Score Quotes

Score Quotes by Dan Gable, Zinedine Zidane, Stephen Sondheim, Todd Young, Roberto Mancini, Phil Hellmuth and many others.

A clean, hard-fought wrestling match is the most honest of athletic contests. There is no technological interventions, no teammates to blame, no panel of judges to bias the score. In wrestling, you compete or you quit. No alibis. I like that
Sometimes I don’t know what takes me over during a game. Sometimes I just feel I have moved to a different place and I can make the pass, score the goal or go past my marker at will.
I really don’t want to write a score until the whole show is cast and staged.
We can score political points. We can try to advance some important initiatives. But at some point, it takes sober-minded, responsible conservative leaders to identify when you’ve pushed as far as you can and to have the courage to go back and face the electorate and explain to them why you voted the way you did.
Even the best teams, there are times during the year when you cannot win, and you don’t know why. Maybe you are unlucky; you make chances, and you cannot score.
When strangers walk up to me and want to play golf for money, I worry. I wonder why they’re coming to me, and I begin asking questions: When did you start playing? What’s your best score? Are you playing your best golf right now? Where do you play? Usually I can tell if they’re lying.
I’m a firm believer that if the other side scores first, you have to score twice to win.
I would be a dream to score against Madrid, that would be an unforgettable goal.
As a complete score, I love ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ – but we cast it badly. We put Ron Moody into the part – a great Fagin, not a great Sherlock Holmes.
If you’re in poverty and all you have is a debit card or a prepaid card or you pay in cash, it does not report to a credit bureau. If it doesn’t report to a credit bureau, it cannot create a credit score for yourself.
The score, which comes often quite later in a film, can help reinvigorate your emotional engagement with it.
Nothing can grab you by the throat – or heart or soul – like an orchestra. It’s undeniably the most engaging and exciting way to bring a score to life.
I felt that one had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or rat in a trap. I had already determined to sell my life as dearly as possible if attacked. I felt if I could take one lyncher with me, this would even up the score a little bit.
As every golfer knows, no one ever lost his mind over one shot. It is rather the gradual process of shot after shot watching your score go to tatters – knowing that you have found a different way to bogey each hole.
The chip comes from people saying I’m not good enough, or I can’t score, or I’m not a real basketball player.
One score makes happy ONE player, one assist makes happy TWO.
A fragrance is a veritable story, told and explained in scent, in notes, in impressions. It’s a score based on the emotions of each instant, a captivating music of the senses.
Ordinarily, the feds piggyback on the S.E.C. in complicated financial cases, but history proves that breath-holding on that score is a dangerous endeavor.
We used to have championships in the streets with my friends, and whoever scored a goal was the happiest boy in the world. Now, every time that I score, I go back to being a child: the happiness of scoring a goal is unexplainable.
Who cares who gets the last shot or scores the most points? Who cares who gets the credit? If we win, we’re all winners.
If you go to ice and you think, ‘I must score’ or ‘I must get some points,’ you won’t score or get any points. You must go and play and don’t think about it.
I do what the forwards do and score goals.
I am obviously a striker who likes to score a lot of goals and have done that in every team I have been with.
I just want to be good, help my team-mates win the games, and score a lot of goals.
Not only was one cartoonist gunned down, but riots erupted around the world, resulting in the deaths of scores. No one could say toward what positive social end, yet free-speech absolutists were unchastened.
I think if I am to win an Olympic medal I’ll have to score like I did today.
Work out what is truly important to you. Research shows people with consistently high happiness scores prioritise their life according to the things they value. They’ve worked out what is most important to them and don’t allow themselves to get sidetracked.
The most common reason that I turn down a film project is because of my schedule. If I can’t devote the time to a score that it deserves, I’ll pass. I’ll also turn down a film if its moral position is different than what my own understanding of right and wrong.
A lot of composers I know hate temp scores because people get attached to them.
You only get a second to score a goal in football. In Wolvescase it was 20 seconds
Alex McLeish
So you need hardly spell me how every word will be bound over to carry three score and ten toptypsical readings throughout the book of Doublends Jined.
I was born to score goals, I feel.
Sometimes I watch past goals, but I don’t watch them because I think that it’ll help me to score in the next game.
Romario had the best first touch and the best pass to score a goal.
I know how to choke. Given even a splinter-thin opportunity to let my side down and destroy my own score, I will seize it. Not only does ice water not run through my veins, but what runs there has a boiling point lower than body temperature.
Scoring goals comes and goes with time, but the most important thing is that we continue creating chances. The entire team must work, and we then have to score goals.
How can you create a team and bring all these egos together? The main goal for Manchester United is for them to play well – and not have a player saying, ‘I play well; I scored two goals’. Because if I score two goals, but three goals go into our net, then we lose.
When we score a sublime goal I’m as happy as anyone but you don’t get to enjoy a game. You can’t possibly. The game’s too important to enjoy.
Brains and character rule the world. The most distinguished Frenchman of the last century said: Men succeed less by their talents than their character. There were scores of men a hundred years ago who had more intellect than Washington. He outlives and overrides them all by the influence of his character.
For anyone who conceives literature in terms of plurality of perspectives, Finnegans Wake has to be the apogee. For, as we are told, every word in it has three score and ten “toptypsical” meanings – an exaggeration, of course, but an important reminder to readers who like their fiction definite.
And with just 4 minutes gone, the score is already 0-0.
Ian Darke
Yes, many times an assist is more difficult than a goal; you need to find the right space and measure the force used in order to provide your teammate with the right position in order to score.
Honestly, I’m more into the computer, the Internet, and checking out scores or the news.
When you score in the first minutes, everything changes.
The difference with football is you’re out on the pitch, you feel as though you can do something about it, or score a goal. But when that horse goes down to post as an owner you have no involvement whatsoever. It’s a lonely old place in the stand. It’s just down to man and beast.
I’m always disappointed when I don’t score.
Experimental music scores are enigmatic, opaque, demanding, irritating, humorous, childlike; the best, like Cardew’s Treatise, are also inspiring, giving rise, on occasion, to a music of vitality, intelligence and elegance.
John Tilbury
A good film demands its own score, and if you are a musician, your conscience will never allow you to do something mediocre for a good film.
I almost never these days sit down with a CD or my laptop and just listen to a piece with a score. I probably would do that while I’m exercising.
I write plays and movies, I live and work at the borderline between word and image just as any cartoonist or illustrator does. I’m not a pure writer. I use words as the score for kinetic imagistic representations.
When doing a revival, you have a lot of people asking you questions about someone who played it before, and to me that’s neither here nor there – it has no bearing on the material that I have to use. The material that is written down in a score and script that the writers originally used is what I use.
I’m not saying that there weren’t other inherent problems with the score that couldn’t have been overcome with a bit of remixing, but why did they ask me to do it, and why did Griffin ask me to do it this way, for a film that had nothing to do with American vernacular?
I like Balotelli: he’s even crazier than me. He can score a winner, then set fire to the hotel.
I have this mindset and mentality every time I touch the score, and I really truly believe that. It’s something I try to do a little too much.
When I see kids who naturally get A’s and who naturally score high on tests and the teachers naturally like them because they require the least amount of management – when they come out into the real world, I find they’re very poor at getting through obstacles. And life is about solving obstacles.
I don’t just try to score. The challenge is elevating my teammates to be able to win a championship.
We must believe we can score in every moment – at the beginning, the middle, and the end of the game.
That’s what I like about sports. No matter if everyone playing the game speaks completely different languages, on the field, or the court, wherever they are playing, the language of moves and passes and scores is all the same. Universal.
It happens with every batsman; sometimes, despite feeling good in the nets, you don’t score runs in the match.
Yes, it is always good to contribute, but the most important thing is where we finish on the points table. That is more important to me than how many runs I score.
In order for a player to score goals, he needs minutes.
If you do an outside spin with the ball, it’s more difficult to control it, so I try to pass it in a way that allows them to take the ball quicker in their path. That way, they may have more of an advantage to score or create themselves.
The (photographic) negative is the equivalent of the composers score and the print is the equivalent of the conductors performance.
The whole concept of higher education is negated unless the sole criterion used to determine if students qualify is the grades they score on standardized tests. Education is purely an issue of learning – we can no longer afford to have it polluted by damn politics. Leave pollution up to the politicians
On the third day after someone dies, the soul comes back to settle scores. In my mother‘s case, this would be the first day of the lunar new year. And because it is the new year, all debts must be paid, or disaster and misfortune will follow.
I will say this, – though: If it is true that fusion will put unlimited amounts of energy into our hands, then I’m worried. Our record on this score is extremely poor.
If you can’t read the scoreboard. You don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.
