Obsessed Quotes

Obsessed Quotes by Mark Hart, Alex Stapleton, Carl Sagan, Marcus Brigstocke, Francis Chan, KaDee Strickland and many others.

The atheist barista (who‘s obsessed with astrology) asked me, “So what’s your sign?” I responded, “The sign of the cross.” I think she spit in my coffee.
I’m a big genre fan. I’m a big science fiction nerd and horror film nerd. I’m obsessed with Pam Grier. I wanted to be her for all of my teenage years.
Discussing the possibilities of extraterrestrial life: I would love it even if they were short, sullen, grumpy and sexually obsessed. But there just isn’t any good evidence.
People who are obsessed with Jesus aren’t consumed with their personal safety and comfort above all else. Obsessed people care more about God‘s kingdom coming to this earth than their own lives being shielded from pain or distress.
I’m kind of obsessed with food – I really am.
I’m Armenian, and April 24th was another commemoration of the genocide of Armenia people by Turkey. The perpetrator never admitted the crime. I was raised with that, this question: how do you actually find the truth of such a traumatic event? I’m obsessed with that issue.
Let’s be clear – for people like me, who are obsessed with story and for whom words are their medium, writing is the best job possible. I work hard, but I earn more than the national average wage while I play with my imagination, and for me, that’s a dream.
I’d witnessed for the first time in my vampire- obsessed existence an actual vampire bite. The only problem was that it wasn’t my neck being bitten.
I wanted to be a senator from Illinois. I was obsessed with politics. My dad was friends with a lot of local politicians, so I would hang out with them on Election Day and hand out buttons. Somehow, even though they were opposite, I loved Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. I thought they were the coolest guys!
I like [that] there’s a certain inherent drama to those jobs that is exciting to tell stories about and it’s still real life. I’m a little less interested in the current fad of being obsessed with superheroes and things that are so out of the box.
RevitaLash. Beyond obsessed. We don’t use fake lashes anymore for me at work… they are SO long!
I’m just completely obsessed with Die Antwoord.
I’m obsessed with everything Ryan Murphy does.
I’m obsessed with ‘Scandal.’ I love, love, love it. I’ve gotten to meet all of the cast at this point, and they’re all so, so nice.
I have a gajillion headbands – yellows, pinks, reds, blues. I’m obsessed.
I love fashion. But I love it in a different way than most people. I’m not obsessed with it. I’m just obsessed with looking good and wearing clothes that make me feel good.
I was obsessed with being rich and famous.
I’ve been obsessed by football since I was young.
I think a lot of people get so obsessed with the wedding and the expense of the wedding that they miss out on what the real purpose is. It’s not about a production number, it’s about a meaningful moment between two people that’s witnessed by people that they actually really know and care about.
I can get obsessed by anything if I look at it long enough. That’s the curse of being a photographer.
I love french fries, I like a good burger, and I like pie. And that’s okay. I would be depressed if I felt I could never eat the things that I love. I also don’t want my girls to be obsessed about food. We don’t have a “no junk food” rule – I just want them to think about their choices.
I started doing a paper round when I was about 10. I started earning $10 a week and then I was obsessed with earning money until I was about 15.
The reason so many of us are obsessed with becoming stars is because we are not yet starring in our own lives. The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you, it radiates from within you.
Further, I’m obsessed with how language contorts and creates bodies.
If you don’t have obsessions, don’t write. my characters are obsessed.
Music, from the time I was probably about five years old, was my obsession. I was going to saypassion,’ but I really was obsessed; I really didn’t want to do anything else.
The effect of life in society is to complicate and confuse our existence, making us forget who we really are by causing us to become obsessed with what we are not.
Only by being obsessed with little things do amazing things emerge.
I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms…my entire body is hairless.
Jewish people, we’re repulsed by Hitler, but we’re obsessed with him. If you ever want to rob a Jewish person‘s house, all you have to do is call them up and tell them there’s a Hitler film festival down at the multiplex – watch them file out.
I think the biggest single thing that causes difficulty in the business world is the short-term view. We become obsessed with it. But it forces bad decisions.
Why are we, as a nation so obsessed with foreign things? Is it a legacy of our colonial years? We want foreign television sets. We want foreign shirts. We want foreign technology. Why this obsession with everything imported?
Ever since I was a little kid I was obsessed with films, and I always wanted to make them
A codependent person is one who has let another person’s behavior affect him or her and who is obsessed with controlling that person’s behavior.
One month I’ll be completely obsessed with Bob Dylan and the next Arcade Fire. I like early Elton John and David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. I listen to a lot of American bands. But I like listening to new bands, too.
When I was a preteen, I got into singing, and became really obsessed with it. But then, of course, that didn’t work out.
I am obsessed with silver jewellery, so I visited the Johri Bazar, which is famous for it and bought a lot of silver rings, earrings and pendants.
Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.
I’ve become obsessed with the idea of reconciliation, particularly reconciliation with nature but with people too, of course. I think that travel has been a kind of search for that, a pursuit for unity and even an attempt to contribute to a sense of unity.
It’s really hard to get stories made that are about women. Not just women being obsessed with men, or supporting men. And it’s really hard to get men to be a part of films that are about women in a leading role. I’m really interested in how we can adjust that.
Why are we so obsessed with celebrity culture? We have front-page news about divorces instead of front-page news about global warming, about women being abused, about children being abused. We’re going on a downward spiral.
I recently went to New York for the first time, and honey, I’m in love with that place. I’m obsessed with its sausages.
What you want, as a filmmaker, is to be obsessed with and fall in love with the material.
Obsession is so extreme and so hard to imagine with the rational mind that it has a science-fiction-like quality to it-it’s almost as if the obsessed one has been taken over by a replica, a pod, a facsimile of the rational person.
When I was 12 years old, I was obsessed with codes, conspiracies, and secret messages. I would record TV commercials with SoundRecorder.exe on Windows 95 and reverse them to see if I was being subliminally influenced to watch PokГ©mon by Japanese spies.
Babies are endlessly fascinating to look at and I’m obsessed about their complete and utter lack of guile.
Actors don’t listen to each other. You’re so obsessed with what you’re saying or doing that the other person could be talking in Swahili and you wouldn’t know.
I’m obsessed with the Victorian era and the British Royal Navy… I’d love to play a troubled sailor or captain or a boatman on a three masted ship.
I have dual citizenship; it just so happens I live in America. I would like to go back to Wales. I’m obsessed with my childhood, and at least three times a week dream I am back there.
People tend to dwell more on negative things than on good things. So the mind then becomes obsessed with negative things, with judgments, guilt and anxiety produced by thoughts about the future and so on.
[Sherlock Holmes] has moved from being someone who was sociopathic, work-obsessed and slightly amoral, into being someone who has a certain degree of a private life, which is very, very private, with The Woman, or Irene Adler.
I remember when I first found out I was having a boy, I became obsessed with buying boys‘ clothes. Then came my daughter, and I was obsessed with buying girls’ clothes. Everything looks 10 million times cuter when it’s teeny-tiny.
My daughter is just as obsessed with playing in my makeup as everyone‘s daughter is. She paints our walls and herself and clothes and me. So I have to do makeup in 30 seconds or my whole house is covered in my makeup, because she’ll just take it and run.
Telling me that I’m obsessed with talking about racism in America is like telling me I’m obsessed with swimming when I’m drowning.
It’s very easy to become selfish and narrow-minded and see ballet as the only thing in life, but there’s lots more.
When I was younger I was obsessed with writing, so even if I wanted to listen, I didnt have time.
I’ve always been obsessed with bad, awkward television and bad public access. Before YouTube, it was a treat coming across that stuff. When I moved to New York, I used to love watching public access late at night.
Still though, I think if you’re not self-obsessed, you’re probably boring.
I am obsessed with ice cubes. Obsessed.
I’m a responsible soul. But anyone who has the chance to spend time with me can see I’m still 22 years old. I love talking about clothes and guys and shoes and makeup. Plus, I’m obsessed with anything Hello Kitty!
My mother-in-law is obsessed with clowns.
People who are obsessed with God are known as givers, not takers. Obsessed people genuinely think that others matter as much as they do, and they are particularly aware of those who are poor around the world (James 2:14-26).
I’m obsessed with ‘Homeland.’ It’s not even okay.
I’m obsessed with being on time. If you say, ‘Let’s meet up at 10 A.M.,’ I will be there 15 minutes early. Always.
‘That’s What She Said’ is not Hollywood‘s standard picture of women: preternaturally gorgeous, wedding obsessed, boy crazy, fashion focused, sexed up ‘girl’ women. These are real women, comically portrayed, who are trying to wrestle with the very expectations of womanhood that Hollywood movies set up.
People do complain about the way I act on stage… They think on stage I act too arrogant, too self-obsessed, solecistic, self-contained, synonyms.
I never really told my parents that I wanted to be a pop star or anything. They just knew that I was totally obsessed with music. Funnily enough, my father always used to say that he didn’t think I could sing.
