Negotiate Quotes

Negotiate Quotes by John F. Kennedy, Ryan Kavanaugh, Greg Boyle, Jairam Ramesh, Thom Mayne, Wesley Morris and many others.

Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.
Never make too good of a deal. It sounds a little counterintuitive, but the deals that are too good of a deal for you in the long run will end up hurting you. A lot of people in our business don’t realize that. They think their job is to go in a room and negotiate the highest price.
You can’t reason with gang violence: you can’t talk to it, sit it at the table, and negotiate with it.
Industrialisation is necessary. But acquisition is by no means the only avenue through which it can be achieved. The Cochin Airport is a prime example of this. Instead of choosing to acquire the land, the State asked the private parties to negotiate with the landowners directly. The State merely acted as an arbitrator.
I’ve learned that in order to achieve what I wanted, it made more sense to negotiate than to defend the autonomy of my work by pounding my fist on the table.
Sidney Poitier became a star in part by helping black and white Americans negotiate their new relationship in the post-Civil Rights era.
Nixon knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish in his four interviews with David Frost, quite apart from having his agent Irving Paul Lazar negotiate a terrific deal for him, with cash up front.
As a teenager, I had a weakness for freedom fighters. When Mugabe came to London to negotiate independence, I vanished from home to stand outside his hotel. I was very disappointed that he looked like a dorky teacher.
Any privacy in public is a hard thing to negotiate.
Our fundamental goal in getting involved in Bosnia in the summer of 1995 was to end the war. Richard Holbrooke’s fundamental goal was to negotiate a peace: a peace that was sustaining and self-sustaining over the long term.
Unions can play a valuable role in large organisations where it is difficult to talk to a thousand people. They can negotiate annual pay awards with management, represent grievance cases, and explain and advise on complicated changes in employment or pension law.
The further away you get from being a straight white man, the less freedoms you have to figure out who you are and negotiate what you mean to society.
Treaties of peace, made after war, are entrusted to individuals to negotiate and carry out.
I mean any fool can hurl themselves at a climb that is beyond their abilities to safely negotiate. You may get away with such an approach nine times, but the tenth time you don’t come back.
Skunk works differed from advanced research groups in that they were more than just product development groups. They had direct interaction with customers and controlled a sales channel which allowed them to negotiate their own deals with customers.
I’m a private person by nature. I live in my brain half the time, not the world, and I’m not a natural negotiator. But I’ve learned to negotiate.
President Trump should appoint a special presidential envoy and empower them to wage an unconventional war against Taliban and Daesh forces, to hold the corrupt officials accountable and to negotiate with their Afghan counterparts and the Afghan Taliban that are willing to reconcile with Kabul.
People who wander are nicer to be with. Movement militates against hoarding possessions and against bigotry, because you are constantly moving across boundaries and having to negotiate with people.
If you are good enough to compete for a top-level corporate job, you should be smart enough to know what the job pays the other gender and negotiate accordingly. If you are an employer, and you don’t pay an employee market wages, regardless of gender or orientation, you will end up with what you deserve.
Let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent.
I want to negotiate what I’m worth. I want to put my analytics forward, man-to-man, and to be like, ‘This is what I’m owed now. Pay me.’ And then we can talk.
I was in the room with, you know, more than a dozen Republicans trying to negotiate the stimulus. Most of them decided the politics of the situation meant they should walk away, even if it wasn’t responsible in terms of what our country needed right then.
No one should negotiate their dreams. Dreams must be free to fly high. No government, no legislature, has a right to limit your dreams. You should never agree to surrender your dreams.
I have learned that I have to slow down and appreciate that my daughter still needs me, still wants me to help her negotiate everything in her life.
Students who learn to collaborate and negotiate – on Capitol Hill, in the board room, in everyday life – will outperform peers who have higher test scores.
People think that women don’t negotiate because they’re not good negotiators, but that’s not it. Women don’t negotiate because it doesn’t work as well for them. Women have to say, ‘I really add a lot of value, and it’s in your interest to pay me more.’ I hate that advice, but I want to see women get ahead.
Each time I went to create my website, I needed imagery. It was complicated to get, the process was expensive, I had to negotiate rights. I knew there had to be a better way.
Rather than teach women how to negotiate with sexists or shrink themselves down to ‘likeablesize, perhaps the solution would be for employers to stop being sexist. In the meantime, women will continue to be blamed for their lower salaries.
What you hear and what the research shows is that gentlemen negotiate for their first job. Women do not negotiate from their first job and on. And I tell women there is no H.R. fairy godmother. There might be, but you better not count on it.
I don’t think you negotiate with people by going around telling them that they’re like Nazi guards or it’s all about prosecco.
Democrats believe we must have comprehensive health care reform that includes giving the federal government authority to negotiate lower prices with drug companies.