In my business – SAT tutoring – you get used to sighs. A client‘s mother frets over the sheer amount of work her daughter has to do to get her score up, until she reaches the resigned moment when she will sigh and observe that no one thought you could prepare for the SAT back when she took it – it was ‘untutorable.’
I don’t just act, and that’s really important to me. I don’t want to just be an actor forever. I want to score movies. I could be an actor first, but I don’t only want to be an actor.
I’m satisfied with the way I play, but I don’t evaluate my performances. I worry about what I can contribute defensively. I don’t need to score. As long as we win, I don’t care how many points I score.
I am a winger, but in future, I want to play more in the middle. When you are there, you have a lot more chances to score.
If I score against Liverpool I will not celebrate.
The chamber music repertoire is so vast that if one is genuinely curious about music, the art of listening, understanding and responding to a score, the elementary skills and requirements of chamber works are easily applicable to that of any solo playing.
Wu Han
Golf courses are beautiful, it’s good for the soul and it gets out the anger… well, if you don’t care about the score then you won’t have a heart attack.
Being generous without keeping score strengthens your spirit, keeps you focused on the people who make your business what it is, and helps breed success.
Brandon Steiner
When I score I don’t celebrate, its my job, does a postman celebrate when he delivers post?
Every time you wanted to do something, you’d hope it would score. You’d keep trying and trying, and all of the sudden, something would come right out of left field, like ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.’ No one had any idea about that one.
In a musically imperfect world, there is still perfection in the voice of Barbara Cook. For anyone eulogizing the historic scores of a long-lost era of Broadway greatness, not to worry. Somebody is still singing them with purity and passion. She is Barbara Cook, and she sings them for the angels to applaud.
I have always argued that newspapers should not have any civic purpose beyond telling readers what is happening… A reporter who doesn’t quickly tell readers what they most want to know – the score – won’t last long. Better he should teach political science.
Scoring goals is a great feeling, but the most important thing to me is that the team is successful – it doesn’t matter who scores the goals as long as we’re winning.
Was it a game of #UCL or was Messi in a Play Station game? Impossible! If he scores 6 goals, can he take home 2 balls?
I’m also very pleased that we were able to include a full orchestrated score for Dragon‘s Lair 3D. The 40 different music pieces blend with the action to make you feel more a part of the whole adventure.
We live in a highly competitive society, each of us trying to outdo the other in wealth, in popularity or social prestige, in dress, in scholastic grades or golf scores. One is often tempted to say that conflict, rather than cooperation, is the great governing principle of human life.
I’m proud to have earned a 100 percent score from Planned Parenthood and to have been previously endorsed by both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro Choice.
A wise player ought to accept his throws and score them, not bewail his luck.
My shot selection has to be good to score big runs.
Diplomacy without arms is like a concert without a score
I did not think twice when the offer from England came because it was always a professional goal of mine. I want to make history in Watford and score lots of goals.
I wanted Season 2 of Luke Cage to be Ice Cube‘s ‘Death Certificate,’ or Fugees’ ‘The Score,’ or Public Enemy‘s ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back,’ or my favorite, ‘The Low End Theory‘ by A Tribe Called Quest.
Always keep your composure. You can’t score from the penalty box; and to win, you have to score.
When working with classical musicians, it is important to be clear as possible in the score about what my intentions are. Because there isn’t a lot of rehearsal time, especially at the ballet, it’s best if everything is written in the score.
We can’t score goals, we can’t stop goals, we aren’t hitting, we can’t play on special teams… we all stink. We can try to improve but to do so we will need to make trades. And who would want our players that are underachieving?
Obviously, people say offense wins games, defenses win championships. But I think, at the end of the day, if you score more points than the other team, you’re going to win.
Scores of studies have shown that venting doesn’t soothe anger; it fuels it.
The President scores much better than Bill Clinton.
The score is still Q to 12!
I like to play test cricket. It is really challenging, because you need to really score runs, stay in the wicket and continue for five days.
No matter how many scores I’ve written, the next project will hopefully be completely different. As hard as it is, I’m always trying to stay fresh, not repeat myself, and come up with original musical ideas and ways of scoring.
Usually, when I see films that don’t have any score attached to them, I think they’re beautiful. I love just the naked sound of the voice. That’s already music.
Massachusetts children cannot only lead the nation in test scores, they can be competitive with the best in the world. And the gap in achievement among races can virtually disappear.
SAT tests are designed by huge panels of experts in education and psychology who work for years to design tests in which not one single question measures any bit of knowledge that anyone might actually need in the real world. We should applaud kids for getting lower scores.
I have learned a lot playing in domestic first-class cricket: how to score runs, how to counter situations.
When I was a kid, there was no DVD, no VHS. The only way to re-live a movie once it was out of the theater was to listen to its film score.
My parents ingrained in me early on that the perfect score is always something to strive for. I want to win and I want to succeed no matter what.
It’s always nice to score; it’s good for confidence.
It’s always good to score a goal, but for me, the most important thing is the three points.
I try to be a smart quarterback. I’m not the fastest or the best athlete, but if I can know what the defense is doing and stick to my job and what needs to be done I can make the plays needed to move the ball and score.
You don’t score 64 goals in 86 games at the highest level without being able to score goals.
If I can’t score, I do whatever I can to support my teammates.
G.P.A.’s are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless. We found that they don’t predict anything.
The rain of matter upon sense
Destroys me momently. The score:
There comes what will come.
In a tournament, even though there are team scores, it’s calculated and it’s a lot more individual. There is more honor to say you’re not just better than the opposing schools’ wrestler, you’re the best wrestler in your weight class. Plus there are lot more awards to win in a tournament.
Individuals score points, but teams win games.
Not only do I pray for it, on the score of human dignity, but I can clearly forsee that nothing but the rooting out of slavery can perpetuate the existence of our union, by consolidating it in a common bond of principle.
They send you off to college, try to gain a little knowledge, but all you want to do is learn how to score.
The difference between a score in the 90s and a century is often reflected as the difference between failure and success. It may be illogical, but in cricket, a century has its own magic.
Now is the time to show maximum responsibility. It is not the time to pay off old scores nor for sterile partisan recriminations. It is time to re-establish a climate of calmness and mutual respect.
If I’m on the pitch, and I score, and I’m not going to celebrate, I would rather tell the manager I’m not going to play because what is the point of scoring goals and not celebrating?
One learns more from a good scholar in a rage than from a score of lucid and laborious drudges.
The only important statistic is the final score.
That’s how it is with the English: if you score against them you’re a good player; if you don’t, you’re not.
Generally, you’re going into every game with excitement. You know you’re going to play forward and not going to defend. You’re going to try to create and score goals.
Moreover, if a song is a hit, film makers come to us with requests to score similar tracks. In the process, commercial songs sometimes sound repetitive.
When my father played in the local team, I always used to go with him to watch him. He played as a striker. He was very good; he used to score a lot of goals. Once, he scored seven goals in one game.
To me, score is really important. I would rather not have any score if it’s something that’s going to detract from the film. So often when I watch films, the score is what really bothers me.
Focusing on the score attaches you to the result. Focusing on the process lets you access your greatest skill and increases your fun.
John Douillard
My homies that are around me never give me that ‘star pass.’ I’ve hung out with some stars who are playing basketball and everyone let’s them score all the baskets. Shooting pool, they let them make all the shots. My homies don’t let me get away with that.
The woeful tales of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ and ‘Street Fighter‘ have taught studios that merely slapping a name to a movie is not enough to bring in the fans of the franchise. Also, the way games now unfold their stories more parallels that of a movie, with characters and plot points actually meaning as much as a high score.
We never give up until the ref’s final whistle, we never give up we try to score one more to win the game – that’s what we do.
I never thought in my dreams that I would score fifty in One-dayers: not fifty but match-winning knock because One-Day is a kind of format which doesn’t suit my batting, as I am not the kind of batsman who can hit big sixes.
My acting is a bit like basketball. Most females in my films come off very well. I give great assist. And if I’m lucky, I even score.
Money is just a way to keep score. The best people in any field are motivated by passion. That becomes more true the higher the skill level gets.
Congratulations to Sachin Tendulkar for becoming the first person ever to score 50 test hundreds, absolute superstar
Rohan Bopanna
If you score goals in Italy you can score goals all over the world, no problem.
I don’t look at records, that’s not why I’m playing the game. Goals, of course. Every player in my position wants to score goals. But most of all, trophies.В My target is always to win trophies for Barcelona, and that will always be my motivation, to win things. Nothing feels better than doing that as a team.
The text for me is the musical score. I’m the instrument. My voice is the instrument. My voice is articulating the sounds which are coming through the imaginings and visitations in my head, and I’m making these sounds but I’ve selected them from an ocean of sound.