As a kid, I remember wondering why we lived in an apartment, not in a brownstone, and why we drove an LTD, not a Cadillac. Even now, I’m like that. If I’m on the 5th floor, I will wonder why I’m not on the 6th floor. But that was my drive. I was obsessed with my family having a better life.
I become obsessed with one thing or one look, a Bohemian look for instance, and then I wear that for a while.
Other than the ‘Sesame Streetsoundtrack, which I was obsessed with, the first artist I really felt I’d discovered on my own was Amy Winehouse. She was the first female artist I wanted to write like and sing like and be like.
Very often, people are obsessed with what others think of them. It’s like if a flower wants to be a cactus or a palm but it’s not. A flower is a flower, and that’s enough. That’s all you have to do is be a flower.
I am not sure why, but I have been obsessed by the Atom Bomb ever since it first happened.
We live in a beauty-obsessed age and success sometimes appears to hinge solely on the presentation of an image that is acceptable to the press.
No one changes the world who isn’t obsessed.
I never really got obsessed about one thing for long. I was a bit of a butterfly and a magpie.
I was obsessed with my dad, and my dad would refuse to go to church with us on Sundays because football was on. So I thought to myself, how could I spend more time with my dad? I started watching football with him every Sunday, and it was just something I fell in love with.
As a young boy, I was obsessed with endangered species and the extinct species that men killed off. Biology was the subject in school that I was incredibly passionate about.
Like a stalker. An obsessed stalker. An obsessed, vampire stalker
Some people I’ve talked to have had really an interpretation of this record as being nostalgic. But in some ways, when we were writing Stay Positive, I was really obsessed with age. I kept saying it was a record about trying to age gracefully. This record, I think actually was us aging gracefully.
When I was a teenager, the number one book I was most obsessed with was ‘Gone with the Wind.
I’m obsessed with socks. I even wear them to bed!
A writer must take risks, defy the odds, be a bit obsessed and a little mad.
If you constantly think of illness, you eventually become ill; if you believe yourself to be beautiful, you become so.
I had become obsessed with the control-freak aspect of photography and with the rising importance of the image in our social media age it ended up working.
I’m truly obsessed by clothes. I just buy clothes all the time.
Let it never be said of this generation of Americans that we became so obsessed with failure that we refused to take risks that could further the cause of peace and freedom in the world.
Because I’m a walker, natural history is my subject; I’ve always been obsessed with landscape, and I have an elegiac tone in most of my books.
I was obsessed with movies, and it ended up being the tool with which I could make friends. Because I was too painfully shy in other circumstances, I would say, ‘Hey, do you want to make a movie?’ And that’s how I made friends, and it was also my escape.
I was obsessed from the moment I took my first photograph. I wanted to make photography my career.
In today’s vastly expanded scientific enterprise, obsessed with impact factors and competition, we will need much more night science to unveil the many mysteries that remain about the workings of organisms.
I’m definitely somewhat of a tomboy. I grew up a pretty big tomboy, actually, and was really obsessed with basketball.
Ive always been really artistic. I went to an all-girls private Catholic school, and one of their biggest things was musical theater. I became obsessed with that.
I find as long as I acknowledge the truth of something, then that’s it. I know what it is and then I can operate. But if I overestimate the downside of something or the challenge of something and I get too obsessed about the difficulty of it, then I don’t leave enough room to be open to the upside, the possibility.
Where story comes from, I don’t know. I know that I become obsessed with something. An idea, an image, a person, the way a person talks. And then something starts happening that I can’t explain, and it has a lot to do with language.
I’m obsessed with choirs, and always have been, because of that sense of overwhelming vocals.
a woman obsessed with her body is also obsessed with the limitations of her emotional life.
I’m not obsessed with angels but I do adore angels.
America is obsessed with youth. We all want to look young forever, and vampires do. They are caught in their prime, if that’s when they’ve been turned. And they’ll be that way forever.
I think my generation is obsessed with instant gratification. We want everything now, now, now.
My idol growing up was Charlie Chaplin. I was obsessed with him. I mean, while other kids were watching Jim Carrey and the likes in the ’90s, I was watching Charlie Chaplin films, because I was a bit of a geek. I became obsessed with this idea of physical comedy.
According to Richard Clarke, the former White House counterterrorism chief, Bush was so obsessed with Iraq that he failed to take action against Osama Bin Laden despite repeated warnings from his intelligence experts.
Just like I am obsessed with the history of fashion, I love reading about the history of makeup.
‘Sailor Moon’ was my favorite cartoon of all time, and I’m still kind of obsessed with it. I own all the DVDs to watch it at home.
‘Stay with Me’ started out being very political, largely because I’m a little obsessed with politics.
A person who is obsessed with Jesus is more concerned with his or her character than comfort. Obsessed people know that true joy doesn’t depend on circumstances or environment; it is a gift that must be chosen and cultivated, a gift that ultimately comes from God (James 1:2-4).
One of the things that Teller and I are obsessed with, one of the reasons that we’re in magic, is the difference between fantasy and reality.
Britney Spears became my talisman. I became obsessed with wearing Britney T-shirts. I felt it would bring me luck. And it did.
I took up boxing as a fitness thing. I got obsessed, and I would go every day when I wasn’t working. It’s just an insane sport when you get into it.
I was obsessed with the Canadian novelAnne of Green Gables‘. I decided I was Anne of Green Gables. There was something that spoke to me about her, and I wanted to have her beautiful red hair.
Yes, I’m a ‘Twi-hard.’ I became obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. I didn’t watch television, I didn’t go to the cinema. My friends would ring and say: ‘What are you doing?’ And I would say: ‘I’ve just got to finish this chapter.’
I always wanted to become president! When I was a kid, I was obsessed with politics.
Sadat was a great and good man, and his most bitter and dangerous enemies were people who were obsessed with hatred for his peaceful goals.
The soul seeks God with its whole being. Because it is desperate to be whole, the soul is God-smitten and God-crazy and God-obsessed. My mind may be obsessed with idols; my will may be enslaved to habits; my body may be consumed with appetites. But my soul will never find rest until it rests in God.
My mom was a seamstress, and I wish I’d learned to sew because I’m obsessed with ‘Project Runway!’
I’ve been obsessed with The Beatles since I was two.
How we come to be, and how we are what we are, is beyond any understanding. I have been obsessed by this, trying to understand the very nature of my existence.
If American men are obsessed with money, American women are obsessed with weight. The men talk of gain, the women talk of loss, and I do not know which talk is the more boring.
If my career continues along its current arc, people will probably look at me and see a writer who is obsessed with the relationship between rich and poor and with how the rich somehow or other always manage to betray the poor, even when they don’t mean to.
Im obsessed with the moon and space travel, so if I could incorporate that, Id love to go to space.
I’m obsessed with clowns and what they represent and the idea that clowns are supposed to make you laugh, but inevitably they’re hiding something. That’s how I look at my life.
I play a man who is obsessed with his own beauty, so it’s perfect casting.
When I was in the 9th grade, on Halloween night, when you’re supposed to go and out and burn your city, my mom made me go to ‘Cirque du Soleil.’ I was kicking and screaming. This girl came out onstage, and I was instantly mesmerized. I dropped out of school and became obsessed with her. I saw the show, like, 70 times.
I’m kind of obsessed with Bruce Springsteen – the T-shirt and jeans look for me is appealing. Prince was great as well. He designed all of his outfits himself and looked exactly how he wanted to look. He was in complete control of his image.
I started out wanting to be an actress. My sister was in this theater company in Brooklyn. I saw her in some plays, and I was immediately obsessed. I started auditioning for plays when I was about 10.
I remember spending one summer being utterly obsessed with trying to get the legendary unreachable ‘Ice Key’ from ‘Banjo-Kazooie.’
I perfectly understand the obsession with shoes. I myself am pretty obsessed. I have a few hundred pairs of shoes in general, because I’ve been collecting shoes for a long time.
I’m probably more obsessed with football that I am with music.
At university, I had been obsessed with reading about the lives of Rimbaud and Baudelaire, and I was steeped in the crazy poets, and I came to view my early subjects through that prism.
My dad calls me ‘Mac’ a lot, from ‘Mike Tyson‘s Punch Out’ – Little Mac is the main character. I was obsessed. I can still beat Mike Tyson on ‘Punch Out.’
I want to create a lifestyle niche for that cool girl who’s really into fashion but not too obsessed with it.
For thousands of years, human beings have been obsessed with beauty, truth, love, honor, altruism, courage, social relationships, art, and God. They all go together as subjective experiences, and it’s a straw man to set God up as the delusion. If he is, then so is truth itself or beauty itself.
Americans are somehow obsessed with her, and something about me hit a spot with people in Japan.
I was worried in the ‘80s that the best abstract painting had become obsessed with materiality, and painterly gestures and materiality were up against the wall.
In my 20s, I became obsessed with the role-playing game ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms,’ named after a classical Chinese novel, and later ‘The Sims,’ a life-simulation game, and ‘StarCraft,’ a science-fiction game.
I’m pretty obsessed with Sara Bareilles. She is so talented, and I feel like I would learn so much from her.
