Lifetime Quotes

Lifetime Quotes by George J. Mitchell, Russ Feingold, Kim Il-sung, Anirudh Ravichander, Melissa Leo, Sarah Dessen and many others.

I didn’t want to make it a lifetime thing. I don’t believe in statutory term limits, but people can limit themselves if they want to, and that’s what I decided to do.
People whose terms go for five years or longer, like FCC commissioners. That’s a higher standard. Then district judges, who are appointed for a lifetime but can be overruled. Then Court of Appeals judges. They’re not the highest level, but they’re almost the final word. And then, of course, the Supreme Court.
My God is none other than the people. Only the popular masses are omniscient and omnipotent and almighty on earth. Therefore my lifetime motto is: “The people are my God.”
I was told that the ‘Kolaveri’ kind of success happens just once in a lifetime. So, I just cherish it.
I always wanted to play a nun, and to play the Reverend Mother was a thrill of a lifetime for me. But, generations back, my family were not churchgoers, which is an unusual thing in the United States.
You can’t love anyone that way more than once in a lifetime. It’s too hard and it hurts too much when it ends. The first boy is always the hardest to get over, Haven. It’s just the way the world works.
Was I the only woman in the world who, at my age – and after a lifetime of quite rampant independencestill did not quite feel grown up?
I worry about America. For the first time in my lifetime, I’m worried about us, i’m worried about how our values to some degree have been eroded, of personal responsibility and compassion and teamwork. I worry about it, I worry about the fact that we’re so divided.
For many older Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, a lifetime of discrimination has undermined their right to a retirement with dignity.
I don’t want to be more famous. I enjoy making movies but I enjoy my private life too. As an actor, to do it once in my lifetime I think would be a good experience. But I’ll just leave it to fate. I had a chance to work with Ang Lee because of fate.
Three years is a lifetime in Hollywood. If your career starts slipping in L.A., you can really feel it. All of a sudden, the people that you were beating for a part start beating you.
Punk rock and skateboarding took the ‘school‘ out of living your life, and I related to learning as I went, doing a lot of different things that I liked, when I liked. Consequently, I’m mediocre at all of the above, but still stoked on being a lifetime student of music, skating, painting, writing, etc.
But most of all I was inspired by the stirring examples of all the other runners. In some pictures they would seem like tiny dots in a mosaic, but each had a separate narrative starting a few months or a lifetime earlier and finishing that day in the New York City Marathon, the race with 37,000 stories.
Mark Sutcliffe
The only way love can last a lifetime is if it’s unconditional.
Among the lessons learned in my lifetime is the ease with which corruption can enter high places in the mask of friendship. Sometimes the recipient is not aware of the barbed hook under the gift; often, he who gives may not know but be the unwitting agent of a craftier mind.
You can hardly convince a man of an error in a lifetime, but must content yourself with the reflection that the progress of science is slow. If he is not convinced, his grandchildren may be.
There is a certain strong sense of inner conviction that strikes, with a pang as that of birth, through the very soul, and which is experienced but once or twice in a lifetime.
‘King Lear,’ I’ve been seeing all my life. I mean, the great actors of my lifetime… to join their company, as it were, by playing a part that’s challenged them, is one of the great joys of being an actor who does the classics.
Only once in a lifetime love rushes in, changing you with the tide.
Pain of love lasts a lifetime.
Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian
It is a search for a mythical CO2 sink to explain an immeasurable CO2 lifetime to fit a hypothetical CO2 computer model that purports to show that an impossible amount of fossil fuel burning is heating the atmosphere. It is all a fiction.
Tom Segalstad
I don’t have prejudices against anybody. I have opinions, based on a lifetime’s experience.
Every single person around the world has this storage facility in their bedroom, and we call it a closet, and 80 percent of the stuff in that storage facility is worn three times or less in its lifetime.
A single lifetime, even though entirely devoted to the sky, would not be enough for the study of so vast a subject. A time will come when our descendants will be amazed that we did not know things that are so plain to them.
If there’s anyone in my lifetime who deserves honor it is Billy Graham. I think he is the most significant figure since the apostles.
Not the intense moment Isolated, with no before and after, But a lifetime burning in every moment.
Defeat ends when we launch into another battle. Failure has no end: it is a lifetime choice.
Christlikeness is your eventual destination, but your journey will last a lifetime.
We’re always talking and plotting and discussing what we can do to give our fans the best possible experience and leave everyone going home with having an amazing time and a memory that will last a lifetime.
The happy think a lifetime short, but to the unhappy one night can be an eternity.
It would take a lifetime to read all the webcomics published in one year.
During their lifetimes, every man and woman will stumble across a great opportunity. Sadly, most of them will simply pick themselves up, dust themselves down and carry on as if nothing ever happened.
Style is often something which locks the painter into the same vision, the same technique, the same formula during years and years, sometimes during one’s whole lifetime.
Victoria Arlen has given me a purpose beyond the dance floor. She has given me an opportunity of a lifetime to be able to make an impact on a very special community and beyond.
i want you, and i want you forever. one lifetime is simply not enough for me.
It takes some of us a lifetime to learn that Christ, our Good Shepherd, knows exactly what He is doing with us. He understands us perfectly.
God has opened many doors of opportunity throughout my lifetime, but I believe the greatest of those doors was allowing me to be born in the United States of America.
Make yourself useful, not just on a day to day basis, but as a lifetime thing.
A lot of my creative projects are inspired and driven by technology and style. My mission is to recycle as much plastic possible in my lifetime and beyond in the form of high quality products.
When you challenge other people’s ideas of who or how you should be, they may try to diminish and disgrace you. It can happen in small ways in hidden places, or in big ways on a world stage. You can spend a lifetime resenting the tests, angry about the slights and the injustices. Or, you can rise above it.
Ten years ago, 15 years ago, I think the church would have been asleep at the switch. This level of activism and engagement with the needs of society by local churches I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime.
