Tougher Quotes

Tougher Quotes by Cat Zingano, Carl Froch, Persis Khambatta, Bob Filner, The Undertaker, Ashton Eaton and many others.

Life is tough, but I’m tougher.
Make no mistake, the days and hours before going into the ring can be stressful for any boxer. The bigger and tougher the fight the greater stress, But if a boxer knows he‘s stepping out of his league it’s even worse.
It’s tough to make it as an actor, tougher still to make it as an actress – the Screen Actors Guild is eager to provide the statistics to verify the latter.
We have seen that, in another unfunded mandate, the so-called No Child Left Behind Act, which created tougher standards, and we all support that, but Congress did not provide the money to attract and hire the best teachers.
I think I’m a little tougher than I am smart.
Track and field is tougher physically, but golf is tougher mentally.
I do not play golf regularly, but I feel that hitting the moving ball in cricket is tougher than hitting a stationary ball as in golf, which requires more concentration and steady hands.
I’d say working on television is much, much tougher than films. But television has a great connect with a live audience, which is a refreshing change for us actors.
It is comparatively easy to become a writer; staying a writer, resisting formulaic work, generating one’s own creativity – that’s a much tougher matter.
In my experience sometimes the darker the material that you‘re doing, the more necessary it is to have some sort of levity around. I’ve worked on more lighthearted pieces that have been more brutal and tougher to make.
I’m probably tougher on myself than I used to be. I’ll revise my lyrics more. Part of that is working with the right people and producers who will say, ‘How can you make that better?’ Allowing yourself to collaborate with people will push you toward transcendence.
I write books that seem more suitable for children, and that’s OK with me. They are a better audience and tougher critics. Kids tell you what they think, not what they think they should think.
You will attract the younger generation and they might well prove tougher than the older generation. What we are trying to do is to look at the future and see what we can do to bring some stability back to people’s lives.
I probably have more female friends than any man I’ve ever met. What I like about them is that almost always they’re generally mentally tougher, and they’re better listeners, and they’re more capable of surviving things.
Comedy completely depends on the script and the type of dialogues we get. Comedy is dependent on time and so I will say comedy is tougher than being a villain.
I think it’s a tough transition. It’s easy to go from comedian to rapper, but to go from rapper to comedian is tougher.
Hedge funds are other hedge funds’ toughest competition. And there are just more of them, and it’s tougher and tougher all along.
A recreation is not the same as a remix. A recreation has a new element added to it. There are new lyrics added to it. A new composition is introduced within the existing one and I feel that’s tougher to do.
I think your 20s are the hardest part of life. I mean, everyone goes on about how hard it is to be a teenager, but actually I think it’s tougher to be in your 20s because you’re expected to be a grownup and expected to earn your own living and be successful and I think you feel like a kid still.
I instinctively dress a bit tougher because I’ve spent a lot of time in the U.S. and I realised there was a certain image projected of me here. I’ve always been an absolute rebel. When I was in my teen years I had piercings and wore all black.
If we don’t make tough decisions today our children are going to have to make much, much tougher decisions tomorrow.
There were a lot of gifted amateurs in my day. Most of the kids now play fantastically well. I think there are so many bands around now who might get there, but it’s a tougher journey.
There’s nobody tougher on the players than me. Nobody.
I feel it’s tougher for the guys, because if I break up with them, then they can go on and be forced to watch me on TV every day. I don’t see them.
Women are much tougher than men in so many ways. I would say, mentally, they are stronger. In terms of physical pressure, they can withstand a lot too.
New York City is a very tough place. I’m tough, too. When people give me a punch in the nose, I react by getting even tougher.
Succeeding in network prime time has gotten tougher. Every day, several thousand homes are wired for cable, and more people are buying videodisks and video cassettes. That all represents competition.
You can look at it and say I’m doing this better or that better, but the bottom line is, I just learned to be mentally tougher.
It’s tough to lose, but it’s a lot tougher to lose knowing how good it is to win, how good it feels to win.
I’ve gotten used to the point where I’m so used to being sweaty! I like to wear less makeup and be tougher!
The draconian spirit that seeks to enhance penalties and to lower the age at which juveniles will be tries as adults, is part of the ‘whole cloth‘ of three strikes. Our failure to address the depair of our inner-city youth is only delayed by our over-confidence in a stance that is ‘tougher than thou.’
I’m a basketball player. I can play the whole game. Of course, when you get older, it’s a little bit tougher, but whatever.
Any injury is tough, and it is a little bit tougher when it is the hand that you have to catch with, but it is football man. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I think the first assumption as a coach can’t be that we just have to run harder or do it tougher. You have to understand that everybody is a human being and you have to understand that everybody has things that they’re dealing with.
I think the more avenues that open up when people want to publish, the better. Some of the authors that want to jump ship from the traditional houses and go on their own, you know what? Good luck. It’s going to be a lot tougher than you think.
