People Quotes

People Quotes by Anton Chekhov, Vladimir Putin, Mark Hart, Joe Rogan, Rita Zahara, Ronald Reagan and many others.

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.
People in Russia say that those who do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union have no heart, and those that do regret it have no brain.
What annoys us most in other people is oftentimes the same area God wants us to grow in ourselves.
That’s my only goal. Surround myself with funny people, and make sure everyone has a good time and works hard.
Once in awhile, you do encounter bad acquaintance, mean people, toxic aura. Don’t let them rent space in your heart and mind. Don’t let anyone make you so upset that you become someone you don’t even recognise.
Government must not supersede the will of the people or the responsibilities of the people. The function of government is not to confer happiness, but to give men the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves.
I thought a lot of girls wanna have their secret identity and have something they don’t want to tell people about.
there is a tendency in part of Wall Street people to pay excessive attention to the most recent figures and the present financial picture.
People who concern themselves with the rights of other adults who engage in consensual acts involving sex, love, and/or eating croissants together are damaged and in pain.
Some people are tempted most strongly at the beginning of their spiritual life, others near the end. Some are troubled all their lives. Still others receive only light temptation. Such things are decided by God, and we can trust his wisdom.
The lack of work destroys people.
Some people are able to use Bible as a means of opposing injustice, whereas others are able to find justification.
In business, we say that people overestimate what you can do in a year and underestimate what you can do in a decade. This is true in philanthropy as well.
During the 19th-century struggle for womens rights in America, many saw a competition between rights for black people and those for women.
My fans mean more to me than they will ever know. I call these people my friends and my confidence and if they are here to see me and they are here to support me, then that’s all I need in life.
Some people perceive Skinner to be complex. I just basically was trying to remember my lines, so I guess that’s what they perceive as being complexity.
Mitch Pileggi
Hamas will not disappear. Hamas will not raise the white flag. Hamas has the trust of the people, and anyone who wishes to destroy it must destroy an entire people.
Don’t worry about trying to develop a style. Style is what you can’t help doing. If you write enough, you draw enough, you’ll have a style, whether you want it or not. Don’t worry about whether you’re “commercial“. Tell your own stories, draw your own pictures. Let other people follow you.
For usually people resist as long as they can to dismiss the fool they harbor in their bosom, they resist to confess a major mistake or to admit a truth that makes them despair.
I always think it’s far more admirable to confuse people than it is to reassure them.
You try to come up with new ideas, but in the end, people just want to eat Italian food.
Stephen Starr
We think we know people. We think that what we see is all there is. We rarely ask ourselves what goes on behind the curtain. We jump to conclusions. And we take everything very personally.
Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness.
The only logical answer to the question of why Elijah needed to pray is to imply that God has chosen to work through people. Even when it is the Lord himself initiating something, earnestly desiring to do it, He still needs us to ask.
Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and an essential part of my life – a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running wherever they are.
If you’re constantly being reminded of the ways in which your history and your narrative as a people were rooted in loss and decay, then you’re in deep trouble. Once you make a certain kind of peace with the past, then you should be completely oriented towards speculation about the future.
Especially as a title-holder, you can do great things with charities, because people suddenly care about what you have to say. I wanted to make a difference, which is why I created the Queen of the Universe pageant. I want to change all of those stigmas in the beauty pageant world.
I start with peoples growth, my own growth included. I dont start with the companys strategy or products. I start with peoples growth because I believe that if the people who are running and participating in a company grow, then the companys growth will in many respects take care of itself.
My theory is that nine times out of ten, if there’s a depression, more a social depression than anything, it brings out the best art in black people. The best example is, Reagan and Bush gave us the best years of hiphop.
Education needs to be rethought. Education does not just happen in college, but it also happens in developing skills which will enable people to contribute to our society as a whole.
The man believes the woman‘s got the hidden secret. That’s a rare thing. You meet lots of people, and they’re all deserved of love, of course, but romantic love involves some kind of supplement: she has the secret. That’s what’s desired.
A vision is not a vision unless it says yes to some ideas and no to others, inspires people and is a reason to get out of bed in the morning and come to work.
Many times I can see a solution to something differently and quicker than other people. I see the end zone and say ‘This is where I want to go.’
My advice for other female directors is look for people who really appreciate your vision and are willing to genuinely support you. When it comes time to taking notes on various cuts, if you have a smart producer, listen to her notes!
We really have to, as a country, recognize that school is where people get their identity not just as a scholar, or a future business person, but as a citizen. And we need to make sure that schools set them up for success as citizens.
God demonstrates generosity, then asks it from His people.
Many people on our planet right now despair; they think we’ve reached a point where we’ve discovered most of the things. I’m going tell you right now: Please don’t despair.
My heart gives thanks for empty moments given to dreams, and for thoughtful people who help those dreams come true
William Braithwaite
I was named after the great emperor Cyrus as my father, Farokh Broacha, was a great admirer of the Persian emperor. Continuing the tradition, I have named my son after Mikhail Gorbachev, someone whom I admire. He gave his people freedom.
Ninety percent of people support background checks. Which means even people who can’t pass a background check support background checks.
Ggrace is God’s best idea – it’s His decision to ravage people by love, to rescue passionately, and to restore justly.
But I will never say anything about who they are, what teams they are on. I’m just saying there’s some famous people, and I’m not the only one.
It is only people of small stature who have to stand on their dignity.
The connections between people and land are dangerously oversimplified and mainly technological.
We’re proud of the work we’re doing to make Chicago a great city for people of all ages. Nothing’s more important than keeping in mind the needs of older adults – and how valuable a role they play in improving the city, based on their amazing collective talent and wisdom.
I’ve worked with Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks. I’ve worked with some really good directors: Woody Allen, Paul Schrader… My God, I’ve really worked with a lot of people. But I’m intimidated by them, and I’m always thinking, “Oh, my God, he’s not going to like me, and I’m going to get fired.”
As long as you as an individual… can convince yourself that in order to move forward as best you can you have to be optimistic, you can be described as ‘one of the faithful,’ one of those people who can say, ‘Well, look, something’s going to happen! Let’s just keep trying. Let’s not give up.
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
How can you talk about power to the people unless you realise the people is both sexes.
The biggest challenge is how you get money for independent films, in these ever-changing times when most people don’t really want to invest in that anymore.
You have to hold your audience in writing to the very end-much more than in talking, when people have to be polite and listen to you.
Thanksgiving isn’t the only thing that has changed. This makes it reassuring somehow to go through the same ritual with the people you’re connected to. I guess the truth is, it all boils down to family. Right?
I hate people. People make me pro-nuclear.
The entrepreneur profits to the extent he has succeeded in serving the consumers better than other people have done.
There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people
People have a right to violence, to rebel, to fight back. And given what the United States Government and Western powers have done to the third world, I feel that these countries should fight back.
The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts.
Within my social circle, there is a large group of people who will take bitcoin as legal tender; like, you can go to them and settle debts in Bitcoin, and they will happily take it.
You are affected by the surroundings, the mood of people, by confidence. I am no different.
If we [the USA] don’t innovate in education, it’s literally going to mean less people get to go have that education at a time when more people are going to want it. We’ve got to put courses out on the Web, we’ve got to put interactive learning out on the Web.
I never felt big enough playing Thor. And then people talk about you like you‘re 9-foot tall and 800 pounds. I’m well aware of the illusion. There’s not a second where I go: Yeah, I’m a god.
Over-sentimentality, over-softness, in fact washiness and mushiness are the great dangers of this age and of this people. Unless we keep the barbarian virtues, gaining the civilized ones will be of little avail.
People get burned out in big families, you can even see it in the naming of children. Like the first kid, “You were named after Grandma.” The seventh kid, “You were named after a sandwich I had. Now get your brother, Reuben.”
I think good theaters are really important. They allow you to exist in a space with other people.
I want to build up my philosophy… my philosophy with kung fu is to respect people.
All I can do is advocate changes at the BBC while respecting editorial independence upon which the success of the BBC rests. I can’t do anything that requires the BBC to pay certain people certain amounts.
Anything that is absurd I see as a Coen brothersinfluence! The Coen brothers are my favorite people period.
The people who have taught me the most about grace are those who have blown it so bad that they know how much they need it.
I think I can be closed in. I can close this outer shell, cut myself off and be quite cold. I can cut other people off if I need to. I don’t think I’m angry, though… Maybe my wife would disagree.
Whenever I see people getting a bad deal I want to step in and do something about it. Of course, this is not pure altruism – there’s a profit to be made too.