Benedict Arnold was a war hero, wounded in battle–before he turned against his country. Hitler was likewise a decorated and wounded veteran of the First World War. Being a war hero is not a lifetime…exempt[ion]…from responsibility for what you do thereafter.
He who creates three to five haiku poems during a lifetime is a haiku poet. He who attains to completes ten is a master.
After a lifetime of swimming upstream, I am convinced that one of the real secrets to Wal-mart’s phenomenal success has been that very tendency.
I’m less confident now than I’ve ever been. In this peculiar craft, confidence is something you spend a lifetime losing. I used to be frightened only one night a week but now I’m frightened of every performance. I mean really frightened.
Sex and death. Two things that come but once in my lifetime, but at least after death you’re not nauseous.
The struggle to excavate your true, authentic self from beneath the mountain of conditioning and ridiculous expectation is the epic struggle of your lifetime.
A lifetime with such a woman was not nearly enough.
I have a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), which has affected my growth and bone strength. In short, people with the kind of OI I have generally experience hundreds of fractures in their lifetime and use wheelchairs for mobility.
Choice or freedom of choice is just an existential concern. But for photographers, it’s a lifetime’s preoccupation.
I have to tell you, my seven-year-old granddaughter said to my daughter, her mother, ‘So what’s the big deal about Grandma Maddy having been Secretary of State? Only girls are Secretaries of State.’ Most of her lifetime, it’s true. But at the time it really was a big deal.
Some events take a lifetime to reveal their damage and influence.
We have the most liberal, the most leftist candidate who has ever run for president in my lifetime; he’s a sitting duck. This guy‘s policies are aimed at destroying the age of American greatness.
I did grow up watching Buck Rogers and Buck Rogers didn’t stop at Mars. In my lifetime, I will be incredibly disappointed if we have not at least reached Mars.
A university is not about results in the next quarter; it is not even about who a student has become by graduation. It is about learning that molds a lifetime, learning that transmits the heritage of millennia; learning that shapes the future
If you’ve ever had your heart broken, it’s like, once is enough – you can live a lifetime on that. Ya know? You can write a lot of records on one broken heart.
It’s better to live one day on this planet being true to yourself than an entire lifetime which is a lie
Trust takes a lifetime to build, but only a moment to destroy. When looking to build a genuine connection with a mentor, you can simply partake in shared hobbies or activities the mentee or mentor is into, exchange stories, or partake in trust-building workshops together.
Death is the end of a lifetime, not the end of a relationship.
Getting married is easy. Staying married is more difficult. Staying happily married for a lifetime is among the fine arts.
Being born again happens in an instant. Learning to live as a child of God takes a lifetime.
There were a thousand secrets in her eyes, a thousand wounds. A lifetime of distrust and betrayal. Isolation. How did one overcome such things?
You have one Mord-Sith and one Mother Confessor, here, both in very bad moods. I would suggest you not give us an excuse to lose our temper, or we may never find it again in your lifetime.” -Kahlan Amnell
I’m a lifetime St. Louis Cardinals fan.
I just have always wanted to shave my head. I think every woman should just do it once in her lifetime.
If I was not born in this lifetime in New York, certainly in a previous life, I was a New Yorker.
I never sat on a wheelchair during my recovery, never wanted to sit at all. Its also a bit psychological. I thought if I sat on a wheelchair once, itll remain stuck to me for a lifetime.
I have seen water availability change drastically in my own lifetime. Around the world, millions of people are already living in a true water crisis.
The Dominican Republic has not been known in my lifetime as having world-class academic abilities.
Most people have the opportunity of a lifetime flash right in front of them, and they fail to see it. A year later, they find out about it, after everyone else got rich.
When we come to the last moment of this lifetime and we look back across it, the only thing that’s going to matter is ‘What is the quality of our love?’
“It doesn’t matter how long it takes.” She thought of him, of them, the lifetime already shared. “It’s how long it lasts.”
It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to be teamed up with (Kevin) Harvick, with Tony (Stewart), Danica (Patrick). Us four in the same meetings, it could be hell or could be great. I’m just kidding about the hell part.
She once complained that her stories were like ‘birds bred in cages,’ but that concentrated atmosphere, that claustrophobic hothouse of emotion, was her talent. Her stories were little masterpieces of compression: she succinctly contained whole lifetimes in a few pages, every moment loaded with as much as it could bear.
Katie Roiphe
My wife Ciera and I can stand face-to-face in our kitchen and stare into each other’s eyes and talk for three hours without noticing that any time has passed. She is the kind of gal I spent a lifetime daydreaming about. She is an actor and a creative companion.
Voltaire expected that within fifty years of his lifetime there would not be one Bible in the world. His house is now a distribution center for Bibles in many languages.
It may not happen in my lifetime, but if I can play a part in moving things along, then I feel I’ve done a good job.
I would rather have 100,000 fans for a lifetime than a million for a couple years.
We can all be successful and make money, but when we die, that ends. But when you are significant is when you help other people be successful. That lasts many a lifetime.
I’m a yarnaholic. That means I have more yarn stashed away than any one person could possibly use in three or four lifetimes. There’s something inspiring about yarn that makes me feel I could never have enough.
In the broadest sense, evolution is merely change, and so is all-pervasive; galaxies, languages, and political systems all evolve. Biological evolution … is change in the properties of populations of organisms that transcend the lifetime of a single individual.
Whatever you are struggling with, is a reminder for you to find your true purpose in this lifetime.
Spend a lifetime in hard work with a humble mind.
When I act I try to express the suffering or joy I’ve known during my lifetime.
Sometimes I feel an impingement of something I went through in another lifetime. But I like to concentrate on the absolute present. That’s why I love my animals. They live in the present.
At some point in our lifetime, gay marriage won‘t be an issue, and everyone who stood against this civil right will look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping James Hood from entering the University of Alabama because he was black.
An entire lifetime would not be long enough for you to exhaust the glance of the young harvest-girl.
I don’t think that God is a person, a great big person in the sky. I think that God is the essence of life that shapes and forms itself in a thousand different ways, in a million lifetimes, that can be used and focused, and directed and experienced.
