On And Off Quotes

On And Off Quotes by Shinji Kagawa, Mats Hummels, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Rooney Mara, Liz Cambage, Robert Kraft and many others.

You have to believe in yourself. If you don’t, things can go wrong both on and off the pitch.
In Germany, too many clubs are too scared of Bayern, both on and off the pitch.
Frank Lampard was always the player I tried to model myself on. The amount of goals he scored from midfield was incredible. On and off the pitch, he was what I wanted to be.
On ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,’ I spent two or three months learning how to ride a motorcycle. I wasn’t really riding the motorcycle in 98 percent of the movie, but the shots of me getting on and off had to look like I had been doing it for years and years.
I’ve battled mental health problemsfirst, anxiety, and later the depression that anxiety can trigger – on and off for about half my life. Which I don’t think is breaking news to anyone: it’s something I’ve been honest about, both privately and publicly, as much as I can.
Tom Brady is a person of great integrity and is a great ambassador of the game both on and off the field.
I just want to keep my head down and do the right things on and off the pitch.
I think the more you do as an actor, the more facility you have to switch on and off.
I’ve had enough off-screen romances and now I’m happy being socially and emotionally challenged, on and off camera.
Everybody knows that Coach Cliff is a great guy – on and off the court, he’s great.
Look, coaching is what I love, it’s a passion of mine, a calling. I’m gifted to do it. The reason why is that I love helping young people reach their potential and become the best version of themselves, on and off the field.
Hmm, the best thing about being in the NFL? In America it’s the No.1 sport; it’s exciting, fun, so to me the best thing is the buzz that surrounds football on and off the field.
I am an honest, God-fearing man who is intensely dedicated to being the best person I can be on and off the football field.
I grew up on ‘Lost.’ I was 17 when I started, and I did it for four or five years, on and off.
But we’re all so different, we’re different ages; we’re not vying for the same roles. There’s no competition, there’s really kind of a sisterhood, on and off the set, you know?
You see the teams that are winning or have won, and you see chemistry on and off the court.
I’ll be spending most of my time really relating to the fans and developing the relationships. The rebirth, really, of the franchise in Jacksonville where we will win on and off the field.
As a goalkeeper, I talk a lot to my fellow players on and off the pitch.
It’s very important, especially in the basketball culture. We like our fashion. Coming into the NBA, you definitely have to step it up because you’re competing on and off the floor. Not only on the court, basketball-wise, but a lot of us take pride in our style, too.
Life has changed both on and off the court after the Rio Olympics medal. I have a lot of confidence on the court now and feel anything is possible. I also feel that I have improved my game. Off the court, I do get recognised more now.
I think LeBron is the best player in the world, as far as overall in his career and what he’s doing for this league on and off the court.
I’ve come out of myself as a person at Chelsea and expressed myself on and off the pitch.
I really think a good host is just a connector. I’m more traffic cop than star. My job is to get people on and off the program, and hopefully keep the audience entertained.
When I’m talking about one of the things that define my career and what is most special to me, stats, they are what they are. The bottom line is you want to impact the place you go and the people you’re around, and I hope I’ve done that in my football career, both on and off the field.
I was really serious about painting, so I could never be a Sunday painter. You can’t just switch it on and off.
I love football and I believe in fair play, both on and off the pitch.
And I’ve had vocal training on and off for years.
I have not been following religiously; the only season I followed on and off is ‘Bigg Boss 11.’
You go through experiences in life on and off the pitch.
Social media has come a long way. With the good has come some bad, and you always have a lot of people hiding behind their computers and being very critical of what you do on and off the field, of what you tweet, of what you say, of everything you do.
France has had socialist presidents on and off since the 1920s, and it remains a free country. Socialists have ruled in many South American countries without ushering in disaster.
I get nervous all the time. Both on and off stage. You just hope it turns into adrenaline.
I learned a couple things. The government can do to you whatever they want. They can break the laws, federal laws, as they see fit… You can’t turn laws on and off as you deem fit.
In sport, Americans are prominent in the Premier League – both on and off the pitch.
I have always had an interest in fashion and design and I appreciate style and timelessness within my footwear and accessories both on and off the court.
It is an honour and a pleasure to be able to play with Leo Messi. I want to learn. He is the best player in the world and in history. I am delighted to be able to share costumes. I want to learn a lot from him on and off the field.