You ready? I have gold teeth, I have braids, I’m wearing Rick Owens moon boots, I have rips in my denim, a biker vest, I love artsy girls, my favourite artists are Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. I’m obsessed with being different.
I was obsessed with livestock barns, cattle and hogs. I still love that, and I still do that as a hobby.So I’m a strange person.
President Putin will run again in the 2018 election. He wants to be the czar of this new Russian empire that he is rebuilding. I think he is really obsessed with the idea.
I was obsessed with New York early on. I was watching sitcoms that were set in or around New York, like ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show.’ I was always very fascinated with the people who were on ‘What’s My Line?’ and I always had an incredible obsession with the city.
I’m obsessed with Chinese food and culture. It’s food that I adore above all others.
I’m obsessed with Tumblr. I love looking at all the pictures!
It’s often said that those who are unduly bothered by gays are latent homosexuals. Isn’t it possible that people obsessed with racism are themselves racist.
I pick up other people’s trash. I’m sort of obsessed.
The problem with most people! Is that you’re not obsessed with improvement.
I’m not obsessed with the idea of doing what you’re supposed to be doing when you’re a rapper. Walking around with cash that you haven‘t even provisioned for tax. Spending all of your time in the designer store to create some weird impression. I’m not interested, bro. I just like making music, and that’s it.
We become obsessed with ‘truth’ when discussing statements, just as we become obsessed with ‘freedom’ when discussing conduct…Like freedom, truth is a bare minimum or an illusory ideal.
I am fascinated by revolution. I am completely absorbed by it. I am crazed, am obsessed by the romanticism… . Revolution surges, flashes, thunders in almost every corner of the earth… . Brothers and sisters, keep fanning the flames of the leaping fire. … Let us become logs to feed the flames of revolution.
It’s so easy to become obsessed with the film industry and recognition that we can forget that we are not saving the world. We are just actors trying to entertain people.
It was early on when I was really focused and obsessed with doing The Tonight Show and Letterman and stuff like that. Then, I quickly realized that those things don’t make or break a career.
In the last quarter of the 20th century, Britons have been understandably obsessed with the problem of having too little power in the world. In the third quarter of the 18th century, by contrast, their forebears were perplexed by the problem of having acquired too much power too quickly over too many people.
I still want to direct. That’s my main love, and that comes from being obsessed with subtleties and people.
The cartoon is a metaphor really for the fact that it’s almost impossible in our celebrity obsessed culture to move around genres and sort of change you ideas, change your face, you know?
When I was growing up on our 53-acre dairy farm, we were obsessed with food; it was the center of our lives. We planted it, grew it, harvested it, peeled it, cooked it, served it, consumed it – endlessly, day after day, season after season.
It doesn’t help that we are three generations of actresses, who are always obsessed with losing time. But on the other side, historically, women have much more time on their hands than before. It goes together-the more time we have, the more we’re flipping out about how we’ve got to deal with it.
I only live in the world of animal protection. I speak only of that. I think only of that. I am obsessed.
I loved being a redhead! I always wanted to try it. I was obsessed with Lucille Ball growing up. I really wanted to try it but I always thought that doing it would ruin my hair.
I was obsessed with The Who. I would have accepted a marriage proposal from Roger Daltrey on the spot. I went to all of their shows in San Francisco and some in L.A. That was as close as I got to being a groupie.
Chicken and waffles! I’m obsessed with those.
Reformers who are obsessed with purity and cannot see that their obsession is impure.
The movement of grace toward gratitude brings us from the package of self-obsessed madness to a spiritual awakening.
I’m obsessed with working out. I eat like a pig, so it kind of makes up for that.
I consider myself fortunate that in my home, acting or the creative arts were a good option. This was a respected tour of duty in my family. Acting wasn’t something that was left to tragic bohemians. But we weren’t a family that obsessed on cinema.
I’m obsessed with Juice Press – they’re everywhere. I spend so much money at that place it’s crazy.
You become so obsessed, and that’s not a bad thing for a movie. Serve it with that sense that it’s the whole world.
I was born in 1991, and Harry Potter came out in 97, so, you know, I was really obsessed. I used to read them in one night.
a caring that gains only when losing; an obsessed desire to be bound, for love , in jail ; a capitulation to the one you’ve conquered yourself; a devotion to your own assassin every single day.
I’ve always been obsessed by beef jerky.
So much of contemporary crime fiction is painful to read and obsessed with violence, particularly against women, and I can’t read that.
I love black women. I live for them. They are everything to me. I’m obsessed with them. They are sophisticated, resilient and smarter than me.
David Bowie used to cover loads of people, and there was an element of “David Bowie did it, so we wanted to do it,” because we’re kind of obsessed [with him].
The matriarchal society 1300 years ago in Egypt was a peaceful society; that’s where you had no war for thousands of years! When they switched to patriarchal society, when the male energy ruled, we became obsessed with the greed. Now we are in this time of intense greed!
When I was younger, I was always obsessed with nails.
In being realistic we do not always have to be pessimistic. Christ never blinked his eyes at bad things. But he never became so obsessed with human evil that he lost faith in man.
Some people who are obsessed with food become gourmet chefs. Others become eating disorders.
Game designers are obsessed with emotion. How do we create the emotions that we want gamers to feel, and how can we really make it this intense, emotional experience?
There are very few things in my life that I can’t have if I want them. So when I see something that I can’t have, immediately I’m obsessed by it.
I am a little obsessed with surprise kitty.
Fear wants us to become obsessed with some event or person in the future, a year, a month, even a day. It also wants us to look backwards not at our successes, but our short-comings and our failures. Fear losses it’s grip when we stay in the now.
Well I always wanted to be Dolly Parton when I was a little girl. I was obsessed with her.
I had always been kind of obsessed with making a home of my own and was always drawing rooms that I wanted to live in, down to pictures on the wall and the faces that would be in the photographs, and how the couches would be situated.
Here in New York, we’re media obsessed. Writers write about writers who write about writers and reporters and freelancers, and it’s just a festival of information. We’re all analyzing and examining and predicting, and I can’t imagine that it’s like that everywhere else.
I am now obsessed with the technology of the body. I think it’s the most technologically literate thing that we have.
Bruno Mars, I’m kind of obsessed with him.
I regard writing not as an investigation of character but as an exercise in the use of language, and with this I am obsessed.
I think everybody has something that they’ve been obsessed about in their lifetime.
Republicans and Democrats are obsessed with making sure that illegal aliens are granted citizenship. The American people are not. They’re concerned about jobs, the economy, debt. They’re concerned about a plundering country. They’re concerned about a decaying, dying country.
I’m a writer obsessed with remembering: with remembering the past of America above all – and above all, that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to forgetfulness.
Not all of us are as effective as we could be, should be, or need to be, but some of the [most important] issues are slowly starting to be taken up again within black communities [because of their contributions], when we’re not obsessed with personal attacks against each other.
It was a really wonderful experience [at Hi Honey, I’m Home show]. I loved Nick At Nite at the time, and I was obsessed with watching it, so just to meet some of the more experienced stars of the older shows was a real treat and a thrill for me.
People are narcissistically obsessed with taking pictures of everything they eat.
Zach Woods loves to go jet-skiing. That’s a real thing in his real life. He’s obsessed with it.
I’m absolutely obsessed with The Jesus And Mary Chain and Patti Smith, but I’m a massive pop fan. I love pop culture, It’s a total reflection of the zeitgeist.
Only someone obsessed with sexual fidelity to an unhealthy degree places a higher value on preserving the ideal of monogamous marriage over preserving an actual marriage.
Even when I was five years old, I was obsessed with space.
I’m obsessed with being on time. If you say, “Let’s meet up at 10 a.m.,” I will be there 15 minutes early. Always.
Young girls are obsessed with having a thigh gap. I blame the impossible body standards set by Spongebob.
It’s a widely-held belief that Millennials are obsessed with money. And it’s also wildly true. Just don’t mistake it for a fixation with getting rich.
I am obsessed at nights with the idea of my own worthlessness, and if it were only to turn a light on to save my life I think I would not do it. These are the last footprints of a headache I suppose. Do you ever feel that? – like an old weed in a stream. What do you feel, lying in bed?
He [Mark Webb] is very savvy, technically, he’s shot so many videos, he knows how to get what he wants. The surprise, of course, is that he’s also an extremely humanistic story-teller. He’s obsessed with story and character, and not just making it look right, which is a double-thred that’s rare in directors.
I’m very obsessed with ‘The Real Housewivesfranchise. It’s a bad obsession.
[Woman Walks Ahead] is from me being a very bizarre child. From the age of about 8 to the age of about 15, I was obsessed with Native Americans.
Personally, having an eight-pack is a high, but professionally, I cannot be obsessed with it. I’m an actor, not a body builder.
My personal style is a big mix. A lot of it’s pretty vintage. I love vintage looks. I’m obsessed with the mid ’60s era, even ’70s, it was a good era for clothes, hair, music, and cars.
It always interests me how obsessed people are about age.
I was always obsessed with finding truly researched images to add authenticity, out of that came something totally contemporary and modern. Research is very key to my process because over and over again, reality provides more interesting images than you could have invented.