The person who gives selflessly in this lifetime immediately goes into a better state of mind. That is instant karma.
I have more ideas than I’ll ever be able to write in five lifetimes.
Never set goals you can reach in your lifetime.
A lifetime is not too long to spend in learning about the world.
There are future lives. It is not necessary to cram everything into this lifetime. You can enjoy this lifetime, go with the flow, and know it will lead you to a better life in your next incarnation.
As a father, physician and nurse, I have a special place in my heart for children, and I know the brief window of opportunity we have to teach them simple lessons that can lead to a lifetime of good health.
Someone like Roman Polanski comes with a lifetime of achievement, cinematically.
It’s my belief that, like every other American, gay and lesbian couples should be able to make a lifetime commitment to the person they love and protect their families.
There are too many books in the world to read in a single lifetime; you have to draw the line somewhere.
If all the suns but ours collapsed tonight, how many lifetimes would it take us to realize that we were alone?
I didn’t want to be the monster! I didn’t want to kill this room full of harmless children! I didn’t want to lose everything I’d gained in a lifetime of sacrifice and denial!
Old Cob tucked away his bowl of stew with the predatory efficency of a lifetime bachelor.
Annapurna was a special situation. It was a lifetime dream to finish that route. When I started climbing the South Face, I really expected not to come back alive.
Cancer is the ultimate nemesis that hangs in the balance for one in three women and one in two men in their lifetime.
One of the bigger misconceptions of learning is that many skills take a lifetime to get world-class at, or 10,000 hours to become world-class at.
Small mistakes tend to lead to large ones. Ours is a lifetime appoinment, and all you have is your reputation. Once it’s gone, it doesn’t comeback.
Reincarnation is not necessarily linear. Sometimes people actually become more immersed in darkness or illusion than they were in previous lifetimes.
When you grow up these days, you’re told you’re going to have four or five different careers during your lifetime. But what they don’t tell you is that you’re also going to be four or five different people along the way.
National pride is the culmination of a lifetime public relations campaign of psychological mind-control techniques.
There are the samskaras, the tendencies from your other lifetimes, ways of seeing, habits that are so strong, they affect you now. They are the operative situations in your life that are created by karma.
I think that Obama‘s failure to reestablish the rule of law in money matters is the most damaging thing that he’s done – and perhaps the most damaging thing that has happened in American politics in my lifetime. Because once the rule of law is absent in money matters, then anything really goes in politics.
Wrestling is maybe 10 percent of our job. Everything else is what we do outside the ring and that’s really rewarding. I got to go to Afghanistan to visit the troops, work with Special Olympics, it’s just one of those jobs that’s once in a lifetime and we’re lucky to do it.
What is your idea of earthly happiness? To be vindicated in my own lifetime.
I see the day in our own lifetime that reverence for the natural systems, the oceans, the rainforests, the soil, the grasslands, and all other living things will be so strong that no narrow ideology based upon politics or economics will overcome it.
Genuine religion is not about speculating about God or the soul or about what happened in the past or will happen in the future; it cares only about one thing finding out exactly what should or should not be done in this lifetime.
A year. We’d known each other only a year, but we’d lived a lifetime in it.
I have no doubt that Russia tried to meddle in our election. They’re going to continue trying to – just like they have my entire lifetime.
In my lifetime, I want to see humanity start being conscious of our waste, the things we buy, and how we can reuse and recycle things. I want people to live harmoniously with our planet. I hope everybody wakes up and appreciates life.
With the changing economy, no one has lifetime employment. But community colleges provide lifetime employability.
A lifetime isn’t long enough to learn how to make films.
I have long had a theory Bill ClintonHillary Clinton relationship. Not how they met, not that story, not the courtship or any of that. But how it happened that this once-in-a-lifetime woman.
What I’m interested in is modern American history. I’m taken with the changes that have occurred in America in my lifetime.
Weight control does have to be for a lifetime or you’ll be yo-yoing.
I’m sure I’ve devoted enough thought to Rush Limbaugh for one lifetime.
To hope means to be ready at every moment for that which is not yet born, and yet not become desperate if there is no birth in our lifetime.
Favorite People, Favorite Places,
Favorite Memories of the past …
These are the joys of a lifetime
Those are the things that last
I made more money yesterday than I ever thought I’d make in an entire lifetime. But it’s like somebody‘s going to take it all away from me and I’ll be back in Texas, installing them damned irrigation wells. I didn’t like that when I was sixteen. And I know I wouldn’t like it when I’m eighty.
In the history of literature there are many great enduring works which were not published in the lifetimes of the authors. If the authors had not achieved self-affirmation while writing, how could they have continued to write?
Emerson’s fame as a writer and thinker was firmly established during his lifetime by the books he gave to the world.
Every deed has a seed. In other words, the deeds you choose to do in this lifetime create a seed for future generations.
As incarnations go by, the atom gets more complex. That is, your being, the part of you that reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime, the aggregate, grows thicker and denser.
Being a justice. If you love law the way I do… you’re given the job of a lifetime… you’re permitted to address the most important legal questions of the country, and sometimes the world. And in doing so, you make a difference in people’s lives.
The vision of a nation formed from many different peoples bound together by a common love of freedom was staked out long before our lifetimes or even our parents‘ or grandparents‘ lifetimes.
To look at and properly appreciate the British Museum is the work of a lifetime.
It has only been within my lifetime that asteroids have been considered a credible threat to our planet. And since then, there’s been a focused effort underway to discover and catalog these objects. I am lucky enough to be part of this effort. I’m part of a team of scientists that use NASA‘s NEOWISE telescope.
I think acting is a fun thing because you get to have so many lifetimes in one lifetime, being all these different people.
If we want to end this lifetime higher than we began, we can expect an uphill road.
From the economy to national security to government ethics, the Republican nominee promised once-in-a-lifetime change if he is elected Nov. 8.
It turns out, all the studies show you invest a little time in another person’s life, often a younger person, and all of us have that capacity to do it, just an hour a week, an hour every couple of weeks, and you can make a tremendous difference in a kid‘s life over their lifetime.