The company-as-a-machine model fits how people think about and operate conventional companies. And, of course, it fits how people think about changing conventional companies: You have a broken company, and you need to change it, to fix it.
Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind – even if your voice shakes.
The job of president is to motivate, to inspire, to be side by side with people making sure that they develop all their capacities and that I remove all the obstacles they have to grow by themselves.
As I go on in standup, I keep being described as cleaner and cleaner as I do each hour, they’re like, ‘It’s unbelievable how clean,’ ‘He’s the cleanest person in the world.’ And then I’ll do shows and people will be like, ‘You’re supposed to be so clean, but you’re talking about cancer.’
You know, people are basically shitty
Some people consider the way Shakespeare was writing about Ophelia as erotomania-that she was delusional in thinking that Hamlet was in love with her. But I don’t think so.
Most people take who they are, naturally, as a given, and they’re interested in the sexual other, but not in being the sexual other. Most men are interested in women – whether sexually or not is not the question – but they don’t necessarily want to be a woman.
If you live criticizing people, you won’t have time to love them.
I’ve gone from singing to millions on a network show one day to singing to four people in a gymnasium in Casper, Wyo., the next.
Leroy van Dyke
People do not mind people who try things and fail. If you’re a good entrepreneur, you’re not going to succeed in every single thing you try. You’ve got to try to succeed at more things than fail.
Maybe it was my revenge on people who had been unkind to me as a child. But it was very easy and a thrill to freeze up children.
If you love your work, I’m not sure you have hobbies. I try to say no to things that other people could do and only say yes to things that only I could do.
America is fascinated with seeing people have nothing and turn it to something.
The American Revolution represented the informed and mature convictions of a great mass of independent, liberty-loving, God-fearing people who knew their rights, and possessed the courage to dare to maintain them.
Time magazine put Chris Christie on the cover with the caption, ‘The Elephant in the Room.’ And People magazine named himSexiest Garbage Truck in a Suit.’
And your brain doesn’t naturally know how to think the way Zeckhauser knows how to play bridge. “for example,” people do not react symmetrically to loss and gain. Well maybe a great bridge player like Zeckhauser does, but that’s a trained response. Ordinary people, subconsciously affected by their inborn tendencies.
There are reasons to have rules and regulations. That I understand. Authority is a different thing. Authority is to maintain its own position by increasing its power and domination over those people it is supposedly protecting.
People always tell me I’m too modest, and that I’m allowed to tell myself now and then that I’m good at something. Well okay then, the bathroom is very (beautiful) clean right now.
Willemijn Verkaik
We live in this world of tweeting, and social media, and anti-social media, and all the rest, so no matter what you say, there is going to be what people say is a firestorm. I don’t know what a firestorm is.
If we look at history, we will see that regimes which persecute [their people] do not remain standing.
There has never been a master plan. Anyone who wanted to do it, we fired because it takes on a life of its own and doesn’t cover new reality. We want people taking into account new information.
People often call and say: “Can you help me to get Bill Murray in our movie.” But I’m always like, “well I don’t know how to do that!” I’ve sometimes tried and not been able to get him but then I’ll suddenly be very surprised by the thing that he will suddenly decide to do.
I was inspired by people like Joni Mitchell and Carole King and Stevie and “Storytellers.” People that could really change the world with their lyric, no matter who sung the song, they had still been the source of that message. So that’s what I really aim for.
I’ve certainly not got any famous people‘s numbers on my phone. It’s just not my thing, really.
I do an awful lot of thinking and dreaming about things in the past and the future – the timelessness of the rocks and the hills – all the people who have existed there.
People use music as a utensil to better themselves.
I have tremendous empathy for people who are faced with any kind of a chronic problem. Sometimes when we’re in this situation, it’s as though our mind has us believe that if we ruminate about the pain we’ll find a way out.
If I could teach people to be grateful, we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children would have a smile on their face.
Many people know Christ as their Savior, but the woman who says yes to God longs to know Him as Lord.
I wanna tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there’s not enough troops in the army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the nigra race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches.
The world is littered with the bodies of people that tried to stick it to ole J.R. Ewing!
Slim Shady is just the evil thoughts that come into my head. Things I shouldn’t be thinking about. Not to be gimmicky, but people should be able to determine when I’m serious and when I’m f… around. That’s why a lot of my songs are funny. I got a warped sense of humor I guess.
A lot of times people will say, ‘Well, gosh, you’re really good; you should try acting!’ And I say, ‘Come on! I’m thesping my little guts out over here.’
I write little quotes all the time to help encourage people to come together, like this one: “If fate happens to toss you a lightbulb, use it to light the path of others, for they will use theirs to light the path of you. With your light together with mine, it’s two times as bright and twice as strong.
We certainly love the Muslim people. But that is not the faith of this country. And that is not the religion that built this nation. The people of the Christian faith and the Jewish faith are the ones who built America, and it is not Islam.
Those no-sooner-have-I-touched-the-pillow people are past my comprehension. There is something bovine about them.
Why did I allow myself to be bored ever in the past and to compensate for it got high or drunk or rages or all the tricks people have because they want anything but serene understanding of just what there is, which is after all so much.
Without vision a people perishes.
There’s a sameness about American poetry that I don’t
think represents the whole people. It represents a poetry
of the moment, a poetry of evasion, and I have problems
with this. I believe poetry has always been political, long
before poets had to deal with the page and white
space . . . it’s natural.
It turns out that it’s easier to do politics in a movie. People really don’t want it in their TV.
When people hear the word “beautiful”, they expect something to be pretty. And for me that’s not always necessarily the case, y’know.
To write a love song that might be able to make it on the radio, that is something that is terrifying to me. But I can definitely write a song about that chair over there. That I can do, but to sit and write a pop song out of the clear blue sky, that is very difficult and I admire the people that can do it.
Once you get into the world of dystopia, it’s hard to avoid plagiarism, because other people have had such powerful visions.
The people must know before they can act, and there is no educator to compare with the press.
One day, we will look back and wonder how on earth we used to believe that depression was a lifestyle choice, only to be debated and taken seriously when an A List film star took his life, and the world filled with people saying how shocked and saddened they were.
People would rather earn 60 grand in an area where their neighbours earn 40, than earn 80 in an area where their neighbours earn a hundred.
All politicians, even the most idealistic ones, are looking for money, sucking up to rich people.
Children’s book writers tend to feel quite superior, and adult writers tend to feel they wouldn’t know how to write a children’s book – which might surprise you because I think a lot of people think it’s the other way around.
I’ve seen people who are not very likeable but hilarious. I think comedians get to a point where they know they’re funny, so they don’t care – in the sense that they know what they’re doing. They have a skill.
People made a big deal out of the fact this is the first time a sitting president has done a late-night show. We tried to have other presidents on, but President Bush went to bed every night at 9:00. And President Clinton always seemed to have other late-night plans.
When you take on a TV show, you give trust to people that you really just met.
There’s a lot of people who don’t like Tom Brady and I’m OK with that.
Art for the most part, is about concentration, solitude and determination. It’s really not about other people’s needs and assumptions. I’m not interested in the notion that art serves something. Art is useless, not useful.
I read a lot of archaeology and early history in a general way, not thinking particularly of this book, and this provided me with the background. It showed me how, possibly, the people lived back then.
Some people are gay. Get over it!
I love L.A., but I don’t live there. I spent some time there when I was recordingKaleidoscope,’ mainly working with some of the artists I collaborated with. The city and people in L.A. have a great vibe and the weather is always beautiful.
People who know they are not good make the best messengers of grace because they are desperately aware of their own need for it.
It [culture] invites people to diminish themselves, and dehumanize themselves by behaving like machines, meme processors of memes passed down from Madison Avenue, and Hollywood, and what have you.
Home is where your family is. Wherever you are, it’s about the people you’re surrounded by, not necessarily where you lay your head.
The people [in the USA] are not very well informed. They certainly don`t know history. They certainly are not interested in foreign affairs very much, unless it comes right to their doorstep. They all learn history through wars. They learn geography through wars.
Horses are calmer people. They also don’t throw things at cats.
There are the people who overthink making mix CDs and playlists, and how that works generationally is all really interesting to me.
I was a mimic when I was a child. I mimicked the teacher and made friends that way, actually. That was a very subversive activity, because I was a goody-goody who never got in trouble. But if I went off in the corner and mimicked the teacher, people loved it.
I don’t turn Britney Spears into a star. I have to spot that these people are going to be stars, in the future, and say, “Okay, these guys have cultural validity and they’re going to pop.”