I think reality TV is a little tougher for me than I thought it would be.
Now that I get to be more consistent with the winning, it’s tougher for some people to say that I’m just a showman.
What I love about Indiana Jones is he always bites off slightly more than he can chew. The guy he’s fighting is always slightly tougher than he is, but he just refuses to give up. And that’s what makes Indiana Jones a hero: not his superpowers, but his refusal to be beaten.
Discipleship, following Jesus Christ is the toughest thing that you’re going do in your whole life. You’re not going to find anything tougher.
Golf can be tougher than tennis when things go wrong, because you can’t explain things by saying that your opponent played better than you. It’s a cruel sport in that way.
The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, rest his soul, he was hard as hell on me. He was tougher on me than anybody.
President-elect Trump and I know it won‘t be Washington, D.C., that unlocks our nation‘s potential, nor a bigger bureaucracy, tougher mandates, or a federal agency. The answer is local control and listening to parents, students, and teachers.
We need to do more to conserve fuel or face tougher choices such as steep price increase or even quantitative restrictions.
I’ve gotten tougher.
On Islam, it is true that I am tough. Perhaps tougher than I should be if my only aim was to get votes.
Every year you go out and there are teams you have success against and there are teams that are a little tougher.
Guys want to make a name for themselves, they look at my age and think they will run over me. It’s not like that, though. I’m tougher than that.
The West should be tougher on Pakistan. It is trying to play both ends against the middle – to look like the friend of the revolutionaries on the one hand and a friend of the West in the fight against terrorism. It can’t be both things.
Y’know, you can sit in a room, practise all day, learn your scales and blaze blues riffs: it’s easy to hide behind that. But I think with the slide, it’s a little bit tougher.
We’re not necessarily going to be more athletic than the other team, but we can outwork them, and we can be tougher than they are.
What makes me laugh is ‘Masterchef,’ with that ridiculous thing they always say, ‘cooking doesn’t get any tougher than this!.’
The general public perception is that fighting robots were popular, and then went away for a long time, but in reality, there have been live robot combat events happening continuously since 1994. And all the while, the robots have been getting better and meaner and tougher.
Growing up in the Soviet Union, ballroom dancing wasn’t the coolest thing to do. But that probably made me tougher, because it wasn’t an easy task to do ballroom dancing and not get bullied. And I never got bullied in my life, even though I changed to five secondary schools in three different countries.
Getting into network television was tougher than I thought it was gonna be.
I jumped into acting because it was fun. It was tougher when I had to take my fun seriously.
The challenges of my career have made me better and tougher overall and made me resilient.
There used to be that you only had four or five critics that you would look to for intelligent conversation, but now there are millions of people who can just press ‘send,’ and everyone’s got an opinion even if no one cares what they say. It makes things a little bit tougher.
For the past seven years we have been cracking down on crime in Missouri, passing tougher laws for drug crimes and sex offenses and requiring prisoners to serve more time.
I think I do better when things are a little tougher.
Politics is comparable to boxing. The only thing is that in politics there are basically no rules. In boxing, you can get a black eye, but in politics you can get poison in your food or a bullet in the head. It’s definitely rougher and tougher than other sports.
The East is tougher than a lot of people give us credit for.
People think this is easy to be a football player. They only see the summit but they don’t see the ascent, which is far longer and tougher than the career peaks. And there are so few of us to reach the summits. Some might earn €305,000 per month but there are a lot more for whom life is hell.
I like collecting things, much to my wife‘s annoyance. I keep mementoes because I’m proud of all the things I’ve done, but also to remind myself, when I’m having a difficult time at home, that there are always tougher, harder things to get through in life.
I can forgive the body breaking down. It’s a little tougher to forgive that mental lapse.
We need a tougher enforcement program and, most importantly, we need to fix the badly broken ethics system.
I had a lot of racism growing up where I grew up. Bullied at school. It definitely encouraged me. It’s like battle wounds – you come out the other side, and it just makes you tougher.
Everybody has their ups and downs, and that’s what makes you tougher.
Life is tough, but mothers are tougher.
In football, we tried each week to come up with the best game plan for every opponent. Some were tougher than others.
It’s easy for us to look at another country or another political party and say, ‘Enough! Do better!’. It is a tougher conversation when the problem is in our own tent.
Hiding behind a tougher outer image as a teenager feels cooler and safer compared to admitting, perhaps, that you’re the very opposite.
The only society I like is rough and tough, and the tougher the better. There’s where you get down to bedrock and meet human people.
I accepted that it would be very difficult to become an actor and it’s even tougher once you become an actor.
I was terrible at sport at school. I was fat, which made things slightly tougher, but it also meant that people were encouraging to the point of patronising.
People who try to tackle failure attract failure. The more you indulge in analysis, it gets tougher. So just keep making mistakes and learn.
I don’t care what anyone says – there’s no tougher place to play than New York with the media and the fans who know and love the game. It’s a tough place to play.