Temptation can be tormenting, but remember: The torment of temptation to sin is nothing to compare with the torment of the consequences of sin. Remorse and regret cannot compensate for sin….though sins can be forgiven immediately – the consequences can last a lifetime
You can live a lifetime and at the end of it, know more about other people than you know about yourself.
Sleep lingers all our lifetime about our eyes, as night hovers all day in the boughs of the fir-tree.
I started as a black-and-white teenage photographer, and I’m still there decades after. In some ways, the genre is almost gone. I am thinking of true, stubborn, lifetime black-and-white photographers, as opposed to black-and-white as a photographic commodity.
I think every work of art is an act of faith, or we wouldn’t bother to do it. It is a message in a bottle, a shout in the dark. It’s saying, ‘I’m here and I believe that you are somewhere and that you will answer if necessary across time, not necessarily in my lifetime.’
After a lifetime of nature shows and magazine photos, we arrive at the woods conditioned to expect splendorsurprised when the parking lot does not contain a snarl of animals attractively mating and killing each other.
When divorces meant marriage no longer provided security for a lifetime, women adjusted by focusing on careers as empowerment. But when the sacrifice of a career met the sacrifices in a career, the fantasy of a career became the reality of trade-offs. Women developed career ambivalence.
To have come here as an intern for the ‘Today’ show, to shoot that reel – I looked so serious. To be terrified like that and then to come and sit at this desk, to sit next to my friend Peter Alexander every Saturday, it is the honor of a lifetime.
I only became an actor to get your attention, to challenge the archetype of an African American male; I can’t be anything else in this lifetime than an African American man.
We don’t genuinely need more literary geniuses. One can only read so many books in a lifetime.
It’s been a lifetime of trying to have less beef. Beef comes very naturally to me. I was born with my dukes up, but that’s not always necessary anymore. I have to retrain myself.
I learned more about my father in his last 5 to 6 years than I ever did my whole lifetime.
Within you there are thousands of rings of luminosity, bands, and each one is a universe of perception. In the average person’s lifetime, they might just open up two or three, maybe four of those bands.
The goal is to provide analytical tools that will last students a lifetime
That’s something I always say is good to do in life, is to leave our mark in this lifetime.
A moment of insight from God is worth more than a lifetime of experience.
John Paul Jackson
A conscious lifetime… is a treasure beyond value.
As humans, we make a lot of mistakes and take a lot of chances in one lifetime.
In his lifetime the great French impressionist painter Corot painted 2000 canvases. Of that number, 3000 are in the United States.
Few Christians understand the concept of eternal rewards, even thought the Lord dedicated a great deal of His precious time on earth to teaching about them. The one certainty is that our position in the Lord’s kingdom will be inversely proportional to how we indulge ourselves in this lifetime.
Most of us have been subjected to terrible political poetry at least once or twice in our lifetimes, and so we tend to shy away from it.
To me, the most amazing the most amazing transformation in my lifetime is not the revolution of the Sixties but the counter revolution of the Seventies, where they managed to put the cuckoo clock back together again
I think in our lifetime, that level of acceptance of “well, we couldn’t do any better,” won’t be tolerated. We’re going to start to see individual therapies customized for individual patients, and it’s going to change the way people get healthcare.
Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.
At one time I thought that if I could really understand renunciation and bodhichitta from the depths of my heart, then, for this lifetime that would be enough.
Our very sexual identities are artifices and illusions, the result of a lifetime of striving.
John Stoltenberg
We’ve got to listen to other people’s voices, respect them, but keep in mind, and I believe in terms of the things that I’ve read in my lifetime, the Lord is not picking us. But because of how we respect human rights, because that we are a good force in the world, he wants America to be strong.
I’m a lifetime member of the NRA.
Each song is a lifetime, it begins and ends, and there’s a journey taken within the songs.
I thought Obama was brilliant. He’s so informed. He’s circumspect. He’s articulate. He’s thoughtful. Well, I think in my lifetime, there’s never been anything like it.
I’ve got more ideas for books than I’ll ever be able to use in my lifetime. I’m very fortunate like that
In theory, at least, all presidents are servants of the people who elected them. In the case of Barack Obama, it has seemed from the start that the idea as applied to him was more than mere metaphor. He is the first president in my lifetime whom the country felt obligated to remind that he know his place.
Of all the forces that are exerted on us over our lifetime, at least for me, love has been the most powerful of all.
What is striking is how the reputation of the monarchy has gone up and down in my lifetime.
I remember during my lifetime I would meet women, and it was almost like God would say to me, ‘Now, this woman here is not the one you are going to end up with, but she is going to be a lot like this woman; look at this woman, study this woman.’ And when my wife showed up, He was like, ‘You recognize her now?’
I made a lot of exits through side doors, down fire escapes or over rooftops. I abandoned more wardrobes in the course of five years than most men acquire in a lifetime. I was slipperier than a buttered escargot.
He defined me first, as parents do. Those early characterizations can become the shimmering self-image we embrace or the limited, stifling perception we rail against for a lifetime.
A business enterprise must continue beyond the lifetime of the individual or of the generation to be capable of producing its contributions to economy and to society.
I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.
And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.
In a lifetime there are only a few people you can work with… where you can trust each other and push each other in different directions.
You can’t rule out deflation just because you’ve never seen it in your lifetime.
One in three women may suffer from abuse and violence in her lifetime. This is an appalling human rights violation, yet it remains one of the invisible and under-recognized pandemics of our time.
I’m certainly dismayed by what I’m seeing now. There’s a lot of ugliness of a kind I’ve never seen in my lifetime, or heard in my lifetime. But, look, I’m a romantic. I’m hopeful.
But when I look back I can’t call myself unlucky. My 23rd birthday was December 14. In these years I have had more than most people get in a lifetime.
Ernie Davis
And you know, we did it as an independent film, and we weren’t expecting it to be on television, and Lifetime ended up buying it. And the viewers responded intensely to that film.
