Proportional Representation Quotes

Proportional Representation Quotes by John Anderson, Cass Sunstein, Hugh Dalton, Helen Suzman, David Lloyd George, Mark Steyn and many others.

Many Americans do not realize that we could institute proportional representation for most elections in the U.S. without amending the Constitution. In helping to educate the public about the potential for voting system reform, CVD can play a central role in a pro-democracy movement right here in America!
There is no proportional representation requirement in the Equal Protection Clause
I myself share with the Conservative Party a profound dislike for such fandangles as proportional representation.
I used to be a fan of proportional representation, but I am not at all now I have seen it in action.
[Proportional representation is a] device for defeating democracy, the principle of which was that the majority should rule, and for bringing faddists of all kinds into Parliament, and establishing groups and disintegrating parties.
Mr Hughes‘s current claim of “bisexuality” has the whiff of artful centrist positioning about it: bi- is the proportional representation of sexuality in a world where most of usstraight or gayoperate a first-past-the-post system.