I’m obsessed with Elliott Smith, which is very common knowledge.
When I was growing up, I was obsessed with ‘Cagney and Lacey.’
Everyone is so obsessed with themselves nowadays that they have no time for me.
We see everything. We see what celebrities buy at the supermarket. It’s ridiculous. It’s that visibility. I’m confused by this whole celebrity-obsessed culture.
I’m obsessed with old rotary phones.
I’m definitely somewhat of a tomboy. I grew up a pretty big tomboy actually, and was really obsessed with basketball.
Even when I was in my 20s and at my most beautiful, I was never obsessed with my looks. I didn’t dye my hair or wear make-up.
As a child, I was obsessed with drawing things, like Mickey and Donald. And houses. My mother was worried I’d become an artist.
When I was a kid, like four or five years old, I was obsessed with the ‘Batman‘ TV show in the ’60s. And I took it totally seriously. At that age, I took it completely seriously. I didn’t get the fact that it was kind of played for laughs. I didn’t understand why my mom was rolling her eyes or chuckling.
I am a fan of the vampire shows, especially ‘True Blood.’ I’m obsessed with it. I got to meet the entire cast at Comic-Con and hang out with them. And that was awesome. I basically died and went to heaven.
Deep, persistent problems are never solved by accident; they are solved only by people who are obsessed with them and set out to solve them directly.
Power, people are obsessed with it. You can take a nice person and turn them into a slob, into an insane being, craving power, destroying anything that stands in their way.
There are lots of times when I’m a very good boyfriend, but there are times when I’m useless. I mean, I’m a mess around the house. I talk nonstop. I become obsessed with things.
Zara right now has incredible jeans. I’m obsessed. They have these jeans that have those ridges on the knees. I swear they have a little bit of stretch to them, so they hug everything in the right places. They’ve got great boyfriend jeans that are torn up, and you can cuff them.
When I got a little older I was obsessed Lil Wayne. But then it was just as many British rappers – Dizzee Rascal I would always listen to.
I’m death obsessed. You know, I have death all over my house. I have a stuffed two headed sheep!
I love Pinterest, so I got a little inspiration from there – I’m obsessed with cookies.
I definitely have a Google obsession of Juliette Binoche. I’m obsessed. I’ll read everything she’s ever said. I can tell you anything you want to know about Juliette Binoche, or Jack White. Those are my two creepy obsessions.
I’m obsessed with TV. How wrong our parents were when they said we should only watch an hour a day. Stop wasting your time reading books.
I put everyone in my school on to Nicki Minaj before she blew up. I was obsessed with her and I was like, ‘If she’s the best female rapper then I’ve got to be better than her.
I don’t really have time to watch too much, but I like ‘Family Guy‘ and ‘Entourage.’ I’m also obsessed with the YouTube series ‘Balls of Steel.’ It’s hilarious.
Basically, little Madison Beer in sixth grade was major, major Belieber status. I literally was obsessed with Justin. I wasn’t crazy-crazy, but I was a big fan of his.
I’m kind of insane when it comes to music, a little obsessed.
The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists.. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little.
I’m obsessed with cleanliness for myself, so I will take a bath three times a day, sometimes a steam twice a day in addition to that.
The first author I remember being obsessed by, actually realizing ‘I like the way he writes and I like the way he tells stories,’ was C.S. Lewis and the ‘Narnia‘ books.
The West as a whole in the early 1990s become obsessed with a ‘peace dividend’ that would be spent over and over again on any number of soft-hearted and sometimes soft-headed causes. Politicians forget that the only real peace dividend is peace.
I just liked the feeling of being on stage. My parents weren’t pushing me, they didn’t have to, I was obsessed.
A theme I’m obsessed with is the tension between human nature and the frameworks designed to curb the worst and promote the best of it.
I might‘ve set out to write a particular song about a particular girl, but my experience will run out after four lines, so instead of getting obsessed with the girl, I write about the clothes I’m wearing.
Comedy is a reaction to the world, and I think it really helps to be an outsider. I’ve always been very interested in people’s behavior, to the point of being obsessed – seeing what people needed and reading them, I think that’s the backbone of comedy.
I always have at least four different lip products in my purse – I’m obsessed! I’m into L’Oreal Infallible Le RougeUnending Kiss.’ It’s a very soft and natural pink color. I’ve also discovered Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in ‘sweet violet.’ I like it because it’s very natural and feels good on my lips.
Don’t call a girl obsessed when she’s in love.
When the entrepreneur is obsessed with the product and the company has organized all of its activities around that, it’s very powerful.
I was born in 1971, and Tom Baker was sort of my obsession as a kid and that’s why we got him to do the voice over for ‘Little Britain‘ because I was actually obsessed with Tom Baker.
I’m obsessed with smells even more than makeup.
When you fall in love for the first time, you’re naive to every feeling that you’re feeling, and you’re almost obsessed with or addicted to that person. Your life is consumed by them, and everything you want to do revolves around them. I think it’s great.
I had no interest or intention of ever writing music. I was a professional violinist in my 20s. I was obsessed with conducting, and I was conducting as much as I could, and I was studying as much as I could. I went to USC; I got an undergrad degree in violin and a master‘s degree in conducting.
We’ve lost our competitive spirit. We’ve become so obsessed with making kids feel good about themselves that we’ve lost sight of building the skills they need to actually be good at things.
I’m obsessed with ‘Thelma and Louise,’ and therefore obsessed with Callie Khouri who wrote that movie.
I’m obsessed with Jo Malone oils. I think they’re so beautiful; they’re exquisite. But it’s not just the oils; I’m obsessed with their packaging. The beautiful glass bottles that you keep on the side of the bath – they’re almost iconic.
We have a market-driven society so obsessed with buying and selling and obsessed with power and pleasure and property.
It’s crazy because, you know, my parents always want me to watch old films to make me realize how amazing some of the older actors are. And I was obsessed as soon as I watched ‘Stand by Me.’
I don’t think it will ever be lessened. Because I always move on to something else – and the music that I listen to, that I ingest, is a lot different than what I put out. I’m always becoming obsessed with the next phase of my musical vocabulary.
One day when I was like 9, I heard the Beatles on the radio, and I asked my dad who they were. He told me they were the best band in the world, and I became obsessed. He started giving me their albums in sequential order, and I listened to them – and only them – until I was probably in high school.
For me, being Italian, I love pizza. Particularly from Naples. I am obsessed.
I’m a huge fan of the ’70s. I’m obsessed with the music of that time.
You can choose who you want to be the hero [in Hard Candy], but youll be second-guessing yourself — theres just no right answer. Our society is obsessed with finding good and finding evil, but I think were all capable of anything.
For men obsessed with women’s underwear, a course in washing, ironing and mending is recommended.
We were both music-obsessed, each in our own way. If we didn’t entirely understand the other person’s obsession, it didn’t matter, because we understood our own.
I don’t know a kid who grew up in the ’90s who wasn’t obsessed with Disney, and I guess I never grew out of that phase, honestly. It’s not just Disney: it’s anything that has to do with fairytales for me. I think I just have Peter Pan Syndrome or something.
I’m obsessed with fuzz pedals.
I was obsessed with being popular in high school and never achieved it. There’s photos from our high school musicals, and I’m comically in the deep background, wearing a beggar‘s costume.
Well just meeting J. K. Rowling was amazing because she created all this world. And all the fans, we all get so obsessed with it and then you met the one person who made it all up. It was just so amazing. And I was just so amazed that that she wrote this book and all of the films have happened.
I’m so obsessed with Cardi B. I do nothing but sit and watch her Instagram videos.
Hiring and retaining talent in the tech industry is expensive and vital. Those people have real power over their bosses, especially because it is often fairly easy for them to find work elsewhere, and employee walkouts are terrible PR for these leaders who are often obsessed with their public image.
When I turned 14, I became very obsessed with writing songs, and it took over my existence.
Allegra Pazzi: Dr. Fell, do you believe a man could become so obsessed with a woman, from a single encounter?
Hannibal Lecter: Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for her and find nourishment in the very sight of her? I think so. But would she see through the bars of his plight and ache for him?
The truth is, no matter how modest Steven [Sebring] is, he was obsessed with the outcome of the film [Dream of Life]. Every single frame was important to him.
I’m obsessed with radio. It’s a good start to Sunday morning.
I’m always trying to ask myself both “Who am I as an individual?” and “What are the cultural forces that have made me the person that I am?” How can I understand myself as a cultural creature as well as an individual? I’m really obsessed with that question, and always asking my students to consider it.
I acted in theater and I took film classes when I was 12 and just obsessed over it. I loved it and spent hours and hours in the film studio learning and watching.
I’d feel more of the pressures of daily life, obsessed about finding a job or love. Maybe I’ve taken these things for granted. I go through a lot of other things in the music industry, but “daily life” is a whole different war to fight.
I wanted to be a police detective. In my work, particularly in documentaries, I am obsessed with finding things out, seeking ever-new facts and perspectives – each project can involve years of research.