They’re in the red zone. They’re in the last 20 yards, and you can’t let them cross that goal line. You can’t let them score a touchdown, because that would have unbelievable consequences, grievous consequences for the peace and security of us all, of the world really.
I had great inspiration from a Japanese composer named Toru Takemitsu. He wrote over 90 film scores and a lot of concert music, a lot of classical music, and he gave me a lot of inspiration, as well as composers from other countries.
Fortune has been considered the guardian divinity of fools; and, on this score, she has been accused of blindness; but it should rather be adduced as a proof of her sagacity, when she helps those who cannot help themselves.
But I it doesn’t matter who scores the goals so long as we win.
Not the first half you might have expected, even though the score might suggest that it was
Money and ownership alone aren’t enough. Set high goals, encourage competition, and then keep score.
I will dive on the floor for a loose ball. That’s how I’m trained. I can guard a guard if I want to. That’s just that price. I’m not gonna sit here and let you score on me. That’s in my blood.
Before you lay a foundation on the cricket field, there should be a solid foundation in your heart and you start building on that. After that as you start playing more and more matches, you learn how to score runs and how to take wickets.
We have to judge politicians by their cumulative score. In one innings they make a great catch, in another they drop the ball. In one they score a home run, in another they strike out. But it is their cumulative batting average that we are interested in.
There’s no telling what the score will be if this one goes in
I am intending to work hard, score goals, and get assists.
‘Geronimo’ was a huge amount of work. That involved 80-piece orchestras and Indians and Tuvans and all kinds of crazy people on that thing. That’s a real circus, that score.
We are going to look at the results at the end of the semester to determine the future of the program. I am really eager to see what the scores look like on the end of the semester report cards.
Let me tell you what’s fun in golf – low scores. The manufacturers have tricked people into believing that distance is everything. There is no place on the scorecard that says you need to hit it 350 yards.
I don’t like to talk about myself. I don’t want to talk about what I do, what I think I do. The position I play on the pitch, I am expected – and I expect – to create chances for my team-mates and score goals.
You must have the score in your head, not your head in the score.
Hans von Bulow
I’m a point guard, so I want to see everybody else score and be happy. I don’t necessarily need to score at all. I could be happy with zero points as long as it was a team game and everybody contributed.
I know what my purpose is. I know what I need to do out there on the floor. Sometimes you won’t score a bunch of points, but breathing confidence into the people around you is the biggest key, the biggest role.
Football, for me, is the most ever-changing sport in the world, because you can go seven games in a row, scoring in all of them; then, you don’t score for two games, and already you’re doing badly. You’re in crisis.
Your credit score takes into account years of information in most cases. It’s not going to improve in a day. But it may improve more quickly than you think. Generally, the last 24 months carry the most weight, so if you can keep clean for that long, you’ll see a boost.
If there’s 10,000 people looking at the stocks and trying to pick winners, one in 10,000 is going to score, by chance alone, a great coup, and that’s all that’s going on. It’s a game, it’s a chance operation, and people think they are doing something purposeful… but they’re really not.
No matter what’s going on, on the leaderboard, you have to know that par is a very, very good score and just keep playing.
Cristiano has unique qualities, brings danger in one-on-one situations, and has the ability to score and find something different.
Don’t touch me. It makes my skin crawl. (Grace) Grace! I can’t believe you– (Selena) At least she didn’t spit in my face with her dying breath. (Julian) They shoot, they score. A direct hit straight through the heart and into the raw nerves. (Selena)
You always want to score as many goals as possible, but the most important thing is if the team does well.
It’s the vision of the composer that we have to determine, and not the absolute mathematical adherence of the score. In my experience, there have been occasions where I feel that a composer has not notated something as they meant to have it represented.
I learned how much determination I have and that no matter what the score is, anyone can come back.
Education is the knowledge of how to use the whole of oneself. Many men use but one or two faculties out of the score with which they are endowed. A man is educated who knows how to make a tool of every faculty, how to open it, how to keep it sharp, and how to apply it to all practical purposes.
I think there’s a lot of different ways to score points and win football games and be efficient offensively, just like there is on defense and special teams. That’s what makes this great game so special.
One element of wrestling that I know what I grew up with we put a lot of emphasis towards was the takedown. But, you could win an Olympic championship and never score a takedown, and I don’t know if MMA fans are even aware of that.
As a striker, all you want to do is score.
Nowadays, as soon as a striker scores three goals, everyone starts asking him about it.
Just Fontaine
I do not play football, I score goals.
Dada Maravilha
When you score, it’s a great feeling, but to give a great pass means it’s something special for me. It’s very under-rated what we do.
Material possessions, winning scores, and great reputations are meaningless in the eyes of the Lord, because He knows what we really are and that is all that matters.
People are looking a lot at statistics and all these things, but in the end, I don’t really care. If we can win more games than last year where I score less, I will be really happy. And maybe if we can win a few titles, that’s the bonus.
Naturally I’ve known girlies form an attachment to the younger male before now, but in the tennis score of the bedroom most girls in my experience would rather Love Thirty or Love Forty than Love Fifteen. Men, of course, are a whole other issue; they start at Love All and stay there until they’re dragged from the court
Scores do not reveal the most important facts about a wine. The written commentary (tasting notes) that accompanies the ratings is a better source of information than any score regarding the wine’s style and personality, its quality level relative to its peers, and its relative value and aging potential.
In my living room I always used to tell my mum ‘one day I’ll score for Everton‘ and when that happened it was unbelievable for me.
Your credit score affects the interest rates you’re offered on credit cards and loans, can be used to vet your job application, and in some states may influence your insurance premiums.
All this cuddling and kissing on stage these days, well it’s all right in football when someone scores a goal, but not when you’re playing darts.
I may go so far as saying LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game. Because he is so potent offensively that not only can he score at will, but he keeps everybody involved.
Sam Snead was born with a natural ability to keep his bar bills as low as his golf scores.
I know roughly when I skate a good program where the score should end up.
To score three goals at City is not easy.
I remember being a little kid sitting in the living room with my brother and some friends from around the neighborhood, and I would sit at the piano and as they were running around the room doing different things and being silly, acting out, I would actually play the score for it – the music that went along with it.
Time doesn’t conceal anything, it tells the future what you did in the past, so prepare well in order to score extra marks.
Let not our proposal be disregarded on the score of our youth.
The history of man for the nine months preceding his birth would, probably, be far more interesting and contain events of greater moment than all the three score and ten years that follow it.
Then let amourous kisses dwell On our lips, begin and tell A Thousand and a Hundred score A Hundred and a Thousand more
I love to watch football.I actually really love to watch almost any competition with a score at the end.
As far as I am concerned I just want to play games, score as many goals as possible, wherever that may be.
We want the ball, and we’re going to score
After you score 300 runs in one innings, you begin to feel that every innings should be close to this one. Of course, I know that won’t happen. But I will be disappointed if I get going well and am unable to convert it into a huge score.
If I score a goal on the road, I come home, and that’s probably the first thing I’m doing, pullin’ up the laptop and watching. Can’t watch it in front of the teammates, or else I’ll get made fun of.
When you score, you don’t think about what you will do.
I am not as dangerous as I used to be. I am not as effective in the penalty area any more. That is something I have lost and something I have to get back. I used to score better goals, great goals. But something strange has happened.
As a midfielder at United, I had to pass the ball forward, and yes, it did not always work. It did not always mean putting a chance on a plate for the strikers. It was up to them to get on the ball and score goals. Was it easy? No, but we were playing for United. It was not supposed to be easy.
The score must govern the music. It must have authority, and not merely be an arbitrary jumping-off point for improvisation.
Cornelius Cardew
I’m just going to give my all every game, be a good box-to-box midfielder, hopefully score some goals, and I will always give it 100 per cent.
How many miles to Babylon? Three-score and ten. Can I get there by candle-light? Yes, there and back again. If your heels are nimble and light, You will get there by candle-light
A penalty is a cowardly way to score.
At the same time the players around me almost make it an automatism to score goals. We have so much quality and speed on the pitch – the genius of players like Mario Gotze or Marco Reus has to lead to goals.
I’m the kind of player who is never satisfied on the pitch. If I score twice, I’m already thinking about getting a third one.
I love to score goals, and I love to plan my celebrations.
There is a temptation for an actor to editorialize what they’re doing. And you can’t do that with Pinter. It’s almost like a musical score. His lines are so specific, but they can mean different things to different people, like an alternating current.
I am a product of affirmative action. I am the perfect affirmative action baby. I am Puerto Rican, born and raised in the south Bronx. My test scores were not comparable to my colleagues at Princeton and Yale. Not so far off so that I wasn’t able to succeed at those institutions.
