Signed Quotes

Signed Quotes by Busta Rhymes, Jordi Alba, Ashton Eaton, Madison Keys, Henry Rollins, Anna Karina and many others.

I started growing my hair in December ’89. I was seventeen. I signed my record deal and said I ain’t combing my hair no more. I don’t have too.
I was only 15 when I left Barcelona to do my own thing. Luckily, after some years, they have signed me again.
My local newspaper, the ‘Bend Bulletin,’ interviewed me while I was at high school after I had just signed with the University of Oregon. I remember I wore a University of Oregon hooded sweatshirt, and they took a picture of me in the long jump pit. I was freezing!
I started full-time training when I was 10, signed professionally when I was 14, and won my first match at the same age.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was vigorously and vociferously opposed by the Southern states. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed it into law nonetheless.
So I called and said, ‘Mommy, I’m doing a political film with Jean-Luc Godard. You have to come and sign the contract.’ She thought I was lying, so she hung up the phone. But then she came the next day, even though she had never taken an airplane in her life. She came to Paris and she signed my contract.
I don’t know if anyone can say, ‘oh, I know I’m going to get signed.’ You don’t know what they’re looking for. You might have excelled in-ring but you might not have excelled at promos. It’s about giving it 110 percent, and then having NXT want you in their family.
Doing things in my day was simple: you either signed to a big label or you signed to a very small label, and you worked with that one, and then they eventually signed you on to a big one.
Southwestern Pennsylvania is home to the National Cemetery for the Alleghenies, and we already have local schools signed up and ready to research every veteran that is buried there.
I almost never pitch myself. Me being an independent producer, never having a manager and never being signed, I pretty much just did my own thing: go out and search for the new talent, and when the new talent blows up, it just kinda brings everyone else to me.
Being signed to a major label, it’s a big machine behind you. There are so many people that are working to push the record.
I started with Bobby Darin. He signed me to Capitol when I was 15. I was 14, getting ready to be 15. Then the next encounter I had was with I think Peggy Lee. I sang background with The Blossoms with Darlene Love.
When I signed with Scooter Braun and I decided to go overseas to promote my song, the only concern was how should I communicate with the public and the audience with my language. Scooter and I talked a lot about that: should we translate or not? Finally we didn’t, and I think that was a really good decision.
When I signed up for Google Plus, my reaction after playing around with it for a little bit was like, ‘Huh, I think Facebook should be scared.’ In part, because it’s a really elegant product. It’s very fast.
I was thin and didn’t realize how small I was – I was, like, 96 pounds when I got signed. You don’t want to be 96 pounds. It’s not attractive. I didn’t know how to do my hair and makeup. I was such a tomboy.
My dad always wanted me to be a cricketer, study no chance. Once he saw that I was quite good for my age, no school. So, as soon as I did my GCSEs, I got signed by Warwickshire at 15.
I signed my first autograph when I was 11.
Sometimes I wake up and I think, where did my memory go? But at the same time, I signed up for it. Football has been like that for a long time, for ages.
I love the brands I’m signed to, and I’m lucky enough to have loyal, high-fashion clients that I work with every season. It’s a blast.
Green Revolution 1.0 came in 1966-67. I was a farmer then myself. Back then, we were getting food from wherever there was a surplus, Australia, the U.S., Canada. We signed an agreement with Americans and were getting wheat from them.
When I was 19, 20 I faced rejections. When I turned 20 I signed my south film and by the time I was 23, I had done three south films. I would go to different production houses everyday for auditions and they would reject me saying you cant talk, smile, dance or act.
My childhood friends and I would have been featured in ‘The Achievers: The Story of the Big Lebowski Fans,’ but I never signed the release form we received from the producers. I am both proud and ashamed of this fact.
Sajid-Wajid has been signed on for ‘Rowdy Rathore.’ Sajid and Wajid are great friends of mine. I am happy that they are scoring the music for this film.
After university, I set out to see if I could make a career in music. It was a tough journey at first, but by the time I was 23 I’d been signed by A&M Records.
I’ve done some really weird gigs. The ones where no one turned up – they’re probably not the interesting ones to talk about. I played some pretty random ones in L.A. I signed to play all-R&B nights or an all-comedy night where I’d be the only white person there. They were fun.
When I got signed, I had just turned 16. I felt like I had to continuously have these confrontations with older men who were doubting my ideas because I was a woman, because I was 16.
I was 18 when I signed my first record contract and in those days fame was a lot of fun.
When I signed for United, I felt like it was a reward for everything that I’d been through in my life.
So, for instance, let me make this clear: You know I signed a statement. I will not raise taxes on anybody. I don’t want to raise taxes on the American people.
I really don’t like to tweet or Instagram anything about the people in my life just because I feel like I signed up for this, and I don’t even know what this is yet. I do know that it could go anywhere, and I really don’t want to sign other people in my life up for it without their permission or consent.
Growing up in Canada, none of my family were performers or anything like that, but I was terrible at hockey, so they needed something for me to do on Saturdays for me to get out of the house. I signed up for theater school on Saturdays, and I’d go for four-and-a-half hours every Saturday morning and learn about theater.
That’s the funny thing – if there was a year and half or two years of us being a band like every other band and then getting signed, we would probably have made ‘Pretty. Odd.’ as our first album instead.
I had my very first match against NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks three weeks after I signed. I’m quite proud of that, but I can’t explain how nervous I was.
I had a great time at Roma, but Milan have made me feel like a young boy again. When I signed for them I was as excited as I was when I signed my first ever contract.
I mean I like pop music, and I like heavy music and, stuff that I like… the band I’ve signed on to our label right now; they’re called The Sounds. They’re kind of like a new-wave pop band.
We have this historic problem that we have a quarter of our population, the people of Quebec, who have never signed on to the Constitution. That can’t go on forever.
After the atomic bombs were dropped, the war ended and we went into Tokyo Bay with the rest of the fleet, the Missouri and the rest of them, while they signed the terms of surrender that ended the war.
I knew I wasn’t going to write a record as soon as I got signed, because I hadn’t had any life experiences. I was still at school, and I wasn’t going to write about that.
Independent content these days can be more successful than previously because of the power of social media. However, there are still systems in place to make sure independent artists don’t get as far as signed ones.
When I first got signed, I bought a vintage guitar from the 1930s for ВЈ1000. I’ve bought a ВЈ400 SLR camera, too, which was quite extravagant.
It’s always been important to involve my family as I knew when I signed up to ‘Strictly‘ that it can take over your life.
We’d just signed with Arista, the record company. Arista was freaking about the phenomenon of tapers showing up at our shows. They were insisting that we put an end to this. And we just didn’t want to do that.
Finding original source material is not easy, but when something special like ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘ comes along, everybody recognized it. I wasn’t swimming against the stream. Warner Brothers immediately supported it, Tom Cruise signed on instantly; Emily Blunt, who was our first choice, signed on immediately.
After I made my initial debut at NXT ‘TakeOver,’ they looked at the interest and merchandise sales and decided I would be better signed full time than not.
I get less and less sketching done at shows, as more and more people want to come up and talk or get stuff signed. Most requested character? Probably Catwoman.
When I was 21, I was in a pretty serious band, and we almost got signed – went to New York, showcased, all that – but didn’t end up getting signed, and we broke up. I went back to the drawing board; I really took a hit from that whole experience.
Now that I’m officially signed with Nike to get to race with the Oregon Project, it’s definitely a dream come true.
I think I signed my left kidney to Disney and my right kidney to George Lucas.
It’s a brutal game. It requires a certain type of person to play it. Once you make the decision to play it, that’s your decision. I know what I signed up for. It allows me to provide for my family.
I was the lead recruiter at Louisville. I think I signed four or five guys before I left.
The framework for peace signed by Egypt and Israel is almost a peace treaty. We solved the problem for the peace treaty 98%.
In Ukraine as well as in Brazil, Manchester City is now considered one of the best teams in the world, and after I signed, people back home in Brazil congratulated me for signing for one of the top teams in the world.
I signed for City in 2013 but I’ve never met Pep Guardiola or any of the first-team players.
I signed with Big Yellow Dog and have been with them for years. The president of the company is a woman named Carla Wallace, who is an amazing publisher who just has a knack for female artists.
I signed a very modest $3,000 bonus with the Braves in Milwaukee. And my old man didn’t have that kinda money to put out.
When I left Liverpool, my aim was to get into the top six, and I was looking for a team that could get involved at that level. West Ham were brilliant at the time. They’d signed a lot of players, had a lot of money. But they’ve had problems since then.
Joe Jackson was a tragic figure. He was a serene country boy who signed a confession he couldn’t read. He was illiterate.