Some felt as if ‘Charlie Hebdo‘ was obsessed with its ‘Screw Allah‘ stance. It’s a sort of provocation that caused a lot of debates.
I’ve been very obsessed with ‘The Royals.’ It’s not going to win any Oscars or Golden Globes or whatever, but I really, really enjoy it.
I recently got into ‘Scandal.’ I’m obsessed. It’s so good. I want to know Olivia Pope. I want to dress like her; I want to be friends with her. I wish she were real!
I can’t listen to my own voice. I change my voicemail on my machine literally every week because I’m so obsessed with getting the right tone of voice.
I love ‘The Wire‘. I can’t think of a television show that I think is superior to it in any way. I was obsessed with it from the moment it came on the air. I do also love ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Get Smart’.
I’m very happy that I have an Italian version, a French version, and then I have my own company, but I’m not obsessed by my name. Some people are, “Oh, my name,” but I couldn’t care less about my name. What I like is the job. The ego trip of that comes later.
The most influential thing was the two Chris Rock specials that came out when I was in high school. I was obsessed with that stuff.
I am obsessed with the Great Depression and with former showgirls – and the Victorians – the idea of wistful, dark romance.
I’ve learned that you can’t predict [love] or plan for it. For someone like me who is obsessed with organization and planning, I love the idea that love is the one exception to that. Love is the one wild card.
Do not be obsessed by egotism, imagining that you are the cause of action, everything is due to God.
As a kid, I was obsessed with Meryl Streep, and I still am.
I’m not that obsessed with making representations of ugliness. Everything I’ve seen is beautiful.
I had always studied French and was obsessed with French films. I hated the way American films always had happy endings. I liked the way French films had dark and unpleasant characters; it was much more realistic.
It is strange, is it not, how the more strenuously we deny the importance of race in human affairs, the more obsessed with it and the touchier on the subject we grow.
The ways in which I was obsessed with Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp 20 years ago is completely replicated by my daughters‘ and my crush on Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman now.
I’m obsessed with Radiohead. They’re just the greatest band on the planet.
I’m into everything. My iPod is very eclectic – if you kept it on shuffle, you’d be amazed. For example, I was forced to grow up on Dolly Parton. My mum was obsessed by her. She bought all this memorabilia for the front room. It’s ridiculous.
People that are obsessed with hating you, feel flattered. Their whole lives revolve around you.
I’ve been a fan of ‘High Maintenance‘ since it was on Vimeo. My husband and I were obsessed with it. It’s one of the best things ever made, period. It’s a completely unique perspective.
I grew up in a small town where we played around on motorcycles and things, but it really started when I got old enough. I think I was obsessed with the culture of riding. I got sick of having to date guys who rode motorcycles for me to be on them.
Europeans used to say Americans were puritanical. Then they discovered that we were not puritans. So now they say that we are obsessed with sex.
I’ve listened to Dylan my entire life. My dad was a huge Bob Dylan fan, so we listened to his music, Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, and all that kind of stuff. It opened up a whole world of this music that I’m now obsessed with.
There’s a difference between being obsessed and being motivated.
As I’ve said a million times, I’m obsessed with Liya Kebede’s LemLem line. The pieces, made by artisans in her native Ethiopia, are perfect for summer! I’m also a big fan of jewelry line Lulu Frost. Designer Lisa Salzer and I have been friends forever, and I love how she incorporates vintage pieces into her jewelry.
American culture is CEO obsessed. We celebrate the hard-charging heroes and mythologize the iconoclastic visionaries. Those people are important.
A person obsessed with ultimate truth is a person asking to be relieved of money.
We live in a beauty-obsessed culture, which on one hand is absolutely fabulous, but on the flip side, is also dangerously extreme.
I did a show with Tori Kelly, and it was really cool that I got to meet her. She has always been a huge inspiration of mine, and I’m obsessed with her voice, so it was great to get to talk to her about the industry. The best advice she gave me was to just be myself.
I was so obsessed by this problem that I was thinking about it all the time – when I woke up in the morning, when I went to sleep at night – and that went on for eight years.
A person who is obsessed thinks about heaven frequently. Obsessed people orient their lives around eternity; they are not fixed only on what is here in front of them.
I’ve always been obsessed with tigers, I love white tigers I think they’re very glamourous in a weird way.
My passion in life, besides my family, was always music. From the time I was a kid, I was obsessed. I’m like the ultimate fan.
I never try to convey a message, I just want to tell a story. Why that story in particular? I have no idea, but I have learned to surrender to the muse. I become obsessed with a theme or with certain stories; they haunt me for years, and finally, I write them.
I’m obsessed with broccoli, carrots, celery, string beans, snap peas, black kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage – I could go on! They used to call merabbit‘ when I was a kid. I hate mushrooms, though. I apologize to fungi lovers, but this way, there’s more for you!
In my mid-adolescence, my friend Terry Martin and I became obsessed with William F. Buckley. This makes more sense when you realize that we were living in Bible Belt farming country miles from civilization. Buckley seemed impossibly exotic.
For a person as obsessed with music as I am, I always hear a song in the back of my head, all the time, and that usually is my own tune. I’ve done that all my life.
French fries. I have been obsessed with them since I was born. I like big, big steak fries, curly fries, seasoned fries – any kind!
We live in a media world simultaneously obsessed with technology and personality.
On one hand I am this weird androgynous tomboy where I’m strangely low maintenance and have a five-minute makeup regimen. On the other I’m obsessed with all things beauty, from skin care to makeup.
I was obsessed with being popular when I was in high school and never achieved it. There’s photos from our high school musicals and things, and I’m comically in the deep background, wearing a beggar’s costume.
I’ve always been obsessed with things that are half animal and half human – like mermaids and Minotaurs – because they are trapped in an animal body. And I felt trapped in my own life.
You get so lost in the making of a film, and you get so fixed on just, like, every tiny detail. If something doesn’t hit the bullseye in the way you wanted, you become obsessed with that, and you get so just lost in that maze of neurotic thinking.
I grew up near London Zoo, with which I was obsessed. I would lie in bed at night, thinking about the lions and tigers and wolves that were prowling only a few miles away.
I’m really obsessed with the past.
I’m very obsessed with the energy of New York and the idea of the way people behave in the city versus the way they behave in a natural environment.
I think anyone who knows me at all knows that I have been a movie addict all my life. I grew up in a city obsessed by cinema and where there are cinemas on every street corner.
I have always loved fashion and clothes. I mean, I was Grace Kelly for Halloween in fifth grade, which is why going to Monaco was so incredible – I’ve always kind of been obsessed with her.
Ahna O’Reilly
When I was a teenager, the number one book I was most obsessed with was ‘Gone with the Wind.’
I was obsessed with Claire Danes because she was Juliet. There is something about her still to this day – she is a brilliant actress. And she did make out with both of my boyfriends.
I loved the Black Eyed Peas. I was obsessed with them, and they were my favorite group ever, and Amy Winehouse, as well; I love her.
When we’re obsessed with someone, it’s never about them. It’s about us hating ourselves. And that’s generally the tone of a lot of my videos, which is this desperate character who’s overcompensating with being super happy. But she’s broken.
Comedians are obsessed with justice and the truth.
I’m obsessed with textures. We’re surrounded by so much vinyl that I find myself constantly in pursuit of other textures. One time I removed all the hair from a mouse with Nair-Hair just to see what it looked like. And it looked beautiful.
No rest without love, no sleep without dreams of love- be mad or chill obsessed with angels or machines, the final wish is love -cannot be bitter, cannot deny, cannot withhold if denied: the weight is too heavy
You know as far as diet goes, for a while I was really obsessed with counting fat grams along with the rest of the world.
When I was younger I was obsessed with ‘Star 80,’ and it’s just a great movie – I think I saw it three times in the theater.
My favorite water cooler topic is fantasy football. I used to make fun of friends for doing it and now I’m obsessed.
I’m obsessed with those old romance films. I also would love to venture into the silent film world. I think that’s extremely compelling and interesting and really relies on the acting, even more so than when you have an actor speaking.
We always talk about how everyone is unifocal. You can’t possibly be interested in jazz and Beethoven. Of course you can. You can’t both be reading a newspaper and be online. Of course you can. We shouldn’t be obsessed with a gun to your head, ‘You either read a newspaper or die!’
The plain truth is that the period I study is the 16th century, and they were absolutely obsessed with witches and spiritual beings.
New Orleans is one of the two most ingrown, self-obsessed little cities in the United States. (The other is San Francisco.)
I’m just completely obsessed with Die Antwoord.
Republicans are obsessed with abortion…if they really wanted to protect the weakest, most helpless people, wouldn’t they protect the Democrats?
Facebook has this famous poster that says move fast and break things. But at the same time they manage to be obsessed with quality.
When I was 12 I was obsessed with green and had my mom get me a bunch of green bedding for my room.
As a technologist, I’m obsessed with searching for the next killer app.
I am really obsessed with finding melodies that just hypnotize you and sink you into a song.
A writer must be hard to live with: when not working he is miserable, and when he is working he is obsessed.
I personally am not so obsessed about immortality for myself. The human body has been designed that way, obsolescence is OK.