I love Nars blush in Orgasm. I use it on and off camera because it gives you a nice glow from within. My favorite mascara is Diorshow Iconic, and then I love the Make Up For Ever HD Powder. It lets your skin look shiny and fresh, but not greasy-shiny.
I’m married to the girl that I first went out with when I was 16. We were on and off for years; now we’re married with a kid, so I don’t have that many exes.
I’ve been working in radio on and off for most of my career. There’s a restfulness about it. It’s more focused on the voice, so you don’t have to worry about extraneous things like sound effects, as there’s someone there to look after that.
The All-Star Game represents everything we as a nation love about basketball on and off the court – diversity, sportsmanship and, most of all, a commitment to unite fans.
Cafu was a leader on and off the pitch and it was he who invented the concept of right-backs running from corner to corner.
I’d lived in Portland on and off for a decade before I’d even heard of Vanport. It was this town of 20,000 people that washed away from north Portland.
I think that’s the biggest thing, just helping me grow on and off the court. It’s always what I’ve been about, and I think that’s special.
I used to have a phone machine that you turn ‘on’ and ‘off,’ which was great. Now, it’s so technological that it’s like going down the rabbit hole.
It did surprise me to be made captain. The obvious issue is my English. It’s not that great, so communicating with players is not always easy. But I am thriving on the responsibility, both on and off the field.
Astori was a great player on and off the pitch. He is a great example for all young men. I hope we never forget him. It’s important to remember men like him.
I couldn’t care less what people have got to say as long as I have the backing from the people that matter – the gaffer, family, and my team-mates – and they know what I am like as a person on and off the pitch. That’s all that matters.
I would love to work with Adam Sandler. Because then all I’d have to do is just turn the camera on and off.
The Hegelian dynamic plays out daily on and off the film setswomen are not lesser beings, but because they are assumed to be, they are subjected to inferior conditions. And this inferiority projects itself through the feeling of weakness and subjugation.
I try to do my best both on and off the pitch, giving a good image in my behaviour.
The relationships we have with people are extremely important to success on and off the job.
I never thought for one minute that I couldn’t win another tournament or I couldn’t make another Ryder Cup team. That’s not in my make-up. If I feel good in myself and feel good in everything I’m doing, on and off the course, then I’m of the mind-set that I can get it done.
I feel comfortable on and off the court, happy in my own skin, just really comfortable with the way I’m playing my tennis.
I still play that guitar. It’s a Martin D-18 with a clear pick guard. I’ve played that guitar on and off my TV shows for nearly 50 years.
I moved to Hawaii when I was fourteen. And I was there for a year and then I was just sort of on and off after that, just because I had friends and family there.
A man’s got two shots for jewelry: a wedding ring and a watch. The watch is a lot easier to get on and off than a wedding ring.
Men still control the news, both on and off camera.
Overall, I was extremely impressed with the fashion scene that Stockholm has to offer, both on and off the runways.
I have a lot of responsibilities. Every move I make, on and off the court, I’m thinking about doing the right thing for my country. It’s a small country, but I’ve said it before, we Georgians have a big heart, we all support each other in every way we can.
Our challenge is this sport needs to be more diverse throughout its makeup of stakeholders, participants, and fans. We’re doing a number of things from a multicultural standpoint on and off the track to achieve that. Over time, that’s going to be a big opportunity for NASCAR.
I am a simple person, I try to do my best on the pitch and do nothing wrong both on and off the pitch.
It’s very important for me to focus on myself, on the job I have to do on and off the track with the engineers without really thinking about what people expect of me off the track.
I’ve covered the league over two decades, I’ve known Bryan Colangelo for a long, long time. He’s not someone who goes on and off the record criticizing his contemporaries or his predecessors.
In the pursuit of a championship and beyond, I’m determined to take my performance, on and off the field, to the next level. I’m confident that MET-Rx and their great lineup of sports nutrition products is the perfect partner to help me do just that.
I have trained on and off with Floyd and his father for many years now and I’ve learned a lot. His work ethic is second to none and it’s great being around him and the ‘Money Team.’
I like to smile. I try to bring happiness on and off the pitch. I don’t understand how you can play football without joy.
I’m trying to get better on and off the golf course at all times so I think it’s a work in progress all day long.
There are so many ways to do research – even watching old Ealing comedies, watching people getting on and off buses in London, looking at household interiors.
I’m still learning how to flip that switch on and off. I want to make the most of every opportunity with the least amount of collateral damage. In every race you make smart moves and you take risks.