People vomitied at my movies; not because of the movie but because they were drunk. I took credit anyway.
I have killed two people since midnight. I haven‘t slept in over 24 hours. So maybe you should be a little more afraid of me than you are now.
Short people have long faces, and long people have short faces. Big people have little humor, and little people have no humor at all.
Your fingernails are a joke, you’ve got no fangs, you can’t see at night, your pink hides are ridiculous, your reflexes are nil, and you don’t even have tails! Of course people aren’t content! … Now if tigers weren’t content, that would be something to wonder about.
It is more important to me to make art that is an honest expression of my life than it is to make pictures people think are well drawn
Some people take no mental exercise apart from jumping to conclusions.
Harold Acton
Wealth comes from the production and exchange of goods and services. If someone efficiently produces a good that many people willingly trade their money for, he becomes wealthy.
Weight issues, race issues will always be there and if you allow them to get to you and you allow them to affect you then yes they affect you. But my thing is I have so many other things to worry about I can’t worry about other people’s perception of me.
The only way to change American society, and indeed I think this is true of other societies as well, is for people to discover the power latent in the cooperative roles that they play in a range of institutions.
For every person seeking greatness, there are hundreds more charged with safeguarding mediocrity.В  If you want to be wealthy, stop taking financial advice from broke people.
You can’t say yes to every role and you have to make people miss you. I don’t want people to get sick of me.
Sometimes the best people… have the worst experiences… because they are ready to learn
I don’t think people change. I think they definitely mature. But I think the essence of what I am today is the same as when I was five years old. It’s just maturity. I’ve become a healthier, fuller expression of that essence.
I’m not a fan of religion. Religion ties people up and binds them and puts them back in chains but faith – true relationship – releases us to be all what God ever intended us to be. That’s what I’m interested in.
It is a very small minority point of view and I think, through continuing to set the tone of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity, you just have to further marginalize such people. Hopefully one day nobody will think that way.
People who believe a problem can be solved tend to get busy solving it.
I don’t like people whose job it isn’t to be funny, to tell me what is and isn’t funny.
I’m fortunate because people can’t put a label on me, which I embrace wholeheartedly.
My first job was in a nursing home – a terrible place in retrospect. It was in an old house, and the residents were so lonely. People rarely visited them. I only stayed there a couple of months, but it made a strong impression on me.
I don’t remember doing anything else; I don’t remember not living in the studio. I’m itching for people to hear this album because I’m sick of hearing it myself.
Most people think that you need to be healthy in order to happy.
No matter what projects I’m taking on, I want to (do) things to help other people.
In certain countries, people seem to be think that three asses together make one intelligent person. However, that is completely wrong. Several asses in concreto make the ass in abstracto and that is a most terrifying animal.
For the sake of peace and justice, let us move toward a world in which all people are at last free to determine their own destiny.
I never have changed in my taste, and the things that I love, and the way that I act, and all that. I never wanted to change, I just wanted to be successful, and be able to do more things for more people, and for myself as well.
People will never forget how you made them feel.
I agree with Schopenhauer that one of the most powerful motives that attracts people to science and art is the longing to escape from everyday life.
I believe that the only thing that will dispel the darkness is for the light to come on. And the lights are coming on. Here, there. People are eating more vegetables, living green, taking in and saving animals. All of that is the light coming on.
People who forecast simply because “that’s my job,” knowing pretty well that their forecast is ineffectual, are not what I would call ethical. What they do is no different from repeating lies simply because “it’s my job.”
President Bush wants to build a space station on the moon. And from the moon, he wants to launch people to Mars. You know what this means. He’s been drinking again.
Songs are a way to express what I have felt. A way to understand what happened to me or to other people.
People need to understand that the technology is for them. It’s not to them. It’s not over them. People still sometimes want to be led a little too much.
The most dreadful thing of all is that many millions of people in the poor countries are going to starve to death before our eyes. We shall see them doing so upon our television sets.
I really tried to work out hard to emulate the look and feel of the character, and did my best to represent the great artists that created him. At the same time, as an actor you have to find what you relate to in the character and make it your own, and hopefully people respond to it.
What success I achieved in the theatre is due to the fact that I have always worked just as hard when there were ten people in the house as when there were thousands. Just as hard in Springfield, Illinois as on Broadway.
Bill Robinson
What the digital age has offered us, in terms of connectivity and transparency, is that all of these people from weird places in the world are all talking to each other, at four in the morning, and are sharing ideas. There’s more openness than has ever been known, so that’s a good thing.
The really important people in TV are not the directors; they’re the writers.
I don’t see the country audience looking forward to an out male singer. There are rumors about people but no one ever confirms because there is a tremendous amount of money at stake.
The world has no idea how much it owes to the presence of righteous men in it.
People often only see one side to someone’s personality, but there are levels.
I am a better writer for having fewer demons, and I am more curious about the world and the people in it. So those of you thinking you might need your demons in order to be creative: I beg to differ.
Everything that I’m seeing in America, when it comes to the groundwater contamination and the poisoning of people I see, it’s a moral issue. Nobody’s ever gonna convince me that a CEO wouldn’t care if his own child was poisoned.
People read fiction for emotion-not information
What exactly did people do when they had all the time in the world and could do whatever they liked?
Some people you don’t have to satirize, you just quote ’em.
People speak of the fear of the blank canvas as though it is a temporary hesitation, a trembling moment of self-doubt. For me it was more like being abducted from my bed by a clown, thrust into a circus arena with a wicker chair, and told to tame a pissed-off lion in front of an expectant crowd.
I would have stage-fright if I had to speak with every one of the people before whom I speak.
People are always asking me how much I’m worth. Well, all I can say is, I’ve got enough money to last me the rest of my life. As long as I die in the next 20 minutes.
If I intimidate people, that’s not my intention.
I have closely noted that people who watch a great deal of TV never again seem able to adjust to the actual pace of life. The speed of the passing images becomes the speed the aspire to and they seem to develop an impatience and boredom with anything else.
Restaurants stress the protein. People read menu items left to right, with the protein first. I read descriptions right to left.
People in the church should not accept the notion that the public square is off limits to religious values.
Lloyd Billingsley
You don’t simply bundle people onto trucks and drive them away…I prefer to advocate a positive policy, to create, in effect, a condition that in a positive way will induce people to leave.
Everyone forgets that what’s fun about a romantic comedy is how these two people are going to fight with each other and how’s that going to be funny.
Your reputation is what people say about you. Your character is what God and your wife know about you.
Governments are necessarily continuing concerns. They have to keep going in good times and in bad. They therefore need a wide margin of safety. If taxes and debt are made all the people can bear when times are good, there will be certain disaster when times are bad.
Radicalization does not happen to young people with a strong grounding in the American Muslim mainstream; increasingly, it happens online, and sometimes abroad, among the isolated and disaffected.
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
Almost all Japanese animation is produced with hardly any basis taken from observing real people, you know. It’s produced by humans who can’t stand looking at other humans. And that’s why the industry is full of otaku!
Comedy is difficult for an actor. But I think I have a good sense of humor and manage to make people laugh and make them happy.
Albania in 1994 was the strangest place I’ve ever seen. It was like walking into the looking glass: falling apart, paranoid people, anarchy, no one farming, full of thieves. It was beyond any Third World country. They were living in their own private nightmare.
I don’t listen to music for fun. I ain’t got enough time for fun! I’m always busy writing my own music. I don’t try to compete or see what other people are doing.
And as a result, I guess I’m just kind of a rubberneck. I’m kind of a – someone who likes to see things and likes to see these events and talk to the people who make them happen. But I don’t think journalists are as important as the people they cover.
You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.
I’m still totally going out and sleeping on people’s floors so I can play a house show and give away music. Of course I would. That’s how I started. All that sort of stuff reminds you to stay true to the essence of what art is about.
Mrs. Boffin and me, ma’am, are plain people, and we don’t want to pretend to anything, nor yet to go round and round at anything because there’s always a straight way to everything.
If you look at my life before I went into television, the struggle I went through coming out would be surprising to most people, given how comfortable and how out I am being the only late-night gay talk-show host.
Americans wouldn’t do that [cashing out the same day]. Then they would be in the great old thing we used to call the marketplace. You know, we have hundreds of millions of stock shares floating every day. People buy them and sell them and trade them.
Apparently, one in five people in the world are Chinese. And there are five people in my family, so it must be one of them. It’s either my mum or my dad. Or my older brother, Colin. Or my younger brother, Ho-Chan-Chu. But I think it’s Colin.