I signed this girl‘s arm. And the next day, a family member shot me an email, and it was a link to this girl who had my signature tattooed on her arm. I was like, ‘Man, that’s dedication. I’m sorry you did that.’
It was kind of ridiculous to carry it up to a certain point and then drop the ball or the bomb, like quitting the band right after we had signed to Virgin.
Every member of the U.S. Armed Forces knows what they signed up for, and they know what their job is, and they are proud of their job.
I didn’t really sign up to be a celebrity, I only signed up to be a writer.
When I signed with the UFC in 2014, it was like, ‘OK, I’m in the UFC, I need to train harder and have something different now.’ Everyone said, ‘Oh, they have good wrestling in the UFC. You have to have good wrestling to be the best in the world.’ So, I changed my camp. I changed everything.
I’m only 5 ft. 7 in. tall, and for modelling, that’s small, so I wasn’t getting signed, but I kept on pushing.
Having personally watched the Voting Rights Act being signed into law that August day, I can’t begin to imagine how we could have all been so wrong in believing that more Americans would vote once they were all truly free to do so.
Things kind of have their arc: you get signed, and your first thought is, ‘Oh my God, I made it!’ But you never really make it.
I didn’t even know what ‘The Voice‘ was, but my mom said, ‘I signed you up for this singing show,’ and I was like, ‘All right, I guess.’
When I signed my contract to be in ‘Grease 2,’ my agent said, ‘Well, she’s going to have a number.’ So I did! They wrote me a number where I was teaching Maxwell Caulfield how to be cool. It was called ‘Cool Rider.’ And it ain’t in the movie.
I could have signed 10 films after ‘Jai Ho,’ but those films would have done nothing for me. I wanted to wait for the right project.
Notts County were League Two and they had they great plans. Things were happening and I was like ‘wow these guys are serious.’ It was a mad season because we were flying private jets to game. It was all a farce and I had signed a five-year contract.
Love it or hate it, Obamacare is the law of the land. It was passed by Congress, signed into law by President Obama, declared constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court and ratified by a majority of Americans, who reelected the president for a second term.
I had two or three jobs at the same time just I could afford myself and pay rent and school. Then I had a tryout with WWE, and I got signed right away.
I wanted to play in bands and get signed by a record label and tour the world and stuff, but that never really worked out.
There is a good chance that, at 60, I will be in a wheelchair, but hey, I signed up for that. I know that.
When I first signed for Newcastle, I was still a boy.
I signed a contract with Phil Jackson, the man who has more championship rings, as far as I know, than anybody else. He was the best guy we thought we could find to run the New York Knicks.
I signed my first publishing deal when I was 14, and it was from two records I put on MySpace.
We passed a bill in 1997, signed by Democratic Gov. Lawton Chiles, which created a pilot program for a novel experiment called Florida Virtual School. The notion of children using a computer for a classroom and reporting to virtual teachers wasn’t exactly mainstream thinking in those days.
More labels should be like that. Instead of putting these records out myself, I should have just signed with them, but they probably don’t like my music (laughs).
I loved Justice and Uffie and everyone signed to the label Ed Banger. They were really influential to me when first started making music.
I try to satisfy the desires that people have to have their books personalized. That’s a value, or feature, of bibliophilia that may vanish. How do you get your e-book signed? The idea of people standing in line to get my signature in their book, it’s hard to turn them away.
When I first got into wrestling, guys my size weren’t really being signed to WWE like they are today. But deep down, I knew if I worked as hard as I possibly could, it would eventually happen. Timing is everything, that’s for sure.
After I signed my big contract, I expected to be in Charlotte for the rest of my career. Things just didn’t work out. Now I’m with the Knicks.
Sometimes I have signed blank contracts.
All the films that I have signed or I intend to sign are purely on the basis of merit of what the films are about.
My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.
That feeling when I got the New England Revolution job on a permanent basis was one of relief, similar to when I signed for Sheffield Wednesday – I knew I was capable of doing a job at a decent level again but I just needed someone to believe in me.
I’m very lucky to have signed to Island records U.S.A. It’s one of those pinch yourself moments.
I don’t know how I can explain that moment. But it was the best moment I think in my life when I signed with Chelsea because it was my dream to come here.
February 19, 1942, is the year in which Executive Order 9066 was signed, and this was the order that called for the exclusion and internment of all Japanese Americans living on the west coast during World War II.
If the U.N. gun-ban treaty is ever signed and ratified into law, we may never get a second chance to save the Second Amendment.
When I signed for Valencia, it wasn’t the best moment of my football career because in the beginning, I was not playing a lot. But I remained calm, and I knew that if I trained well and played as I know, I’m sure I can get a place in the first XI.
Norm Smith personally came and signed me up to the Melbourne Football Club. The fact that I then played cricket for Melbourne Cricket Club – the footy club didn’t like it that much.
I signed ‘Lucknow Central‘ because it was a story I wanted to be part of. I still stand by the fact that it was a well written, well directed film with some great performances.
When I had signed my first film, I had not even told my family about it.
Before I signed with WWE, I thought my athletic career was done. I was going into the finance industry and I just thought I couldn’t compete any more. But the mind is a really powerful thing and you can unlock your potential if you choose to ignore what your mind is telling you.
Apparently, my mother still thought I had too much energy so she signed me up for a local theatre group, marking the beginning of my career.
Alex Hogh Andersen
I’ve signed thousands of documents, but never read them.
I chose Interscope because I like the people there and the environment that was there. And the fact that not a lot of people get signed to Interscope.
I’ve always been a fan of Nigerian artist D’banj. He’s now signed to Kanye West’s Good Music label.
When I was training before I was even signed, I was listening to the Damian Marley CD ‘Welcome to Jamrock,’ and I got the idea one day in promo class to cut a promo in a Jamaican accent and everybody in the class went wild. That was the character I played from that point on and it kind of stuck until it didn’t.
I signed up with Kundalini yoga teacher training, which has been shifting me in some really beautiful ways.
Angela Lindvall
When I was younger, coming up in this industry, I was 17, 18 years old. You couldn’t tell me Beyonce wasn’t my friend. You couldn’t tell me that Janet Jackson wasn’t my girl. You couldn’t tell me that once I signed to my label that me and J.Lo weren’t going to have tea in L.A.
I don’t really have much to prove. I can easily go in a comfort zone, make two films a year, hype them because I’ve signed them as a star, make them cheap and they will be big hits.
My theology, briefly, is that the universe was dictated but not signed.
I’ve gone from the edgy girl to the girl you call for H&M and L’Oreal, which is something neither I nor the myriad agencies that rejected me when I tried to get signed could have predicted.
I was 32 when I signed for Everton, and Roberto Martinez said, ‘With your style of game, you can play until you’re 40.’ I’m sitting there laughing at him, but he was deadly serious. I still laughed.
There was only a little spell at Wigan, when I first signed there, when I wasn’t in the team every week.
Football is not always as glamourous as some might imagine, as the story of the first time I signed Marouane Fellaini perhaps illustrates.
Giggsy, as soon as I came into the Wales set-up, had ambitions for me. The way he brought me and a lot of other youngsters through has been amazing. He spoke to me when I first signed for United. His advice was to be myself, which is what I will try to do.
The first time Kyuss was about to get signed, they’re like, ‘We’d like to sign you!’ and we just said, ‘No! Forget it!’ because we thought people were always trying to invade everything.
I’ve never been a collector – just a consumer – and these days unless a book is signed to me by another author, I don’t normally have any qualms about passing it to a friend or donating it to the library.
In 2015, I signed the no-fossil-fuel-money pledge and I have never taken a dime from that industry, or ever will.
I’ve always known being a professional athlete is tough, let alone being a quarterback in the National Football League. There’s a lot on you, a lot of pressure on you to succeed. You take the glory and you take the falls, but that’s what I signed up to do.
Summer is a promissory note signed in June, its long days spent and gone before you know it, and due to be repaid next January.
I don’t know if people know this, but I kind of got Fear Factory signed with Roadrunner. I really bugged Monte Conner back in the day when I heard the demo that had ‘Big God’ on it.
My dad was a real working musician in the late ’70s and early80s. He had a band that was signed to Elektra/Asylum and they would perform at like Madame Wong’s and Whiskey A Go Go all the time.
I have signed the personhood petition. I have taken the petitions to my church and circulating into my church. And I have a legislative record that backs up my support for life.
On July 2, 1964, President Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act. Its enactment, following the longest continuous debate in the history of the U.S. Senate, enshrined into law the basic principle upon which our country was founded – that all people are created equal.