No one gives you information and tools on how you are supposed to handle the pressure both on and off the court.
All the clothes I got before my son was born; he can’t really wear them! Either you can’t wash them, or they’re too hard to get on and off – you know, so many baby clothes have sleeves that don’t let the baby’s arms go in and out. It’s ridiculous!
What really, really matters is the dressing room and the people on the training ground being very, very focused in what we are trying to achieve on and off the ball.
Wildly successful sites such as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook offer genuinely portable social experiences, on and off the desktop. You don’t even have to go to Facebook or Twitter to experience Facebook and Twitter content or to share third-party web content with your Twitter and Facebook friends.
The captaincy is about putting the team first, making sure the girls are happy – that they’re comfortable with the processes we have, the way that the schedule is – to be able to challenge people on and off the pitch: not telling them off, but advising them.
When your dad is your father, best friend and mentor, all in one, it’s hard to explain what he brings. He brings confidence and self-awareness through my game, on and off the court. I’m blessed to have him.
With every side I’ve played for, I’ve always tried to fit in and joke with my team mates while enjoying good times with them on and off the pitch. And that’s what’s happened with Les Bleus.
I’m a big believer in being the same person on and off TV.
You have to be prepared for situations on and off the field, and everything that happens within the world of football. It’s difficult for players at big clubs to deal with these things.
Most of the time, I grill over high heat. I like things to move fast. I like the sound and smell of a very hot fire. I gravitate towards dishes that you can get on and off the grill as quickly as possible. After a while, you’ll know without thinking about it how hot the fire is.
I have been known for my courtesy on and off the bench.
The quarterback is an extension of the coach and has a certain type of swagger mentality, on and off the field.
You can’t just turn love on and off.
When you cover the White House, which I’ve done on and off, it’s relatively straightforward – everything the president does is news.
It’s difficult to maintain the six-pack abs. They demand a specific workout and diet plan. Even professional bodybuilders sport six-pack abs on and off.
I think the great thing about a television set is that it can be turned on and off, and you don’t have to watch it if you think it’s going to be something that you’re not going to like or learn from.
I improved enormously, on and off the pitch, over that year at Swansea.
Suarez is like a cheeky boy, he looks like a cheeky boy who can really switch on and off how he wants to be, so that is really something. When he is on the pitch, what is going on around him doesn’t bother him.
You have to learn how to listen to your emotions, letting your internal compass guide you. Your emotions let you know when you are on and off track.
One of the hard things in my life has been balancing my education with my acting career, because I’ve been acting since the age of seven, on and off, just doing little parts and things. I’ve always been very keen to stay in school.
I’ve been a musician and a songwriter for years, since I was a teenager, and made my living doing that on and off for a long time, so when it came to writing comedy material, it was the thing that came easiest to me, the most natural way of writing.
God puts us in position to do the things we need to, both on and off the track, to honor Him.
Working with Kal Penn in ‘Namesake‘ was funny at times. What we did was so real. We had fun on and off the sets, too.
As an assistant you have lots of ideas and suggestions that might be perfect for that moment and time, but you don’t think through all of the ramifications down the road. As a head coach it’s about being conscious of the whole group and what’s best for us long term. And that’s on and off the court.
You have teams on and off the field. You have your team off the field in terms of your family, friends, and people that you work with, and then you have your team on the field. You have to give to receive and be there for people and hope that they do the same for you.
On the pitch, I have always had that responsibility to lead the team. But, of course, when you are captain, players, especially the young ones, they look at you more for the things you do on and off the pitch. But I have always been a very calm person.
For me, winning isn’t just about lifting the cup, the trophy – it’s about giving your maximum, on and off the pitch.
I’ve been in Glasgow since I was 18, on and off.
I will respect the limits of my experience but that won’t stop me from trying to lead by example of my work. Being a good teammate and picking them up on and off the field is a simple goal of mine.
Last time I was starstruck was when I met Roger Federer. He is one of the few athletes that I really look up to – incredibly talented both on and off the track and a great role model for tennis.
Our relationship with Christ is something we cannot just turn on and off. It is a part of us. On our best, and our worst, we are in this thing for life… and then some.
It took a long time for me to put a smile on my face over the course of my lifetime, and my experience of what I’ve been through on and off the field.
I put a lot into my body on and off the field that really gets me ready for the next day.
