Nobody Else Quotes

Nobody Else Quotes by Bernard Levin, Erik Larson, Peter Higgs, Dolly Parton, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, David Henry Hwang and many others.

Once, when a British Prime Minister sneezed, men half a world away would blow their noses. Now when a British Prime Minister sneezes nobody else will even say ‘Bless You’.
Nobody else took what I was doing seriously, so nobody would want to work with me. I was thought to be a bit eccentric and maybe cranky.
I don’t have maids or servants, and my husband and I love waking up early and going to the 24-hour supermarket when there is nobody else there.
Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.
For a long time, it was hard for me to get my work done in Chicago. Silk Road gave me opportunities to do shows like ‘Golden Child’ – shows that nobody else seemed interested in. And they bring an artistic integrity to the work that matches anything you‘ll find at a bigger theatre.
You can’t patent a move. It’s challenging enough to come up with a move that nobody else does… I try and do things that I would want to see done that I haven‘t seen other people do. Most wrestlers obviously don’t think that way, and instead they steal somebody‘s move as soon as they’ve gone on to the next company.
The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.
To me, my favorite joke on a stand-up special is when someone says something and you go, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been thinking that my whole life, I’ve just never said it to anyone else.’ Those little kinda quiet, personal observations you make that nobody else has talked about yet.
To get players for MLS, we sometimes had to go to places where nobody else goes. The big teams have global scouting networks but we had to be creative.
I am not going to share my private life with millions of people. I don’t find a need to do that and nobody else close to me does either.
You custom make your own car, ain’t nobody else driving that.
Sol has experience, pace and physical power, which nobody else has together.
My process is walking down to the locker room, laying everything out to how I like it. I’m very particular about setting up my bags and my dressing situation. I love to pull out that portable speaker and blare music even if nobody else likes it. To me, its just keeping everything the same every single night.
There is nobody else, on the entire earth, like Mama Mai. Nobody who thinks like her, says what she says, or drags you into the trouble she does. It’s the most exhilarating and fun time of anyone’s life.
We first started to rent old VFW halls in Philly or whatever; we rented kegs and did parties and played our own music. We had to find a way to do it because nobody else was helping us, and I think now it’s important to keep those dialogues happening, those parties happening.
Sometimes I’ll do something when I’m tired at night, and it’ll sound hot. But in the morning, when I’m wide awake, I’ll listen again and think it’s way off. Nobody else would notice it, but I’m like, I’ve got to fix that!
The integrity of the game is the umpires. Nobody else. The entire integrity of the game is the umpires.
So I learnt a few country western songs, I bought a chord book, and right away I started writing my own stuff, which nobody else did that, I don’t know why.
In great Al Davis fashion, he took a reach that he believed in and instilled confidence in me like nobody else could. I was able to become all that he expected of me.
Nobody else is going to protect yourself. You’ve got to protect yourself.
When I’m writing I just think there’s only the page and me and nobody else.
I love watching film. I love watching stories. I watch the people in them… Even, sometimes, films that nobody else can watch – ‘How could you look at that? It’s lousy‘ – I can look at it and be totally into it.
The smartphones and the computer separates everybody, makes you think that you don’t need nobody else.
When French troops entered Paris in August, 1944, Papa came in from Rambouillet and first liberated the Explorersclub. But his major objective was the Ritz. He came in and assured security, making sure nobody else could get to the wine cellar.
When you got a sound that don’t sound like nobody else and it’s brand new, you’ve got to feed it to ’em. You’ve got to force it on ’em.
The only person that can define you is you. Nobody else can.
I just kind of do my own thing. I’m not trying to be like nobody else or nothing like that. Like when I travel, everybody’s like, go to Dubai, it’s a new thing. I can go to Dubai, but I’m not going to just because I’m not trying to go where everybody is going.
It’s the South that maintains the idea that they’re different, which is interesting because nobody else really cares.