But so far, you know who’s been violating the nuclear nonproliferation pact day and night? Those who signed it. Iran, Iraq, Libya and Iran violates it while calling for Israel’s destruction and racing to develop atomic weapons to that end.
My husband and I didn’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement. We signed a mutual suicide pact.
If you’re Japanese and you signed up for Pinterest in Japan, you see Japanese ideas, not American ideas that look Japanese – it’s a very big difference.
I signed up for the musical Tommy in the West End, where I met my husband.
I’m really looking forward to playing in Copenhagen again. Last time I stayed as long as I could, took pictures, signed autographs, and hung out until they through me out of the place!
I was signed at 18 and had to grow up quickly.
Obviously, it was a dream to get signed by WWE, and that, by itself, was huge for me.
When I wrote my stories in elementary school, I signed them all ‘Karen E. Bender’ with the squiggly ‘E.’ I wanted, from an early age, to be a writer, and that name – that E – was a way of pretending I knew how to do it.
As a former member of President Obama’s economic team, I have a soft spot for the fiscal stimulus legislation he signed just a month after his inauguration.
An Isaac Mizrahi fashion-show ticket signed by Steven Meisel. I rushed up to Meisel at the end of the show and asked him to autograph the card that had his name and seating assignment on it. It was an incredible moment when he shot the autumn/winter 2014 Moschino campaign.
In ‘Citadel,’ I play a very young father. When I first signed onto ‘Hunky Dory,’ I was actually 18 years old.
If I hadn’t had a childhood career, I probably would’ve signed a contract with the first person I came across.
The day I signed for Chelsea, I had to go around the world – from Los Angeles to Singapore, through London – and I trained. Difficult.
When I signed that USL contract, my perspective changed on me being a professional footballer. That was my goal ever since I was young. I never thought I could achieve it, but that’s when it clicked in my head that I can really go far in the sport.
A fan once stopped me outside a theatre and gave me as a gift a signed photograph of Sir Laurence Olivier. It was strange, but nice, too.
I mean I wasn’t a founder in the sense that I contributed anything scientifically but in the sense that I signed the corporation papers and, and owned founder’s stock.
Nobody talks about it. But everyone knows that if you signed at Michigan or UNLV, you were viewed one way. If you signed at Duke or Indiana, you were viewed another way.
Stephen Colbert used to be my friend. I even signed the poor baby‘s cast when he hurt his hand.
I don’t hide my being Israeli. I say it in every interview. I put out a record with songs in Hebrew. The people who signed me have no connection to Judaism or Israel.
To me, success was not having to have a boss and not having a day job. I’ve been living my own version of success since the early ’90s when I first got signed. I haven‘t had a job since then.
I was nineteen when I signed and then worked with three managers and just didn’t play that much.
We built up a hardcore following, but we were really still semipro, gigging over long weekends and the like. So after EMI signed us, we packed in the day jobs because we had to make an album.
I wanted to play in the Premier League and Bolton offered me that opportunity at that time and that was why I signed for Bolton.
Obviously, when I signed for Middlesbrough, I was hoping that we would stay up and that I’d be a big player for them in the Premier League.
It’s tricky because obviously when you join a new club, from the very first day, everyone looks at you and tries to see if you are good enough. That’s more or less what you have to go through. Then the other thing is that when I signed for West Ham nobody told me I was going to be number one.
Having signed a few autographs in my time, I always wonder what the heck people do with them.
The main thing is we never dissolved our Gang Starr contract. We are still signed to each other. We never disbanded the group. If Guru really wanted to super-dead it he would have said, ‘Yo, I want out.’ And I still would have tried to convince him to stay. We are still Gang Starr.
The day I do get my Roc Nation chain is going to be so much more valuable than if they gave it to me the day I signed. You have to earn it.
When I considered PSG before I signed for Juventus one thing that put me off was wondering what the point is of coming second every year.
I was born in Allied-controlled Pola. At the end of World War II, the victorious wartime Allied powers negotiated the details of peace treaties and borders with Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Finland. The Paris Treaty was signed on February 10, 1947. I was born a few days later.
For new bands, I think a major label is the safest place to be. Independent labels are the ones getting away with murder. A lot of them are hobbyists who rip-off young bands, taking advantage of people who would never get signed to a major.
When I got signed to the ‘Fader’ Label, they got really excited about having me as their new artist. They were promoting my music everywhere. Pharrell was one of the producers who wanted to work with me, so I was really lucky to be one of those people who got to work with him.
On signing day, my mom brought me the national letter of intent to Arkansas. I should feel like I’m making the right decision. You get that many people telling you that. I had been dreaming about it. I signed ‘No’ where I was supposed to sign my name and put an exclamation point.
As soon as I signed with Ferrari it was clear to me that people expected big performances from me. Even though people were realistic enough to see that I was only starting my second season and that I still had a lot to learn.
Since his inauguration, Trump has signed numerous executive orders that negatively impact poor, black and brown, queer, Muslim, and other communities.
At that time, I was signed to Columbia Records as an Independent Producer. I spent many weeks forming, auditioning, rehearsing and recording demos for Kenny, who was finally signed to Columbia Records.
Would I have signed to Def Jam if I knew they was deaf? Nah.
When we signed our deal in 1974, we’d already been together for six years. When they lowered the drinking age in Ontario in 1971 to 18 years, we went from playing two or three high schools in a month to playing clubs two or three times a week.
It breaks my heart to see these young, really talented bands getting chewed up into the system. I remember a time if you’d signed to a major label it was such a sell out! But now… unless you’ve signed to a big label, you’re a failure now.
In 2010 I had signed three big banner films with actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, Arjun Rampal. Directors like Ken Ghosh, Bela Bhansali signed me and I had got my signing amounts but those films did not take off at all.
And that was what I was asking to happen and I was told that the indictment would be signed, but I was coming to the end of my one-year contract, I had to return to New Zealand for personal reasons.
Medicare is a promise we made to seniors more than four decades ago. When President Johnson signed Medicare into law, one in three seniors lived in poverty. Half of seniors had no health coverage at all.
To get me in to the Army underage, my mother signed me in saying that my birth certificate was lost in a fire in Nashville, so I got in underage. I was 16. She did because I begged her to do it.
I’ll remind you that the West signed a deal with North Korea, said it would make the world a safer place, and, of course, all the words evaporated, and North Korea acquired nuclear weapons.
When I was 17, I signed my record deal and passed my driver‘s test. It was a very good year!
And when you asked why I signed with AEW, that’s what I saw, was chance for a new future and everything has been extremely cool with me in AEW so far.
Even though I am signed to an American label, I want Australia to fall in love with my music because if it doesn’t work here, it won’t work anywhere.
‘Zubaan’ is the first film I had signed as a lead. It was an opportunity I was waiting for, coming at a time when I was getting shortlisted for roles but was unable to make the final cut.
Because I was crazy and because my parents wanted me out of their hair, they put me in an all-day acting class… so they wouldn’t have to deal with me, probably. And it just so happened there agents auditing the class, and I ended up getting signed.
I signed up for eHarmony once, and it took three hours to fill out that online form – so many personal questions. Then I clicked on submit, and instantaneously they responded and said, ‘We are sorry, but there is no one any where in the world that is appropriate for you.’ So that was it – I gave up.
When I got my record deal, my mum was still struggling a little bit, so the entertainment industry took advantage of that. My mum needed money, and so she signed a contract.
Sir Alex Ferguson sent me a letter wishing me good luck before my fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. He also sent me a United shirt, signed by all of the players. It was a really nice touch and typical of the man who has always made himself available to managers in this country whenever they’ve needed advice.
Before I got signed to Bad Boy, I grew up listening to Snoop and Tupac and my hood was all Tupac driven.
I sang everything – R&B slow jams, Spanish slow jams, romantic reggaeton – and I really didn’t care which I got signed for.
Back in the Nineties, I was in an R&B group. I signed my first record deal when I was 12.
From Stansted I signed for Dagenham and went on loan to Bishop‘s Stortford.
If you become their property it is much clearer for you, for the club, for everything. It was a great experience to play in three different teams, different leagues, different experiences, but if I wanted to improve I had to break this cycle and make my own way. That’s why I signed this contract to come to Stoke.
The gay-rights community had a strategy going in; they thought that they needed to have 30 states with some form of recognitionwhether that be marriage, whether it be civil unions – but they wanted to have 30 states signed on before they went to the federal courts.
My first proper race was a full marathon in 1987. A work colleague convinced us this was the best way to start and signed me up for the Lakeland marathon.
Maybe if I had signed for Chelsea I’d just have been sitting on the bench and what is the point in that?