Never try to negotiate with anyone after he or she has eaten. People are best persuaded on an empty stomach. And forget power breakfasts. There is no convincing anyone of anything before 10 A.M.
Number one, that it is smart to communicate and negotiate with your enemy instead of just waging war with bombs and weapons of mass destruction.
What we are not willing to negotiate and what we will not give in one iota is the revolution, socialism and our sovereignty.
Alexander II really used autocracy well to negotiate the freeing of the serfs in 1861.
Our members are constantly telling us that the guidance they received from Levo’s mentors has helped them negotiate a raise, ask for more responsibility, build their resume, and more.
What I really like about Woody Allen‘s films is that there’s a real investment in personal relationships. There is the idea that this is a serious concern worth making serious art about – how we love other people and how we can negotiate our relationships with them.
When you go in to do a screen test, you negotiate your contract and sign all your paperwork before you even get on a plane.
I have seen African countries negotiate bilaterally and within the WTO. African countries come to the WTO prepared and defend their interests with vigour.
It is time for Republicans in D.C. to fight. Too often, they give up; they negotiate with themselves. They said they would get rid of the unconstitutional amnesty. They didn’t do that. They said they would repeal Obamacare if we gave them the majority. They didn’t do that, either.
You have no ability, if you’re a financial institution and you’re threatened with criminal prosecution, you have no ability to negotiate.
I learnt a lot about how to negotiate the camera: everyone had told me an actor doesn’t really need to do anything on screen, but I realised that wasn’t true. If you do nothing, it’s boring.
I would love to see Bellator come up and offer an opportunity for competition. Then, fighters could negotiate contracts, and they would not be limited to having only one opportunity, one option, where you have to take what’s given to you.
In a multicultural, diverse society there are countless ways in which people negotiate the everyday lived experience and reality of diversity.
One cannot negotiate under fire.
When I was elected President nobody asked me to negotiate between Israel and Egypt. It was not even a question raised in my campaign. But I felt that one of the reasons that I was elected President was to try to bring peace to the Holy Land.
The big-time journalists generally had kidnapping insurance through their news organizations. Usually, it would pay for a crisis response company to help negotiate for a hostage‘s release. Freelancers most often had none.
You can’t end negotiations unless you begin them. And you can’t begin them if you continually negotiate about the terms to begin negotiations.
We were right to make the case for the U.K. to negotiate a comprehensive customs union with the E.U. And we are right to argue for a strong single market deal, based on common standards, protections and regulations: the right balance of rights and obligation.
A fundamentalist can’t bring himself or herself to negotiate with people who disagree with them because the negotiating process itself is an indication of implied equality.
I talk, watch TV, spout opinions, schmooze, negotiate, talk some more, play games, and have a little cocktail.
Know what you want to achieve prior to starting to negotiate. It’s the golden rule but the one most people fail to heed. Without a plan, you allow the opposing party to define your goals instead of the other way around.
For many of us, especially women, the gap between what we want or need and what our society expects of us is wide indeed, and we spend out lives trying to negotiate it. Trying to balance work and family, responsibilities and desires, all that stuff. It is not easy.
Generally, the president‘s power and capital is used to close a deal and not always to negotiate bit by bit.
The thing is that war is the opposite of negotiation. It’s when you cannot negotiate, when you cannot talk, when you cannot reach agreements that then you have war.
When you negotiate a deal, you clearly know a lot about the other person.
I don’t want to negotiate with the power brokers in Washington; I want to tear them down.
Labour can no longer impose a future on the country, instead it must negotiate one.
In every country exceptindustrial country except the United States, the government uses its massive purchasing power to negotiate drug prices. That’s one of the reasons prices are so much higher in the United States than in other countries.
What I’ve found in being around political people is they’re willing to negotiate their ideology somewhere around 5 percent. They believe that’s really stepping out. And it’s really hard to do business when you only move 5 percent from your ideology.
It’s time to level the playing field for small business owners and give them the same health care choices that large corporations have. Because they don’t have as many employees, they have little ability to negotiate lower rates.
Our experience is that it is not terribly difficult to do business in China. But the issue is, how much stability do you have in terms of what you negotiate up front and when you’ve got your feet and your investments on the ground.
I love that, even after jumping through hoops forever, I can still get that buzz, that hook. That’s very healthy, but it’s bittersweet, too, because if you don’t get the part, you have to deal with the disappointment. I don’t think I’ll ever negotiate those peaks and troughs wholly healthily.
It’s tough to negotiate from a position of weakness.
Unlike some people, my father would try to meet with President-elect Trump because he recognizes that in order to move the agenda of justice, freedom, and equality forward, you can’t just protest and resist. You also have to negotiate as well.
The fact is, I am in my third marriage and I do not believe in divorce. But I was half the problem, I guarantee you. More than half the problem. I couldn’t negotiate with the other women.
