Lightly Quotes

Lightly Quotes by Sol Wachtler, Rory MacDonald, V. S. Naipaul, Andrew Taylor Still, Evan Fournier, Sarah McLachlan and many others.

I don’t like to take people lightly even if the odds are against them.
There are two ways of talking. One is the easy way, where you talk lightly, and the other one is the considered way. The considered way is what I have put my name to.
I have no desire to be a cat, which walks so lightly that it never creates a disturbance.
Obviously nobody takes preseason lightly. But there’s not the same intensity, there’s not the same focus.
When I say music saved me, I don’t say that lightly.
Enhanced interrogation is not to be considered lightly, but the use of enhanced interrogation techniques does not require moral people to abandon their beliefs. Rather, it is precisely during these difficult times that one’s beliefs about life, justice and mercy become indispensible.
I do hope there are other wonderful planets living and thriving out there, but ours is special because it is ours and ours to take care of. We really can’t take that too lightly.
What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.
I start my day with a hot water and lemon routine. I meditate. And I take my problems lightly, like my mother always said: treat them like helium balloons and let them go. I devour a lot of books to feed my mind.
There’s no such thing as an easy role. Every part, you take it lightly and it will get screwed.
People are very sincere in their praise, and you can’t take it lightly.
Everyone wants to beat us. So you can never take a single game lightly.
China is the world‘s largest lighting market. That should not be ignored lightly.
In my experience, divorce takes you out for about 10 years, but you hear people talk about it lightly. The same with depression. You only have to have one good breakdown before you realize you need help. It’s pretty frightening.
I feel lucky that I was able to sign a contract for an extended period of time with a no-trade clause. I don’t take that lightly. I also understand that there are gonna be ebbs and flows, and peaks and valleys.
I take my fun very seriously, whether it’s playing the drums or acting in comedy bits. The need to be disciplined about it, and not take it lightly, and not be too casual, is something I take deeply to heart.
When grave allegations of corruption and criminal charges were leveled against me, BJP leaders chose to take it lightly.
I was quite a successful evangelist. I’ve had people write to me and say, ‘Gee, I’m a Christian because of you and I hear you’re not a Christian, that’s shocking to me.’ I don’t take these things lightly, but that’s who I am. I can’t change it.
Food that’s served at the table in a paper parcel always creates a remarkable culinary moment when opened, because the package is full of aromatic steam from the lightly cooked ingredients inside.
For me, spending an evening with someone is something I value and don’t take lightly.
A decision as a backbencher to vote against one’s party ought not to be taken lightly.
Guilt is never very far from Rick Grimes’ shoulder. It comes with the package. He’s a man who takes his responsibilities very heavily, not lightly.
Just my two cents: Even as a Christian, I love boxing because it’s the ultimate stand-alone test of a competitor‘s skill and will. Just two opponents, lightly gloved, and a referee ready to jump in and stop it the moment he believes one opponent can no longer defend himself.
He disliked emotion, not because he felt lightly, but because he felt deeply.
Fashion is something that brought me closer to my family as I grew up. It’s something that was deep inside me, in my roots, and I started taking more interest as I grew older because it reminded me of my mother and my grandmother. It’s not something I take lightly, and I’m going to be open about it.
Jesus Christ… came into the world to vindicate the infinite worth of God‘s holiness which had been desecrated by our sin and which seemed… to be taken lightly because it was being passed over for nothing more than the blood of bulls.
He who has great power should use it lightly.
I think that far too often we let those who commit crimes in our society off far too lightly.
Being a voice for my community is something that I don’t take lightly.
There aren’t many woman coaches in general, and I actually think it’s good to have a male coach. Guys and girls have different mentalities. Girls are so stressed about everything. Guys take everything much more lightly. That’s great, and it’s something we have to learn from. I think one woman on a team is enough!
He puts his right hand lightly on the cup, I put my left, leaving the right free to transcribe, and away we go. We get, oh, 500 to 600 words an hour. Better than gasoline.
Boycotts are not something to be taken lightly.
Palak has its three to four signature moves. I cannot showcase just those on the ‘Jhalak’ stage since it’s a hardcore dance show. The tasks cannot be taken lightly. All the contestants are judged technically.
I don’t do things lightly; I don’t take a job then just phone it in – I’ve never done that.
I am very aware of my family name. I’m very aware of the legacy that that kind of carries with it. And I think that I didn’t want to lose any kind of hold of that. And I think once you’re born into something that you’re proud of and that you’re aware of, you don’t take it lightly.