It’s inevitable now, because everyone is a superstar, even if they’re just an average player, and maybe that was part of the process set in motion when I signed that contract in 1994.
I’d rather deal with a Mob guy shaking hands on a deal than a Hollywood lawyer, who, the minute you get the contract signed, is trying to figure out how to screw you.
Albert S. Ruddy
If Macron thinks there is no immigration crisis in Italy, he should open his doors to the 9,000 migrants France agreed to welcome from Italy in accordance with signed European agreements.
Playing for the Bulls, playing for big organizations, like Boston, you’re going to be judged from Day One. It’s part of it. You signed up for it.
I told the people before they tortured me, please, don’t torture me. I didn’t do anything. They say, we have to torture you very much. Then when they tortured me, I told them everything they want to hear. I signed confession. That said, the ball was in their court. You know, I very much surrender to my lot.
When LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the modern Southern GOP was born.
I could have stayed at Chelsea, signed a new contract, but I chose to go different ways.
In my first season after Mancini signed me, I was injured a lot, but when I was fit, he did play me.
As governor of New Mexico, I would have – I signed a bill banning late term abortion. I’ve always favored parental notification. I’ve always favored counseling. I’ve always favored the notion of no public funds used for abortion.
I think the best thing I ever did was, years before I got the ‘Late Night‘ show, when I first got out to Los Angeles to be a television writer, the first thing I did was I signed up to take improvisational classes… And I studied that for years, and I really loved it.
At 19, I got signed up for commercials, it was easy money.
Everyone who signed us to Epic, all of the people we trusted there, were let go.
I enjoyed all my films equally. I have loved working in all the movies which I signed. Whenever I used to like the script and the director only then I would say yes for the movie otherwise it was a complete no.
When you are signed to a major label, everyone wants to have a say in who you are and what you are doing.
Trouble is, I don’t get to play a lot at the moment because I’ve just signed a contract where I’ve got to do 200 shows a year in pubs, so the golf‘s fallen away a bit.
My mom wanted me to model, and I was little shy about it at first. I signed with Ford Models at 18.
The only thing that I’m not willing to do is really stupid, horribly written sitcoms. It can be tempting during pilot season time, but I realized this a while ago when I almost signed my life away to a stupid pilot.
RCA wanted me to change my name. They asked me around 1965, when they first signed me. They said, ‘Feliciano is too Latin.’ I said, ‘That’s who I am. I’m Jose Feliciano.’ They wanted me to change my name to Joe Phillips.
A couple of girls I’ve signed autographs for have just cried or broken out into tears.
I’m really pleased to have signed with Activate Management and am really looking forward to exploring my commercial opportunities with them around the world.
I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be in one place for more than a day… But we signed up for this. This is our dream. We sat down and said this is what we want to do, play music and touring.
People have said it’s hypocritical for me to call myself a feminist and make the kind of music we are making, because we signed to a major in the U.K., and that system objectifies women. Or people have complained that I don’t dance. But I like the idea that I can stomp around the stage if I want.
Oprah is signed on to help, and a lot of celebrity friends have agreed to help me raise money for Make-A-Wish. We want to make the world a better place for innocent children. I cried my heart out when my father died from cancer. I wish I was smarter, wiser like a doctor, to save these children from dying.
My point was very simple, and it was that it is absolutely absurd for the United States of America to continue to urge us further down the line towards a federal superstate when the U.S. has not even signed up to the U.N. Convention on Human Rights.
I came to New York City as a player, so my objective is to take the team as high as possible, preferably to victory. If that helps Major League Soccer grow, then that’s welcome, too, but I was signed as a New York City FC player and to do what’s best for the team.
There was a lot of pressure on me when I signed ‘Dilwale,’ and though it did not do as well in India, overseas the business was crazy despite competition from another film.
The problem is that Abu Mazen signed an agreement with the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.
Triple H is very hands-on and approachable. My whole ‘Glorious‘ song is because of Triple H. Before I even signed my contract, we discussed what I wanted to do and what he felt like I could do. It’s been a real joy working for him.
I signed schoolboy forms for Watford when I was 12, but then my parents got divorced, and I never kicked a ball for three years. I rebelled, I left home, but getting back into football sorted me out. It was the second chance I needed.
As a governor, I’ve signed virtually every kind of pro-life legislation that we can sign under existing federal law, none of which have been harsh or punitive, but I think they’ve been important to really point out a pro-life culture in Arkansas. That’s, for me, a good thing.
Take a look at all of them: Marichal, Jenkins, Spahn – what do you think made them successful? They conditioned their arms by pitching more, not less, starting from when they signed their first contract.
Newcastle was tough – the manager who’d signed me, Bobby Robson, got sacked three games into the season, so a new manager arrived, and I ended up going on loan again, to Aston Villa.
The whole world is moving to Kyoto II, but Australia is not there on the same basis because it is now seen as a delinquent country. Prime Minister Howard has led a delinquency because we signed up, and then we reneged on it. The world will be expecting that next time around as well.
I went to America on holiday when I was 17 and, before I knew it, I’d been signed up by an agency and had these obligations I didn’t understand, but which I couldn’t say no to. This industry chose me. But I did choose to make it fulfilling.
I am not immune to the lure of a signed record, flier or set list. The fact that your music heroes potentially had, in their own hands, the record you now have in yours is kind of cool. When the musician has departed, it can give the thing a unique power.
I would rather do twenty TV series than go through what I went through under that Rank contract I signed a few years ago for which I blame no one but myself.
I am not a mercenary. Milan was my home. They made a good deal, though. They signed me for 10 million euros and sold me for 42 million euros.
I get lonely – I’m not going to lie about that… I kind of signed up in my mind that I’m giving myself wholeheartedly, full-throttle to my creative life, and I don’t want to be distracted.
When my mother signed at MGM, that was the only kind of contract you could sign. There was no such thing as an independent agent.
Long before social media and even television, enterprising wrestling promoters wisely scouted and signed new stars that would not only help them sell tickets, but also garner publicity from mainstream sports media.
My husband and I were excited about having a kid – it was having a baby that had us worried. We had a lot to learn, so like good liberal arts graduates, we signed up for a class.
I didn’t know that Left Eye‘s dad passed away right when she wanted to tell him that she just signed to LaFace Records. After I signed to Jive Records and just before I put out my first album, my mother passed away. It was very odd how much we had in common.
That is because the conflict with al Qaeda is not governed by the Geneva Conventions, which applies only to international conflicts between states that have signed them.
I just signed to do my next book with Ecco Press, a new primer or encyclopedia. This will be my take on what classic Italian cooking is.
I met Harry Thomason when I signed on with 20th Century Fox in 1985.
I’m a good old Yorkshire girl in that I don’t like to talk about things that are on tick. As my nana always said, ‘Until you’ve bought it, it’s not yours,’ so until it’s signed on the dotted line, I don’t like to talk about it.
Def Jam commented on one of my Instagram photos once, and all my friends me hit me up, like ‘Yoooooo, you signed to Def Jam?’
When I was 13, I was saying that I wanted to be signed to a label. I was begging my dad to get me signed with somebody.
I trained at All Pro Wrestling in the U.S. Later, I signed up with the New Japan Pro Wrestling. Then WWE noticed me.
When I signed that major-label contract when I was 20 years old. I did it because I wanted to play music for the rest of my life. That’s every 20-year-old’s dream – to do whatever the hell you want.
Eighty percent of the problems that beset unification immediately disappeared when the President signed the bill increasing the authority and the responsibility of the Secretary of Defense.
Louis A. Johnson
And since Italy was involved in the space station as well as signed an agreement with NASA. And when the possibility to enter the 1996 Mission Specialist class.
The music that I’ve had out so far was obviously very pop, but when I signed with Hollywood Records, I was like, ‘I know that’s the music you’re familiar with, but that’s not what I want to sing. I want to do country.’ They were on board with it!
I am really excited to be signed on by Julian Belfrage Associates, who manage some of the best talent out there, and I am really excited for this new dimension and beginning.
Was I a fan of WWE? Yeah, of course, but I knew it was not going to be a thing for me, until NXT came to the foreground and a lot of my friends who I was competing against on the independent scene were getting signed.
It was also during my tenure of office that the Japanese Government agreed to the conclusion of a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and signed it, pursuing a policy in harmony with the avowed desire of the people.
There will be a Jussie Smollett album. I signed to Columbia. So, darling, I’m label mates with Beyonce and Adele and Barbra Streisand.
When I was eight, I told my best friend I got a Hilary Duff autograph, but I just signed it myself.
I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I signed on to work with a wrestler.