I don’t think history will ever be a science because history will never be reduced to law-like behavior. People are to unpredictable.
People who didn’t live pre-Internet can’t grasp how devoid of ideas life in my hometown was. I stopped in the middle of the SAT to memorize a poem, because I thought, This is a great work of art and I’ll never see it again.
I used to wonder why people should be so fond of the company of their physician, till I recollected that he is the only person with whom one dares to talk continually of oneself, without interruption, contradiction or censure; I suppose that delightful immunity doubles their fees.
Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.
Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine.
I cast people from right around me. I was at my alma mater. It’s special to have most of the graduate students in it [and] one professor, because I feel like in terms of this school, I was one of the few students lucky enough to break into the art industry or the contemporary art world.
You have to watch India in India truly to appreciate the pressure that Sachin Tendulkar is under every time he bats. Outside grounds, people wait until he goes in before paying to enter. They seem to want a wicket to fall even though it is their own side that will suffer.
Americans are the nicest, most generous, and sentimental people on earth. Yet Americans have killed more unborn children than any nation in history.
My life was sweeter than other people’s and my death will be more terrible by the same degree.
I just want to get my voice heard again and to allow people to know me outside of a group situation. I also want young girls who look up to me to know not to give up, even when people try and take you away from your destiny.
I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.
If you born in the mud, you gonna be dirty, and people don’t understand that.
Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
I think the American people lose a large part of the joy of life because they do not live for generations in the same place.
I know all too well that people only see what they want to see and remember only what they want to remember.
For the most part neoconservatives are people who were once liberals but sobered up. The neoliberal is one who has always been a liberal but now replaces the sentimental pieties with brusque slogans (“High-Tech!”) and unpronounceable programs. All else stays the same.
The music is always blasting wherever I am that people always knock on my door and say, “It’s too loud!”
There’s people who actually have a whole science devoted to what makes a sticky meme and that idea of that question of why some ideas about how civilizations work catch on and others don’t.
As chefs, we cook to please people, to nourish people.
Somebody told me I should try writing. Actually, a lot of people tried to get me to try writing, long before I thought I was ‘the writing type‘.
Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.
New Yorkers have this special spot in Central Park, where they do this 5K run, the minute the clock strikes twelve. I ran once, and I’ll never do that again, either. But, it’s awesome to watch those people run. It’s such a great environment and place to be.
Why should it be mandatory for people to give interviews. I request state governments to remove the process of interviews for minor jobs to end corruption in getting jobs.
There is a list of things Im not allowed to discuss at the dinner table! I am extraordinarily passionate about the Black Death, which is not something most people are into.
If rather than setting the minimum balance as the lowest possible amount, so we keep people in debt for as long as possible, we raise the minimum payment and encourage people to pay off their credit cards, we’re going to make less money, but we’re going to have costumers that are more solvent.
A lot of these people are Iraqis fighting for control of their own government. Maybe there’s an argument to make that outside forces that go in and start bombing that country or invading that country are actually terrorists more so than the people in the country.
No matter how often I tell people I’m thirty-nine some of them refuse to believe I’m that old.
It’s hard finding people you trust or who aren’t going to take your money. Everyone wants to get a piece of whatever you’re doing. It’s a nightmare.
In a capitalist society there are always inequalities of class and wealth. People who inherit money and property will always see themselves as being superior to those who have to work for it.
Sally Wentworth
Some people, I think, think that because I don’t take it as seriously as a lot of the girls do, that I frown upon modeling or think it’s stupid. I don’t at all. This is my life. I would be nothing without this. But I really don’t take it seriously.
I think more people in the mainstream, folks like Nancy Wilson and Luther Vandross, they have openly expressed their love for God, and when mainstream artists start expressing their love for God openly in their concerts and including gospel songs in their concert, and, you know, people started embracing it.
Each nation has different obstacles and different goals, shaped by the vagaries of history and of experience. Yet as I talk to young people around the world I am impressed not by the diversity but by the closeness of their goals, their desires and their concerns and their hope for the future.
Relationships is not a game of amateurs is what people say..But they begin to foster between amateurs and become a reason to make them matured grown-ups!
I’m just me. If I am sexy, it’s just something I do naturally, like picking up a knife and fork to eat. I think people who try to be sexy are the most unsexy people in the world.
A lot of people are in politics to make friends, too, instead of making positive change. Theyre worried about getting re-elected.
It is never too late to give up our prejudices. No way of thinking or doing, however, ancient, can be trusted without proof. … Old deeds for old people, and new deeds for new.
Often people going into directing want to learn as much as they possibly can about “technique.” And I say the hell with that.
When India got independence, entrepreneurs were seen as a bad lot, as people who would exploit.
There are two sorts of people in the world: Those who listen and those who are thinking about what they are going to say next.
The gods, if they exist, are just the people who happen to live on the other side.
God created whammy bars for people who don’t know how to solo.
If you’re a creative person, you’d better not read what people write about you, because if it’s good it’ll blow your head up and it’ll force you not to take the subway and you’ll start taking cabs, and you’d better stay around people, and if it’s bad, it just hurts your feelings so much it discourages you.
. . . Americans are the best entertained and quite likely the least well-informed people in the Western world.
The SAT is not perfect. We all know smart, knowledgeable people who do badly on standardized tests. But neither is it useless. SAT scores do measure both specific knowledge and valuable thinking skills.
I’m really good at judging and observing other people, but not myself.
For rich people, the sky is just an extra, a gift of nature. The poor, on the other hand, can see it as it is, a gift of infinite grace.
Social sin is the crystallization … of individualssins into permanent structures that keeps sin in being and makes its force to be felt by the majority of people.
Never forget that we were enslaved in this country longer than we have been free. Never forget that for 250 years black people were born into chains-whole generations followed by more generations who knew nothing but chains.
Given a choice between two bald political candidates, the American people will vote for the less bald of the two.
Victor Gold
English, our common language, binds our diverse people.
You people have no imagination!
Even the most powerful people at a given point in terms of class, will all play by the same rules.
The right to carry a gun has nothing to do with the rights of other people.
All I can do is say I smell a rat. I don’t know where it is or what kind of rat it is, but as an artist, I can express how. But I couldn’t responsibly stand up and tell people which way to go, because then I’m just as guilty as the people who are telling everybody else what to do and where to go.
I treat everybody the same. You know I love to be with people: the youngsters.
I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.
When you’re running down the street on fire, people get out of your way!
Obama‘s assault on the affluent rests upon a sky-high stack of lies. Obama is too well staffed and too well informed not to know otherwise. So, maddeningly, he straight-out lies to the American people.
Deroy Murdock
I think the barrier for a lot of people to actual, real, lasting love is the fantasy. The problem is that we think in “happily ever after” love, but real love grows over time, and priorities change.
I know I have different priorities when I am close to dreaming and coming out of dreaming. I notice I am connected to people in a different way, and connected to the earth. For me, I have exactly the same emotional responses when I go through into shamanic trance.
People ask me, ‘Have you ever considered doing stand-up?’ To me it would be less offensive if someone asked me, ‘Have you ever considered dental implants?’
Most actors and actresses are performative as people. It goes part and parcel with the profession and New York actors who are out of work, or actors anywhere out of work, are manic because you never know when the next job is going to come.
I have always found it interesting… that there are people who regard copyright infringement as a form of flattery.
The average Southerner has the speech patterns of someone slipping in and out of consciousness. I can change my shoes and socks faster than most people in Mississippi can speak a sentence.
Having been in a relationship since I was 18, I’m very domestic, but I don’t enjoy cooking for myself. I don’t mind cooking for other people… But I don’t like cleaning or washing dishes, although I don’t mind doing laundry.
I feel genius in great works of art. I have seen medical cures that science can’t explain, some seemingly triggered by faith. The same is true of millions of other people.
While we [people] keep putting a face on HIV and AIDS, I think what we forget is that there are human beings, just people with emotions and feelings, women who want to be loved, men who want to be loved, who want to feel something.
Look out for the people who allow you to do all the talking.
When I started in television, it was brand new. It was the miracle over in the corner of your room. Now the audience has seen every story line. People have heard every joke. They can predict the plot almost before a show starts. That’s a hard, sophisticated audience to reach.
And it’s California, where everything is powerfully strange. Everyone wants it to be home. Everyone left where he or she was from with dreams of transformation. Everyone runs away to California at least once, or at least all the lonely, hungry people do.
Rocks are more co-operative than people.