When you come into my pieces, it’s not an intellectual experience, it’s a physical experience. It’s coming at your body. There’s light, there’s sound, the lights in some pieces are going on and off. There’s loud roaring sound happening.
I’ve given everything I can possible to the game, on and off the field.
My footballing idol is Zinedine Zidane; he was an amazing guy on and off the field.
I have made lots of mistakes on and off the pitch, and you can only learn from them. If I can get that across, then hopefully I am doing something right.
I have had the privilege to be a member of many high-performance teams at NASA, both on and off the planet.
I’m always happy for guys who are enjoying the game and maximizing their potential on and off the court.
In 2005, I had the great honor of playing Shailene Woodley’s mother in ‘Felicity: An American Girl Adventure.’ I was immediately impressed by her work ethic, both on and off set.
The one way of getting better is by practising – both on and off the pitch.
You really need to learn how to turn it on for ‘action‘ and off for ‘cut.’
I like to comprehend more or less everything around me – apart from the creation of my music. It’s an obsessive character trait that’s getting worse. I don’t switch the light on and off 15 times before I leave the room yet, but something’s going wrong.
You know, in pressure games everyone tests your skills on and off the field.
I was just a kid who had arrived in the world of professional football and thought he could do anything he wanted. But I have learned from my mistakes. I have done everything to change, both on and off the pitch.
I’ve been doing Tai Chi on and off for 20 years. The fundamentals of all martial arts are the same.
I am not an actress. I can only play me – on and off the screen.
Jack Lambert is mean and relentless wherever he goes, on and off the field! I do remember many times he would chase me in practice but no way would I let him catch me.
All good actors are actresses. The more like a woman they are, the better they act, because a man’s salvation is his femininity. Women have stronger sensibilities than men, which allows them to go a bit deeper when they are on and off the stage.
Basically, Pizza Hut just backed out on the ad agency at the last minute. They got fired and we got fired. It was a simple as that. We do stuff like that on and off.
I just have to stop biting my nails. I’ve been on and off that bandwagon so many times. I feel like it’s going to be a lifelong struggle.
Every individual has his own style, his own way of presenting himself on and off the field.
I’ve learned what F1 is like, and it is an extremely competitive sport on and off the track.
Love isn’t a switch you can turn on and off. You just can’t get rid of it, regardless of the circumstances, if you truly love someone.
I have a very good relationship with my peers both on and off the pitch.
When I started playing professionally, it made me realize that I had a voice in the league, one that gave me the chance to share a different side of our day-to-day life and the things that were happening on and off the court.
I always tried to be a guy that plays hard and was committed to giving his all, on and off the court. So that’s something I’m really proud of.
Growing up, your whole goal and dream is to make the NHL. Once you get there, you kind of have to expand your goals on and off the ice. It took a little bit of time for me to do that, but again, with age and maturity you understand what you want more and how to achieve those things.
Tony and I had a good on and off screen relationship, we are two very different people, but we did share a sense of humor, we now live in different parts of the world but when we find ourselves in the same place it is more or less as if there had been no years in between.
I’m a hard worker on and off the field.
Here’s the thing about hair; I think most people think that I have Lego hair, like I can just take it on and off in one piece, and that’s not quite the casealthough pretty close.
When I get a new player, we do tests about his character and personality because it is very important to find out about the things he loves to do on and off the pitch.
They welcomed me like I have been a Raven my whole life. It meant a lot to me. I knew what I could bring to the team, on and off the field.
I’m a human just like anyone else. We all have our problems that we deal with on and off the field. I’m thankful to have a beautiful wife and child that can help ease those problems when you come home.
A novel ensures that we can look before and after, take action at whatever pace we choose, read again and again, skip and go back. The story in a book is humble and serviceable, available, friendly, is not switched on and off but taken up and put down, lasts a lifetime.
The armored vehicle manufacturing base is not a light switch that can be turned on and off at will. If we mothball production of systems like the Abrams tank, it will take time and money to get this capability back.
With regards to the fame, I wanted it, I worked for it, and when you get it, it’s something you want to turn on and off, but that’s part of the game.
One thing I really liked about David Winfield, man, just… the way he played the game, and such a class act he was on and off the field.
The whole opportunity of being on ‘Last Comic‘ gave me the chance to display me being funny on and off stage.
I’ve worked in network and cable on and off for a number of years, and you just understand what your parameters are. A lot of times, I think the best work that my team has come up with comes from having to deal with certain boundaries.