As anchorman of the CBS Evening News, I signed off my nightly broadcasts for nearly two decades with a simple statement: ‘And that’s the way it is.’ To me, that encapsulates the newsman’s highest ideal: to report the facts as he sees them, without regard for the consequences or controversy that may ensue.
When I got signed as a songwriter, I immediately thought, ‘Oh, no one sees me as an artist because I don’t look good enough.’ So I shut down the whole idea.
My backpack is signed by three members of The Doors. I did a song with Robby Kreiger, John Desmore, and Ray Manzarek. I made my dream come true.
I first learned about kicking under pressure in 1996, my rookie year with the Patriots. I was signed as a free agent by a team that already had Matt Bahr, one of the best kickers around. To win the job, I had to show coach Bill Parcells that I could make kicks when they counted. That process started in training camp.
I signed to Def Jam and within two months, I heard that Ja Rule was looking for someone to do a song with.
I think Hallmark is doing this really exciting thing right now, where they buy a series of books, they’re books for young adults, or adolescents, and they’re really fun Agatha Christie-style mysteries. I actually signed on for three of them.
I did all the musicals in my high school; I was in a pop group signed to Cash Money Records in college. Music has always been a really big part of my life.
I’ve signed a few autographs.
I never really thought about becoming the all-time top goalscorer. Because when I first signed for West Ham, I was just trying to get a game.
Brian Mulroney came to power in 1984 and privatized Petro-Canada, brought in the GST and signed the free trade agreement with the U.S. He was a great prime minister and made bold conservative changes. That’s all I want to do.
When I was signed by Elite Model Agency, my mom felt it was the right place as it was a professional agency.
I was a total nerd and had, like, two friends, and then I left my school and got signed to a record deal.
I was a drummer in a group called Three Plus. We were performing at a club in New York, and my mother signed me up for tap classes. I fell in love from the door… so you can blame it on my mother.
We didn’t tell anyone we had gotten signed, because people can freak out a little. But we started working with writers. I remember that I missed three to four days of school every single week, and people were, like, ‘Where are you?’, but I couldn’t say anything, because we’d talked about keeping it to ourselves.
In order to get a FISA warrant, you need an affidavit signed by a career law enforcement officer who swears the information is true… And if it is wrong, that person is going to face consequences.
President Theodore Roosevelt, who signed the Antiquities Act into law, created 18 monuments, including the Grand Canyon and Olympic National Park in Washington, totaling more than a million acres.
I knew Chester. I’ve known Chester since 2001. I was in a band called Dry Cell, and we were signed by the same guy that signed Linkin Park, so that’s how I knew him. He would come to some of our writing sessions and rehearsals; I’d see him in the studios that we were at.
I have ‘To Kill A Mockingbird‘ signed by Harper Lee. That is my prized possession.
As I look back on the day I signed my professional contract in 1973, I’ve never gone to sleep wondering if I could pay the bills or take care of my family. That’s what basketball has done for me. It’s given me the greatest of thrills from high school to college to the Olympics to coaching to broadcasting.
My friend Danny Clinch, who’s a photographer, gave me a big, signed, numbered print of a photo he took of Eddie Vedder in Seattle. It’s hung in my writing room where I have posters of writers that inspire me. They’re all pointing at me. Tom Waits is like, ‘Don’t sell out!’
I’ve been performing my whole life. My mom signed me up for a theater program when I was five – I was the evil queen in ‘Once Upon a Mattress.’
I started playing guitar when I was eight. Well, I started piano and really liked it but never practiced, but it taught me how to read music, and then my mom signed me up for guitar lessons, and I connected to that way more.
Apollo Records signed me for my gospel ability.
It was pleasing to see Jon Lewis confirmed as England’s new bowling coach. I actually lived with Jon for a couple of years as part of the deal when I first signed for Sussex.
Do not go out first thing after signing a contract and buy assets that are huge compared to the contract signed. Just because you have money for the first time doesn’t mean you have to spend it before you know all the ramifications of buying the assets.
My high school coach was Ray O’Conner. He has coached a lot of players that have signed professional contracts, and many of those have gone on to play in the major leagues.
In WCW, your future was determined by the time you signed the contract. I was the lowest-paid guy in the company at $75,000.
Now I think a lot of wrestlers want to get signed so that way they can be with a company where they can learn, but they’re really kind of looking for a contract, and I do think that makes sense.
When I signed for Tottenham, my target was to get 10 starts.
I tried my best to get my brother to get signed by Golden Boy and all his higher-ups, but I don’t know, I don’t know what they was looking for or what they was looking into. They didn’t do it.
Regarding my pay, my salary, that I don’t ‘earn a lot,’ these are things that are a result of two years ago when I came to Inter. To me, it was a good contract for having arrived at Inter. I signed the contract with the excitement and desire to prove my worth and be an important player for Inter.
When I left ‘The Garry Moore Show,’ I signed a 10-year contract with CBS.
I told everyone through high school and junior High I guarantee by time 24, I’ll be signed with WWE, and that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t go on to main even WrestleMania obviously, but the whole WWE accomplishment was checked off, and I got to experience that and it’s cool.
If you notice, many star kids don’t get signed after their first film flops.
When I got to Scotland, I signed up on a site called Meetup. It’s like these group things you can do – a poetry reading, a hike, whatever.
After being signed by WWE, Edge, Christian, Mark Henry, Giant Silva, Test and Ken Shamrock all trained at my house. I had a pool room with an indoor pool and a garden behind it. I took out the garden and put in a wrestling ring.
The glorified will not be pilgrims, transient visitors, or tenants at will, but settled, permanent, walled, established by title, through eternity by warrantee deed, signed, sealed, recorded, possession given. No renters, no lessees of Heaven, but all property and home owners.
My first film would have been ‘Rough,’ and it got delayed. ‘Venkatadri Expressreleased first and became a big success. I signed ‘Venkatadri’ after 15 days of shooting for ‘Rough’. I had lot of faith in the script, and I feel luck plays a major part.
I don’t think that Dreamworks would have signed me expecting to really mess around with whatever it is I do.
I got a record label and I got a couple artists signed. All of them got real-deal.
When I signed up for Y&R, my actor friends said, ‘A daytime soap? It’ll kill your career!’ Now they’d trade places with me in a heartbeat.
Jeanne Cooper
If you don’t believe I’m a professional, do not sign me. And if you’ve signed me on a certain belief, don’t question my integrity.
I’ve signed babies‘ arms. I wanted to pull a ‘Ricky Bobby’ and sign a baby’s forehead.
When I signed the contract, I told Salman I am doing ‘Bigg Boss’ in Marathi. He was more than happy and is hopeful I will enjoy doing it.
I signed up for ‘Brothers & Sisters‘ because I think it’s a really great show. I like my character, and I’m really interested in what he has to do every day – and this cast is so spectacular. I really wanted to work with this particular group of people.
Until the contract is signed, nothing is real.
My A&R at Epic got fired the first week I got signed.
Dick Moss, my agent. Dick became my agent in 1979 when I signed my contract with the Houston Astros.
In fighting, when someone’s signed up to fight me, I’m not humble. I’ve never been humble.
I’ve never taken the steps to be ‘successful’: I’ve never had a manager or signed to a publishing house.
My dad’s father would take me to WWE shows when I was younger, and my other grandfather, my mom’s dad, would watch wrestling with me at the house. They just really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, they both passed away before I signed with WWE.
I saw 14 games in two and a half months at Churchill. It was what I really signed for. They were eyeing the championship and also playing the AFC Cup. So I am very thankful for Churchill, the coaching staff and the players.
I’ve grown up with Kenny Dalglish; now, to be signed by him is a massive honour.
When I got out of college and signed a contract to play pro football in the USFL, the first thing I bought was a Remington 1100 shotgun and a Remington .30-06.
I remember in 2016 when I got signed to my record label Good Soldier, which is a very small indie label. They took a big risk on me because ballads were the furthest thing from cool at the time.
Cross-strait engagement must be consistent and guided by a stable policy with respect for past interaction and agreements signed by the two sides.
When I have signed for clubs, I have always spoken a long time with the CEO or with the owners, not only at United, but also at Bayern Munich and Barcelona, and I have the faith that they always support me.
If it wasn’t for Al Kooper, there might not be a Lynyrd Skynyrd. He’s the one who found us at Pinocchio‘s in Atlanta, Georgia, and signed us to Sounds Of The South through MCA, brought the band to attention.
In February 2003, I signed a three-year contract with MSNBC to host a talk show. Having recently decided not to run again for governor of Minnesota, I was still a pretty hot commodity. The show was originally scheduled for an hour, four nights a week.
Juventus’ supporters called for Conte, however this is not the reason why the club signed him. I can explain it better: fans are obviously very important, but thinking that Juventus managers follow their moods would be wrong.