I have spent many years trying to recover a common language, one that can cross the distance between people.
We are broken people living in a broken world with other broken people. We all need grace.
All my life people have called me gifted. Extraordinary. Blessed. I had all these dreams to become something. Someone. No one ever said I couldn’t. No one ever said Killer.
All medical procedures require two hands, so in a sense it’s like when you play an instrument. That’s what they call things that they use in their work: They call them instruments. A lot of people start out majoring in medicine and drop it and change their major to music.
I feel like I need just to keep trying to make the work for the right reasons. I think part of that is working with really good people, and just trying to make strong truthful work. And not being diverted from that.
Three reasons problems are inevitable; first, we live in a world of growing complexity and diversity; second, we interact with people; and third, we cannot control all the situation we face.
I love hanging out with people who make me forget to look at my phone.
Allah is with people who show patience. If you are down in the dumps, Allah will help you if you have belief. But this is a personal thing between you and him. You can’t fool Allah.
Rest is not a word of free people. Rest is a monarchical word.
I think the terrifying thing is you see all these people who go to the same cosmetic surgeon, and they end up, after a while, looking like everyone.
Jesse Jackson also said he thought Barack Obama was talking down to black people by lecturing them on things like fatherhood and being a responsible husband. Jesse thought it was insulting, not only to him, but to his former mistress and their love child.
I believe that in any initiative, you can’t have a flavor of the month. When you believe something is profound in a company, you can not be a logical leader. You have to go to the lunatic fringe. There is no way that logic is what you need to change people.
Google is where we go for answers. People used to go elsewhere or, more likely, stagger along not knowing.
There’s no better satisfaction than watching the people around you, who have worked day and night to get something right, realising the dream.
It is not true that only those people come to Islamic State who have experienced no success in life. Among them are many people who have university degrees, people who were well-established. But they all see the inequities that we Muslims have long experienced and want to fight against them.
Do not be deceived by a man’s eloquence; rather whoever fulfils trusts and refrains from impugning people’s honour is a real man.
The Mapuche are our indigenous people from the south, the Patagonia. They are a vey wise and luminous ancient cavitation, which is completely opposite to where Nazism was headed. In the novel [Wakolda], the theme of racial purity and the Nazi obsession with it was much more developed.
No matter how much good you do, there will always be a few per cent of people who don’t support you.
People, the people we really love, where did they come from? What did we do to deserve them?
We have 11 million people said to be in our country illegally. Forty percent of them are said to have overstayed their visa. Do we know where they are?
It is beautiful that there are three hundred religions in the world; more are needed. … Each person should have his own religion – there should be as many religions as there are people!
[Vladimir] Putin wants to keep [Bashar] Assad in power and expand his own military base in Syria, whatever the cost. I even believe he has an interest in more and more people fleeing the country. The flow of refugees improves his negotiating position toward the West, including the German chancellor.
We all have these notions of cool that come about at different points in our lives, and it’s interesting in how it evolves or doesn’t evolve in different people.
People never cease to amaze us.
I’m passionate, I’m driven at my job and I also am compassionate with people. We all think we can save somebody that we love.
You go to a show and you know the crowd is there because they like the music, not because everybody else was going. That’s a good feeling. You look out there and you know, these are our people.
A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.
Most people like me are having a tough time. But it’s fine. I don’t really think about it as a career. I don’t need to have a million bucks, but it keeps me in music and without a day job, so it’s working out fine.
The human race cannot go forward without liberty. If this be correct, then all people everywhere should strive for liberty. If they achieve liberty, they will get a chance to pursue happiness and perhaps will be able to develop toward the ultimate goal of creation.
When I was young I trained a lot. I trained my mind, I trained my eyes, trained my thinking, how to help people. And it trained me how to deal with pressure.
People exaggerate their own skills. they are optimistic about their prospects and overconfident about their guesses, including which managers to pick.
If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t keep people with no shame down.
By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity.
In fact, the whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people…. The Japanese people are … simply a mode of style, an exquisite fancy of art.
I feel that our stories are cross culturally irrelevant, and I’m a member if a larger community of people who have no boundaries in terms of color or in terms of how I look at other people and their stories.
Through the confessional system the Catholic church spied upon the lives of its congregants. While Latin mass excluded most people who could not speak Latin from an understanding of the very system of thought that bound them.
I’ve gotten to watch a lot of football games. Growing up, watching sports, watching people compete, whether it’s my brothers or teammates. I grew up observing and taking it all in. It’s kind of my attitude.
Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false.
Everything is this distorted mishmash of pop culture that pulls from this era and that era and is just thrown at the wall. These people have no clue what anything really means. There are guys out there getting a million hits for a video.
To maintain an army at a distance causes the people to be impoverished.
I’ve been so lucky to work with such great people: people that are such hard workers and have such a respect and appreciation for one another.
Under capitalism the common man enjoys amenities which in ages gone by were unknown and therefore inaccessible even to the richest people.
Tough times make tough people.
Benny Binion
I just like the child’s nightmares and therapy, once an experience has found the light of day I’m no longer under its spell, I’m free to tell it. I hope in telling honestly I can in some way help other people to do so also.
The trouble with treating people as equals is that the first thing you know they may be doing the same thing to you.
In every age ‘the good old days‘ were a myth. No one ever thought they were good at the time. For every age has consisted of crises that seemed intolerable to the people who lived through them.
Everyone who went to college and especially people working in media seem to know at least one person from Shaker Heights. There’s just something about that place that made people go to the coast.
I don’t know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.
And remember, this was a president (George W. Bush) who was selected by the Supreme Court rather than the people.
Why can’t Pluto be a planet? Some people like Pluto. And if it doesn’t exist then they don’t have a favorite planet. Right? Please write back but not in cursive because I can’t read cursive.
People take the feeling of full for granted.
You can put the greatest seafood restaurant next to an average steak house in an urban area, and that steak house will do more business than the seafood place. If you go to the water, you can put an average seafood place next to the greatest steak house, and people are going to eat seafood.
Tilman J Fertitta
Nature doesn’t need people – people need nature; nature would survive the extinction of the human being and go on just fine, but human culture, human beings, cannot survive without nature.
Life is full of all sorts of people. You just need to know which hands to shake, which hands to hold and which hands to let go.
One of the interesting things is, the most gifted people, the biggest people, have no problem taking small roles.
I predict that the time will come in this once free America when the battle for religious liberty will have to be fought over again, and will probably be lost, because the people are already ignorant of its true basis and conditions.
I’m good with telling people what I think, too, but I don’t know why people are so content to treat each other poorly.
Many of the wonderful achievements of the 20th century were the result of the pursuit of profits. Unfortunately, demagoguery has led to profits becoming a dirty word. Nonprofit is seen as more righteous, particularly when people pompously stand before us and declare, ‘We’re a nonprofit organization.’
It is perilously possible to make our conceptions of God like molten lead poured into a specially designed mould, and when it is cold and hard we fling it at the heads of the religious people who don’t agree with us.
I don’t even like clowns. Clowns are not normal people.
You know ladies and gentlemen, a long time ago , there were lots of people, but that was a long time ago
There are good people, who are in politics – in both parties – who hold this at arm‘s length, because if they acknowledge it and recognize it, then the moral imperative to make big changes is inescapable.
I farm taro. I have eight varieties of taro, which is a staple of the Hawaiian people from about 2,000 years ago, and sweet potatoes, and it’s a sustainable living, agriculture, off the grid.
Jason Scott
I like making sure that I’ve got a decent haircut, my beard‘s a decent length. I trim it once a week and that’s all I need to do. Also, shoes polished. Just put yourself together properly. It’s about self-respect, but it’s also about having a bit of respect for the people you’re interacting with on a daily basis.
Hamas thinks they can kill the will of people by intimidation. Most of those who are killed in the Gaza Strip for the suspicion of collaborating with Israel, have nothing to do with Israel.
As a scientist, I can not help feeling that all religions are on a tottering foundation. None is perfect or inspired.The idea that a good God would send people to a burning hell is utterly damnable to me. I don’t want to have anything to do with such a God.
Cunning is neither the consequence of sense, nor does it give sense. A proof that it is not sense, is that cunning people never imagine that others can see through them. It is the consequence of weakness.
We are these people,
wistful, ironical, wilful,
who have no part in
new-world reconstruction,
in the confederacy of labour.
A friend hipped me to hypoglycemia, which an article I read calls ‘a disease for a nation of sugar junkies.’ Who knows how many people in this country have it?
