Sovereignty Of God Quotes

Sovereignty Of God Quotes by Margaret Clarkson, Christine Caine, David Platt, D. A. Carson, John Piper, Max Lucado and many others.

The sovereignty of God is the one impregnable rock to which the suffering human heart must cling. The circumstances surrounding our lives are no accident: they may be the work of evil, but that evil is held firmly within the mighty hand of our sovereign God.
As leaders, it all comes down to trust. Do you trust the sovereignty of God?
The sovereignty of God is the only foundation for worship in the midst of tragedy.
The person who loves his life will lose it: it could not be otherwise, for to love one’s life is a fundamental denial of God’s sovereignty, of God’s rights, and a brazen elevation of self to the apogee of one’s perception, and therefore an idolatrous focus on self, which is the heart of all sin
The presence of hope in the invincible sovereignty of God drives out fear.
What I’m urging people to do is trust in the sovereignty of God.
I don’t know how people pray who don’t believe in the sovereignty of God to do the impossible. Because all the things I want to happen are impossible. If they’re possible I’ll do them.
If you believe that God overrules all things for good, and only permits apparently evil happenings for good and the achievement of great ends unbeknown to you, then all is well. All is well because you believe in the sovereignty of God.
To restore morality we must first recognize the source from which all morality springs. From our earliest history in 1776 when we were declared to be the United States of America, our forefathers recognized the sovereignty of God.
The sovereignty of God is that golden sceptre in his hand by which he will make all bow, either by his word or by his works, by his mercies or by his judgements.
Some Christians live in such fear, they act as if they believe in the sovereignty of Satan rather than the sovereignty of God.
In regard of God, patience is a submission to His sovereignty. To endure a trial, simply because we cannot avoid or resist it, is not Christian patience. But to humbly submit because it is the will of God to inflict the trial, to be silent because the sovereignty of God orders it – is true godly patience.
It is a most blessed thing to be subject to the sovereignty of God.
When you go through a trial, the sovereignty of God is the pillow upon which you lay your head.
To the one who delights in the sovereignty of God the clouds not only have a ‘silver lining‘ but they are silver all through, the darkness only serving to offset the light!
The prime minister has chosen to acknowledge publicly the sovereignty of God and the claim of God on her life. Hers is the challenge to live up to that claim.
Philip Robinson