I like to score a proper goal, you know – a passing move.
I just want to assist and score goals to help the team.
I would like to give my best and score as many goals as possible.
A poem is like a score for the human voice.
I think it is just something in my head that tells me to keep believing. Andy Spence, my manager at Everton, wrote me a little card before we came away and wrote at the bottom, ‘Just remember, it only takes a second to score a goal.’
You can’t think you’re God when you score an important goal or the worst player around when its going badly.
Life is not fair, but one day God’s going to settle the score. He’s going to right the wrongs. So, who can get better justice – you or God?
The average credit score of today’s FHA borrowers is higher than the average American household with a score. As it becomes more costly and difficult to get a FHA loan, loans from private mortgage lenders will become more attractive and their market share will grow.
When I approached my own movies, I went in it real innocent. I didn’t pay attention to nobody else’s score. I was just going to do it with how I feel it should sound. To me, that’s how you create new things.
I remember running around the park as a kid and pretending, shouting out ‘Michael Owen in the cup final. He scores!’ To actually fulfil that dream when you’re older and score two goals made it just a magical day.
If you don’t play well, people don’t watch the game, but if you have scored, your name flashes up; it doesn’t matter how you’ve played. So as a striker, that is what I’ve got to try to do – make sure I score – and if you’re doing that, you’re also helping the team.
As soon as I score, my mother texts me, so when I go in the dressing room, her text is there waiting for me to read!
Whenever I see that ball coming my way I am just hungry to get it. When I get the chance to take it I try to score as much as I can.
Erick Green
At the end of the season, the important thing is to be in first place. It doesn’t matter if you score 15 or 20.
It makes me very happy when I create goals or score goals myself, but the most important thing is that the team reaches its goal and plays positive football.
Researchers here in New York created a robot that actually passed a self-awareness test. So if you’re keeping score, that’s robots: 1, Donald Trump, 0.
I grew up a huge jock, a lot of basketball and football. We had a pond in my back yard growing up, and we played a lot of hockey, too. I loved to score goals.
Amazing.” Hi stripped off his shirt, wrung it out. “Score one for your honker.” “Thanks, I think.” I cocked my chin at Hi’s substantial midsection. “Nice abs.” “Yeah, I work out twice a month. No expectations. But stop hitting on me, it’s embarrassing.
Scientific research and other studies have demonstrated that arts education can enhance American students’ math and language skills and improve test scores which in turn increase chances of higher education and good jobs in the future.
Most often the music does end up in the movie, and sometimes there’s a point where I wish that it wasn’t, just because I think the score would be more effective if there was less of it. But, again, that’s not my call.
Little Steven – the songwriter, producer, and arranger – stayed alive doing the ‘Lilyhammer’ score. That pretty much took up three or four years of my life, and all of my musical energy went into that.
It always feels good to score goals against big teams.
People say he doesn’t score a lot of goals with his head, but does he really have to with the ability he has in his feet? He makes spectacular goals look easy. His technique is fantastic.
(on Thierry Henry)
She would allow him to comfort her. And perhaps, someday, she would listen patiently if a dark, dreary night found him well in his cups and he drunkenly confessed to still feeling scores of wounds that weren’t his own, but those of men under his command.
Disease may score a direct hit on only one member of a family, but shrapnel tears the flesh of the others.
Uber is hardly the first company to exploit the financial vulnerability of teachers – and the desperation of public schools more broadly – to score PR points. Amazon, Boeing, Bank of America, and other corporations have played the part of school benefactor, offering everything from reward programs to school supplies.
When I sleep to much I don’t score. That’s the reason I like to go out a lot.
I don’t ever sing classically when I am singing a contemporary score – I kind of try to fit in whatever needs to happen.
Spurts don’t count. The final score makes no mention of a splendid start if the finish proves that you were an also ran.
Herbert Kaufman
It’s good when you score goals because you are helping your team. For yourself as well, it’s good, but the most important thing is the strength of the team.
There’s very little synthesized sound in the ‘Arrival‘ score. There are a couple of synthesized beats in there, but 99 percent of the sounds in there are acoustic in origin and either played or sung by a musician or a singer and recorded in a room.
A lot of fans were drawn to me because they knew that whatever the score was, I was going to run as hard as I could on every play. You don’t have that now, you have guys waiting for next week or even next year.
Ronaldo? He is the most dangerous player at Real. It is hard to stop him, like Messi, because both score a lot of goals, and you never know what is going to be the next thing they will invent for scoring.
I’ve always wanted to shoot a good percentage for my team, because I’m the point guard, and I can take fewer shots, still score more, so that I can get my teammates feeling good about themselves. That was always my feeling – that if I shoot a high percentage, I don’t have to shoot a ton.
Why didn’t I stay at Liverpool after having achieved what I wanted to do: to play, score, and of course to relaunch my career? I cannot answer that. It is better to put the question to Gerard Houllier because I really wanted to stay.
In Spain, you get seven clear chances a game to receive the ball and shoot. In Italy, you get very few clear balls, and you have to fight everyone to score; that makes you improve and develop.
Maybe other managers would see their team score one goal and then prefer to go back and counter-attack, then try to score the second goal. A lot of those managers are the best managers at the moment, but for me, it’s very important to continue the way I play.
Forwards make the most visible moves as they score goals.
If you default on an unsecured debt, you won’t lose anything (except points on your credit score).
Not even the most powerful organs of the press, including Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times, can discover a new artist or certify his work and make it stick. They can only bring you the scores.
In many ways, my job in soccer was like my job in basketball now. I had to protect the goal. That was the name of the game, not letting the other team score.
Palindrome as well. My sister‘s name is Hannah. Father liked word games. He was fourteen times World Scrabble Champion. When he died, we buried him at Queenzieburn to make use of the triple word score.
I like Pique a lot. He has class. He knows how to defend and also how to score. He is perfect in a duo with Carles Puyol.
For Ashley Williams, he doesn’t score many, but what a leader.
I want to score 50 goals. It’s my dream.
Evgeni Malkin
I think I learned more about writing scores for Broadway by making mix tapes in the ’90s than I did in college. You’re learning about rise and fall and energy and tempo shifts. You’re showing off your taste and your references. You’re trying to be witty by – through placement of music you didn’t write.
But it is much later in the game now, and ignorance of the score is inexcusable. To be unaware that a technology comes equipped with a program for social change, to maintain that technology is neutral, to make the assumption that technology is always a friend to culture is, at this late hour, stupidity plain and simple.
The score will take care of itself when you take care of the effort that precedes the score.
So there’s much more to life than one’s intelligence score. To be a decent human being. To have some character.
Blacks in the Caribbean, Britain, Canada and sub-Saharan Africa as well as in the United States have low IQ scores relative to whites.
The script is the musical score, and everyone has to play off that score. Even I have to interpret it. The producers are there to eliminate obstacles to that interpretation.
When I need to exorcise a demon, I grab whatever score is going to house the song I need to sing out of my system, and I sing it.
In the early days you have a tendency to intellectualize, but you’re really just trying to sound smart and score with the chicks.
If you don’t play to win, why keep score?
Vern Law
For me, it’s about winning games. I’m trying to score more points than the other team. I don’t really care how we do it.
I think I was called ‘the pianist‘ because of the way I play. It’s true that I don’t score many goals, just a few, but they are beautiful when I do score! I think it’s more about my style of play, how I touch the ball, how I pass the ball, how I move it.
It doesn’t matter who scores the points, it’s who can get the ball to the scorer.
I never enter in the pitch under pressure to score goals, but I know my position requires me to score goals.
If you have a bad story on your hands, you have a bad story on your hands, and no amount of score re-working is gonna save that.
When I’m scoring something like a string quartet, it’s all notated music, so it’s meticulously written in the score, which is very different than doing things by ear.
It was important to score points today and I went for them with my guts.
Scores of Iraqi exiles met in London to discuss ways to overthrow Saddam Hussein in a grand gathering dubbed the ‘Iraqi Military Alliance Meeting.’ Of course, these people are no longer Iraqi, they have no military, and there is no alliance. But they did have a meeting.
After Michael Jordan had scored a play-off record 69 points – I’ll always remember this as the night Michael and I combined to score 70 points.
I thought my life would seem more interesting with a musical score and a laugh track.
Sometimes you want to run away, sometimes you think you do, but you never had a dream like this before and you don’t want to ask for more, sometimes you leave a mark before you know the score.
The opposite of Taking A Risk is of course Playing It Safe. You must admit though, Playing It Safe is a pretty dull way to live. On a score of one to ten as a Risk Taker where do you stand? Add a little spice to your life today and take a risk.
When ‘Newsies’ first came out, it just crash-landed with a thud; it won a Razzie for worst song of the year, and I felt such embarrassment. Fast-forward, and it’s a hit on Broadway, and I win a Tony for the score!