Being on TV in front of people is a lot different than sitting in a dark room with a microphone. When I had my radio show, I was on four hours a day for 20-something years. If you put a live microphone in front of Mother Teresa for that amount of time, she’d piss somebody off.
It’s an ugly thing to see ambition and to see people satisfying themselves.
I did a lot of reading. I read about democratic socialism. And I read about the efforts of people for such a long time trying to create a society in which all people can live with dignity. And that’s kind of what I believe.
When I was a small boy, if we had a problem, we would fight about it with our fists. We wouldn’t shoot somebody, killing them or wounding them. That’s not hard to do. I would like people to put down the guns. If you have a problem, talk about it or fight about it.
As I go across the country and privately visit women’s shelters and counselling centres, I am appalled that the most vulnerable people in our society are still women.
Comedy is a very personal thing, as you would know if you’ve ever told the same joke to two people and had one of them laugh their head off and the other one look at you as though you were a completely cretin.
You should really get some quotes about our show. Noah loves when people talk about him. Negatively or positively.
Steve Jobs just made a product. He started off where a lot of people were skeptical of what he was doing, and he basically just focused on the product and making it the best he could, and really focused on what it was that these products would take into your lives.
Most of the forward movements of life in general … have been the work of essentially religiously-minded people.
Most police officers are good cops and good people.
I feel like certain people think that certain styles of music will taint their jazz style.
I’m a truth seeker. That’s what I do every day on the show – put out the truth. Some people don’t like it, they call it sensational, but I say life is sensational.
Most people are sick. But only a few know that this is something they can be proud of. These are the psychoanalysts.
You’re not famous unless people’s mothers know who you are. Everybody else, you think you’re famous, but you’re just hot, and heat cools off.
Antidepressants can have troubling side effects and are addictive for some people.
New diseases like SARS and bird flu cause anxiety in the community. People get worried, some to the extent that it even affects their health. You feel very sad, and yet you must carry on and maintain your cool in very trying and difficult moments. You have to tough it out.
I love people who are complicated, and I love playing people who are complicated.
If in the sex scene you happen to be naked in front of a lot of other people you’ve just got to put that aside, in the same way that you have to put that aside in a fully-clothed intense dialogue scene because you’re entering into that particular imaginative state of play.
Never give up! People don’t understand how persistent you have to be. You come up against an obstacle and you have to find a way of moving forward. You take detours, navigate between the obstacles and make it happen. Unless you are very strong and convinced you can succeed, you will be swept away.
Blogging is great, and I read blogs all day long. However, my goal is really to have a deep, meaningful discussion with people. For some reason, I’m able to accomplish this best via email.
I’ve always wanted to play with this idea – and I didn’t want to leave it to the last season, but I wasn’t quite sure when it was going to happen – of putting Jax [sons of Anarchy] at the head of the table and the ripple effect on the guys and the loyalties of it and where people land.
There is a glaring FEE in FrEEbie that most of the people, more often than not, fail to see.
In the old days when people invented a new function they had something useful in mind. Now, they invent them deliberately just to invalidate our ancestorsreasoning, and that is all they are ever going to get out of them.
Border agents have now been issued air guns that shoot pepper balls at people coming across the Mexican border. Have they thought this through? Is that going to bother people from Mexico? Pepper balls? Don’t these people eat jalapenos? Isn’t that like firing meatballs at an Italian guy?
It didn’t have to be a newfound respect for the craft, I knew that it’s notoriously difficult and frightens a lot of people off. I don’t think anyone knows quite who to attribute it to, but the dying actor who says: “dying is easy, comedy is hard.” I hear it.
You pick people, and they pick you sometimes. It’s especially great to connect with people you think you have nothing in common with.
John Walker, while he was in Afghanistan, told people his goal was to have four wives. … Do we need any further proof that this guy is out of his mind? Four wives? That’s how al Qaeda gets you to become a suicide bomber.
God chooses people not for what He can do for them, but for the good they can do for others.
It’s often the way that people who take their work seriously laugh at stupid jokes; it’s as if they are under-humored and, as a consequence, suffer from premature laugh-ejaculation.
German people get very uptight if you mention World War II. Germans today feel that what’s past is past, new generations don’t really remember it.
If pimps and thieves everywhere were always punished, honest people would all believe themselves always to be innocent.
People want to be famous, they want to be loved, they want to be accepted. They want to push aside their past and the things that have been embarrassing to them.
To make people laugh was almost a sickness with me.
You have to fight because you can’t count on anyone else fighting for you. And you have to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves. To get anything of real value, you have to fight for it.
The First World War began because one man was shot. The Second World War began because of a mad German dictator. Who knows how a third could start. There are also people who think that the war has been going for a long time.
Ronald Lauder
Simply by our proximity to Jesus, we can bring hope and life to people and places trapped in discouragement and despair.
Nothing works until it does. Nobody knows anything. You don’t know what people are going to respond to. People are always surprised by stuff.
I still care about people but it would be so much easier not to care. I don’t want to get too close; I don’t like to touch things.
I could care less about ever having a No. 1 single. I would just like to be able to play and have people who grow old with you, and you stay with them through their life. We’ve got a few sentences, maybe, to say what life’s about. Hopefully, we’ll get a chapter later.
First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.
The purpose of politics is to give people tools to make the most of their lives.
Serious journalists often imagine society is adrift because people don’t know certain things. Yet often, they know but just don’t care. So the task of serious journalism isn’t just to lay out truths. It is to make vital truths compelling to a big audience.
When you’re younger, you go out and you’re convivial because you have to be. But once you don’t have to meet people anymore, what’s your motivation in going out?
We all love people who give credit to others for their success. Companies would probably do better with CEOs who didn’t blow their own horn and ask for ridiculous salaries and new yachts every year.
People often ask me what happened to my first husband? And I say, I killed him.
People love me everywhere I go.
I don’t think they’re more temperamental people now. With social media we hear a lot more about it. The nastiness you get online, there were always mean girls – always – they didn’t have such a big forum as they do now. Mean girls ought to get a life, I think.
I don’t like country music, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means ‘put down’.
Facebook has woven itself into the fabric of our lives and the foundation of the Internet. I think everything will be redefined because people are using their real identities on the Internet.
Democracy is buying a big house you can’t afford with money you don’t have to impress people you wish were dead. And, unlike communism, democracy does not mean having just one ineffective political party; it means having two ineffective political parties.
People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.
People who say they read more write better.
There is not a single crowned head in Europe whose talents or merit would entitle him to be elected a vestryman by the people of any parish in America.
Noticing when the stoplights are in sync, or calculating the length of your strides between floor tilesnormal people notice that kind of stuff, but a certain kind of person will do some calculations.
People are less self-conscious in the intimacy of family life and during the anxiety of a great sorrow. The dazzling varnish of anextreme politeness is then less in evidence, and the true qualities of the heart regain their proper proportions.
The leader needs to create an environment in which people can analyze the situation and develop a good response.
Reporters immediately push their interviewees into the most extreme version by saying in a shocked tone, ‘Well, are you saying that …” They’re trying to make people be as hostile and opposed to each other as possible because they think only conflict is news.
People can be in a prison of their own mind. [There are] people who don’t have their hearts open to other people’s ideas, and can’t listen to other people’s ideas without feeling like they’re being slapped in the face. Those people are more in a prison.
I don’t think grief of grief in a medical way at all. I think that I and many of my colleagues, are very concerned when grief becomes pathological, that there is no question that grief can trigger depression in vulnerable people and there is no question that depression can make grief worse.
[Freud’s] sense of reality is less clouded by wishful thinking than is the case with other people and [he combines] the qualities of critical judgment, earnestness and responsibility.
People often say that I have a child’s eye. For example, I stare at ants gathering around sugar, or when I seek shelter from the rain, I gaze upon snails. These are things which you often do when you are a child aren’t they? I have a very similar sensibility to that.
The biggest distraction in life to one’s focus is often near locus standing people saying all hocus-pocus.
I think the reason I went into theater, ultimately, was because that was one of multicultural groups. Because you identify with other people that share similar passions to you, so it didn’t matter how much melanin was in their skin.
It is in this space of mastery over paradigms that people throw off addictions, live in constant joy, bring down empires, get locked up or burned at the stake or crucified or shot, and have impacts that last for millennia.
I firmly believe that the inequity [in society] is enormous. The people have the feeling that you are allowed to do anything if you are rich. But if you’re poor, you have to pay. We [Europeans] have to counter this.
People knew that Murdoch’s media estate in the UK was too powerful and it was doing very unpleasant things.