You are no different in this lifetime than you were in your last lifetime. This lifetime is simply a continuation of your last lifetime.
I don’t pretend to be an eco-warrior; I need to perform in an air-conditioned space otherwise my make-up will melt off. But I definitely buy clothes with longevity in mind; I love the idea of a shoe that lasts a lifetime.
A lifetime is so little a time that we die before we get ready to live. I should like to study at a college, but then I have to say to myself: “You will die before you can do anything else”.
The UN has given us until 2020 to change the course of humanity. If that doesn’t happen human extinction in my children‘s lifetime is a possibility.
To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework. You must supply the emotional discipline.
In some areas, [Getty Images has] more images than the rest of the market put together. But libraries are being built up at a terrific pace. A photographer in a lifetime will produce maybe a million images, and there are about 15,000 professionals at work out there.
Service that is given with little or no thought of personal advantage is an ideal to pursue for a lifetime.
Capital punishment kills immediately, whereas lifetime imprisonment does so slowly. Which executioner is more humane? The one who kills you in a few minutes, or the one who wrests your life from you in the course of many years?
Hats are for life’s ultimate moments. They’re worn at races, at weddings. Occasions many of us, who aren’t royals and celebrities, only attend once or twice in a lifetime.
I talked to Larry the Cable Guy the other day. Larry’s made more money than 10 people should ever make in a lifetime. He was excited because he’d gone over to the livestock auction and bought 20 new feeder pigs.
Only by strict specialization can the scientific worker become fully conscious, for once and perhaps never again in his lifetime, that he has achieved something that will endure. A really definitive and good accomplishment is today always a specialized act.
Some men are like a church-organ — you can play on them for a lifetime and always find new harmonies; others are like a music-box — they have four or five thin jingles.
You are going around on the wheel again and again. You go around and around from lifetime to lifetime. You never quite wake up. Enlightenment is waking up.
As you can appreciate over my lifetime I’ve developed a large vocabulary of sounds each requiring certain physical techniques often combined with a specific effect box.
Many employer-employee relationships are built on a lie that starts from the first interaction: neither party automatically conceives of the relationship as something that will last a lifetime, but both interact as if it is. This lie of omission bases the relationship on distrust.
From here on after let’s stay the way we are right now. And share all the love and laughter that a lifetime will allow.
I hope in my lifetime we will get to see an Indian superhero for sure.
Similarly, payments for a dead soldier amount to only $500,000, which is far less than standard estimates of the lifetime economic cost of a death. This statistical value of a life in the US amounts to circa $6.5 million.
A huge change has taken place in my lifetime.
Michael King
When the creative spirit stirs, it animates a style of being: a lifetime filled with the desire to innovate, to explore new ways of doing things, to bring dreams to reality.
Paul A. Kaufman
I just want to make a classic. Classic is the standard. I’m just trying to make music that will last a lifetime.
If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting ready for it. What you should be doing is getting started.
After a lifetime’s independence– yes, selfish independence as my daughter would rightly claim – I am terrified of being reduced to childhood once more, to helplessness, to seas of confusion from which the cruel lucid intervals poke up like rock shoals.
You can waste a whole lifetime
Trying to be
What you think is expected of you
But youll never be free
After a lifetime of world travel I’ve been fascinated that those in the third world don’t have the same perception of reality that we do.
I want to work with Steven Spielbergwhether it is a small role or big in a Hollywood movie, it will be a lifetime experience for me. It will be a dream come true for me. And I always believe that anything can happen in life.
Every kid should sit in the velvet at least once in their lifetime.
The romantic person instinctively sees marriage in terms of emotions, but what a couple actually gets up to together over a lifetime has much more in common with the workings of a small business. They must draw up work rosters, clean, chauffeur, cook, fix, throw away, mind, hire, fire, reconcile, and budget.
I could really care less about the TV and the fame, it’s all about that lifetime achievement of becoming a world champion.
We choose our sex, our color, our country, and then we look around for the particular set of parents who will mirror the pattern we are bringing in to work on in this lifetime.
During my lifetime I have met dozens of writers and photographers in dozens of different countries. But I have encountered no one who could both write and photograph with the artistry of Robert Vavra.
The number of ways you can live in one lifetime is limitless. So why limit yourselves? The sky is NOT the limit. Beyond the universe is.
You are living in a dream of your own creation. Let it be the dream of a lifetime, for that is exactly what it is.
A man’s moral worth is not measured by what his religious beliefs are but rather by what emotional impulses he has received from Nature during his lifetime.
My teacher said once that every man faces seven enemies in his lifetime. Sickness, hunger, betrayal, envy, greed, old age, and then death.
Each Javelin round costs $80,000, and the idea that it’s fired by a guy who doesn’t make that in a year at a guy who doesn’t make that in a lifetime is somehow so outrageous it almost makes the war seem winnable.
Distance lasts a day. But Reality lasts a lifetime.
You have thousands of selves inside you. Meditation is a process of peeling back the layers of the self. We start with peeling back the personality from this lifetime.
I have come to believe that if two people are prepared to make a lifetime commitment to love and care for each other in good times and in bad, the government shouldn’t deny them the opportunity to get married.
No lifetime is long enough for those … who simply wish to understand themselves and their lives. It is, perhaps, the curse of being human, but also a blessing.
Divorce was emotionally traumatic for me. It was the death of a dream. I was in fairytale land, and the reality of it wasn’t so. But I don’t really like talking about it anymore, because it feels like a thousand lifetimes ago, and also it makes me look desperate, like I need it for attention.
I was overjoyed when I was offered the title role in ‘Well Done Abba.’ I was ready for the role even before I heard the story because you don’t ask questions when it is Shyam Benegal’s film. It is the chance of a lifetime.
The heartland lies where the heart longs to be. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the true place to plant it.
What do you do with a lifetime of work? Face it in the morning.
Better a days catch of fish than a lifetime of crabs.
Our lifetime may be the last that will be lived out in a technological society.