New York seems to be thriving, which I’m grateful for. But I would hope that they would figure out how to negotiate the traffic and limit the pedicabs, because it seems to me that it’s becoming a more chaotic city.
You cannot negotiate with organizations that are based on an ideology whose core is to destroy the West and America.
Women and children were slaughtered by the Taliban. You are going to sit down and negotiate with these folks? They never lived up to an agreement. The Pakistanis tried in ’08, the Russians tried it when they were there. George Bush tried it in ’05. It has never worked.
You do not get what you want. You get what you negotiate.
It takes two sides to make a deal, two sides to negotiate and two sides to make it go bad.
It’s been proven in Washington: It’s very hard to negotiate and try to get a deal done in public.
When I go on vacation, I leave my house in total order: bills paid, garbage out, no milk in the refrigerator, mail done so that I can better negotiate what will await me.
In an era of billion-person countries and trillion-pound economies, we need to find ways to amplify our voice. We are most likely to be heard when the Chinese negotiate with a ВЈ10 trillion E.U., not a ВЈ1.5 trillion Britain.
Can any of us even imagine, after Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt suggesting we negotiate a resolution or that we could simply prosecute those involved? Of course it is unimaginable. We are right to be in the Middle East, and we are right to treat this as the war it is.
In a small club you have to do everything: negotiate with the bus company, do all the contracts, all the press work, all the coaching work. It was really exhausting. There was very little time for other experiences and to see how other coaches work and how people work in different countries.
The U.N.’s impartiality allows it to negotiate and operate in some of the toughest places in the world. And time and again, studies have shown that U.N. peacekeeping is far more effective and done with far less money than what any government can do on its own.
Where laws recognize rights to collective bargaining, the truth is that employee rights to negotiate with employers are denied in many countries.
A mother isn’t someone who does it on purpose; mothers are who they are, and just by existing, they affect the way other people negotiate with the environment and with themselves.
When I used to sit in the office with Jay Z and L.A. Reid… we would negotiate back and forth and discuss music. You’re sitting in front of someone for hours. It’s all about being passionate. Everything begins with yourself.
Trying to negotiate getting a couple of kids to watch the same TV show requires serious diplomacy.
I’ve always been very vocal, but there have been moments where I’ve found it difficult to negotiate things that are about gender.
Leaders need to compromise, negotiate with members of both parties and ideologies, and reform health care the right way – by developing a strong plan that encompasses the needs of all Americans.
The women’s movement and the result that I get to benefit from and my generation gets to benefit from is that we might be doing housework, but we might not be. And we get to choose, and we get to negotiate and work that out with our prospective husbands or with our husbands.
The person who is truly best suited to us is not the person who shares our tastes, but the person who can negotiate differences in taste intelligently and wisely.
If you take control over those things you can, you are better able to negotiate the unexpected.
It is true that I have conducted and do conduct business discussions in an informal environment form time to time. However I don’t just turn up to a venue with someone and negotiate a binding agreement over few hours over drinks.
I couldn’t really experience being an author when I was still working in publishing – I was trying to negotiate being both. Sometimes the knowledge doesn’t translate between the two roles.
Moms and daughters can negotiate over anything, and they can go on longer than it took to settle the Vietnam War.
Just as the humble, unassuming, assenting ‘O.K.’ has deposed the more affirmativeYes,’ so the little cringe and hesitation and approximation of ‘like’ are a help to young people who are struggling to negotiate the shoals and rapids of ethnic identity, the street, and general correctness.
Almost always, when I’m on TV, the producers who call me, who negotiate what we’re going to say, is a woman.
I am extremely interested in how people negotiate catastrophe, not because I’m morbidly interested in it but because I’m interested in the secret of resilience; that’s what I’m always exploring in the stories and the novels.
In the theater, there’s an emphasis on the singular voice. You know, it’s your play. And in television, there’s so much institutional involvement. So you end up having to negotiate with a lot of people, and that provides a kind of wear and tear on the spirit.
I don’t know that there is one serious American representative that will advise Israel to sit with a terrorist government and negotiate with them.
The problem with regional trade agreements is you get picked apart by the first country. Then you negotiate with the second country. You get picked apart. And you go with the third one. You get picked apart again.
You have to have a first job to learn how to act, do interviews, pose for photo shoots, and negotiate how you’ll say lines with writers. My first network show, ‘Cavemen,’ just happened to be one that was culturally reviled.
Marriage fascinates me: how we negotiate its span, how we change within it, how it changes itself, and why some relationships survive and others do not. There isn’t a single marriage that couldn’t provide enough narrative arc for a novel.
Whenever you speak to someone, you are presuming the two of you have a certain degree of familiarity – which your words might alter. So every sentence has to do two things at once: convey a message and continue to negotiate that relationship.