I’m always on duty, so I tend to wear suits. I’ve got double-breasted and single-breasted, mostly dark blues and grays. I’m obsessed with them, and I always have been.
Writers are naturally obsessed with books, the tangible artifacts of their labor. Even beyond the text, I love the physicality of books, the possibilities presented by their substance and form.
I was very obsessed with my music, and I think that, as a young girl, I really wanted to get into this business, and I don’t think my parents really knew how to protect me.
I love Jennifer Aniston. I’m a bit obsessed with her. I also love Kristen Wiig, and obviously, ‘Bridesmaids‘ is one of the funniest movies ever. I do have some of her ‘SNL‘ skits that I’ve saved on my computer and stuff.
How should we begin to make amends for raising a generation obsessed with the pursuit of material wealth and indifferent to so much else?
I’m obsessed with cooking! I want a degree in the culinary arts!
I loved The Fall; I was kind of obsessed with that show.
You’re an expatriate. You’ve lost touch with the soil. You get precious. Fake European standards have ruined you. You drink yourself to death. You become obsessed by sex. You spend all your time talking, not working. You are an expatriate, see? You hang around cafTs.
My whole family is obsessed by brandy butter. And bread sauce. Then, of course, there will be a lot of wind in the afternoon! We have never disguised the wind side of our lives as a family; we think it’s hilarious.
I feel like our generation is just so obsessed with the idea of perfection and we don’t need to be.
The foreign press seems obsessed with the Freedom Tower, as if it was the only thing going on here. In fact, we’re trying to keep a huge juggling act in balance, with the tower as just one of the many balls in play.
Fox News and other Trump-friendly media long ago became fever wards of speculation and conspiracy-mongering as they obsessed over plots from the Deep State.
It’s a choice – there are two different sorts of photographer: those obsessed with the technicalities and those obsessed by the subject.
It is probably true that I would not have had as many children or mothers in my books without being a mother with children. It is definitely true that I would not have written about the Civil War without having a little guy who was obsessed with it.
Marly Youmans
As every teenage girl, I was absolutely obsessed with The Beatles, and the first record I bought was ‘Please Please Me.’ I’d have been 13 at the time.
Even if one is neither vain nor self-obsessed, it is so extraordinary to be oneself – exactly oneself and no one else – and so unique, that it seems natural that one should also be unique for someone else.
I’m not going to deny it. I’m a neat person, there’s no question. But I don’t become obsessed with it.
Obsessed people are more concerned with obeying God than doing what is expected or fulfilling the status quo. A person who is obsessed with Jesus will do things that don’t always make sense in terms of success or wealth on this earth.
People have become so much more obsessed with the stories behind their food. When we go the market to buy bacon, we want to know where that pig came from and what processes were involved in getting it to us.
My first introduction to fashion probably came through television: I was obsessed with Elsa Klensch, who used to cover fashion for CNN.
Erdem Moral?oglu
‘La Vie en Rose‘ is just about my favorite movie. Marion Cotillard, I’m so desperately obsessed with her work.
I learned about HeLa cells in my first basic biology class, and I just became completely obsessed with them from that point on.
I honestly believe that TV generally is obsessed with the ratings battle to the point of cutting its own throat.
Astronomers are obsessed with building larger and larger telescopes. There are two promises that we make with bigger telescopes: that they can see fainter things and that they see more detail. But it’s been really hard to follow through on that second promise because of atmospheric distortion.
It’s really annoying when you’re trying to get to know someone and she doesn’t pay attention to you because she’s obsessed with her phone.
I was very driven in high school. I worked a bunch of odd jobs. I never partied. I never drank. I was just a theater geek who was obsessed with movies.
It’s like everybody is obsessed with Hollywood movies worldwide. And even though everybody hates the Americans, they’re still watching American movies.
I’m obsessed with the science of music. I’m obsessed with the way you can string notes together and they can do something, and you play the same notes in another way and they do nothing. How the essence within songs – within words, within lyricsfinds its place.
I became obsessed with the true stuff, and that led to shaping ‘The Way Back’ screenplay somewhat toward a minimalist style, to avoid free-hanging moments, and to hold the music back, so it would never lead you to an emotion, and to try to make the emotions as real as I could.
As a kid, I was obsessed with the Who. They were the most important band to me. Songs like “I’m One” helped me get through high school.
Mercy Watson is obsessed with toast. What was blocking me was the challenge of trying to understand what she loves, what motivates her. That was the missing piece. Toast became the physical symbol of Mercy’s hopefully endearing greed and obsession. Without that element in place, it didn’t make sense.
As a kid, I watched every Madonna documentary and tour. I was obsessed with her – and with any pop star of the ’80s.
I’m obsessed with things that are distinctly analogue.
Racists seem obsessed by the idea that illegal workers – the hardest-working, poorest people in America – are somehow getting away with something, sneaking goodies that should be for Americans. You can always avoid this problem by having no social services. This is the refreshing Texas model, and it works a treat.
It can be really weird to say, ‘Hey man, let’s make a record and start with this horrible zither sound.’ But I was obsessed with the idea of taking a sound and completely phenomenologically thrashing it.”
When I was young, I was obsessed with Michael Jordan and the Bulls. He’s the only person I get starstruck over. I don’t know what I’d do if I met him – I’d be in shock! That’s my dream.
It’s always about a character that I become obsessed with and who refuses to leave me alone.
For whatever reason I was always obsessed with the potential of humanity‘s physicality. Especially since we grew up with such a non-physical philosophy.
I loved cinema from a very young age. I was also obsessed with Hitchcock and actresses like Kim Novak in Vertigo. They all played heroines and were strong, powerful women, yet they were very feminine.
Erdem Moral?oglu
The trouble with the artists this year is they are all obsessed with Twitter and headlines. It feels like they are all getting a bit above themselves.
I am truly obsessed with Lena Dunham. I find everything about her unique and refreshing. She is a brilliant, hilarious and honest writer who is not afraid to make her audience uncomfortable.
I live in Italy part time, and they’re obsessed with what’s happening in LA too. They make fun of Americans, but the world wants to know what’s going on in Hollywood.
In the 2000s, I became an artist. I started preserving and educating. I became more obsessed with making iPod playlists for people.
A mind obsessed with sex is good for nothing else.
I don’t think about why I do what I do, or why I started doing what I do, because I’m so obsessed with doing it right now, and what it means to me right now.
I love the ’80s. I’m obsessed with it. I love the hair and the people.
I’m obsessed with horrible movies.
I’m obsessed with Starbucks seasonal flavors. I love their seasonal cups. I love their pumpkin-flavored coffee. I love that. I absolutely love, love, love Starbucks seasonal everything.
Most of the Jewish writer friends I have are American, and I feel closer to them because they’re always obsessed with one issue – identity: what does it mean to be an American Jew?
I was always just kind of obsessed with guitar, even before I started playing.
In chess it is more important to frustrate your opponent‘s strategy than to be obsessed with your own.
Larry Evans
My landlord lives in the flat at the bottom of the stairs. I rent a studio flat from him, and live at the top of the staircase. There are two more flights of stairs and four more flats, but it’s me he is obsessed with.
I am literally obsessed with Lena Dunham. She’s, like, my favorite person in the world. I follow her on Twitter; I read her every day.
I just had such a blast coming up with this corporate dweeb [in the Sex Tape], a sort of nerd who was also doing coke and listening to death metal and was obsessed with Walt Disney art. I just felt it was a type of guy you hadn’t really seen before, and I was so happy with how it came out.
Formula 1 is a huge international phenomenon even if an otherwise car racing obsessed American public has always found Formula 1 to be a little weird.
I’m obsessed with cheese and milk, but eliminating them from my diet made the biggest difference. In a month and a half, I lost 11 pounds just from not eating dairy, without doing anything else different, and that totally blew my mind.
I got obsessed with makeup and makeup artists when I was young, with people like Kevyn Aucoin.
Everything I did in high school was focused on microbiology, looking at things like algae under a microscope for hours on end. When I was 13, I saved up $100 to buy a good used microscope. I was obsessed with microorganisms.
I’m obsessed with concerts.
I’m obsessed with getting married, but I don’t even have a boyfriend.
The average call me obsessed, the successful call me for advice.
I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms… my entire body is hairless.
One of the things we’ve learned about Donald Trump is he totally obsessed by the media. He is like the media critic-in-chief. He watches more cable news than people who work in cable news do. And he’s extremely thin skinned about it.
Then in college I became obsessed with film, and wanted to be part of that.
In the beginning, we’re told, was the word.В Every once in a while someone shows up on the planet who is word-obsessed and word-gifted; and the light and darkness get named again. In our day, that someone is Buechner.
I’m a visual person, so it always starts with a picture, and then I get obsessed with the idea, sometimes too much. I have these blank books in which I take notes, and I add postcards and other physical items.
As a kid, I was obsessed with space. Well, I was obsessed with nuclear science too, to a point, but before that, I was obsessed with space, and I was really excited about, you know, being an astronaut and designing rockets, which was something that was always exciting to me.