In our industry, everything is taken lightly. Guys say so many things, and if you react to them, they go, like,’We are kidding.’ Things like ‘You are looking hot sexy‘ are common.
If you see most people neglect the Bible, and many that can read never look into it, let it not harden you and make you think lightly of it, and that it is a book of no worth.
I never take any commitment lightly, and I certainly don’t take my wife lightly. I never did and I never will. That’s permanent. That’s true love.
There’s a reason why the Foo Fighters don’t blast out Nirvana songs every night: because we have a lot of respect for them. You know, that’s hallowed ground. We have to be careful. We have to tread lightly. We have talked about it before, but the opportunity hasn’t really come up, or it just hasn’t felt right.
I couldn’t be happier about being a part of ‘Hunger Games‘ and to play Katniss. I have a huge responsibility to the fans of this incredible book and I don’t take it lightly. I will give everything I have to these movies and to this role to make it worthy of Suzanne Collinsmasterpiece.
A great fig should look like it’s just about to burst its skin. When squeezed lightly it should give a little and not spring back. It must be almost unctuously sweet, soft and wet.
I take it seriously that it’s a privilege and honor to be a role model to young girls, both black and white. It’s not something I take lightly.
Where I’m fortunate and why I think I’ve thrived and survived, through the not having albums out every year-and-a-half, is not taking the songs lightly and trying to make sure I’ve got consistency.
It’s an incredible privilege for an actor to look into the camera. It’s like looking right into the heart of the film, and you can’t take that lightly.
To be invited to the Park – the greatest free Shakespeare festival in the world – is a great honor, and I don’t take it lightly.
Never take your critics lightly. You must always try to win them over by your hard work. Don’t brush them off.
If I despised myself, it would be no compensation if everyone saluted me, and if I respect myself, it does not trouble me if others hold me lightly.
Obviously, I feel a great sense of responsibility being a good parent and raising my children. I don’t take that job very lightly. Who they are, what they become and what they contribute to the world is very important to me.
Joining the military is not to be taken lightly. You’re putting every part of yourself at risk, not just your body but your moral and spiritual centre.
Believe me, I don’t take that lightly. To have struck gold twice with ‘Rent’ and ‘Wicked.’ I know it’s rare and I’m very lucky to have that kind of phenomenon in my life. They’re not just great shows, they’re shows that resonate with young audiences.
At my age you don’t go into fatherhood lightly.
I actually use baking soda to exfoliate my lips – I mix a little bit with water and use my fingers to lightly scrub with it. Then I use jojoba oil and olive oil to keep them moisturized.
For an Italian peasant a telegram from anywhere is a wondrous thing; and a cable from the terrestrial paradise of America is not lightly to be disregarded.
Howard K. Smith
There’s a lot of people that fought for their country and that’s not something to be taken lightly. They gave their life, everything they had, they gave their lives, to give us what we have. That’s why I’m so passionate about my beliefs – because someone died.
Chinese companies, in their well-capitalized, rapidly growing, and surprisingly lightly regulated markets, have become global innovation leaders.
I was driving in Norway and found myself on pure ice. I lightly pressed the brakes but I still started skidding. The car spun round and round and collided head on with another car coming in the other direction. There was a five or ten-second period where I blacked out.
I don’t take it lightly that I brought a life into this world. They’re waiting for you every day, these sweet little angels. You have to have time for them to interact on a daily basis.
No one, however long they have held the post, lightly gives up the great office of Chancellor of the Exchequer. Certainly I did not.
God has blessed me with a wonderful family, a successful business, and outstanding employees. I do not take these blessings lightly.
You can’t take any team lightly.
Nothing is taken lightly in ‘The Hunger Games.’
Playing in New England and the Boston area, the fans are so passionate about their sports if you don’t play well, they’ll let you know so I know it’s not something that they take lightly.
One must take things lightly, after all, we are entertainers and acting isn’t rocket science. The trick is, not to take criticism to the heart or analyse things too much.
I find it difficult to believe that words have no meaning in themselves, hard as I try. Habits of a lifetime are not lightly thrown aside.
Being the keynote speaker at the convention this year is an honor I don’t take lightly. I know I’ve got some big shoes to fill. Two conventions ago, the keynote speaker was a guy named Barack Obama.
I don’t feel like singing should be taken lightly. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it’s coming along.
I’m involved in everything from a nutraceutical company to a pharmaceutical company to a medical device company. My whole world revolves around health, and I feel it’s my responsibility, in a way, and I say it this way, and I don’t take this lightly.
One of the significant things that’s happened, which shouldn’t be looked at as lightly as it might sound, is that women over 45, over 50, are now allowed to be sexy.