Learning operatic roles is ongoing, and I find that I can learn on the train or subway, during a manicure, getting my hair done, and even while driving if I only look at the score at red lights.
My homies that are around me never give me that ‘star pass’. I’ve hung out with some stars who are playing basketball and everyone let’s them score all the baskets. Shooting pool, they let them make all the shots. My homies don’t let me get away with that.
There is no set way of getting a role – you don’t give an exam, score well, and then nail a film.
there are scores of thousands of women who are denominated prostitutes, and who are supported by hundreds of thousands of men who should, for like reasons, also be denominated prostitutes, since what will change a woman into a prostitute must also necessarily change a man into the same.
It is easier to find a score of men wise enough to discover the truth than to find one intrepid enough, in the face of opposition, to stand up for it.
Some people say I run too much, and by the time I arrive in front of goal, when I have to provide the finish, I am tired. But this is just my way of playing. I need to do this to score goals.
We all had to pay, but not for the crimes we were accused of. There were other scores to settle.
It is frustrating when you go all that way, you train, and you just don’t turn up. It does happen. If you play 100-odd Test matches, there’s going to be little periods when you don’t score the runs.
There will be killing till the score is paid.
There are scores of books offering ‘solutions‘ to sprawl. Their authors would do well to read this book.
As a striker sometimes you miss, and sometimes you score.
We all want merit to mean something, and we all may be tempted to reduce that meaning to something measurable and concrete like an SAT score. The reality, though, is that who deserves entry into an institution depends on what the institution exists to do.
I think boring is a team that plays at home and can not score a goal.
For 20 years they have asked me the same question, who is the greatest? Pele or Maradona? I replay that all you have to do is look at the facts – how many goals did he score with his right foot or with his head?
In life the loser‘s score is always zero.
I just don’t think most of us are aware how much of what we throw away ends up in the ocean, for starters. Plastic bags are among the worst. The US is actually falling behind the curve on that score. China and many other countries have already banned the production and use of thin plastic bags.
It’s important what you can do for your team. Even if you score 30-40, if it contributes to team’s victory, then it is always memorable.
If we score, we might win. If they never score, we can’t lose.
The common breeds the common,
A lout begets a lout,
So when I take on half a score
I knock their heads about.
I am an attacking midfielder, and I have scored goals, but I want to score more and win more.
I really believe that what happens one day affects the next, and I think that came from that experience of learning that if I told the score inning by inning, play by play, it built up to its natural climax.
An aphorism that does not score is just one more sentence.
With Frat House, at times I needed to make music that would reflect what these fraternity brothers might actually listen to, but still keep it within the realm of a score; it still had to lead the viewer through the scene, or just help create the mood.
Deep down inside, my heart knew the score. And I know that Haven was wrong. It’s not always a case of one loving more than the other. When two people are truly meant to be, they love equally. Differently – but still equal.
Everybody wants to help the team to score. I try.
‘Kris Kringle’ is a holiday musical for a new generation – a gorgeous score paired with a heartwarming tale of family and forgiveness.
Branding is not merely about differentiating products; it is about striking emotional chords with consumers. It is about cultivating identity, attachment, and trust to inspire customer loyalty. Chinese brands score low on attributes such as ‘sophisticated,’ ‘desirable,’ ‘innovative,’ ‘friendly,’ and ‘trustworthy.’
When I grew up, I tried to score off every ball, be it a 10-over-match, a 20-over, or even a Test match. If I stay in the wicket for, say, about 30 minutes, I want to make the most of it and score maximum runs possible. You never know when you get out; try to score as much possible before that.
When your teammates are telling you to score and telling you to shoot 3s, when you ain’t shot a 3 in your whole life, that’s cool. I mean, that makes you feel good. and, like, all the work you’ve put in, they are telling you to show what you have been working on.
Good teams score late goals.
A grifter’s got an irresistible urge to be the guy who’s wise. There’s nothin’ to whipping a fool. Hell, fools are made to be whipped. But to take another pro. Even your partner, who knows you and has his eye on you. That’s a score! No matter what happens.
I think it’s all about confidence and having a regular run in the team. The rest takes care of itself; a footballer never forgets how to play football, and I’m convinced that game time, matches, was all I needed because, ultimately, no one forgets how to score goals.
Cricketers are worried about their milestones, worried that they should score 5000-10,000 Test runs, but I am not fussy.
Film scores are often based on short themes, and it helps if youve got some way of developing these themes and making them sometimes last 4 minutes and sometimes last 40 seconds. One ends up doing it subconsciously.
I really enjoy playing a lot of games because I always want to score more and play more.
2-0 is a cricket score in Italy
Certainly our job as an offense to try to score points and that’s running the ball, throwing the ball, whatever it is. Somehow, someway we’ve got to try to score points to help our team win. That’s where the focus is and it’s pretty easy just to focus on that.
I think positive. I always think we’re going to score. Two minutes is a lot of time if you have timeouts and you’re throwing every down. You have to make the right decisions. I’ve always had great receivers, which helps. It’s not just me doing it.
I started playing with this band, the Polyester Players. It was my introduction into funk. So I went and got a James Brown record. ‘Black Caesar‘ is a film score, but it’s so dope.
Seeing my teammates score, I love that. It is what I like about football.
Christ doesn’t keep score. It’s not about what you do here. It’s about the person you are. It’s about your faith. That’s one thing that I’d like for young kids or anybody to know.
I feel like I should go out there and throw a shutout every time I pitch. If we score one [run] and I give up two, then I didn’t do my job as far as I’m concerned.
Sophistication knows the score, but is powerless to change it.
I like making other people happy; that’s why I’ve always been known for assists, but if I score more, then it helps.
It is very difficult to score goals in Italy.
I appreciate my brother, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the U.A.E. and Ruler of Dubai, and the Council of Ministers, who face every morning challenges, but plan and remove all obstacles to score achievements.
It’s always good for us to score as attacking players and to help the team get the three points.
Anyone of my generation who trusts government probably has an I.Q. that would make a good golf score.
To score in the World Cup final is not a small story, of course. Every footballer dreams of it: first to become a world champion and then, even better, to score in the final. This happened to me, and I’m glad.
Someone created the box score, and he should be shot.
Right backs now should be the highest paid players in every team! Strikers just have to score. Midfielders, they pass. Goalkeepers make saves. Full backs have to mark, cover centre backs and midfield, get forward and cross, take shots and provide the link to strikers.
The Great Idea in advertising is far more than the sum of the recognition scores, the ratings and all the other superficial indicators of its success; it is in the realm of myth, to which measurements cannot apply.
Leo Bogart
Heading is a skill, and it would be a shame to lose that from the game. There is nothing more dramatic than when you see someone score a diving header, for instance.
If I don’t score, I try to give an assist; if I do score, I try to give an assist and score another.
There comes a time in every relationship when it’s damaging to seek justice, when settling the score only stirs the fire. There comes a time when the best thing you can do is accept your brother and offer him the same grace you’ve been given.
By the time I get through writing a score, I know the book better than the book writer does, because I’ve examined every word, and questioned the book writer on every word.
In red ball cricket, with the field placements, you can look around, take your time, because you have five days to play, whereas in limited overs cricket, you have limited number of balls to play and score.
I’m here to score a lot of goals. It’s my specialty, that’s what I’ve been brought here to do, and I want to score plenty ; like I did with Barcelona. And here, there’s every reason to think I can do it.
An NBA star is a role player. Your role is to score a lot of points; your role is to get a lot of rebounds.
There are scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along; people who will appreciate our compassion, our encouragement, who will need our unique talents. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give.
The score is always the wonderful icing. The score tells you the emotional content of the film. What the characters don’t say, the music can say.
The world will fall, the gods will die, and I will never achieve a perfect score on this stupid machine. –Dionysus
Sometimes you don’t play well or you don’t score, and in those times, the pressure comes from all around you as well as from yourself.
If you don’t score, and you have chances, you are disappointed.
I don’t have a show anymore. I don’t have a check coming in every week. This is important to me, I got to score a million tonight or it could all be over.
I think that [Barack Obama] does say something that’s – that is telling on that score, when he talks about the [George W.] Bush tax cuts and the swap he makes after the midterm elections, which is he doesn’t agree with the Bush tax cuts.
Tenors get women by the score.
You have got to shoot, otherwise you can’t score.
I’ve lost fights before where I’m landing more punches and I’m moving away from the guy. So, the way that they score things at the end doesn’t seem very consistent to me.
A man who is a politician at forty is a statesman at three score and ten. It is at this age, when he would be too old to be a clerk or a gardener or a police-court magistrate, that he is ripe to govern a country.