Entire years had passed when he was rich enough in time to disregard the loose change of a minute, but now he obsessed over each one, this minute, the next minute, the one following, all of which were different terms for the same illusion.
When I was four years old I watched the movie every day. I was totally obsessed.
Ellen Marlow
I’m obsessed by the idea of making my mark on history. And Arsenal is my paradise.
I’m probably not 100 pounds anymore, but around there. I definitely got obsessed with my weight. When I met my husband and realized that he could put on 50 pounds and I’d still love him, I realized that’s how he sees me or at least how he should!
I had Madonna parties; I dressed like Madonna, and I had all of her records because we had records back then. I knew all of her lyrics; I was obsessed with her movies and the whole thing.
Entrepreneurs need to be positive. Always. Entrepreneurs need to be brave, often. And lastly, entrepreneurs need to be obsessed.
Something in me was always watching life from the outside, permanently obsessed with the notion of belonging vs. not-belonging [to a group]. It did not make for a happy childhood, but it was excellent training for a writer.
I think the French and the Japanese are both obsessed by seasons, small producers, freshness.
All those reports that I sleep in my closet. I don’t know how people get that. People are so obsessed with what you do at home.
Nobody seems more obsessed by diet than our antimaterialist, otherworldly, New Age, spiritual types. But if the material world is merely illusion, an honest guru should as content with Budweiser and bratwurst as with raw carrot juice, tofu, and seaweed slime.
Even in the most market-obsessed society, we’re still spending half of our time on something other than just getting cash.
I think, on both sides of the camera or the novel: Distraction. I’m obsessed with: Can I get this actress or my third act to work? I’m distracted. I’m interested in that so I don’t sit home and think, “Gee, life is meaningless. We’re all going to die. The universe is pulling apart at breakneck speed.”
I think by eighth grade I knew I wanted to be an actor. I’d done church plays and stuff, but my first actual acting class was in eighth grade. I was obsessed with it.
I really enjoy spending Sunday evenings with friends, because Sunday evenings are always frightening. You are obsessed by the fact that you are working again the next day. And sometimes you get the blues. I always decide to spend it with friends. It’s very nice.
Degas was obsessed by the art of classical ballet, because to him it said something about the human condition. He was not a balletomane looking for an alternative world to escape into. Dance offered him a display in which he could find, after much searching, certain human secrets.
I think, when I was little, I was a little obsessed with anything that provided luck: Buddhas, 4-leaf clovers, heads-up pennies, even – gasp – a rabbit foot – which actually kind of disgusts me now.
When I started out back in Louisville, there was Harry Collins. He was my first teacher. He saw that I was so obsessed with magic that he taught me the love of magic.
I’ll often get obsessed with something for about three days, and I’ll be utterly into it, and I’ll read every single thing about it possible. And then three days later, I’ll just forget about it, and I’ll be onto something else.
Ed Gamble
At around 16, I became obsessed with James Joyces A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man. I was absorbed by the sense of someone trying to break out of an institution but then became interested in Joyces experimental way of writing.
I’m obsessed with Michael Fassbender. He’s unbelievable. I think he’s a modern day Brando. Every movie that he’s done in the past couple years, I just died for him. He’s extremely fascinating.
People seem to get weirdly obsessed with my mouth.
A broad trend I’m completely obsessed with is mobile commerce. Like completely. I’m completely convinced that everybody’s going to be buying from their mobile devices. Whoever can claim that space or be in that space, I’m very interested in.
People who are obsessed with God have an intimate relationship with Him. They are nourished by God’s Word throughout the day because they know that forty minutes on Sunday is not enough to sustain them for a whole week, especially when they will encounter so many distractions and alternative messages.
I was shocked that I knew so little about Alan Turing. Then I started to read about him, and I got a little obsessed.
I think the Olsen twins‘ line, The Row, has some cool stuff. And I’m kind of obsessed with a clothing line called Stop Staring. It has a lot of vintage-type dresses that are retro ’40s and ’50s inspired.
I’m obsessed by Instagram.
My office in New York is overflowing with all kinds of cookbooks, and in New Orleans we have a huge culinary library. So yeah, I guess I’m a little bit obsessed.
The average are addicted to leisure. The exceptional are obsessed with learning.
My feeling is that if there are that many billions of stars, maybe someone is saying exactly what I’m saying at this moment. I don’t know. It’s not something I’m obsessed by or think about all the time, but I certainly open to thinking it could be.
A lot of people are obsessed with looking cool. They feel they have to look after their image.
I was obsessed with Lil’ Bow Wow growing up, and you couldn’t see the white of my walls because they were plastered with his photos. This is even more embarrassing: I had a notebook full of facts about Bow Wow and different pictures. I basically made a biography notebook about him and his life when he was, like, 13.
I’m obsessed with trying to understand what somebody is talking about and trying to get them to understand me.
I’m obsessed with Maggie Smith – the way that she can be the most brilliant actress in every single situation and then do Harry Potter, and still make me cry while she’s casting spells with a wand?
When a nation becomes obsessed with the guns of war, it loses its social perspective…. There is something about a war like this that makes people insensitive. It dulls the conscience. It strengthens the forces of reaction, and it brings into being bitterness and hatred and violence.
I love to eat and I don’t believe in denying myself, so I have to work out. I’m not obsessed with it, I don’t have a trainer or do any of the fancy classes, but I usually put on my iPod and run on the treadmill for an hour a few days a week.
You can be obsessed with the bad things people say and the good things; either way, you’re obsessed with yourself, and I’m not – you can become unhinged so easily.
I was obsessed with fashion when I was young. I thought fashion meant fashion design, and I thought I wanted to be a designer at some point.
I used to be obsessed with Johnny Depp. I never thought of him as this normal guy. I just always imagined him as someone who lives in a far-off land and doesn’t even exist.
Drumming completely eclipsed my life from age 13, when I started drum lessons. Everything disappeared. I’d done well in school up until that time. I was fairly adjusted socially up until that time. And I became completely monomania, obsessed all through my teens. Nothing else existed anymore.
I was obsessed with Hollywood from the time I was a kid. I always knew I wanted to live in Los Angeles.
We are obsessed with image. I don’t think we should take it that seriously.
I went through a whole phase when I was younger of being obsessed with Tolstoy and Kafka and Camus, all those really, beautiful, dark depressing books.
Well let’s see; I’m not obsessed with… I like Walt Disney except that you know, except for the horrible fascism. I love the art of it. I like a lot of things I don’t agree with and that’s one of them.
If we mammals don’t get something to eat every day or two, our temperature drops, all our signs fall off, and we begin to starve. Living at biological red alert, it’s not surprising how obsessed we are with food; I’m just amazed we don’t pace and fret about it all the time.
People just don’t understand how obsessed I am with winning.
I love when people become obsessed with Downton.
As a boy I was obsessed with Egypt and Egyptology. I’m convinced it’s not that uncommon. A lot of 10 or 12 year old boys become obsessed with Egypt. It’s a bit like young girls and horses.
I was a real tomboy for most of my life. Then I went through a really girlie period, then through a goth phase. I was so obsessed with my hair and makeup, and I was having so much fun as a teenager playing with my look.
I like that show ‘Ray Donovan’ – I’m obsessed with that. He’s in Hollywood, he’s some kind of a fixer, but he’s also kind of a thug. And ‘Scandal,’ the D.C. one with Kerry Washington.
There is a phase in the life of every copy editor when she is obsessed with hyphens.
‘Await Your Reply‘ by Dan Chaon. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of disappearing and becoming someone else. Even if you don’t share that obsession, I can’t recommend this book highly enough.
We live in a youth-obsessed, aesthetically obsessed culture. That is no more evident than in the film industry.
The ANC was the product of a much earlier South Africa, a gradualist and non-tribal multi-racial organisation, driven to violence by the intransigence of the Afrikaner Nationalist Government, obsessed with improbable ideas of revolution.
I am not a historian. I am a writer obsessed with remembering, with remembering the past
I don’t think I’m alone in this: I’m obsessed with trying to not only be happy but maintain happiness, but my definition of happiness is skewed more towards ecstasy rather than contentment.
I’m quite obsessed with the idea of nailing the girl friendship. It’s such an art, so delicate.
I’ve always been obsessed by visual art as I have been by music personally, but that doesn’t mean anything professionally.
Chefs are nutters. They’re all self-obsessed, delicate, dainty, insecure little souls and absolute psychopaths. Every last one of them.
To have long term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way.
Everyone is obsessed with air fresheners. We associate smell with disgust. But we’re all locked into the body; we can’t escape it.
I just became obsessed with looking for new singers, unknown singers, people that maybe have been forgotten, and really checking them out and analyzing what they do – and obsessive listening. I think that’s the core of my work on music – has been just listening to things and listening to singers.
[Math] curriculum is obsessed with jargon and nomenclature seemingly for no other purpose than to provide teachers with something to test the students on.
I’m obsessed with musicals.
I’m slightly obsessed with drag queens and performers. Their quips and their one-liners, their style, their singing… I find it fascinating. And thoroughly entertaining. I’d love to play one.