To my mind, what is most important now is the defeating of the worst candidate for president that I have seen in my lifetime, Donald Trump, who is not qualified to be president by temperament, not qualified to be president by the ideas that he has brought forth.
The average woman loses a half million dollars over a lifetime, but women with higher degrees lose $2 million over a lifetime.
I can see the time coming when I won’t need to be out there in the upper pyramid of climbing, but the things you gain from a lifetime of climbing are worth communicating.
I don’t think there’s been anything in the game of football in my lifetime that has changed college football more than redshirting.
…she remembered watching a summer sunset from this very spot. Not so long ago; just a lifetime.
Dune is the bestselling science fiction book of all time. It’s something you really need to read in your lifetime. If you’re going to read The Lord of the Rings, which everyone should, then you have to read Dune, too.
Personally, I’ve got too many ideas to use in my lifetime, probably. But that’s a nice problem to have, I think.
Nothing else so inspires and heartens people as words of appreciation. You and I may soon forger the words of encouragement and appreciation that we utter now, but the person to whom we have spoken them may treasure them and repeat them to themselves over a lifetime
I’ve had about 40 cars in my lifetime, maybe more, from Lamborghinis and McLarens to Bentleys and Rolls-Royces, but I always lost so much money.
I’m not big on the after-death experience. If you’ve done a very good job in your current lifetime, then your next lifetime will be set up for you.
Most Christians would like to send their recruits to Bible college for five years. I would like to send them to hell for five minutes. That would do more than anything else to prepare them for a lifetime of compassionate ministry.
Quite the most Christian thing that has happened in my lifetime is the Welfare State.
Donald Soper, Baron Soper
Opera is for a lifetime, not just a minute.
Tune into my new lifetime movie. ‘Dislocated shoulder‘ airing right now.
Everything I do has been a lifetime in the making.
I think saving the NHS is a lifetime’s work.
Obviously in the next few months we have got to do everything that we can to make sure that Donald Trump, who in my view is the worst, least-prepared candidate for president in my lifetime. Number two, we’ve got to obviously elect Hillary Clinton.
A lifetime in not enough to learn everything about chess.
Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
What if these events the Bible says will happen, happens in our lifetime?
Time spent reading, like time spent loving, increases our lifetime.
Everything is a once in a lifetime experience.
Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime
Learning of my father’s passing at age 55 not only shattered the world, far from home, that had become my reality, but catapulted my childhood and relationship with family – which had felt like another lifetime – into the present.
It’s important to have frank discussions about what the other wants. To be in a relationship that is like a little lifetime, that’s a challenge.
Naturally there is reincarnation … otherwise life would be pretty dull. All the patterns in this lifetime are results from patterns in other lifetimes.
You get what anybody gets – you get a lifetime.
Arab civilization has collapsed. It won’t recover in my lifetime.
You know, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and my parents had spent a lifetime not making any noise, and I was like, what happens if I do this? What happens if I rock this? What then, you know? Will anybody listen?
We cannot, in a moment, get rid of habits of a lifetime.
Once in his lifetime every artist feels the hand of God and creates something that comes alive.
Crane Wilbur
I used to think about how nice it would be to visit the planets. Of course, I didn’t expect to see in my lifetime what has happened. I knew it would happen some day, but it came along faster than I at first thought.
Many of us will endure a lifetime following others. Institutionalisation suits many but not all. Some of us thrive beyond those boundaries.
Bill Clinton is the greatest president of my lifetime. Period.
If I get the forty additional years statisticians say are likely coming to me, I could fit in at least one, maybe two new lifetimes. Sad that only one of those lifetimes can include being the mother of young children.
All she had needed was the certainty of his love, and his reassurance that there was no hurry when a lifetime lay ahead of them.
It was just the thrill of a lifetime. Brando and Hackman were two of my heroes.
A number of people who are interested in computers in this lifetime programmed computers in Atlantis.
How can a question be answered that asks a lifetime of questions.
There’s the kind of people like me, who spent years in India, have learned Sanskrit, have done this work deeply – they probably say for lifetimes – now interfacing [with the mainstream].
Every artist preserves deep within him a single source from which, throughout his lifetime, he draws what he is, and what he says. When the source dries up, the work withers and crumbles.
You spend your whole lifetime in your occupation, actually making life clever, easy and convenient for white people. But when you have to get transportation home, you are denied an equal accommodation. Our existence was for the white man‘s comfort and well-being; we had to accept being deprived of just being human.
Reincarnation is the journey of hope because in each lifetime we move forward to place a better than our last lifetime, a place within ourselves.
The evolution of one’s own soul is a process. It’s not a quick fix. It’s not a five-day workshop. It’s a lifetime process where we let go, discover and then allow for futures to come into existence.
Your body is a divine container that will change over your lifetime. Revel in this! Notice it! This is the way of things: the softening of the shell so the soul may emerge.
Sara Wiseman
I realise how important it is to use the time I have. I respect people who want to do that by watching television. I happen to want to read books. But I know I can’t read all the books or watch all the movies in one lifetime.
I had a .200 lifetime batting average in the major leagues, which tied me with another sports great averaging 200 or better for a ten-year period: Don Carter, one of our top bowlers.
It’s been a huge honor to collaborate and create new theatre with new writers and to create theatre that will last after my lifetime. It’s been in the most truthful way possible. It’s my favorite thing to do.
I like to be a lot of different things at once and dress different ways and I change my hair all the time, so being an actor lets me live out the fantasy of living out 100,000 different lifetimes in one, without all of the repercussions.
In rich and captivating prose, Jessica DuLong kindly invites the rest of us on the journey of her lifetime: from a dot-com job to the fabled waters of the Hudson River, where she became a fireboat engineer. This is an unusual and fascinating book.
I wanted, I think, to acknowledge Luck: the chance of it, the benevolence of it in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others; made especially savage for children because they may not be allowed the good fortune of a lifetime to correct it.
The opportunity of a lifetime is to pick yourself. Quit waiting to get picked; quit waiting for someone to give you permission; quit waiting for someone to say you are officially qualified… and pick yourself.