I knew how to read box scores and who the baseball heroes were before I had ever seen or even heard much of a game.
The Nationals tried hard to recover the lost ground. The final result, however, was the success of the Forest Citys by a score of 29 to 23 in a nine innings game, twice interrupted by rain.
Henry Chadwick
It doesn’t always click for a new player in a new team: you don’t always go in and hit the ground running and score all the time.
Efficiency is anything that scores.
I was born to score goals, I feel. How I score them – how I get the ball into the back of the net – might have changed. The actual ability of what I was born to do will never leave me.
It was very special to score goals for Real Madrid, especially in front of the home crowd at the Bernabeu.
People have been very quick to judge young black players on their lifestyles and then when they go on to win the World Cup, to take league titles or score goals they’re all of a sudden changed men. They haven‘t changed, people are just choosing to see them in a different way.
Love doesn’t keep a score of wrongs. Love doesn’t bring up past failures. (1 Cor 13:5)
The more goals you concede ultimately results in the bottom three, not the more goals you score.
Wazza, when he plays behind the striker, he is very dangerous because he has more touches of the ball, and Wazza can create the goal as well and can score.
Two out of every three goals you score come from checking. One out of every three comes from sheer finesse.
The natural state of the football fan is bitter disappointment, no matter what the score.
I always shoot my movies with score as certainly part of the dialogue. Music is dialogue. People don’t think about it that way, but music is actually dialogue. And sometimes music is the final, finished, additional dialogue. Music can be one of the final characters in the film.
I can’t ask the offense to score slower.
I really hate it when I can’t score runs from a ball.
One of my school friends‘ parents owned a minigolf course, and a bunch of us kids would play there all day in the summer. Two-under deuces was a good score.
Three or four plays cause the momentum to shift. We turned it over and gave Baylor a cheap score.
Every time I step on the field, I’m going to give my whole heart regardless of the score.
In essence, we string theorists have been trying to work out the score of the universe, the harmonies of the universe, the mathematical vibrations that the strings would play. So musical metaphors have been with us in science since the beginning.
I like to score goals, as, back in the day, I was used to scoring goals.
I think ‘Easy Ridermight have been the first time that someone made a film using found music instead of an orchestral score. No one had really used found music in a movie before, except to play on radios or when someone was singing in a scene.
I don’t believe there’s any evidence that credit scoring is a risk factor. What is it about someone having a worse credit score that makes them a worse driver? (Insurers) can’t answer that.
Vaccines don’t cause autism. Vaccines, instead, prevent disease. Vaccines have wiped out a score of formerly deadly childhood diseases. Vaccine skepticism has helped to bring some of those diseases back from near extinction.
In a season, every striker has some periods where he doesn’t score.
‘The Graduate‘ must be the best use of songs ever in a movie; it adds a layer to the movie you wouldn’t ever get from a score.
Nine or ten, I like playing both. I like to score goals, and I feel in both positions I can score goals.
Football is not about suffering. It’s about enjoyment. Control the ball, be friendly with it, try to attack, try to score goals. Of course defending is part of it, but you can defend in a lot of ways.
Ten thousand million nightmares, temptation by the score, I used to get so high, and still I wanted more. You think my time is wasted in search of who I am, I tried so hard to kill the boy inside the man.
Most of my music is improvisation, and composition is improvisation. Even if I have a score, it is improvisation.
The important thing is not to be masochistic. Women are so hard on themselves. Don’t do that. No one is keeping score.
I want to play in every match, score goals when the opportunity presents itself, and help players in good positions to also score goals.
My grandson sees me as Lois on TV every Christmas, and that scores me points.
There are some directors who actually fear the possible success of music. They fear that the audience or the critics will think the film has worked because there was a very good music score.
I never use a score when conducting my orchestra… Does a lion tamer enter a cage with a book on how to tame a lion?
Dimitris Mitropoulos
I feel more comfortable with the ball in my hands, playing the point guard. But I like playing the 2, too. I think I bring tough defense and the ability to score and also get my teammates the ball to score.
Willie Green
We’re not making up merit scores for ourselves. We’re making up merit scores so that we can be reborn in a situation where we can really live to benefit ourselves and others.
There are no right or wrong, or fair results. There’s just the final score.
Films that score very high with test audiences generally tend to not be so great. But, there’s a lot of money involved in making movies, and it’s a way for people to reassure themselves, who have spent money, and it’s also a way to work out how to market a movie.
Every time I fail to smoke a cigarette between innings, the opposition will score.
When I played, I just wanted to guard the best player, and I didn’t want him to score. That was just it, just competing. Along the way, it just kept building that I could be a great defender.
Obviously, being a forward, I would like to score more goals. But while the team does well, there is no problem.
Remember I’ve seen a video tape of a Scotland-England match and I’ve seen him miss a chance from five yards. It was against England and he couldn’t score. So what does that say?
In the U.S., my whole life, I felt like I had to be the best and score more goals and run with more fitness so I could be the one in the limelight. I think that when I went to Sweden, I found the joy of being part of a team and contributing to everybody’s success.
You need people who score goals. That’s how you win games
When you watch Barcelona play you want to see Lionel Messi score two goals. If he hasn’t after 80 minutes you can perhaps get restless.
That’s one of the neat things about ‘Call of Duty.’ There are areas in the game where we were able to score the gameplay.
I can sit on a chair with a score and give myself a wonderful performance.
I don’t totally believe that all of the politicians see a problem with the gap between the scores of black children and other groups. I believe that many politicians think this has been the way it has always been, so what’s the problem?
Everyone is expecting something in each game I’m playing. I don’t have to score in every game, but I want to do my best. I want to give everything for the club, for my teammates, and myself also.
One-third of your plays are special teams, so to block a punt and get good field position out of it and score was big.
As a striker, people look at the goals you score. But for me, my game is more than just about goals, it is how you link with other players.
Lessons cut short to prep for tests that only test how well you prep.
…Man, no wonder why the score’s a mess.
The most successful people are those who take pride in their work, pride in their family It is great to attain wealth, but money is really just one way – and hardly the best way – to keep score.
The score is doing a lot of work. It’s like Wagner. It’s like a yak carrying people.
There’s been a lot of talk of me being a one-man show but that’s simply not the case. We win games when I score 40 points and we’ve won when I score 10.
The most difficult thing in football is to score a goal.
I don’t follow the thought; “Winning is not important, playing the game is”. If that is in fact true; then why do we keep score??
We measure the success of schools not by the kinds of human beings they promote but by whatever increases in reading scores they chalk up. We have allowed quantitative standards, so central to the adult economic system, to become the principal yardstick for our definition of our children‘s worth.
My highest score karaoke song is ‘Ben,’ by Michael Jackson.
For me, apart from having my baby, the best thing is whenever I score my next goal.
How is Maggie Rowe compensating for her decision to not have a child? Is what she is doing instead enough to justify that decision? What is she doing instead, and why can’t she be better at it? What’s keeping her from getting a better overall existence score in comparison to an arbitrary sampling of other human beings?
I will do nothing for 89 minutes, but score in the 90th.
What I love about film music is the variety. On one movie, you might be asked to do a completely electronic score, and then another might ask you to do orchestral only.
Okay, so, sometimes in life, I can be a score-keeper – someone who keeps track of what he gives and what he gets in return. An annoying quality, to say the least, and I’m sure my wife has your sympathy, but it’s made me highly attuned to when and where credit is due.
It’s always like that: strikers have to score to be confident.
If they don’t score, we can’t lose.
‘Liberace’s a great film. It’s a great piece of material. I have a great script and it’s a great score.
I’ve never been to anywhere in Africa except Egypt. We’ve never performed there, so I would definitely like to make that trip, probably to South Africa. I’d also like to score a movie from top to bottom. I’ve had songs in a bunch of films but never done an entire movie. I’d like to do that and have it to be a hit, too!
When David Fincher called me up a few years ago and said, ‘Hey, I’d like you to score this film ‘The Social Network,’ I said, ‘I’m flattered, but I really don’t have any real experience scoring films, and I’d rather not screw it up on a high-profile project. And I like you and I don’t want to compromise our friendship.’
Keep writing, because not only does practice improve skill, it gives you more chances to score on the market. I did that for eight years before making my first sale.
You cannot score 10 goals from 10 shots – that’s impossible – but I am trying.
I’ve always liked technical, creative central midfielders with the capacity to score goals, such as David Silva, Samir Nasri, and Santi Cazorla.
At United, we never used to change our style much away from home. The aim was always to score goals and dominate the match.
If we lose games, and I don’t score a lot, they gonna say I’m not scoring enough.
My goals are to hit .300, score 100 runs, and stay injury-prone.