I think we live in a quite an immoral society with quite an amoral government and they’re going to have to grow up in that and negotiate their own way in it.
I will negotiate with my worst enemy.
I was part of Environment Canada‘s work to stop acid rain, create national parks, clean up the Great Lakes, develop new environmental legislation and negotiate the treaty that saved the ozone layer.
I didn’t want to accept that people would forget me, that the government wouldn’t do anything to negotiate our freedom. After a year, I came to understand that not only had one year passed, many more would come.
A little secret – I’m the child of a shrink. I am; my mom‘s a shrink, and my father’s a lawyer. So believe me, I analyze and negotiate. That is a huge amount of the director‘s work, especially when you’re working with people who – such a variety.
It’s a very big world with some very big characters. And, boy, do you have to be able to stand up for yourself when you walk into a working men‘s club and negotiate a loan.
The president is under no obligation to sign the spending bills that Congress gives to him. And once that happens, once he says no, then you’re supposed to negotiate.
In ‘The One Who Falls,’ three women and three men, in everyday clothes, negotiate each other while moving, often in unison, on a giant spinning tile.
I want women to get paid more. I want to teach them to negotiate so they get paid more.
As a freelancer, as a writer, and running my company, people have always tried to negotiate me down. Some might think that I might accept their offers because they think I don’t have many options. The truth is, I always have options available to me.
Never negotiate with kids. They don’t have life experience, and they don’t have repercussions for bad decisions; they still get fed and housed.
Putting roadblocks in the way of legitimate strike action only increases the likelihood of more wildcat strikes, which in turn will make it that much harder for employers to address legitimate grievances, given that they’ll lose the ability to negotiate with recognised union leaders.
Russia is a European country, and so we’d better, if we want a powerful Europe, negotiate with Russia.
I will sit at the table and compromise with anyone in the name of progress, but there are things I’m not willing to compromise and negotiate on, and that is the rights of women, of immigrants, of workers, and of the LGBTQIA community.
All of my writing career is about how human beings negotiate dark matter.
If I don’t manage to negotiate with the European Union, something I wish, then I will ask the French to leave the European Union. And then you’ll be able to call me Madame Frexit.
You can’t negotiate in public. People won‘t make concessions in public. They will do that in private. Like sausage making, you have to do it behind closed doors.
While we all want the U.N. to live up to its original intent and be the place where the world comes together to solve international problems, the reality is the U.N. isn’t all that different from any other political body. Countries and individuals play to the cameras, create good theatre, and negotiate selfishly.
You don’t get what you ask for, you get what you negotiate in this business.
Like my hero Virginia Woolf, I do lack confidence. I always find that the novel I’m finishing, even if it’s turned out fairly well, is not the novel I had in my mind. I think a lot of writers must negotiate this, and if they don’t admit it, they’re not being honest.
If we are to negotiate the coming years safely, we may need a new kind of leadership. To put it more precisely, we need the rediscovery of an ancient kind of leadership that has rarely been given the prominence it deserves. I mean the leader as teacher.
There should not be an entitlement that because you get paid the most money, that you should finish every game. But if you don’t do it, then the agents are going to call, and the players are going to mope, and so you negotiate that. It’s a compromise as a coach.
It’s either feast or famine, and that’s the way it’s been for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent my whole career thinking I’ll never work again. Every actor lives with that insecurity. You just have to negotiate the rapids as they come.
You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
I recognize that as governor, my job is to sit on the other side of the table from the public sector unions and negotiate effectively on behalf of all the taxpayers of the state, including all of you.
You do not negotiate with terrorists.
Despite overwhelming and irrefutable evidence to the contrary, President Obama continues to believe that he can negotiate with Republicans.
When you’re part of a society where you’re constantly having to define your identity and sort of negotiate with what the mainstream culture thinks you are, you have less energy and time to figure out who you are when you go home at night.
We cannot afford to balance the budget on the backs of America’s middle class and seniors and must do what it takes to strengthen Social Security and Medicare, including enabling the government to negotiate the price of prescription drugs.
There were a lot of new opportunities after I won the belt. People look at you more when you’re the champion, UFC looks at you differently, you can negotiate bigger purses.
When you actually meet the devil and he offers you a deal most artists eventually negotiate.
I think it’s rude of the UFC to try and lowball me and expect me to negotiate a deal while I’m training for a fight.
I know, as an actor, you have to negotiate, but I can’t handle the whole idea that art and commerce are synonymous. It drives me nuts.
We usually let our husbands negotiate the house and the cars. But I never had a husband, so I was always buying my own houses and cars, so I knew how to negotiate.
It’s learning how to negotiate to keep both sides happywhether it’s for a multi-million dollar contract or just which show to watch on TV, that determines the quality and enjoyment of our lives.