When you have helped to raise the standard of cooking, you have helped to raise the only thing in the world that really matters. We only have one or two wars in a lifetime, but we have three meals a day — there’s nothing in the world that we do as much as we do eating.
If we’re going to make a city everybody can live in for a lifetime, we need to make sure we are building and growing for everybody.
In a universe of ambiguity, this kind of certainty comes only once, and never again, no matter how many lifetimes you live.
Adversity, if a man is set down to it by degrees, is more supportable with equanimity by most people than any great prosperity arrived at in a single lifetime.
The soul is everlasting, and its learning experience is lifetime after lifetime.
My biggest beauty tip would be exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation! After a lifetime of almost no breakouts, I started having some pretty embarrassing ones and learned that if you don’t exfoliate, your skin has a hard time shedding the old skin and therefore clogs your pores and causes zits.
There are two types of people who never achieve very much in their lifetimes. One is the person who won’t do what he or she is told to do, and the other is the person who does no more than he or she is told to do.
A film needs more than you can give it in a lifetime.
One experienced minute sometimes teaches us more than a lifetime.
Wladyslaw Sikorski
In this lifetime, you got two things:
Bad and good, and ain’t nothin’ in between.
Cold 187um
Based on a lifetime of observations and a few decades in the markets, I understand that societies, beliefs and fashions all move in long arcs of time. We call these arcs several things: cycles, periods, eras.
You can live an entire lifetime in Chicago and not hear a gunshot, but if you go in a certain neighborhood then you can live your whole lifetime hearing gunshots all the time.
Learning to trust yourself and what you know takes time and work. You cannot expect to eradicate a lifetime of misguided information overnight. You must make a continuous, conscious effort to get on good terms with you.
Kids who don’t have moms suffer a lifetime.
I have a lifetime appointment and I intend to serve it. I expect to die at 110, shot by a jealous husband.
One line on the arm, one line on the heart. The bastards who stood by my side with two lines. They’ll be the hardest farewells I’ll have to make in my life and they’re the luckiest fortune I’ve met in my lifetime.
Choi Yoon-young
Many people spend their entire lifetimes wishing that other people would acknowledge them. They feel this especially about their parents, spouses, children, and friends.
Thomas J. Huddleston never cast a ballot in his lifetime but he found a way to lift Black Mississippians up. And that is a legacy I will carry with me always.
In the Maldives, I tried scuba diving, which was an experience of a lifetime. Also, I had various kinds of lobsters, which I’d probably never get to eat again.
If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.
I worked on perfect beauty for a lifetime.
I got a lifetime trust with millions in it.
How infuriating it is to be continually born to war that continues one’s whole lifetime, even as one protests it – what futility. It is perhaps a more public epic in this regard, and carries a ritual vocalization.
There is little to be gained by seeking after the mysteries, for there is hardly time in a lifetime to master the plain and precious things.
This is a lifetime job. You don’t look at it, you know, now and then. It doesn’t really matter. When the market comes down, then I buy my land very cheaply, so I make my money on that.
It takes a lifetime to build tradition.
I never read the life of any important person without discovering that he knew more and could do more than I could ever hope to know or do in half a dozen lifetimes.
Zaandam has enough to paint for a lifetime.
Some people are just born human, the rest of us, we take a lifetime to get there.
It has no enforceable standards to stop a union from conspiring with employers to keep another stronger union out or from negotiating contracts with lower pay and standards that members of another union have spent a lifetime establishing.
Civic participation over a lifetime, working in neighborhoods and communities and service of all kindsmilitary and civilian, full-time and part-time, national and international – will strengthen America’s civic purpose.
I think that the big challenge of the 2020s for the country, and for the Conservative party, is to win the fight for free enterprise and the free society. This is under threat like at no other time in my lifetime. And the way that you do that is by demonstrating the benefits of a free market society.
I’m hoping that a lifetime of compromise and disappointment will read as extra depth and layers in my work.
I paid $1.9 billion in taxes in my lifetime.
I am not haunted by memories of Vietnam. But I must admit I never thought we would again witness in my lifetime the specter of politicians picking targets and ruling out offensive measures in the absurd hope that the enemy would respond to our restraint by yielding to our demands.
A lifetime of happiness! No man alive could bear it: it would be hell on earth.
Playing Lord Ram is a once in a lifetime opportunity and, thankfully, people were convinced with my interpretation of the divine character all those years ago.
Becoming a Christian is the work of a moment; being a Christian is the work of a lifetime.
In America, we make a promise to seniors: After a lifetime of working and contributing to this country, you’ll earn the benefit of a secure retirement, good health care, and peace of mind in your later years. To me, that’s a commitment we have to keep.
What about self-awareness, the mysterious ability of the brain to reflect upon itself? Self-awareness can be tampered with by brainwashing, psychoactive drugs, electrical stimulation, political or religious propaganda, even advertising. A lifetime in front of a TV set may be the equivalent of a self transplant.
Throughout our lifetimes we are constantly regenerating new brain cells in the hippocampus, a process called neurogenesis. New stem cells are constantly being born in the hippocampus that ultimately differentiate into fully functional neurons.
You see people who are disenfranchised elsewhere coming to Comic Con and making lifetime friends. I love seeing the outcasts of society all bonding together.
Ritual is the way you carry the presence of the sacred. Ritual is the spark that must not go out.
In this lifetime you’re nothing more than you appear to be: a stupid, selfish, ignorant, spoiled little girl who thinks the world lives or dies on whether she gets to go out with some good-looking boy at school. […] I’d still relish this moment, killing you.
Torture and other forms of cruel or humiliating treatment are an affront to humanity, and the physical and psychological scars can last a lifetime.
Actually we’ve got countless lifetimes, so relax.
That was always the difference between Muhammad Ali and the rest of us. He came, he saw, and if he didn’t entirely conquer – he came as close as anybody we are likely to see in the lifetime of this doomed generation.
I don’t usually talk about the social work I do because I don’t do it for publicity. If I can bring a smile to the face of a few children in this one lifetime, I’d be happy.