I play the game and I understand what’s going to happen; you get banged up. But you signed up for it.
I’ve gone into cage matches, I’ve gone into Ultimate X, and I’ve said this before: I know exactly what I’ve signed up for, and I’m not afraid of anything in front of me, and I’m willing to do anything and whatever it takes to come out with my hand raised.
I started touring a little bit in 1973 in support of a record I made for an independent label. In 1975, when I signed with Warner Bros., where I remained happily ensconced for the next 24 years, my touring activity increased considerably.
I was keenly aware when I was drafted, when I signed my first contract; immediately, I was thinking about the end.
When we signed Taylor Swift, people said, ‘You’re signing a 15-year-old female country artist? Good luck!’
Russia and China thawed their frosty relationship in the 1990s and signed a friendship treaty in 2001, but China’s rise has increased tensions in every regional relationship.
I was initially signed to a German label a few years ago.
People always said that I hated punk, and that really wasn’t true. It was glossed over for many years that I was the guy who found the Tubes and signed them to A&M. English punk was a revolution.
Through our long career we never got to work together until 2013 when we signed ‘Club 60.’ Until then I always liked him from afar. I knew Farooque Sahab was a decent person, a warm person, but it was only after I met him during this shoot that I realized what an enormously nice and genuine person he was.
If you’re an outsider, you don’t know how to get signed by the WWE. It’s not like football where you can sign up and segue your way in. You’ve got to know somebody.
Charles Laughton signed me to my first movie contract at 17. He later asked my parents if he could adopt me.
Female actors’ contribution to films are at par with male actors. So just because they signed the film, they can’t be taken for granted.
When I was releasing EPs by myself, I was generating royalties. And when I signed, I thought I’d put those royalties into other artists. And interestingly, streaming is most of the income for those artists.
I felt shaky, then ‘Hungama’ worked, and I signed films left, right and centre to kill my insecurity.
Ram Gopal Varma had signed me for ‘Satya‘ and two days before the shoot, I was dropped out of the film. He didn’t even have the decency to call me or my manager and inform me about the reality. I learnt from the press that he had begun shooting without me.
I’ve signed many documents as president and CEO as required by law. I signed every single document that we were required to file – every single one of them.
Our veterans made a commitment to our country when they signed up.
Four months after we released ‘I Don’t Want to Be Funny Anymore,’ the album came out on EggHunt. Three months after that, we officially signed with Matador. That’s not a very long time: half a year between the first flood and the final signing.
The countries in the Paris climate accord have broken almost every promise they’ve made, and the nation (the U.S.) that hasn’t signed the treaty is doing more than any other nation to reduce global warming.
I ended up performing one time at BET. I performed my record, like, four times, and the crowd was going super crazy. And Busta just happened to be there; he pulled me to the side and asked, ‘Are you signed to anybody?’ So we went to the studio a few days later, spoke, and then became business partners.
In 1907, Britain and Russia signed a treaty dividing Iran between them; no Iranian was at the negotiations or even knew they were taking place.
It was my dream come true when I signed for Real Madrid. I want to stay here for as many years as possible and, if it’s possible, finish my career here.
When I signed on and went and did ‘Catching Fire,’ the majority of it was done in Atlanta for rebate reasons. Luckily, that worked because there’s forest. There’s old rail stations and factories and lots of stuff we can use and sound stages. For the tropical stuff, we went to Hawaii.
I was signed to a record label at the same time as my friend Elliot Murphy, who makes great records to this day.
I signed for Ajax in 1989 when I was still at school.
Actually, as that first association continued, we got a little more legitimate. In those days, they asked Boy Scout troops to act as ushers during the football games. So we signed up and I went to many games in full Boy Scout uniform as an usher.
I’ve learned through experience that you can’t ever predict what’s going to happen with any show. When I signed on to ‘Ugly Betty,’ I just prayed that I wouldn’t get fired after the pilot, and four years later, I was still doing it.
I always say that Madrid must have the best players, as this is the best club in the world. But it is not for me to say which players should be signed.
I went from sort of trying to get work to all of a sudden being signed up for the next few years on something, and something of this scale with some of the best people in the business involved, acting and directing. It was a dream.
I signed at Sony and suddenly they’ve started to take an interest in Israeli musicians and to listen more, and I send them stuff. It’s very important for me to open that window for Israelis.
When I signed up for Google Plus, it recommended 500 people for me to invite. You know, and once I invited those 500 people I got another 500 people. So it has a huge install base that it can start from.
Over a three year period, I gave away half of what I had. To be honest, my hands shook as I signed it away. I knew I was taking myself out of the race to be the richest man in the world.
Signing to a major, there weren’t many bands from our sphere that were doing it. I mean, obviously R.E.M. had done it, and Husker Du and the Replacements had done it, and maybe Soul Asylum, but that was probably about it. Those four bands were pretty much the only ones from that milieu that had signed to a major.
I could’ve signed with a team after Portland cut me and just sat on the bench and collected paychecks, but that’s not my style. That just seems really unethical. Besides, money doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got enough money.
I have always wanted to fight no matter what position I am in, and whether that is Liverpool or England, I need to do more, and I need to do better because you have younger players, or players get signed for the club who push you and want to take your place, and you have to be better than them.
Jimmy Iovine signed me personally to a million-dollar contract, and I lost my identity for a long time. That system is so predicated on making a hit, or you’re out of here.
The Roots – we signed our first record deal when I was about 19 years old.
I’ve just signed a contract to make records in Nashville. It won’t amount to much at first, but after a year or so, I will really be in the money.
I am so not a pageant girl, but I signed up for the Miss Junior Florida contest because I thought it would be good experience.
Amanda Latona
Before I signed for Liverpool, I was playing for Newcastle as a No. 10 – basically, I was always attacking. I didn’t have to do much defensive work; I didn’t play as the No. 6 or the No. 8.
Washington’s a mess, but that’s not stopping me from getting bills to help Montana signed into law by President Trump.
My first and only experience in baseball, the coach signed me up; he didn’t tell me there’s a thing called the curveball. I didn’t know that. So the ball’s coming at me and I start backing out, and then it broke inside. And the umpire says, ‘Strike one!’ And I’m saying, ‘How is that a strike? It almost hit me!’
I’ve signed four autographs for Sam Worthington in L.A., and I haven’t told any of the people that I’m not him.
I never said Arsenal fans were not good. I just said I saw real passion when I signed here, and I said Arsenal was a little bit different. That is the only thing I said.
Fame isn’t something I signed up for, it’s just a by-product of what I wanted to do.
Josh O’Connor
When you get to a team whether you’re traded, drafted, or signed, you owe it to the organization and your teammates to give it your all.
Sammy Sosa? Everybody knew who Sammy was, paid attention to Sammy. I had already signed in pro ball when he had the great homer year with Mark McGwire in ’98. But I followed it, and I was proud of him because he was my countryman. There are a lot of great ballplayers from the Dominican, and he’s one of the best.
Any veteran can tell you it is already hard enough to see a doctor down at the VA and get the health care they were promised when they signed up to serve this country.
My house is a bit like a teenager‘s bedroom. The kind of pictures you have hanging up on your wall say a lot about you. I’ve got ones of Evel Knievel, Elvis and Starsky and Hutch, signed by David Soul.
I would have never signed the Patriot Act. I would have never signed the National Defense Authorization Act allowing for arrests and detainment of you and me as U.S. citizens without being charged.
The PLO and the Palestinian people adhere to the renouncement of violence and rejection and condemning of terrorism in all its forms, especially State terrorism, and adhere to all agreements signed between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel.
Once we got signed, I moved out of my house because I was having teenage issues with my mom. It really wasn’t my fault, looking back. You know, I’m gay; it’s weird. It was one of the things. She has no problem with me being gay, but she had a problem with me dressing the way I do at first.
Elvis walked over and signed a few autographs over the fence. They were screaming. I had never seen this.
The Paris Agreement is an agreement that has really such a huge, huge level of credibility and strength. Not only was it signed by more than 190 countries in record time, it has also been ratified in record time, and it has also, really, also a lot of support form the people, the public in general.
I didn’t want to be a solo Westlifecovers and ballads – and the reason I signed with Capitol Records was because they wanted me to write songs myself. It was pretty scary, but they put me in a studio in Nashville with some new songwriters, and the results were pretty good.
We go in to liberate Cuba, but Cuba still isn’t free; we don’t really think through what we’ll do after the initial treaty is signed, but we’re still occupying. There’s chaos and torture and finally an outcry.
I definitely want people to believe that if I have signed a project, it will be good.