I don’t consider myself to be bigger than nobody else in this game, so I’m not here to tell people what to rap about.
We’re trying to do something nobody else is doing right now.
Every one of us have things that we believe about ourselves when nobody else is looking, nobody else is listening, nobody else is monitoring what we’re doing. We believe things about ourself.
I want to give a child a life who wouldn’t be given a life. I want a child that nobody else wants.
I remember a time when all my fans were crying and sad and going through hell. Now, we’re trying to uplift each other and accept ourselves for who we are, even if nobody else does.
My mother told me, ‘Son, nobody else but God knows.’ And that’s what I’m about – reaching out to the people, crying with them, giving them hope. Visiting the hospital, visiting the kids with cancer, visiting the adults, and stuff like that. That’s what I do.
The reason that I’m so fast at what I do is – I’m not saying that I’m getting stories that nobody else has – the difference is that if a tip goes out to five people, and I know that it’s a reliable source, I just tweet it out. If you’re at a respectable news organization, that would be considered irresponsible.
In ‘Gran Torino,’ I play a guy who’s racially offensive. But he learned. It shows that you’re never too old to learn and embrace people that you don’t understand to begin with. It seems like nobody else got that message, I guess.
Teachers are sort of faced with a thankless task, because no matter how good they are, unless they find a way to personally rationalize the rewards of their effort, nobody else is really going to do it for them en masse.
If you don’t value and respect yourself, nobody else will.
This thing where Daniel Cormier wants to fight Brock Lesnar; I know he wants to make money, but it doesn’t make any sense. The only one who wants to see that fight or make that fight is him. Nobody else wants to see that.
Nobody else can tell you what you are.
I feel like one of my strengths is writing about stories that are unique to me but somehow relate with everyone, and the one thing I’ve found is that if you make a song wholly unique to you, then you don’t have to compete with everybody, because nobody else can make a song like you.
All I can say is that you have to live with your conscience at the end of your life, and it’s the only thing that you have that belongs to yourself and nobody else.
It’s hard to be a clubhouse guy without being a great guy. I mean, the nature of the job is, you know, you’re picking up dirty clothes and you’re doing all the tasks that the players – that nobody else wants to do.
Our country was founded on immigration. We are all occupying Native American land here. At what point do we say ‘It’s our land, and nobody else can come here.’
You know my character, I’m obviously that sexy-hot bombshell that nobody else has.
I wanted to do something that nobody else was doing. I didn’t have a mentor. There were no other women on the radio.
You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper.
Do you think the UFC is going to owe you a favor when you step up on short notice when nobody else is doing it? There’s a reason a whole bunch of us aren’t doing it. If you want to be that scapegoat, and think that the UFC’s going to owe you one, good luck with that. Let me know how that goes.
I don’t see myself as a conventional or an unconventional actress. I am just an individual trying to carve a niche for myself that nobody else can fill.
When you start your career, you have to figure out a way to separate yourself from the pack. So I went for a kind of preppy, psycho-killer look: I had short hair, grey flannel pants, and a button-down shirt. I think it worked, because nobody else was looking that way at that time.
In basketball, there’s a lot of pushing, grabbing, and shoving going on that nobody else sees. That’s why I’m training with MMA fighter DonaldCowboy‘ Cerrone.
I was kind of a misfit, actually. When you’re young, you want to be like everybody else, and I was like nobody else. I couldn’t sit still. I was impulsive. I still am. What is now called a ‘talent‘ did not serve me well as a child. I didn’t have friends. I was really an outcast.
There’s nobody else on the face of this earth that’s playing a sport at a highest level… with a transplant. That alone continues to inspire me, because I realize throughout the whole world the struggles that people are going through. I need to inspire them the best way I can.
I care about me now. When I didn’t care about me, I was, like, ‘Why is this going wrong? Why is my life so bad?’ But when you don’t care about yourself, nobody else is going to care about you. So I learned to love myself, even if nobody else does.