I know If I score we’re going to win the match.
Since we think about ourselves so much of the time, it is comforting to assume … that we really know the score…. [But] this is not an easy assignment. [As] Santayana wrote, ‘Nothing requires a rarer intellectual heroism than willingness to see one’s equation written out.’
The big turning point came when I played in the pit orchestra for a production of SWEENEY TODD and I spent most of the time watching the play instead of playing the score! And that’s when I knew I had it bad for acting.
I can only guess that, for guys in their 30s and 40s who watched me play, they understood that the score never mattered and my paycheck never mattered (in relation) to how I played. I played with Little League enthusiasm and professional flair. That’s what fans are really looking for.
The score never interested me, only the game.
Who can say I have a bad swing? The only thing that matters in golf is the score you put on the board. You don’t have to look pretty out there, you have to win. Look at my record and tell me who has a better swing than mine.
When I was younger, I had two players: Luke Shaw and Gareth Bale. When Shaw was at Southampton, he was a left-back, and I loved watching him bomb up and down the wing, create goals, score goals, so I think I try to emulate that. Gareth Bale – same thing, really.
When I do a film score, I am basically nothing more than a fancy pencil for hire. I don’t own any of the music when I am – it belongs to the film company – and likewise, when I am done, even if I come up with something astounding that I may want to revisit… in the world of film composition, you can’t do that.
I don’t care who scores the goals, I’m going to leave my human beingness on the field!
I never say how many goals I’m going to score. My intention is to be happy and make sure that people around me are, too.
Samuel Eto’o
When I repress my emotion my stomach keeps score.
I have to explain to my daughter what it means when adults lie. I have to explain to my daughter what it means when adults are bullies. I have to explain to my daughter what it means when an adult says something that’s not true just to try to score political points.
When I was little, I was always going to the goal. I’ve always wanted to score and create something, and I think it’s always been within me to play offensively.
For me, the music is always speaking from the point of view of the characters. Rarely do you score an event.
Sometimes what we call love is just a settling of old scores, or a seeking of forbidden pain, or a circuitous path to the kingdom of cruelty, or she may simply have confused lack of capital with heroism while searching for rescue without knowing from what.
I still remember not scoring against United. You always want to score in the big games.
I think when I play No. 10 or as a striker, I am in this position to score more goals, and I can shoot more.
American football seems to resemble soccer in that one scores by putting the ball through the opponent‘s goal; but football, truly is about land. The Settlers want to move the line of scrimmage Westward, the Native Americans want to move it East.
George W. Bush loves golf because it’s like the election–low score wins.
Celtic is the right place: the history, the fans – it’s a place I want to score more goals.
Man wants but little here below Nor wants that little long, ‘Tis not with me exactly so; But ‘tis so in the song. My wants are many, and, if told, Would muster many a score; And were each wish a mint of gold, I still should long for more.
I have the ability to score goals.
It’s not important how many mistakes you make; it’s about how many chances you create and how many goals you score. That is my philosophy.
I always want to go out and score, but there are times when you can’t.
I’d like to produce, direct, write, score, and star in a film in exactly the way Chaplin did. I’ll do that before I’m thirty.
It takes a certain type of person to register your ‘Donkey Kong‘ score. So I’m just number 29 in registered Donkey Kong scores.
My music education was oral. I was resistant to scores and things like that. In Jewish religious music, there are no scores. You learn everything by rote, by ear, by repeating.
I observed the way Dee and Deron played at the Nike Camp [in Indianapolis]. They share the ball well; I mean, they average about 13 points apiece and they could both score 20 — they do what they have to do to help the team.
It doesn’t matter how many goals you score; one goal is enough if you don’t let one in your net.
If you do not score, it is difficult to win.
A good score should have a point of view all of its own. It should transcend all that has gone before, stand on its own two feet and still serve the movie. A great soundtrack is all about communicating with the audience, but we all try to bring something extra to the movie that is not entirely evident on screen.
It bothers me that the average fan, the average sportswriter for that matter, pays so much attention to what’s in a box score. A box score does not properly represent the most important thing – team play. It shows some guy scoring 27 points, but it doesn’t show that my 27-point man let his guy score 30.
I know that my job is to score runs, and I will continue to do that.
For me I don’t care if I don’t score or assist if we win the game.
The joy of hate reflects people who get off pretending to hate something, or hate you, in order to score political points. I call them the ‘tolerati’ – you know, a group of people who claim to be tolerant, except when they run into someone who disagrees with them.
It gives me the happiest feeling in the world. I just love scoring. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple goal from close range, a long shot or a dribble around several players, I just love to score all goals.
There are scores of thousands of human insects who are ready at a moment’s notice to reveal the Will of God on every possible subject
Sometimes you want to run away Sometimes you think you do But you never had a dream like this before And you don’t want to ask for more Sometimes you leave a mark Before you know the score
I do not let a bad score ruin my enjoyment for golf.
My only real hobby is playing music. I write a lot of music on guitar and keyboards and hope one day to make a record or maybe even write the score for a film.
These are tough games to play. We shared the puck and we wanted everyone to get a chance to score. Tough games to play in. We want close games. That is why we train so hard. We want to show our fans some even games.
Caroline Ouellette
In Spain, the game’s a lot more open. They score a lot more goals. They play football more. Here in Italy, they are much more concerned with tactics and strategy, and sometime we don’t play football.
To become a striker, you need dedication, focus, and professionalism. When they pass you the ball inside the area, the first thing you think of is to score. To find the best way to finish.
If it’s a real bad score, then it can ruin a movie for me, or, at least, it will draw a lot of my attention to the score.
I wish I could score everything for horns.
Arresting a single drunk or a single vagrant who has harmed no identifiable person seems unjust, and in a sense it is. But failing to do anything about a score of drunks or a hundred vagrants may destroy an entire community.
The Ballon d’Or? It’s up to the journalists to vote. I do not go to bed every night thinking about it. I just try to do my best and score as many goals as possible.
Wow, that’s a really good score. You must have worked really hard.
My job is to score goals.
Samuel Eto’o
Tolerance does not…do anything, embrace anyone, champion any issue. It wipes the notes off the score of life and replaces them with one long bar of rest. It does not attack error, it does not champion truth, it does not hate evil, it does not love good.
Walter Farrell
Men play the game; women know the score.
Roger Woddis
There’s nothing scarier than silence. A lot of horror movies lean on hits and score to try and create tension, which actually does the opposite. The best scares come from a desire to see the character overcome what they’re dealing with in the scene. If you care about the character you’ll care about the scare.
I can do a lot more by shooting from outside, score inside, penetrate, and make opportunities for others.
I just need to concentrate on each event and accumulate a good score, and hopefully I won’t flop in the 800 m. in Gotzis.
Leadership is one of sports intangibles. Guys can score, guys can fight, guys can skate faster than anybody else. But not everybody can say, Follow me.
When I was asked to compose a score for… ‘Palo Alto,’ I first thought to myself, ‘What is the house that these characters would want to live in?’ I wanted to paint a picture and color scheme that I could work around. I gently apply different daubs to see what fits to match the color I have in mind with these characters.
To be able to compete in a Champions League final, to win it with Real Madrid and to score was incredible and exciting.
I loved scoring goals. I played to score goals. It’s what made me happy.
I was one of several songwriters I think interviewed [for Moana]. I’m a huge fan of Disney animated movies, and I’ve always wanted to write an animated score since I was a little kid.
With a line of six in the defence and then three in front of that, it’s not always easy to find the spaces to score the goals.
We’ll do whatever it takes to score as many points as we can-and definitely one more point than the opponent.
You have to score one goal more than your opponents. That’s the most important thing.
Somebody has to keep score and I decided I was going to do it. I’m a born score-keeper and I realize, like an umpire, that my decisions may cause distress.
If you’re a better scorer than me, I’ll put you down on the block; you score. I don’t care. I can do other things.
Sometimes I score, sometimes I don’t, so people are here to judge, but I know my qualities, and I try to give everything to win and help my team-mates.
If you are batting first as an opener, you give yourselves a couple of overs, see what’s the wicket behaving, and then try to assess what a good score on that wicket would be, and then you plan accordingly.
Going out on the field frantic isn’t going to help you score points. You have to try to lead your team.
You cannot motivate the best people with money. Money is just a way to keep score. The best people in any field are motivated by passion.
Love is a big thing – it’s part of who you become, how you grow up. I had a wonderful husband, and I’m very lucky I have a second wonderful husband. You know, some people don’t even score the first time.
It doesn’t really matter the score or the situation: I got a job to do.
Tevez is an extraordinary striker. Not only does he score goals, but he also helps his teammates and the midfield, too.