When I first came to Bellator, I wanted to take it back to what we accomplished at Strikeforce and look at the next generation. So we signed the Aaron Picos of the world and put them in our development programme to nurture them.
France and Italy have not yet signed this treaty or agreed to naval limitation as between those nations, but I have confidence that in time they will do so.
Facebook knew in December 2015 that data had been harvested on Cambridge Analytica’s behalf. It denied this until I came forward and produced the contract that SCL Elections, CA’s parent company, signed with GSR, Dr. Aleksandr Kogan’s company, for the work.
When I first signed on to play Tommen, I started speculating about when he was going to die. I sort of knew he wouldn’t be the last one on the throne, but Tommen doesn’t really deserve to have his throat slit or his stomach jabbed. In a way, Tommen died the way he was – it was a peaceful death.
Being signed to a major label was never an option because I knew having the time to find out who you are without pressure from other people is so important.
I started out as a drummer, and when I was 9, my drum teacher had an album out. He was the rudiment king! He signed it for me, ‘Rudimentally yours, Frank Arsenault.’ How cool is that?
I started when I was 13 years old by entering ‘Elle Girl”s search for the next supermodel in the U.K. I got to the finals and was signed by Storm.
I signed ‘Aurangzeb’ because I loved the story. I thought it was an untold tale. For whatever reason, the audience did not like the film. Fair enough, but I still enjoyed the process.
One of the great things about the Fifties is there are so many secrets – people who’ve come back from the war and done these terrible things that they don’t want to think about, or can’t say what they did because they signed the Official Secrets Act.
The alarm on my wife‘s phone is ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered,’ so that’s a great way to wake up.
During my first term in Congress, I signed a pledge that I will take no more earmarks and I’ve been faithful to that pledge.
The songwriting did come naturally; it really did. Like Joe said, the first song we ever wrote together was the song that got us signed, you know, so it was either luck, fate, or something in between.
When I signed with Ring of Honor, looking back now, I don’t think I deserved it.
I’ve got a basketball signed by all the greats from Julius Irving to Oscar Robinson. It was at an All Star game I got them all to sign it. So that ain’t going nowhere. I’m going to die with that in my casket.
Some people plant in the spring and leave in the summer. If you’re signed up for a season, see it through. You don’t have to stay forever, but at least stay until you see it through.
I’ve signed a few sneakers in my day.
Many a revolution started with the actions of a few. Only 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence. A few hanging together can lead a nation to change.
The expectation in Munich is always high, this expectation I have towards myself personally and to my players. I was aware of that when I signed with Bayern.
If you haven’t signed anything, you cant be ripped off.
I can confirm that Poland should become a eurozone country, and not just because of the treaties that have been signed, but because I consider it of strategic interest both for Poland and the E.U.
I feel like I’ve done Pete Hornberger, and that is a painting I have signed, and I don’t need to play that character anymore. So I’ll get offers for panicky, pathetic guys, and while it’s a great compliment to get them, I feel like I don’t need to play that again.
We were signed to a label that wanted us to remain little girls who appealed to other little girls, who were cute and non-threatening.
I’ve never signed any contract and never received a cent from Iraq.
I started wrestling at 15 and signed with world’s biggest company by 21 and then had to rebuild myself again.
When Britain signed up to the European Convention and its later protocols, the words ‘universal suffrage‘ were deleted from the ‘right to votearticle.
We’d been out touring for a couple of years before we signed with Sony and everything.
Back in 2004 I trained at an independent wrestling school and performed in front of crowds of around 200, then I got signed to a contract with the WWE to continue my development.
108 members of congress have signed onto my Resolution of No Confidence in Attorney General Holder as a first step towards recognizing that he must be held accountable for the actions of his department and for his personal unwillingness to cooperate with congressional oversight requests.
We saw that our customers required help beyond the data sets they had and that they could benefit from a wider opinion. So we built SurveyMonkey Audience, and we’ve now got 4 million users who signed up to take surveys. Our clients can choose the demographic they want to hear from, and we can provide that sample.
I signed my first film soon after I graduated from college. So, my real struggle started after my first film didn’t do too well. But I believe failure only makes you stronger.
When I signed with WWE and moved to Orlando, my wife and my two kids came with me.
I had signed a four-film contract at the time of the first ‘Deadpool’ film. So I always knew that I’d be working in the subsequent installments of ‘Deadpool.’
Wall Street‘s biggest fight with Obama was over the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which Obama signed into law in the summer of 2010.
With the Beatles, we’d been very spoiled because we had George Martin who worked for the record label we were going to be signed to. That was very fortunate, because we grew together.
My dad sent Frank Sinatra a dollar bill to autograph, and when it came back, signed, he had it framed: it was always up on the wall in whatever flat we were in.
The only thing you are really here to do is play football. So when you get a chance to go to the draft, and that part is over with, and you get signed on to a team, and you’re ready to go, now it’s back to everything you’ve been doing to get to this point, and that’s play football.
We were all ruled by the studio system. I signed a contract for seven years.
I was living in London with my brother, and he was a friend of Matt Marshall, who signed Tool. So we were the first people over in Europe to get the first Tool demo in 1991, and me and my brother immediately cottoned on to it.
I felt very strongly about the Ashley Madison thing. Of the 39 million people who signed up for Ashley Madison, only a tiny percentage of them actually had an affair. And I’d go a step further and say even if they did, it’s none of our business, frankly.
I realized a few years ago that as an actress I’d signed myself up to a life of disempowerment. I’m always waiting for permission to do what I want to do.
I remember having a conversation with Drake just before I signed. He said, ‘Make sure that, whatever you do, your opponent is scared of you.’ That really stuck with me.
And they talk about their bona fide doctors. They have a list of doctors that signed affidavits from looking at a picture of Terry. That’s where they get their information from, by looking at a picture.
I signed up for military service in the months following 9/11, and later, as a military intelligence officer, I felt called, like so many others, to volunteer for deployment and service in Afghanistan.
Under Wenger I became the player that I am today because he’s the guy that signed me at 16. I owe him a lot and all the time I spent here he made me play so much even when I was really young. Those are things you owe him back.
I give away about 50 percent of my income, so my, you know, desire to give back to the country is pretty strong and I intend to give away a lot more. I’ve signed the giving pledge with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and I intend to give away the bulk of my money.
The Declaration on Strategic Partnership between India and Russia signed in October 2000 became a truly historic step. The developments in the first decade of the 21 century confirmed that it was a particularly significant and timely step.
As we learned after President Herbert Hoover signed the Smoot-Hawley tariff at the outset of the Great Depression, vibrant international trade is a key component to economic recovery; hindering trade is a recipe for disaster.
Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to ensure fair pay for women in the workplace. In addition, he succeeded in getting a measure passed to end discrimination against gays in the military.
I was under the impression I had signed a three-year contract. I want to be back. I expect to be back. I will be back.
I did not become successful in my work through embracing or engaging in celebrity culture. I never signed away my privacy in exchange for success.
Languages like English, Spanish, and Chinese are healthy languages. They exist in spoken, written, and signed forms, and they’re used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. But most of the 6,000 or so of the world’s languages aren’t in such a healthy state.
After I signed pro forms in 1991, I went on to be chosen for a Paulista state championship select XI, then for Brazil at youth level, then for the full squad, and then finally I became a World Cup winner.
When we got signed, I lent my parents money, because they were broke.
At 17, I signed a recording contract right out of high school, so I started touring and traveling the world. I sort of missed out on the college experience.
I’d have signed for Real in a heartbeat. They’re a club with more glamour than Milan; more prospects, more appeal, more everything. They strike fear in their opponents, whoever they happen to be.
My background with AEW is just that, as a fan. I really signed on pretty hard early on. I just had a feeling that that amount of business acumen, and money and talent would just become explosive.
I’m a Reds fan. I signed up to be a Reds fan, I want to be a Reds fan.
I got a signed document from Bullock’s saying that they had such-and-such drawings on consignment. Of course, nobody bought any of them, but otherwise, I was a big success: I had my drawings on sale at Bullock’s!
From the time you were signed at MGM you just felt you were in God’s hands.
Ann Rutherford
When I moved from Metz to Monaco, we reached an advanced stage in the Champions League, and we played against Real Madrid. It was one of most beautiful days of my life because I was lucky enough to get a signed shirt from the football legend Zinedine Zidane.
I signed a five-year contract with Barcelona. I’ll be here for a long time.
For me, it’s always been a financial kind of scenario. I was actually the first one who signed the ‘exclusive to Ring of Honor’ contract. I was the first guy who ever signed one of those contracts. That was tough for me because I had no one to talk to. I had no examples to go on. I was the guinea pig.