If I put on any pressure. I put it on myself. Nobody else puts pressure on Larry Johnson.
I feel like with ‘2.5,’ I created another style that nobody else is coming with.
Sometimes you look at the critics and say, ‘Nobody else was telling me that, but you were.’
I’m bad on Valentine‘s Day, but even worse on Christmas. I go shopping at nine o’clock on December 24th every year. Nobody else is there. I’m in Toys‘R’Us all by myself. I get there five minutes before closing.
You fight the most with your brother. The first fight you’re going to get into is with your brother. The first fight you lose is going to be with your brother. But nobody else better try to fight your brother. Only you can fight your brother without it being a problem.
I want to shock people. I want to do roles that nobody else can do.
Don’t take anything for granted. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. Have a little more confidence.
I would want people to be their own superheroes, save their own days, know that nobody else is gonna do it for you. You have to pick yourself up out of your dark moment; you gotta be your own source of light, just like I was for me.
I’m an actor because I love acting, and my romance with this craft called acting is too intense. I’m in this business for a very selfish reason, and that is me, and nobody else. The audience loving it is by chance.
My whole thing is there is nobody else like you in this whole world.
My main point is to entertain in a way that is unique and different from what anybody else id doing; to apply my voice in a way that nobody else in the industry is applying theirs.
I always have the ability to believe in myself when nobody else does.
Assume nobody else has any idea what they’re doing, either.
And if small businesspeople say they made it on their own, all they are saying is that nobody else worked seven days a week in their place. Nobody showed up in their place to open the door at five in the morning. Nobody did their thinking, and worrying, and sweating for them.
People realize this man knows what the hell’s going on and nobody else does.
Places like the National Theatre or Sheffield, these great engines of theatre, make us cutting edge because they can be experimental. They can do plays that nobody else can afford to do in ways nobody else can afford to do.
The beauty of knowing yourself is nobody else has to.
I don’t apologize for supporting Trump. He said all the right things, and nobody else would even say it. I suppose it’s possible that another politician who really meant it would come along. There’s Kris Kobach, Tom Cotton, Jeff Sessions… there are probably a handful of politicians.
I was very lucky – it wasn’t a question of being wealthy; my father was just extremely lucky with the couple of jobs he got. So we got a chance to travel when nobody else could travel.
Have fun. Do something nobody else had done before, or has done since.
Playing live was always definitely a lot more fun. You picture it: working alone in the studio eight or 10 hours a day with nobody else there, being frustrated and driven crazy by all of the things that you have to deal with, vs. thousands of people screaming and singing along with you playing.
Nutty Professor‘ was me going, ‘Say what you want to say, but I can do this, and you can’t, and nobody else in the town can do this.’
Nobody else is Tiger Woods. Not on this planet.
I’m a working stiff. I just happened to be around at the right time, and nobody else wanted the job.
There’s a moment in every romantic comedy when a person sees something in someone else that nobody else sees.
When you choose your fields of labor go where nobody else is willing to go.
Mary Lyon
I will always be my hardest critic. Nobody else will ever be able to come at something I do harder than I come at myself.
It’s very important in a restaurant to really do the right hiring because there’s no restaurant that you have one cook and one chef and nobody else in the kitchen. Generally you have five, ten, 15 people with you. So that’s really important is to train them right, but first you have to hire the right people.
I think Ryan Gosling is a really great actor who’s meticulous about his work. And I’d love to have the guts that Johnny Depp has to actually go outside the box on a character. When he plays a character, he plays it in a way that nobody else would.
Believe in yourself when nobody else does.
The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.
I think all teenagers feel alone, and that nobody else knows what they are going through and all that sort of stuff.
When I was 16, nobody else talked like me. Nobody else sounded like me.
For email, the old postcard rule applies. Nobody else is supposed to read your postcards, but you’d be a fool if you wrote anything private on one.
