Strata Quotes

Strata Quotes by Sayani Gupta, Brian Ferneyhough, Charles Lyell, J. G. Ballard, Shehbaz Sharif, Georges Cuvier and many others.

In my model, important interference phenomena arise when individual strata come into contact. These chaotic fluctuations are, I suppose, what my music is reallyabout.’
The idea of ‘machine assemblage‘ is, especially, very alien to my sensibility, since it suggests a relative indifference of the strata to one another during the process of construction.
My upbringing was so middle-class and repressed. It wasn’t until I was placed in Lunghua that I met anyone from any other social strata. When I did, I found them colossally vital.
There is a strong need for constructing low income houses in the province, for which the Punjab government has planned a programme of providing houses to low income strata.
But the revolutions and changes which are responsible for the present state of the earth are not limited to the upsetting of the ancient strata and to the ebbing of the sea after the formations of new layers.
As I had visualized, ‘Heroine‘ is shaping up to be a very contemporary film with a different premise and strata. This film, like most of my other films, is a blend of facts and fiction. The film has a larger span, more characters, and costumes… a journey that revolves around an actress‘s life and the showbiz.
Companyattracted a certain strata that acknowledged me as a good actor. But in terms of popularity, I owe everything I have to ‘Roadbecause of the song, ‘Raste raste, toofan sa.’
So many of us have moved to another city, and it’s across strata, economic divides, educational status etc, but we have found ourselves in a new city with its new challenges. So there is something about ‘Dayashankar’ that people connect with.
Contempt for men pervades the most obscure strata of our society.
As a woman, absolutely, I have had to deal with people making advances at me, but not just people from the business of film industry but people across different professions and different strata. I think it has a lot to do with power; it is not only limited to the film business.
Hamilton had a certain social versatility, and in a way, that is understandable because he‘s someone who rises up from the lowest rungs of society and then scales the top. And he gets to know people from every strata along the way.
I’m from working-class, blue-collar America, and I don’t believe that people in that socioeconomic strata wait until they’re 40 to have children.
The appearance of the bones of quadrupeds, especially those of complete bodies in the strata, tells us either that the layer itself which carries them was in earlier times dry land or that dry land was at least formed in the immediate area.
I recorded with Sinatra, but the recording business is a very strange strata right now.
Corruption is in society and in every strata of society.
I would say that many of the characters in my stories do not live in true poverty – they are not out on the street; they are not wondering if there will be anything to eat in the next week. They are people who are at the lower echelons of the economic strata.
In Europe the various ranks of society are, like the strata of the earth, fixed and fossilized. There can be no great change without a terrible upheaval, a social earthquake.
My night stand is more like a geological structure: a bunch of books piled on the floor with its own strata.