everything with the public. And listen, when a camera is shoved in your face trying to take a selfie, you do not want to smile.
People like rumors. They’re going to say things like, ‘You was at the club with Lil’ Kim, and you and Kanye West got into a fist fight.’ You can’t get upset. You’ve got to keep hope alive.
I’ve always been a fan of Nigerian artist D’banj. He’s now signed to Kanye West’s Good Music label.
I don’t know if he remembers, but the first time I ever met Cudi was the first time I met Kanye. I’ve never told anyone this, but it was the same day. That was the first time I was around G.O.O.D. Music at all. I was sitting like, ‘Man, I’m in the presence of ‘Ye and Cudi. This is the art level where I want to be.’
When Kanye gets to a point where he can actually put a couple of notes together either vocally or two bars of valid music playing an instrument, then he might have a right to criticize somebody else.
I love Kanye West. I think he’s a visionary. He’s one of those people for whom I separate his personality from his artistry.
I mean, Kim used to be a leper in the fashion community, and now they embrace her and she’s on the cover of Vogue, and that’s all thanks to Kanye. And her being associated with him was good not just for her, but for her entire family.
To be able to do a song with Kanye West and then a video with Hype Williams who directed the video, that’s a highlight of any artist’s’ career.
Kanye West – he’s all over the place, and I think he defines what an artist is because none of his work is the same, and he’s into what he’s into.
I met Kim Kardashian in a nightclub once, and she was really nice. Kanye was with her, but he didn’t speak. He just looked at me.
I used to call Kanye, Kanye pick up on the first ring, now Kanye don’t even got no phone, that’s how much times have changed.
If you look at things historically, Kanye West has really represented the battering ram against political correctness.
The word we have in Korea for K-Pop is ‘Gaio.’ And I guess it’s a huge umbrella term. Basically it’s like saying Coldplay and Kanye West, or Eminem and Celine Dion, are the same genre.
I buy everything India Arie, just because she’s such a positive person, and I just love her music. Her music’s so soulful… I think Kanye West is a genius musically.
Like, I always knew I wanted a Kanye West feature and a Jay-Z feature. I knew that starting in the game when it wasn’t even realistic to happen. I already knew who I wanted to do records with.
Drake and Kanye make me want to get better.
Prodigal sons like Barack Obama, Kanye West, and Michael Jordan only come back to Chicago to sell their homes.
The tour bus is always fun, and there’s plenty of time to watch movies. Actually, Kanye introduced me to the movieStep Brothers.’ We were sitting there, watching it and clowning around – it was so funny, man.
I think whenever you’re around Kanye, you gotta take notes. The advice is taking notes, because everything he does and everything he says is very detailed and very up front. He’s always one hundred what he says.
Kanye’s the best. He really, really is. He’s cool. And why we’ve always gotten along is because we can just sit down and talk about art.
In the beginning it was definitely Drake, Kanye and Lil Wayne – those were my influences. But having worked with all those three individually, I’m now appreciating my own individuality.
I think Kanye West is brilliant at what he does: he’s got a different live show, different merch for every tour, different vibes, and he just puts out great records.
Do something active that’s fun. On tour with Kanye and Common, we would have basketball games on a court in every city we went to. With Alicia Keys, we would mountain-bike across Vancouver Island. With Lady Gaga, we would explore all the cool neighborhoods.
I said ‘no’ nine times when Kanye asked me to work with him because I liked being friends with him. Then he put me in a position where I couldn’t say no: He just told everyone I was his manager.