The businessman says ‘If I don’t do it first, somebody else will.’ The artist says ‘If I don’t do it first, nobody else will.’
Miserable is a good thing, though. If you start the day miserable, nobody else can screw up your day.
Nobody else knew what to do with me because big women are old.
Nobody else is stupid enough to get themselves into the straits that I get into.
Cameron Crowe can write dialogue and shoot it with warmth and humor like nobody else.
I started to like blues, I guess, when I was about 6 or 7 years old. There was something about it, because nobody else played that kind of music.
I’m Braun Strowman. You can’t put me in a category with anyone. I’m my own entity – there’s nobody else like me – so I’m going to continue going out there to be Braun. I’m no good guy or bad guy, I’m Braun.
The one thing I do that nobody else does is jump three and four times for one rebound.
The Heat gave me an opportunity when nobody else wanted to.
Yeah, I kind of looked around and I can’t understand why nobody else is speaking up. Later when I faced the backlash of speaking up, I realized why nobody did.
Whenever I played him, I played Superman as if I had a secret that nobody else knew.
If we members of the Jewish community don’t support the Jewish organizations, nobody else will.
Conor McGregor knows how to control distance well, but Anderson does it like nobody else.
I also believe that you are what you have to defend, and if you’re a black man that’s always going to be the bar against which you are judged, whether you want to align yourself with those themes or not. You can think of yourself as a colourless person, but nobody else is gonna.
That is the difference between St. Jude’s and all other children‘s hospitals. The other hospitals are not bad at all; they’re good hospitals, but they’re just working with what they know, and St. Jude’s is working with what nobody else knows, because they’re doing research.
I don’t play for nobody else but my teammates and my family. That’s it.
The process of discovery in my field is very incremental. But there are moments when you realize you know something about the world nobody else knows. That’s extraordinarily exhilarating.
As we get more technically driven, the importance of people becomes more than it’s ever been before. You have to utilize who you are in your work. Nobody else can do that: nobody else can pull from your background, from your parents, your upbringing, your whole life experience.
You find inspiration everywhere. The best inspiration is the people you grew up with. Nobody else knows about you than when you were just regular, everyday people. That’s where most of it comes from.
Nobody else was saying what he said on air, and sometimes he pushed the envelope when he said the newest Jay Z line with a Michael Jordan highlight. But Stuart Scott was an artist.
I had something nobody else could do – I sang in a way that separated me – and, when you’re trying to get noticed, you play your trump card.
If you’re my woman, you’re somebody I give emotions to that I don’t give to nobody else. You’re my safe space. I don’t want my safe space to be compromised.
I don’t go to shows because I just want to listen to the music performed live. I want to get to know the person who’s performing it. Or I want to, like, take away a sense that I had an experience that nobody else is going to have again, or a unique experience for that moment.
I was always different from all the other kids, and I was doing things that nobody else did or seemed to have any interest in.
Dembele has things that nobody else in the squad has – self-confidence, one against one, shooting with both feet, personality.
Now, you can’t tell me, we have the only God in the whole world. You can’t tell me that nobody else has God.
Underground people pay a desperate toll finding out things nobody else has discovered yet. We run around like headless chickens looking for the next cultural fix to spiral around in before it gets appropriated somewhere else and becomes something it never was. There’s this sort of one-upmanship in the underground.
As an adolescent, I was painfully shy, withdrawn. I didn’t really have the nerve to sing my songs on stage, and nobody else was doing them. I decided to do them in disguise so that I didn’t have to actually go through the humiliation of going on stage and being myself.
Nobody else feels the same way about your dog that you do.
I like to believe that I play bass like Dusty Hill, and that’s something nobody else can do as well as me. I’m the best Dusty Hill I know.
My first book is called ‘Carry the Three.’ It’s definitely in a drawer, and it’s terrible. I never sent it to anybody. My wife read it, but nobody else.