I used to be obsessed with game shows. When the Game Show Network became popular in the late ’90s, I was all about reruns of ‘The Price Is Right.’ I knew all the prices from the ’70s.
Before I got Madeline, I used to see dog people who were so obsessed, and I’d think, Oh, that’s so sad. But now, here I am, talking about her all the time. I even dress her up in little outfits; I’m madly in love with her.
I was about 17 or 18 years old, and Chris Rock’s ‘Bring the Pain’ came out, and I was obsessed. You know, it just hit on everything that was going on at that time and was such an in-the-moment special, and he knocked it out of the park.
The British Labour Party has always had a very strong “Atlanticist component,” with an obsequiousness to American policies, and Blair represents this wing. He’s clearly obsessed with Iraq. He has to be because the overwhelming majority of the people of Britain oppose a military action.
What we know is Megyn Kelly is totally obsessed with Mr. Trump.
I’m obsessed with history, especially WWII and the Jews in Europe during the Holocaust.
My guilty pleasure is competitive cooking reality shows. I don’t like cooking shows when it’s just about cooking. It has to be competitive – they’re fighting and yelling at each other. I am obsessed with those shows, and I have no idea why.
I’m part of the crew obsessed with ‘The Wire.’ Like, I’m not over that yet.
A colleague once described political theorists as people who were obsessed with two dozen books; after half a century of grappling with Mill’s essay On Liberty, or Hobbes‘s Leviathan, I have sometimes thought two dozen might be a little on the high side.
I’m obsessed with leather jackets!
I’m kind of obsessed with wedges, but I go to a regular high school, so I’m not going to be wearing Vera Wang there.
Drama is what I’m really obsessed by. It’s what gets me up in the morning, what I live for. But I’ll always have a love for comedy because it was my first opportunity, and I associate it with my best friends, who I made during ‘School of Comedy’.
But I’ve become completely obsessed with taking photos on my iPhone. I have like 400 apps.
I love love. I’m, like, obsessed with it.
I’m obsessed with my 20s. I buy things that I wanted in my 20s. It’s weird; it’s a weird thing that I didn’t grow out of.
I’m obsessed with hockey and my son‘s a big player. I spend a lot of time driving to the ice rink and I’m a huge Los Angeles Kings fan. So, yeah, I’m a hockey mama – a cool hockey mama.
I’d love to work with Joan Cusack again – I’m obsessed with Joan Cusack.
I am obsessed with beauty. I want everything to be perfect, and of course it isn’t. And that’s a tough place to be because you’re never satisfied.
As a people, we have become obsessed with Health. There is something fundamentally, radically unhealthy about all this. We do not seem to be seeking more exuberance in living as much as staving off failure, putting off dying. We have lost all confidence in the human body.
What can I say? I’m obsessed. And as we all know obsessed girls can’t be held responsible for our actions.
Im obsessed with Michael Fassbender. Hes unbelievable. I think hes a modern day Brando. Every movie that hes done in the past couple years, I just died for him. Hes extremely fascinating.
After going to Australia, it’s hard to go anywhere after that. I want to move there. I’m obsessed with it.
I used to be obsessed with race. I’m more obsessed with class now.
There’s never been a culture that wasn’t obsessed with food. The sort of sad thing is that our obsession is no longer with food, but with the price of food.
Not to waste time on nonsense. Not to be taken in by conjurors and hoodoo artists with their talk about incantations and exorcism and all the rest of it. Not to be obsessed with quail-fighting or other crazes like that.
I was obsessed with football when I was growing up.
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with different planets in the solar system, and I used to create, for every single planet, a different alien race with a certain kind of pet, a certain kind of house, a certain kind of water system, and everything.
I’m obsessed with the human psyche. I want to understand. I want to ask myself if I have it inside me.
Probably around junior high, I became obsessed with films.
I was obsessed with ‘Kids in the Hall’, ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, ‘SNL’… like, I was a Conehead for one Halloween and the Wild and Crazy Guys for another.
I grew up loving horses. I was relatively obsessed, starting with my rocking horse at age 2, all the way through my painting and drawing phase.
I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly bothered or obsessed with detail.
Our world is obsessed with success. But how does God define success? Success in God’s eyes is faithfulness to His calling.
I’ve been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan sinceВ The Wire.В He’s so charismatic and talented. It’d be even better—we’d have interracial bisexuality!
I started doing a paper round when I was about 10. I started earning 10 pounds a week and then I was obsessed with earning money until I was about 15.
I’m not as goal obsessed as I am process obsessed.
I follow all these fashion blogs that are cool and inspire me. I’m not really obsessed with anyone except for the people that I like romantically. I get excited when they post. Sometimes I like to stalk my exes.
She [Benzino] is obsessed with me. I never would think I would see the day when I seen the worst rapper in the world going against one of the best.
I did skit comedy online for many years, beginning around 2001. Around 2006 I started watching a lot of food television and got re-interested in food. I come from a very food-obsessed family. But I also wanted to do my own thing, which was the comedy.
As a kid, I was obsessed with myths and legends and the haunting beauty of gothic stories.
I was absolutely obsessed with the Titanic – not the film, the actual boat. I’d draw diagrams about it and theorise that if it was built in a different way, it wouldn’t have sunk.
Managers are obsessed with the game. It’s very, very difficult, if not impossible, to live a balanced lifestyle.
I’d love kids. I’m obsessed with babies. Of course I’ve thought about baby names. A million times. I like Alfie for a little boy.
I was obsessed with the Olympics. It’s so exciting to see that level of excellence and endurance.
I’m obsessed with that show ‘Call The Midwife‘. Although I had to take a break at a certain point in my pregnancy because every episode is about having babies.
I’m obsessed with insects, particularly insect flight. I think the evolution of insect flight is perhaps one of the most important events in the history of life. Without insects, there’d be no flowering plants. Without flowering plants, there would be no clever, fruit-eating primates giving TED Talks.
I am obsessed with my hairstyles.
I’m obsessed with trash TV. I love horrible TV. shows. It’s the white trash in me, you know?
Sometimes I won’t put a lot of make up on; I won’t put foundation on. I’ll just pop a bit of blusher on. I’m not obsessed with trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model – it’s real life.
A lot of people have been saying I am obsessed with the “making history” thing. But it’s what pushes me, it’s what drives me, it’s a huge boost knowing that I am going to be the first. There’s a long list of Olympic champions that have become world champions, but none of them are from England.
I’m kind of obsessed with cool girls.
I did a movie where my character was obsessed with Bruce Lee, so I learned everything about Bruce Lee, read everything, watched his movies.
I loved Jared Leto. My So-Called Life, that was my jam. And Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet. Every 14-year-old girl was obsessed with that.
What do you prefer? A prime minister obsessed with being popular, or a prime minister who does the job?
The Tenth Commandment sends a message to socialists, to egalitarians, to people obsessed with fairness, to American presidential candidates in the year 2000 – to everyone who believes that wealth should be redistributed. And that message is clear and concise: Go to Hell.
Nobody knows why we’re alive; so we all create stories based on our imagination of the world; and as a community, we believe in the same story. In India, every person believes his/ her own mythosphere to be real. Indian thought is obsessed with subjectivity; Greek thought with objectivity.
Believe it or not, I used to be obsessed with shoes. I have maybe 50 pairs… until I moved to New York, when I realized I couldn’t walk anywhere in any of them.
I wasn’t Barbie-obsessed. I think my mother might have been my Barbie.
To me this movie is about what is valuable. To one person it might be a stone; to someone else, a story in a magazine; to another, it is a child. The juxtaposition of one man obsessed with finding a valuable diamond with another man risking his life to find his son is the beating heart of this film.
I’m obsessed with plastic. I like the syntheticness.
I was obsessed with Val McDermid’s Tony Hill and Carol Jordan books, delightfully twisted stuff.
I wanted to be an Ailey dancer. I would watch Alvin Ailey videos over and over, and I’d picture myself doing that. I was obsessed with it.
I’m obsessed with the theme parks and themed restaurants, I love it!
I am obsessed with delivering value to investors and winning the game from a personal standpoint.
I love the MLB app, because I’m a pretty obsessed baseball fan.
I would like to see the U.S. fighting another war, perhaps in addition to that against terror: a war on poverty, illiteracy, disease and environmental degradation. It is certainly within the power of your country to act on all of these fronts, but, unfortunately, your leaders have become obsessed with a single issue.
Since I was 4, Julia Roberts has inspired me. I thought if I liked her enough, I’d become as pretty as her. That didn’t happen, but I was obsessed and watched her movies over and over.
I’ve seen ‘Hamilton.’ I’m obsessed. The music is crazy.
I had been obsessed with insects and creepy-crawlies: I used to get up at five o’clock in the morning and go out into this field behind our garden and collect insects before everyone else got up, and suddenly, all I wanted to know about was music. It just seemed a very, very strange thing.
I remember ‘Rain Man’ with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman with all the Lamborghinis being lifted off the tanker. I was obsessed with this car. Absolutely obsessed with this car. It was my dream, and to finally drive one and own one was incredible.