As an actor, it’s your job to switch on and off from the character.
I’ve always been steady on and off keeping diaries and journals. I try to document everything so I can remember it the older I get.
People think that coaching is about winning football matches – which, of course, it is – but throughout my career it has also been about helping people become better, more able to deal with life and be more successful in their lives, on and off the football pitch.
What I love about England is that the fans have great respect for the players on and off the pitch.
Samuel Eto’o
My mother has always supported me through life and football. She pushes me to get better and is my biggest fan on and off the field.
Some people aren’t going to like you and some people like you. You can’t go through life worrying about stuff like that both on and off the court.
I’ve downloaded the BBC’s ‘Cranford’ with Judi Dench because I like a bit of bonnet acting, and I can turn it on and off without worrying about whether I can follow what’s happening.
We knew that all the protein-coding bits of genes do is to produce protein – they have to have instructions to turn them on and off. Those sequences lie well outside the protein-coding sequences, sometimes thousands, tens of thousands of bases away.
Hugh Grant does a great job with his style. Somehow understated yet timeless and seems to get it. He does it on and off camera.
I always work hard on and off the pitch for the Saturday‘s game, and it’s all about performing on a Saturday; that’s why I work my socks off during the week.
What is important is that I am respected both on and off the field by cricketers and fans.
Anyone who has watched ‘Premam’ in theaters would understand the camaraderie between the members on and off the screen and that’s what translated to that brilliance.
I’ve grown a lot in my time in San Antonio, both on and off the court, and probably off the court most importantly.
I watched Tim Tebow and how he played and how he carried himself and the good that he did for the game on and off the field. I knew that’s what I wanted to do.
The things I have to say on and off the record are important, and I say them because I want to be heard.
The biggest thing, and what I told some of the partners in the summit, was me thanking them for their constant support with everything that I’ve been through the last couple years on and off the court.
I’m a very simple man. You’ve got to have, like, a computer nowadays to turn the TV on and off… and the nightmare continues.
LG is a very big company and I’m very honoured and proud to be their brand ambassador to represent them on and off the pitch.
It wasn’t until I had been writing on and off for maybe ten years that I started to establish any kind of routine, thought I couldn’t put a finger on an exact date, and this routine relates simply to the aphorism ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’
For me to become a professional footballer, determination was key, on and off the pitch.
Spirituality is something that makes you who you are on and off the field. It’s something you try and live by. The way you play is one thing, but the way you act is a little different. You’re just trying to be a good person, the best you can be, on and off the field.
I’ve worked with horses on and off most of my life, but literally ‘on and off’ – flipping on them and falling off them.
As a kid, I always went to therapists; the first time was when my parents were separated on my sixth birthday, then on and off since then.
Jack Black is so funny! On and off screen, like, he would make you laugh every day. He’s hilarious.
Caitlin Hale
I really appreciate working with Skip and Stephen A. and value their opinions. There’s definitely been growing pains, but I know they have my best interests at heart. Sometimes I make mistakes, and they tell me, but it’s tough love, and I want to hear it, and we have natural chemistry on and off the air.
I go on and off home-school and regular school, but the kids don’t treat me any differently because they’ve all known me forever.
At the end of the day, everything I’ve been through on and off the court, I’m the only common denominator.
For me, college was a big learning experience on and off the court, just growing as a person, becoming more mature.
My wife and I were in a band and worked together on and off since we were 19 or 20.
Being injured has harmed me on and off the field in a lot of ways.
I’ve dealt with depression my entire life, on and off, which makes me the perfect author for teenage readers.
There are endless possibilities for what I can wear on and off the court.
I made over forty Westerns. I used to lie awake nights trying to think up new ways of getting on and off a horse.
Polo is about the aspirational lifestyle of the sporty person, on and off the field.
The night I won the Emmy, I probably cried for three hours on and off.
I have known Tavis Smiley since the 1980s, when we both worked at the same radio station in Los Angeles. He is smart, and he is a gentleman who has accorded me great respect both on and off the air.
I’ve been on and off motorbikes most of my life.
NAPA has been a huge supporter, and I’m honored to represent them on and off the track.
I was kind of wild. I enjoyed myself as a young man. I was moving 100 miles per hour – on and off the field.
I’ve become more mature on and off the court, and I’ve learned how to deal with some of those big occasions much better.