Marriage succeeds only as lifetime commitment with no escape clauses.
We’re in the business of making fans that will last with us a lifetime. In order to do that, you’ve gotta give them something special.
Remember, you are moving toward a lifetime commitment. Whatever is concealed now will eventually be revealed.
Ted Kennedy devoted his lifetime to protecting those most in need, and tens of millions of Americans have been the beneficiaries.
A moment of prayerful reflection can prevent a lifetime of bitter regret.
These are some of my awards – an Ivor Novello, a Variety Club Silver Heart, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. I also have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and a street named after me in Brooklyn where I used to live.
To me, basic SEAL training was a lifetime of challenges crammed into six months.
Am I really gonna deny someone the opportunity of a lifetime just because they met me 5 easters early?
Obviously I don’t hate America. I do believe that we are becoming – and I can only judge it by my lifetime, ’cause I don’t know what it was like in the 1800s – but it just seems that as a nation, we are becoming really, really nasty, and not concerned with any kind of truth.
Once an individual is given a taste of the gratification that comes from triumph, and the tools to bring it about, they will spend a lifetime in its ongoing pursuit.
It’s one of the roles of a lifetime to be able to play someone like Mr. Cochran who was so influential. People knew about his work in regard to police brutality. He was very much a staple in the community – someone who, if there was trouble, people knew, ‘Go get Johnnie Cochran.’
Is there Chance? No. There is karma. Karma causes all things to happen. There is only one thing karma cannot decide, and that is how far you will evolve in this lifetime.
In our sport you’re very lucky to find a horse of a lifetime and I found mine relatively early. He’s done everything for me and I owe him the world.
But I don’t pretend I earned a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Technology is at the forefront of everything these days – communication, work. Its amazing and scary at the same time how robots have evolved, but I find it hard to believe that robots will completely rule the world. Not in my lifetime anyway.
It took a long time for me to put a smile on my face over the course of my lifetime, and my experience of what I’ve been through on and off the field.
An actress spends a lifetime observing people. You build up a mental library. No, not a library. Make that a repository.
I think with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, you can’t play, you know, hide the salami, or whatever it’s called.
The Soul is repository of information that we gather during a lifetime.
Itzhak Bentov
So setting up automatic savings plans, and buying insurance as opposed to buying a new thing. The newness effect of a new thing wears off in nine months to a year, but financial security can last a lifetime.
All you need for a lifetime of successful investing is a few big winners, and the pluses from those will overwhelm the minuses from the stocks that don’t work out.
Americans move more than 10 times over the course of a lifetime.
It seems quite proper to fear achievement, which, after all, is proof that you’ve successfully moved an experience from the delightfully anticipated future into the forever and sadly lost past. Avoid as long as you can the ultimate indignity: a lifetime achievement award.
You know, you could live a thousand lifetimes and not deserve him.
If the kids get a good grasp of what the main lessons are for chess after two or three years of staying with the game, then you’ve given them brain food and you’ve given them a skill that can last them a lifetime.
That is potentially putting us all in the target hairs now is the reactivation of a new nuclear arms race. This arms race and this cold war is potentially hotter than it’s been at any time in my lifetime.
We have a thriving subculture of ‘independent’ American movies that makes an impact on America as a whole roughly equivalent to that of a the modern literary novel. These are the films sincere viewers marry, whereas, once upon a time, movies were a lifetime of one night stands.
Dreaming is a lifetime occupation.
Rajinikanth is an absolute legend to work with. Imagine meeting him every day and spending time with him on the set. Sharing the frame with him is a lifetime experience; there’s a reason he is called a legend.
The University of Maryland was an inspiration for me, and the relationships I made there have lasted a lifetime.
I don’t think, as a 15-year-old, you’re that conscious about a lifetime career. I didn’t think: “I’m a serious actor.” I never studied acting or anything when I was that age.
Then he felt remorseful, which was so unlike him and endearing that I almost changed my mind and said yes. But then I imagined a lifetime of having to cry to get him to be kind, and I went back to no again.
Annie Barrows
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish.
I walked away exhilarated by my success, because there’s nothing like making a difference in someone’s life, even if that difference is a lifetime of nightmares and a fortune in therapy bills.
I think that objects have memories. I’m always thinking that I’ll go to the museum and see something and have a big memory about some other lifetime.
One lifetime is never enough to accomplish one’s horticultural goals. If a garden is a site for the imagination, how can we be very far from the beginning?
Francis Cabot Lowell
We do not ask the right questions when we are young, so we miss the important answers. Now it is too late to ask, too late for the illuminating answers, and the unanswered questions haunt us for a lifetime.
That’s what counts for you as a player if you are on a high salary and you are earning, let’s say, enough money, which you normally can’t spend in your lifetime. It’s something you should really think about – where you play, what level you play, the audience.
What cannot be achieved in one lifetime will happen when one lifetime is joined to another.
Van Gogh never made a penny in his entire lifetime. He painted because it was his soul, his excitement. It was what aligned him with his Source of being. It’s the same with me and writing.
When the International Space Station is finally launched, it will be fitted with special nickel-hydrogen batteries weighing a total of several tons, with a lifetime of just five years, requiring spares to be brought up from Earth at literally astronomical expense.
Life by the yard is hard; by the inch it’s a cinch. Each of us can be true for just one day–and then one more and then one more after that–until we’ve lived a lifetime guided by the Spirit, a lifetime close to the Lord, a lifetime of good deeds and righteousness.
Here at this site, Solyndra expects to make enough solar panels each year to generate 500 megawatts of electricity. And over the lifetime of this expanded facility, that could be like replacing as many as eight coal-fired power plants.
Where did feelings go when they disappeared? Did they leave a chemical trace somewhere in our minds, so that if we could look inside ourselves we would see via the patterns of neurons some of the important things that had happened to us in our lifetimes?
Evelyn Lau
One visit with a child can supply us with enough creativity dust to last for a lifetime… Visit with children like you‘re the child you ought to be more often.