One of the first cassette tapes I ever purchased was the ‘Rambo III’ score. I was not allowed to see ‘Rambo,’ but my mom would allow me to buy the music, so I would listen to that score over and over and imagine the movie.
I feel every time I score I prove people wrong. People doubt me all the time. They do that to all players but for me it’s, ‘He’s too slow, he’s too old.’ It annoys those people every time I score and it drives me on.
According to research, test scores improved by 17.3% for students regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4.6% for children participating in other forms of enriched activities.
If I ever score against Spurs, I won’t celebrate. Even if it’s the best goal in the world, I’ll keep it subdued. It’s a respect thing. The fans were brilliant towards me; I’ll be playing against my friends and I can’t forget that.
I think if you score, you’ve got to have fun; otherwise, what’s the point?
I believe the most important thing for the defender is to take the ball away from the opposing team, no matter what, and not to allow any space or give any occasions for opponents to score goals.
I am a firm believer that if you score one goal the other team have to score two to win.
It’s just the easiest way to score a point.
Lloy Ball
The best thing for them to do (Ireland) is to stay at 0-0 until they score the goal.
Football is a game of zone blitzes, West Coast offenses and check-offs, sure, but it’s really a game of field position: Even without a touchdown, a solid return game can quietly be the difference between an offense that’s pinned against its own goal line and one that’s in the driver’s seat to score.
The sad truth is that most Christians spend their entire lives trying to score points with Someone who is not keeping score.
It’s good to score goals, but my teammates are fantastic – they really support me – but the opponents just want to tackle me hard!
To score my first Selecao goal is a unique emotion.
I think he knows all my tricks. Or the fact I don’t have any tricks – Brendan Shanahan on trying to score against Curtis Joseph. I’m hoping for a bench clearing brawl during the warm up so I can go out and grab his stick.
Ron Tugnutt
I try to exercise in nature, and I try to play golf once a month. The last time I played golf with my wife, however, she got better scores than me, which became an additional source of stress.
Nothing can replicate the thrill of making a great save at an away ground, or hearing your own fans cheering you, or the atmosphere when you score a goal or win a big game.
Putting isn’t golf, greens should be treated almost the same as water hazards: you land on them, then add two strokes to your score.
I’m a striker, and I can only score if the ball gets to me.
I can score goals and be dangerous with my passes.
I’m not in search of records like some other players. If I can score between 15 and 20 goals each season, I will be very happy.
I want to show everybody that I can play in the best league in the world and score goals.
All the f—— experts in America, everybody who thinks they know about soccer, they can all look at the score tonight and let’s see what they have to say now. Nobody has any respect for what we do, for what goes on on the inside, so let them all talk now.
Michael Bradley
My best score ever is 103, but I’ve only been playing 15 years.
Alex Karras
At every moment, each instrument knew what to play. Its little bit. But none could see the whole thing like this, all at once, only its own part. Just like life. Each person was like a line of music, but nobody knew what the symphony sounded like. Only the conductor had the whole score.
I developed my game a lot and learned how to score off the dribble. I learned how to play team defense and one-on-one defense.
Life’s too short for anxious score-keeping
I write plays and movies, I live and work at the borderline between word and image just as any cartoonist or illustrator does. I’m not a pure writer. I use words as the score for kinetic imagistic representations.
Being able to score touchdowns and win games is a way to get a platform. But, ultimately, if that’s what you do in your life, and that’s what your life is based on, I don’t know – I feel like that’s a little bit of a meaningless life.
You don’t want your opponent to score. You don’t want your guy to score and once you get better at it, you get used to it, it becomes a mindset. You just try to do it every game.
I’m going to pass a law that no one can ask me my golf score.
I want to write a score for a film. It can be a proper film, maybe for a film kind of like… I saw that movie ‘Drive’, or a bit of a ‘Blade Runnervibe. A little bit sci-fi, but I don’t know. I’ve just always wanted to write a score for a film.
I feel good next to Zlatan. He is a player of great class. He scares opponents because he can score at any moment.
I still want to be an architect and score films and do other things. I always said as long as I’ve still got teeth and hair and I look cool when I look in the mirror, then I’ll do it.
He leaned forward and opened his door, politely standing aside to let me by before following me in. There are some advantages to dating a guy from another era, I thought. Though I am a big believer in gender equality, chivalry scores high in my book.
When you score, you’ve got to be happy. It’s only normal.
You still remember your SAT scores. And everybody else does too. Everybody’s forgotten everything about themselves, everything else about high school. They remember their SAT scores.
Every character I do is something special to me. Every time you score with a great character relationship in a movie, it becomes your baby.
The best strikers make you sit up and take notice because every time they get the ball, you think that something amazing could happen. Of course they’ll score goals, but they’ll have something in their game which makes you think, ‘Wow, he can win this game by doing something magical.’
I would love playing with a guy like Porzingis who can score, stretch the floor, who can do a lot, a lot of different things. But I could see myself doing some pretty good things with other teams, too.
We cannot blame the schools alone for the dismal decline in SAT verbal scores. When our kids come home from school do they pick up a book or do they sit glued to the tube, watching music videos? Parents, don’t make the mistake of thinking your kid only learns between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Bollywood directors are like cricketers where in one match you score a century, and in the next match, you are out for a duck! Moreover, very few directors are consistent in Bollywood.
That’s the difficulty with free-kicks, as you get one, maybe two, and that’s why it’s tough. You have to score.
When I play, I just try to score goals or assist someone – that’s my job.
People who are drawn to meditation have had lots of incarnation in the world of experience, and we know the score. We know that experience is great, but it’s not enough.
If I’m in a good position to score then I’m happy to put the ball in the back of the net, but if I’m not, and I see someone in a better position, I’ll give it to him.
I swear on my children‘s lives that I never look at the statistics or look at beating anyone’s records. All I do is look to improve but not compete against any record. I want to win trophies and score goals because that’s my job as a forward.
It doesn’t matter about the other team, when we have the ball and push hard, we can score goals. It is up to us to start the games with that desire, that motivation, and then we can get good results.
If I don’t score goals or get assists, I am not doing my job.
I don’t want to score; as long as I set people up and then they get the goals, that’s all I’m bothered about.
No one so dislikes being punished unjustly as the person who might have been punished justly on scores of previous occasions, if he had only been found out.
The two biggest things that translate from a pitching mound to hunting and fishing are patience and perseverance. When you’re on the mound, you have to take the game one pitch at a time, regardless of the score, and that approach helps when I’m in the woods or out on the water as well.
Music is a big part of the director‘s life; Ms. Coppola’s previous feature, a screen adaptation of ‘The Virgin Suicides,’ was informed more substantially by the score by the group Air than by the narrative.
Edward Snowden may not be a Chinese mole, but he might as well be. He’s just handed Beijing a major score, while the NSA struggles to pick up the pieces – and the rest of us pay the price in terms of future national security.
The pulpit is not a place to settle scores, it’s a place to preach the word of God.
I’m also always thinking about the score as a recording, as opposed to a performance that can be recreated in a live environment. Some of what I write could of course be played in a concert hall, but for the needs of a film I don’t consider that.
Leaders are like point guards, we set people up to score.
Those who said I’m not an out-and-out goal-scorer are probably right. I always feel I could score more.
I’m a striker. it’s our job, and it’s true that we need to score, and I am happy when I do.
The interest rate you receive, however, is contingent on your credit score.
I suppose I was interested in creating a vision; in the same way, I was very drawn to tension within cinema. Hitchcock was my other early obsession – ‘Psycho’ and its score. So there was the sense of trying to create an atmosphere: how a sound resonates and makes an effect.
I do listen to music. Movie scores, exclusively, because it’s all about mood and nonspecificity. I love the way modern movie scoring is all about nonspecificity. You know, if I shuffled the tracks from ‘Inception,’ I challenge you to tell me which is which.
Yes, I think I have the best swing on the Tour. Why have scores comedown in the last ten years? Partly because they are imitating me.
I know it is difficult to play in a big club like Manchester United as a No. 10 because you know how many goals you have to score to play there. So I thought I had to add something to my game. I had to give more options to the manager.
We can beat anyone on our day – so long as we score.
Alex Totten
I think after everything in the whole process of filmmaking, temp scores are great if you use them for what they’re good for, if you use them for that early stage of support for things.
The improvisational nature of jazz musicianship is such that a truly competent performer must be prepared to function as an on-the-spot composer who is expected to contribute to the orchestration in progress, not simply to execute the score as it is written and rehearsed.
It was a great feeling to score a century on Test debut. I got a lot of confidence.
When I composed, I heard my music played by the orchestra within days of completion of the score. No master at a conservatory, no matter how revered, can teach as much by verbal criticism as can a cold and analytical hearing of one’s own music being played.