We will not take Arsenal lightly for one minute, as they showed in the two matches against us last season that they can be dangerous opponents if we lose our concentration for a moment.
I know that I can’t take anyone lightly.
I can’t solve the world’s problems, can’t even begin to contemplate them all. But on my little corner of Earth, I at least can try to live in a way that treads lightly.
Our common membership of the E.U. provided an important external context to the Irish and U.K. governments working together for peace. It should not be discounted lightly.
Salbitxada is a sharp and lightly sweet Catalan sauce that’s traditionally served with calcots – spring or salad onions, grilled whole, make a good substitute.
I think it’s the most responsible thing you can do, to have kids. It’s not something to be taken lightly. I don’t have that gene that people have to replicate.
I don’t take any project lightly. Every project is important for me. In fact, every scene in every film is important.
Any time you can have an impact on anybody‘s life in a positive direction, to bring happiness to the community or a certain group of people, you don’t take that lightly as a team, as a player.
I don’t always prepare such rich meals. Sometimes I’ll just serve a simple quiche, salad and dessert for dinner. During the week I try to eat lightly.
Moral hazard is something I don’t take lightly.
A very intimate sense of the expressiveness of outward things, which ponders, listens, penetrates, where the earlier, less developed consciousness passed lightly by, is an important element in the general temper of our modern poetry.
I don’t think you can lightly paint a picture. It’s an activity I take very seriously.
I grew up around so much new agey stuff. Part of me takes it lightly because I’m so used to it. It was my parents. It wasn’t some path I discovered and want to share with people. It’s just been a very natural part of my life. There’s humor to it and there’s seriousness to it, too.
The easiest place to get a natural harmonic on any string is at the 12th fret. All you do is lightly rest one of your left-hand fingers on a string directly above that fret and then pick it.
When I am playing for my country, there is not a single match that I can take lightly.
I will not be voting for Donald Trump for president. This is not a decision I make lightly, for I am a lifelong Republican. But Donald Trump does not reflect historical Republican values nor the inclusive approach to governing that is critical to healing the divisions in our country.
I certainly am not doing nudity because I think lightly of it – I don’t think it’s something that one should just jump into without thinking about it.
It makes white men uncomfortable that there aren’t more stories about them because it somehow is perpetuating the idea that they aren’t the center of the universe – and they wouldn’t give up that position lightly.
Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.
I don’t use the wordartists‘ lightly.
Women do not get enough attention in a healthcare professional‘s office. We have been trained as healthcare professionals to look ‘lightly’ at women’s complaints.
Every opportunity that comes your way, you can’t take lightly. You have to take it very, very seriously, because the opportunities are limited. If you want to keep working, you can’t be such an elitist, to say no, that’s not good enough, not big enough, not smart enough, whatever.
People have taken time out of their day and spent their money to come sit down at a concert. And it’s jazz music-it’s not easy for them to get to it. I don’t want them ever to feel that I’m taking their presence lightly.
Never eat less than four hours before boxing. Then eat only lightly.
If you’re going to saute something, lightly spray olive oil in the pan or on veggies before you serve them. It adds a nice flavor. We grill a lot, so I’ll use a little on my corn or my shrimp.
My decision to leave the Democrat Party was one that was not entered into lightly. The pressure of party bosses, activists, and even my colleagues, was great, but the Democrat Party has changed. It is no longer the party that my grandparents and I grew up admiring.
I’m honest about the journey I’ve been on, so I definitely don’t take dating lightly anymore.
Religion of any form is a sacred matter. It involves the relation of the individual to some Being believed to be infinitely supreme. It involves not merely character and life here, but destiny hereafter, and as such is not to be spoken of lightly or flippantly.
I consider this to be one of the biggest jobs in the country and to get the opportunity to be the manager of Newcastle is not something I’m going to give up lightly.
I train really hard for each and every fight. I never take anyone lightly.
This is not a country where we look lightly at tens of millions of dollars in lost direct costs in restructuring entire industries, and say, well, that’s not irreparable harm, it doesn’t concern us.
I don’t take accusations of selling out lightly.
I take very seriously the creation process, but I take the red carpet, the dresses with the trains, the hair, and the makeup very lightly.
Most people I know are not hard-core religious people. They are what I would call ‘lightly religious.’ So I don’t buy the notion that we can’t laugh about religion in America.
Politicians do not enter into wars lightly. It is usually the military themselves who are keener to become involved.
I want to be very honest, that I believe impeachment is a very big step – I believe it is something that should not be taken lightly – and it has to be something where we bring people along.