The thing about Buffy and Spike is they understand each other on a level that nobody else understands her.
I think we’ve debunked the myth of talent. It doesn’t appear that there’s anything like a music gene or center in the brain that Stevie Wonder has that nobody else has.
I always knew I had something to say even when nobody else wanted to listen.
While it was occasionally done here or there, nobody else had a figurehead like Walt doing it. Jack Warner wasn’t on TV. Walt was the boss, but he had a real public profile and he used it to his advantage. And he became a household face.
There are so many funny people and so many talented people, but the one thing nobody else has is my take on the world. So, when I’m developing my show, that’s going to be the focus.
I’m getting guarded like nobody else in the country is being guarded, scouted on like no one else in the country is.
I was bashing Israel in the past because nobody else was exposing its true record. Many people are doing it now, so I switched hats from a critic of Israel to a diplomat who wants to resolve the conflict. I have not changed, but I think the spectrum has moved.
That’s where I got lucky; nobody else is doing what I do or really can do what I do.
I’ve always been fascinated by real scientistsAlbert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and so many others – how they’ve come up with solutions to very complicated problems that nobody else can seem to figure out.
When a lot of people are distrusting the news they watch, comedians are stepping up talking about things that most people are too afraid to talk about, shining light on problems nobody else will admit, whether it’s Samantha Bee or John Oliver or Trevor Noah.
I make the decisions nobody else has the stomach to make.
Focus comes a lot more easily when you desperately want the results of your own work – nobody else is going to do it for you.
Nobody else in the world has a form like the Native American musical, and Americans should be very proud.
Listen to ‘Dream.’ It’s just me all the way. It’s like raw. It’s gutter. It’s real. It’s authentic. It ain’t like nobody else. Don’t sound like nobody else, no nothing.
I like to drive everywhere, so I normally like to sing out loud in my car where nobody else can hear me.
You have moments when you sulk, when you crib and cry and feel that, ‘why me and why all these things are happening with me.’ We are only human. It’s about facing your fear and not giving up because you are the only person who will support yourself at the end of the day and if you dont do that than nobody else will.
My only saving grace is that I actually collect things that nobody else is interested in.
I bleed like nobody else.
Fighting the ongoing war in your day-to-day life, everybody has their battle going on that nobody else knows about.
‘Minecraft’ is to a large degree about having unique experiences that nobody else has had. The levels are randomly generated, and you can build anything you want to build yourself.
How sweet it is to learn the Savior‘s love when nobody else loves us! When friends flee, what a blessed thing it is to see that the Savior does not forsake us but still keeps us and holds us fast and clings to us and will not let us go!
The one thing that nobody else in the world can touch is the coffee in Australia.
I kind of love walking around with something nobody else knows about in my back pocket.
I became captain after playing 17 years for India so probably I became captain by default because nobody else wanted it.
These things bring you to reality as to how fragile you are; at the same moment you are doing something that nobody else is able to do. The same moment that you are seen as the best, the fastest and somebody that cannot be touched, you are enormously fragile.
Publishers were ever eager for authors to do their own publicity because nobody else was willing to do it for nothing. But then it became clear that if you want somebody to champion the story, there’s nobody better than the person who made it all up.
Back then, my idol was Bugs Bunny, because I saw a cartoon of him playing ball – you know, the one where he plays every position himself with nobody else on the field but him? Now that I think of it, Bugs is still my idol. You have to love a ballplayer like that.
Nobody else is going to draw the attention that the Charlo twins will.
Figure skating is theatrical, and a part of it is wearing costumes. My costumes were very over-the-top and outrageous for figure skating. But for me, it’s all beautiful. Even when nobody else believed they were beautiful, I felt beautiful in them.
Johnny was great in the studio; he was there to make the music that he wanted to make. We lived right beside each other and had a rehearsal studio that was just ours, with nobody else using it, it was part of Johnny’s house, so we could rehearse every day.