I really need to work. People think that I’m no longer interested in acting and only interested in work-ing with the animals. Obviously I have given that impression, but it is not how I feel. I think I’m a good actor. I think I look OK. I don’t understand why I’m not working all the time.
You can never have ‘equality‘ between two things that are not equal by definition. And so, for example, you can have equality among ‘people’, but not between ‘men’ and ‘women’.
Mostly folk music is people with fruity voices trying to keep alive something old and dead. It’s all a bit boring, like ballet: a minority thing kept going by a minority group.
Dumb people are just blissfully unaware of how dumb they are.
Happiness is a critical factor for work, and work is a critical factor for happiness. In one of those life-isn’t-fair results, it turns out that the happy out-perform the less happy.
People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.
Let’s just chant and be good people, alright?
If you write enough musicals you pretty much have a sense of where they should go, what you’ll need, and when; how to pull people on that journey.
You cannot have good architecture merely by asking people’s advice on occasion. All good architecture is the expression of national life and character; and it is produced by a prevalent and eager national taste, or desire for beauty.
If your priorities don’t get scheduled into your planner, other people’s priorities will get put into your planner.
I’ve seen so many people in my life struggle tremendously to fit into those boxes or to live up to those expectations or pressures put upon them by whatever society’s concept of ‘normal’ is. I get frustrated by rules and regulations. I’m frustrated by things that are exclusive to one particular life choice.
I want our pie to grow all the people, but if some other guy’s pie is growing a little faster, that’s terrific.
There’s so many people dependent on our work for their living or their livelihood. You do something whether it works or whether it doesn’t. Once you’re committed and you do it, it becomes a part of your life. I wouldn’t be sorry about it. I’d learn from it.
When people leave my show, I want them to say, ‘I’ve never seen anything like that in my life … It’s amazing. He’s the greatest entertainer in the world.’
The intellectual tension that seems to work its way through this society almost like fat through meat is the tension between scientific reductionism and the deeply felt intuition of most people that there is a spiritual dimension, or a hidden dimension, or a transcendental dimension.
Your tattoos are supposed to be some connection to your personality. That’s a lot more important than going in and just picking one off a wall. I’ve never understood why people get butterflies tattooed on their bottoms or whatever. That’s really weird.
People are always asking me what the world will be like economically in the year 2000. I do know this: in the year 2000, no matter what else happens, there will still be good food in France.
I must add, though, that I don’t believe making disciples must equal making adherents to the Christian religion. It may be advisable in many (not all!) circumstances to help people become followers of Jesus and remain within their Buddhist, Hindu, or Jewish contexts.
People love drama, and if you aren’t really interested in perpetuating that, it keeps you from exploding on a mainstream stage. I’m totally fine with that.
I support the idea that artists have to make a stand. I’m with that – you’re putting the discussion on the table and you’re letting people know. You’re being brave as an artist and responsible to the community.
The Internet changes everything. People are online meeting boyfriends and girlfriends, you don’t have to be out drinking and drugging to find somebody nowadays.
Larry Tee
We always make the mistake, the fatal mistake in the case of military people, of imagining that each war will be a kind of version of the one that happened previously.
When stuff is coming to an end, people freak out and they act crazy.
The goal of formal education has always been to produce people who could continue to learn on their own.
Ronald Gross
The people who are good at being civil often lack strong convictions and people who have strong convictions often lack civility.
Home has always been wherever I am. I’m not very attached to walls – or people, for that matter – so I’ve always loved travelling around. A book in my back pocket, a diary, and a pen is all I need to call any place home.
I think one has to say it’s not just simply a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems
I remember people would talk about Country Music like it was this sexist, lame thing. Well, no, because Dolly Parton is writing songs and playing her guitar and producing. She’s doing it all and she’s got hits on the radio.
We don’t always help people by doing everything for them. That type of behavior can actually contribute to their problems because it helps then never take responsibility on their own.
People want black and white answers, but it’s not one thing or another. I think the only way we’re going to make good things is to inspire people and make them feel as though what they’re watching is real.
Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born
Sleep is over-rated. Have you ever noticed how it’s always recommended to people anybody with half a brain can see need to wake up?
When a leader in the Church inspires council members with vision, he helps them focus on their real mission so that they are ministering to people rather than merely administering programs.
I didn’t lose. I got second. That’s still winning. How could I be unhappy with second place? There are a million people who would love to be in my position.
I don’t play golf or all those things people normally do for business. I do parties. That’s where I bring people in, showcase ideas and, in the end, do deals.
And I like people. I like to know what you’re really up to. I’m a bit of a nosey busy body. Why do they do the things they do? Why are they prepared to do the things they do to get what they want? When? Where? Who?
I want all people to be Indians first, Indian last and nothing else but Indians.
I don’t read like other people do – back and forth, across the page. I tend to scan a page at a time.
Most people’s lives are nothing more than pointlessly frantic activity used as a psychological defense against their own impotence and fear.
I think some people are under the impression that you can simply just shoot it on blue, and then it’s all done in post. But no, you really need to understand the pipeline, from beginning to end.
People with high blood pressure, diabetes – those are conditions brought about by life style. If you change the life style, those conditions will leave.
Formerly, people thought that if matter disappeared from the universe, space and time would remain. Relativity declares that space and time would disappear with matter.
One of the great ironies of the social media era is that some of the least social people in the world created it.
Grab the good people around you. Don’t let them go.
People who have let go of themselves are so pure that the world cannot harm them.
I’m always on a red carpet . . . the other day I thought, this ain’t bad. You can meet people on it.
Reading Ngo Tu Lap’s poems, terrible nostalgia wells up in me- nostalgia for a lost time and a far-gone country, nostalgia for people I’ve loved, and for creatures of forests and rivers. I feel gratitude too. War is over. Peace arrives with these beautiful poems.
I’ve been invited to the White House about five times. I think the greatest thing would be if they actually invited everybody to the White House every night… they’d just take about 500 people a night. Everybody would just love this country because it’s so thrilling to go there. It really is.
The older I get, the more I realize I’m becoming people’s role models and that’s freaky to me. That’s not what you intend to do when you set out to be a musician, to be a little 14-year-old’s role model.
….there is no end to observations on the difference between the measures likely to be pursued by a minister backed by a standing army, and those of a court awed by the fear of an armed people.
People ask me all the time, ‘What keeps you up at night?’ And I say, ‘Spicy People ask me all the time, ‘What keeps you up at night?’ And I say, ‘Spicy Mexican food, weapons of mass destruction, and cyber attacks.’
The only way you’re going to save things in life is through love, and that’s what we’re trying to do …. make people fall in love with Florida.
Clyde Butcher
It’s wonderful that whenever Patsy Cline’s name is mentioned, people’s voices fall and they become right sentimental. And, rightly so.
Everybody’s vaguely miserable sometimes…and most people are vaguely miserable most of the time. The trick is to scrap your way from the most-of-the-time to the some-of-the-time category.
I like the sense of the road passing my eyes. It’s always a fascinating experience to come into a new city…the sense of the people changing, the food changing, everything changing, the art.
I’d studied 16th century science and magic. I thought it was strange that people were interested in the same kinds of things my research was about. The more I thought about it, the more intriguing it became and pretty soon I was writing a novel about a reluctant witch and a 1500-year-old vampire.
All Buddhas and ordinary people are just one mind. This mind is beyond all measurements, names, oppositions: this very being is it; as soon as you stir your mind you turn away from it.
The interesting artists I know are the ones doing political work. The most interesting people I know are the people who care about politics.
A story is the relationship that you develop between who you are, or who you potentially are, and the infinite world.
In the interweave of mind and body, dance is a mode that allows people to work through difficulties, anticipate the future, recollect the past, and confront the present.
I love people. I was born loving people.
Betsy Palmer
If you want to change people’s obedience then you must change their imagination.
High School made me realize that the people who say they will never change, are always the ones who change the most.
I think the Beatles are a lot of people’s favorite band.
The most successful people do not make up the rules as they go. They have a set of rules that they follow and they stick to them.
I think when I finally got it in my head that I was going to do the story, I wanted to avoid doing what I thought people wanted me to do.
I feel all those human beings to be pernicious who can no longer oppose what they love: they thereby ruin the best things and people.
We as a people, as a state, and as a community, have too much promise, too much potential, and too much at stake to go any other way than forward. We are too strong in our hearts, too innovative in our minds, and too firm in our beliefs to retreat from our goals.