It seems that for all of the artists signed to a major, there exists the same amount of artists that are struggling to break through to the surface within the label. I think, ideally, we’d end up with a very well connected competent indie team that will be along with us for the ride, however long that ride may be.
Actually, we got signed in November of 2000 with Dreamworks which is the most amazing label. We have friends on other labels and though we are not selling millions of records, yet, they treat us with tons of respect and give us some very good guidance.
When I was a kid, my daily routine was playing make-believe, and I kind of created these stories throughout the day. And when it came time to go to preschool, my English wasn’t really so great because my mother wanted me to learn Ukrainian, so she signed me up for these children’s theater groups.
I think shortly after I got signed, it just started to dawn on me that I had something to say and that Yahweh put something in my heart to share with the world.
Just because I have signed a contract doesn’t mean that he or she has bought me from head to toe.
In 1950, when the Giants signed me, they gave me $15,000. I bought a 1950 Mercury. I couldn’t drive, but I had it in the parking lot there, and everybody that could drive would drive the car. So it was like a community thing.
Released in 1967, ‘Farz’ was the remake of a Telegu film that was turned down by most actors of the time – Manoj Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Dharmendra… I was the needy and greedy one then and signed the film gladly.
You just have to find a lawyer that won’t let you sign certain things – and I mean the fine print, because I was gone from Phil Spector and signed with Gamble and Huff in Philadelphia, and Phil bought my record contract back from them.
As a physicist, I can state that none of the 18 physicists who signed the Statement works in this field; nor to my knowledge has ever published a paper on this subject.
Extradition treaties date back at least to 1259 B.C., when the Hittite King Hattusili the Third and Ramesses the Second signed a treaty of ‘peace and brotherhood for all time.’ They have become more commonplace as international travel has become easier and sensibly streamlined.
I love jewellery and stuff, so when I first got signed, I spent it on a load of bling.
I was in a group called Pablo, while and were a part of the Atban Klann. They signed to Ruthless Records with Easy-E. When Easy-E passed away in 1995 they changed their name to the Black Eyed Peas and asked me if I wanted to be a part of it. The rest is history.
It’s wonderful and reassuring to see ‘Hichki’ doing so well. When I got to know the subject and signed the film, I knew that we were working on an important and sensitive subject. I knew that we had a winner at hand. But as artists, we are always a little anxious about our work, that’s just in our DNA, I guess.
I always say that, I never talked about the NBA, I never talked about anything because I was just playing basketball for fun. I didn’t think about being a professional and I didn’t even know you could be signed.
Ever since I signed with Nike I definitely got a crazy amount of shoes.
There was an obvious display of blatant sexism when I couldn’t get signed. They didn’t say I was ugly. They didn’t say that they didn’t like the music. They said I was too old! At 26! So Badly Drawn Boy, Doves, Elbow, James Blunt – you can be a gnarly old beardy bloke with a bit of a paunch and that’s all right?
I dreamt of being an Aerie model before I came to New York. That was one of the main reasons I came to New York and wanted to get signed.
President Clinton signed a $10 million deal to write a book by 2003. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, and get this, not only that, President Bush signed a $10 million deal to read a book by 2003.
From the first day I got signed to WWE, being the champion was always my number one goal, and after years of consistent hard work both mentally and physically, ups and downs, I was finally in that moment I had dreamt and thought about so much!
I knew Kanye way before he was signed.
I was honored I was signed to Sony. But later I felt like they weren’t the right team.
Since taking office, President Obama has signed into law spending increases of nearly 25 percent for domestic government agencies – an 84 percent increase when you include the failed stimulus. All of this new government spending was sold as ‘investment.’
I wrote small stories here and there, then bigger ones. Some were even written for money. I signed up for a writing class and snuck my first assignment on a yellow legal pad in a partner‘s office while he read through my memo.
I signed with an acting agent first; I wasn’t really interested in signing with a modeling agent. But that same day, they said, ‘You should go over to Ford.’
My tryout match for WWE was against Kofi. I was unsigned, and then I got signed by working the dark matches. I wrestled with Kofi in my first TV match at Deep South Wrestling. We’ve done single matches, tag matches, all the way to producing.
A big reason why I signed with WWE in the first place was because my son wanted to see me wrestle in WWE, and he wanted to see me wrestle John Cena.
During the 1970s and 1980s Gibson did use my likeness, but we never signed anything. This new Signature model is the first time we struck a formal written deal for a guitar with my name on it.
I was signed to a record label when I was younger. I was in a group, and I just wasn’t – personally, I wasn’t ready to get out there. I don’t know. It was a pop group. Not like the Spice Girls, but when you don’t have any control over anything, it’s disheartening.
I like being signed because you have the support system. It’s all about the growth and labels give you that support you need.
My first two years in the CFL, all I thought of was getting back to the NFL – it was like ‘I’ll put my time in up here and go back.’ Then I went and signed a nice contract in Calgary and was like, ‘Hey, I can make a living up here, this is great football, and I’m having a blast.’
Authors don’t tend to stay with the same agents and editors over their entire lifetimes, but Grafton worked with Marian Wood, her editor at Putnam, from Kinsey‘s first outing, and signed with Molly Friedrich, still her literary agent, with the publication of ‘B Is for Burglar.’
When I signed the license, I thought the media wasn’t going to pick up on it if I used my real name, Nicholai Hilton.
I have had so many fine moments in Naples, but the first that comes to mind is when I signed the contract. I immediately loved this city and these wonderful people.
There is a one woman in China that claimed she paid $50 to get my e-mail address. It was pretty shocking. I got one this morning from Scotland. A girl’s requesting a signed photo of me.
I never signed ‘NH 10’ officially. I was supposed to do it. Then it got delayed. Then I moved on to other films like ‘Kai Po Che’ and ‘Shahid.’
Well, Eminem, you know, I know him longer. Ive been signed to his label since 2001 and he’s a good friend.
You wait all your life to be signed by a major label, and then when they sign you, they don’t want you to do what you want to do.
When I turned 20 I signed my south film and by the time I was 23, I had done three south films.
There was this one movie I really wanted to do, with Gregory Peck, ‘Captain Newman, M.D.,’ and Universal said, ‘Well, if you want that, you’re going to have to sign a seven-year contract.’ And I’d already been through that. But I needed it, so I signed.
I signed with Kanye back in 2003, and at that time, ‘The College Dropout’ hadn’t even come out, so he was still relatively unknown compared to where he is now. He wasn’t a household name; people were still calling him ‘Kane.’
I was signed at 19 years old to a major label, and dropped by the time I was 22.
In 1999, I just came out of putting out the song ‘Vivrant Thing’ and ‘Breathe and Stop’ off the ‘Amplified‘ album. Clive Davis signed me to Arista.
I had trials with QPR where I won all the running drills and after playing a match, I was told that whatever I did would determine if I got scouted. I scored and assisted one, only to be told I didn’t put enough crosses in. So I didn’t get signed.
When I signed for Real Madrid, it was like a dream.
After my WWE tryout in 2014, I thought for sure that I was going to get signed and that it is finally happening and that I was going to finally be there. Then, when it didn’t happen I was heartbroken. I always think it is because God had a plan for me.
The fans, in their minds, they think once you signed a deal, you sold out. So, in staying independent, I keep my freedom, and I’m not selling out.
When it comes to wildfires, 2013 wasn’t a good year, which is why I’m especially proud that the majority of my wildfire prevention legislation was signed into law today.
I had no interest in being an actress what so ever, and when I was about 14 or 15, I was signed to a company in England. They owned a children’s TV show which they put me in as a singer, and I was on the show for three years, and I left the show when I was 18 and started looking for a record contract.
When I signed a record deal, I was always told by execs I needed to be like everybody else, that I had to show my midriff, things that would take away from who I want to be as an artist.
One of the first production deals I signed, the guy wanted my name to be Minaj and I fought him tooth and nail. But he convinced me. I’ve always hated it.
Who’s been with me longest? Kevin Blackwell. I signed him as a goalkeeper at Scarborough in ’86 and he’s basically been with me my whole career. He’s been my goalkeeper, reserve goalie, now my assistant manager.
I got signed to a development deal when I was 15. That fell through after about a year when the company merged with another label. Then I got picked up by Sony publishing. So I was writing professionally from 16 to 18. Then I started making my own records.
I have a fan base worldwide, man. I think they’re really down for me. That’s how I got signed – 30,000 fans retweeting Rick Ross.
This idea that once you get into politics… you are now signed up for lifelong duty being in elective office, makes a fundamental error – and that is believing that the only way you can hold progressive views and implement them is in elective office.