Ramifications Quotes

Ramifications Quotes by George Clinton, Jane Lindskold, Zach Condon, Christy Turlington, Joe Kennedy III, Angus King and many others.

Funk is fun. And it’s also a state of mind, … But it’s all the ramifications of that state of mind. Once you‘ve done the best you can, funk it!
The sad thing is that, for many writers of fantasy fiction, the inclusion of magic seems to mean that logical ramifications and real-world laws both go out the window.
I think it’s become much harder because I’m more afraid of every step I take. I’m more aware of its ramifications, I’m more aware of the less creative aspects of musiclike the business-side of things for example.
It is better to not even try it than to endure the ramifications of either quitting smoking or dying.
You can see what happens when people don’t feel they have a chance. You can see the ramifications of that.
I would say it would be worth it if, in fact, it would – if you could demonstrate that that would be the case and that the results and ramifications around the world wouldn’t lead to more problems and more people dying. It’s a very complex issue, and that’s why I think we need to decide it.
It’s fair to say that Wikipedia has spent far more time considering the philosophical ramifications of categorization than Aristotle and Kant ever did.
Being unemployed has so many real and palpable ramifications but there are also psychological side effects which you can only understand if youve truly lived through it.
Maybe this isn’t a common thought that goes through one’s mind when considering children, but I think about the ramifications of climate change and how the extreme weather conditions will only get worse as we keep drilling for oil and fracking for natural gas. Do I want to bring a little human into that mix?
I have to think about the possible ramifications of an early retirement.
Obsession with the market seem to prevent ministers looking at the huge problem and all its ramifications in health, education and employment that come from the housing insecurity that too many face.
There’s less of a connection for a lot of people between the technical decisions we make and the ethical ramifications we are responsible for.
Something that came as a shock to me is that we do not have a constitutional right to vote. And that’s not just a fun little historical factoid. It actually has huge ramifications. It’s the reason our system is so decentralized – in other words, chaotic.
We are definitely living in the butterfly effect theory, where any change that is made in the past is going to have a very logical cause-and-effect ramification of the present.
What does bother me is that I have to spend time and energy dealing with the ramifications of what people do think about me.
When a decision is made to go to war based on intelligence, it is a fateful decision. It has ramifications and impacts way beyond the current months and years.
Wakanda is the Marvel world’s most technologically advanced nation, and offensives there can have ramifications everywhere, so that leaves open great possibilities for cameos.
The theory of ramification is one of pure colligation, for it takes no account of magnitude or position; geometrical lines are used, but these have no more real bearing on the matter than those employed in genealogical tables have in explaining the laws of procreation.
The only way President Obama and his cohorts could sell Obamacare was to conceal the law‘s true ramifications and convince those who were already content with their health insurance that they wouldn’t be affected.
Everything I do, I try to think, Okay, what are the ramifications? Like, with the clothes I wear, I prefer if it’s grown organically, because cotton – which is what’s used in most clothing – takes up 50 percent of all pesticide use.
When a decision is made to go to war based on intelligence, it is a fateful decision. It has ramifications and impacts way beyond the current months and years
I like films that deal with some of those questions that you can never answer. Why are we here? What’s it about? What happens to us with the choices that we make? What are the ramifications for doing something right, or doing something wrong? Those universal questions, I enjoy.
Why would twenty-six-year-old “teenagerscare about political ramifications if their backs are not up against the wall? But if their backs are against the wall they may be plucked to fight in Iraq, and all of sudden they become politicized real quick.
[Alex Hayley] wanted to show the negative aspects of the N.O.I.’s ideology, Yacub’s history, and all of the ramifications of racial separatism that he felt were negative, and that Malcolm, being as charismatic as he was, a very attractive figure, nevertheless, he embodied these kind of negative traits.
I’m just so against kids being on Twitter because they are not thinking about the ramifications of what they are saying or the emotion of how they say it.
For as long as our people are held hostage by controllable socio-economic forces, we cannot afford to be indifferent to the ravages of poverty in all its dimensions and ramifications.
The only thing that I know for sure is that the people who invest in the U.K., those investors, believe strongly that the ramifications of a hard Brexit are very bad, and they believe that a recession will take place in the U.K., and that would clearly be negative for banks of the U.K.
The political ramifications of our festering financial and economic crisis have reached the sidewalks of New York, as well as other large and small cities across the US.
Fundamentalist is a person who considers whether a fact is acceptable to their faith before they explore it. As opposed to a curious person who explores first and then considers whether or not they want to accept the ramifications.
A lot of my films have dealt with the dark side of technology and stress that you have to examine the ramifications of progress.
I think that social media has really empowered bullies because you get to do it from the comfort of your own home, completely anonymously, with no ramifications.
Going to war against Iran – whether one calls such a movesurgical‘ or ‘total‘ – would be an extremely serious undertaking; with worldwide economic, military, diplomatic and human ramifications in both the short- and the long-term.
Characters never live with me in film the way they do on stage, and they have certain ramifications that movies just never have.
I like films that deal with some of those questions that you can never answer: ‘Why are we here? What’s it about? What happens to us with the choices that we make? What are the ramifications for doing something right, or doing something wrong?’ Those universal questions, I enjoy.
The 2003 war in Iraq may be considered the greatest error in American policy since the Civil War. Its ramifications are earth-shattering and will impact us and our safety for generations. It may completely unravel the entire Middle East forever.
Without information, there can be no real understanding of the ramifications of our choices.
The idea of doing something that I’ve never done before, that presents a new challenge, that forces me to stretch in some way – that’s kind of a perfect project for me, and especially something that has greater social, conversational ramifications. I mean what more could you want?
Ramifications of small decisions can be pretty large.
What do I want in a good fantasy book? Court politics and social interactions based around houses and cities. Powerful women and devious men. Drama and action with emotional ramifications. Frocks. Kissing. Swords. An intense impression of history in the world-building.
The public health ramifications of our scandalous open borders are possibly even more dangerous and far-reaching than the economic and political consequences.
Workplace romances – or even the illusion of a workplace romance – can carry many ramifications and consequences.
Whether it’s threats to Medicare, cuts in education spending, or Internet privacy, the ramifications got young people out to vote and should be enough to keep them involved in our political system.
I often don’t think a lot about the ramifications of anything I do.
48 frames per second is something you have to get used to. I’ve got absolute belief and faith in 48 frames… it’s something that could have ramifications for the entire industry. ‘The Hobbit‘ really is the test of that.
Nighttime frequently increases alertness, and each mission should consider the ramifications of a night assault. Several of the most successful special operations were conducted in daytime and achieved a high degree of surprise.
I feel it’s important to show that one thing that you do doesn’t define you as a human being. It doesn’t mean there aren’t ramifications or you shouldn’t pay for that but its not who you are.
As a former federal judge, I am cognizant of the legal issues. As governor, I am forced to deal with their ramifications.
And when they do spin out of control there are important ramifications that affect America, not just its direct national interest but its broader interests as a nation which has thought of itself as a beacon to other nations, of freedom, liberty, democracy, whatever.
If you have intercourse you run the risk of dying and the ramifications of death are final.
The 20s are like the stem cell of human development: the pluripotent moment when any of several outcomes is possible. Decisions and actions during this time have lasting ramifications.