People always want to protect what’s really going on inside. They want to kind of make visible something that looks more pleasant than what may be happening inside of themselves.
Apologies do make a difference. Believe it or not, research shows people often prefer them over money.
I think I prioritize other people’s opinions of me very highly, which is not necessarily a good thing – it’s a thing that causes a lot of anxiety.
Not everyone reads comics, although most people know the major superheroes, but the majority of people play video games.
I like playing interesting people, I like playing slightly twisted people. I like playing people who have large appetites who are kind of a bit larger than life.
The same mentality that leads to environmental despoliation, environmental destruction, also leads to damage to people.
[…] evidence is now coming out showing that Egypt was colonized by Western people over 15,000 years ago.
Propose a new concept, most people especially acquaintances will outrightly reject it on knowing that it’s from an ordinary person; but when the same becomes the popular subject, none will ever reflect to accept that they once used to object to the very same idea’s beneficial effect.
A compilation of what outstanding people said or wrote at the age of 20 would make a collection of asinine pronouncements.
Poverty makes people sub-human Excess of wealth makes people inhuman
There are tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of people living in poverty and danger who might readily seek to enter a Western country if the opportunity is there.
Escape into the dream. Escape, a key thing charged against these drugs, that they are for escapists. I think the people who make this charge hardly dare dream to what degree they are escapist.
The one mistake which is committed habitually by people who have the gift of half-genius, is waiting for inspiration.
Rule 1: All rules can be broken. Many (ex-legal and ethical) should be. Most people won’t.
Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.
Ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things, and that’s what it’s all about. They must count.
People who don’t know me sometimes call me ‘Mademoiselle.’
Someone once said that many bad policies are just good policies that have been carried too far. For example, we have taken tolerance to such an extreme that we tolerate the immigration into our country of millions of intolerant people who hate millions of Americans who are already here.
The last thing Jews need is to create tension with their best friends. And the last thing Christians need is a renewal of Christian hatred toward Jesus’ people.
I’m 47, I have gray hair, and yet people still come up to me on the street who are in their twenties, who weren’t even born when ‘Singles‘ was made… well, they were pretty tiny, anyway… and they say, ‘Oh, I love that movie.’ And I always say, ‘How OLD are you?’
I think my way of being “funny” is just saying things that people think but have learned not to say, whereas, I haven’t learned not to say them.
I was elected by the Australian people to bring back a fair go for all Australians. I have given my absolute best to do that.
A lot of the kinship that people notice is not coincidental. I was very impressionable and trying to find my role models when I was twelve or thirteen.
There’s some people who say big philanthropy is not such a good idea, meaning that somehow you have enormous power and you’re not elected and that that may not be such a good idea to have people with enormous wealth to have so much influence.
So much has to do with going beyond treating black people as cosmetic and symbolic items, as opposed to genuine personalities and human beings. And that is a deep moral and spiritual issue, which can of course be backed up by Civil Rights Commissions which enforce the laws against any form of discrimination.
Children copy their parents, friends, and teachers. They will develop the habits of the people around them. So if you want your child to be honest, peaceful and happy you should be that way first.
People are just greedy animals, after all.
Comments are proof most people don’t read the articles.
The success of the dinner depends as much upon the company as the cook. Discordant elements – people invited alphabetically, or to pay off debts – are fatal.
Ward McAllister
People used to live lives of quiet desperation – now they go on talk shows!
I don’t actually like people. I’m a loner and if I had my way I’d just walk my dogs every day, never talk to anyone and then die.
Papa Hegel he say that all we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history. I knew people who can’t even learn from what happened this morning. Hegel must have been taking the long view.
If we [Microsoft Corporation] weren’t still hiring great people and pushing ahead at full speed, it would be easy to fall behind and become a mediocre company. Fear should guide you, but it should be latent. I have some latent fear. I consider failure on a regular basis.
I don’t like show business. I don’t like the business. I love acting. I love this. I love talking to people.
I want to be able to make people laugh and cry and feel happy or sad and feel all these different emotions through singing and acting. Hopefully throughout my career, I’ll get to pursue them.
In an average moral universal society, good people will try to do the right thing, and psychotic people will do wicked things. But if you want to make good people do wicked things, you need them to be religious.
The Mongol conquests are difficult to fathom. Although their most important technology was the horse, they conquered much of the known world from China to Europe, a series of wars that killed tens of millions of people, then a substantial chunk of the world’s population.
It’s nice to work with people who know and trust you.
The truth is the best brands, like the most interesting people, have a keen sense of self.
Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. Also learn from holy books and wise people. Everything – even mountains, rivers, plants and trees – should be your teacher.
Hillary Clinton does very well in Pennsylvania generally. I think she connects with the working white people and all kinds of people that normally would have a problem with the modern Democratic Party.
People have tried to put me in a box my whole life. I’m too tall. I’m too pretty. Too Miss USA. Wonder Woman. Prettiest woman in the world. And all of that. It doesn’t matter because I’ve gone my own way and have tried to approach my career from a gut level, doing what I thought was right.
Throwing people out of a game is like learning to ride a bicycle–once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.
Entrepreneurs are visionaries – they see things other people don’t see.
When the bad stuff was really intense in my life, it was really what you would call writer’s block. Your facility is just not as good because you feel so bad. I’ve heard of people right on the verge of suicide coming up with some of their best work. I wish I could think of an example, other than Van Gogh, perhaps!
It’s not like you do ‘SNL‘ and then get handed movie roles. You work, you audition for stuff and try to get it. I think, a lot of people, it’s the goal to be in movies or just to be working in general. But yeah, some of us get lucky and get some movie roles, and it’s nice.
It’s nonsense that people join the army to serve the country, like the politicians do it only for the sake of the country.
People tell me I have the best job in the world, which is true, but I also work with some of the best people in the world.
Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it.
People say you’re flirting with death but really you’re flirting with life.
Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
I think people need something to believe in, because they don’t want to have control over their own lives. They’d rather be able to blame it on an unknown being, or a greater god, or a greater spirit of sorts. And I think it’s easier for them to blame it on that.
To see one’s name in print! Some people commit a crime for no other reason.
Well first of all, I’m a singer. I sing since I talk. So the great ballad singers, the people that sang with so much feeling, jazz, blues, all those singers, they were songs that I listened to, records that my mom played for me, and then later I bought.
Actually, most people don’t think I have too much sense because I would rather be fairly intelligent and act dumb instead of not having any sense at all and try to act smart.
Whatever the scientists may come up with, writers and artists will continue to portray altered mental states, simply because few aspects of our nature fascinate people so much. The so-called mad person will always represent a possible future for every member of the audience – who knows when such a malady may strike?
When I’ve had a meltdown, people will say to me, “Well, you failed to keep your sense of humor.”
Every year in my life, I trust fewer and fewer people.
Management is the art of getting things done through people.
The first rule in keeping secrets is nothing on paper: paper can be lost or stolen or simply inherited by the wrong people; if you really want to keep something secret, don’t write it down.
The best results come when people believe in and feel strongly about the music they are playing. Just as composers write for certain types of performers, performers are also looking for certain things.
I suppose home is, for me, more of a state of mind. It’s really more of about being where I want to be with people I care about.
It’s important to try to get people to think about women’s wellness.
The American people overwhelmingly want our troops out of Iraq. They want the federal government to take real and immediate action to combat global warming and to significantly expand support for stem cell research. Democrats almost unanimously support the people’s wishes onthese crucial issues. Republicans don’t.
We would like to get to a point in our society where people really are colorblind and this message would not have to be told anymore. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.
People have sort of a problem trying to see an end to a situation as being positive or romantic.
The worst thing that ever happened to writing is that it became a business, The purpose of business is to make money, and to achieve that end it is necessary to please as many people as possible, to amuse them, to entertain them – in short, to do everything that will help increase the volume of sales.
[Libertarianism] is about curbing state power to let people be and do what they want. Liberalism is about using state power to make people do and be what liberals want. And that makes all the difference in the world.
I think a lot of people were like, “Oh, you’re 13, you’re gonna rebel.” But I was never in public school and I was never really forced to do much of anything, as a kid.
Empathy for the people you’re working with and being aware of their needs…that’s the “big kahuna” in managing people.
People find pressure in different ways. I find it in keeping my mind clear. In not turning away from people or the things that happen to them. In accepting and welcoming everything I see. In treating each thing as it deserves.
The problem is not that public schools do not work well, but rather that they do. The first goal and primary function of schools is not to educate good people, but good citizens. It is the function which we normally label state indoctrination.
How do we remember people when they don’t make reservations?