I have always been small, so defenders have always been taller and tougher than me. So that’s difficult for me; they foul me sometimes, but there you are – that’s what the rules of the game are for.
I know some bands that don’t like touring and are able to make a living producing other bands. There are a lot of ways of carving a living out, but it’s become tougher and tougher to figure out what that means.
Tough times call for tougher decisions.
I’ve been to a lot of different cities around the world. People in Philly are a lot different… We’re raised a little more street-smart. We’re raised a little tougher. We’re raised to never back down and to hold our ground.
International football’s not always about playing the top three in the world – it’s about going to some of the tougher places around Europe and playing real tough games.
It is sometimes tougher to fight my superiors than the French.
Tennis was never work for me, tennis was fun. And the tougher the battle and the longer the match, the more fun I had.
The Congress has faced many difficult times in the past, much tougher than today. But we have never lost heart; we have repeatedly demonstrated our resilience by remaining committed to our vision, values, and the beliefs that have always sustained us.
You think publishing is tough but the music world is ten times tougher.
One thing I’ve always loved about the culture at Microsoft is there is nobody who is tougher on us, in terms of what we need to learn and do better, than the people in the company itself. You can walk down these halls, and they’ll tell you, ‘We need to do usability better, push this or that frontier.’
I’m a huge Rugby Union fan, which is a bit like American football – but tougher.
The most important part for me is mentally. Physically, I know I’m going to put the work in. That’s not even a question. But mentally you may have some days where it’s tougher.
In my opinion, the best setup guys now have a tougher job than the closers. They pitch more innings, inherit more runners.
Regulations about environments are going to get tougher and tougher.
Obama won the presidency on the strength of his message and the skills of the messenger. Now the talk of hope and change feels out of tune when so many Americans are out of work, over-mortgaged, and worried that life will be even tougher for their children.
If I wasn’t into MMA, I would definitely love to get into motocross. That is a much tougher sport.
They expect a certain amount of leniency or mercy from me because I’m a woman, and if you’ve ever met my mother, you should know that’s not even in the cards. She’s much tougher than I am – she‘s a retired schoolteacher, so she’s seen it all.
My father wasn’t a cruel man. And I loved him. But he was a pretty tough character. His own father was even tougher – one of those Victorians, hard as iron – but my dad was tough enough.
Sometimes it’s tougher against bad teams because you can’t really get a read on them.
I’m working on getting tougher with self-defence classes.
My first time alone in Spain playing basketball – that kind of made me tougher, especially for my character and my personality. It’s not easy when you’re alone. Some nights you have bad games or bad days and it’s not easy. I think that is the one thing that changed me, to make me a better person, a tougher guy.
It’s the African-American experience. You’ve got to wear different masks. When you’re in the hood, if you stand out, you get picked on for being weak. Sometimes you have to hide your intelligence. In front of your boys, you might put on a bit of bravado, be a little bit tougher.
I see the beauty in boxing. It teaches me strength physically, but mostly mentally. I had to learn my strength, because for so long I could have been tougher than I was.
I’m actually tougher on myself as I get older. It’s a vicious cycle. The things that are important in life are the things that you can’t buy in life: love, health and happiness. I say that, and I believe that, and I try to live that.
Leading your family is a lot tougher than basketball.
Trump has actually been tougher on Ukraine than President Obama was. The first thing he did was put sanctions on Russia as it relates to the Ukraine.
When you’re doing a television production, or you’re with a company, there is some stress; there is pressure to perform, and it’s a little tougher, but it also comes with the benefits of having huge television exposure and wrestling in front of a bigger crowd.
The tougher the job, the greater the reward.
In my family, if something were to have happened with one of my kids, I think my wife would be the tougher one.
The competition has improved tremendously. In 2003, I could teach a guy how to play poker in an hour and he could win some money. Today, it would take days. The game has gotten so much tougher. So I will spend my time with my family and play when I can.
I still like going on the road and performing, but it’s getting tougher. I try to have my wife and the twins with me but it’s getting harder and harder for them. They need to be in a home environment and not traveling with me.
A show that no one thought had a chance has just finished its fifth year: Charmed. I think it’s tougher for the younger networks, so I think they have a little more patience for the sake of the show. But who knows?
It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.
For me, making a mass film is tougher. A lot of things needed to be intertwined into a two-hour narrative without getting too complicated.
Politics is a lot tougher than physics.
The best, most successful managers in the modern era are those who can keep a player happy even if he is not in the team. Given the size of the squads and the use of rotation nowadays, that’s tougher than it’s ever been.
The thing that happens is that politicians run on tough-on-crime rhetoric. You appeal to the public and say, ‘Let’s put more money into taller fences, tougher laws, tougher sentencing, handcuffs,’ and where does that money come from? Well, immediately, it comes out of all the money needed for corrections.
Independent dance – and, fine, it’s a very good thing that it remains independent – is a much tougher life: all dancers expect that, and accept that there will be periods of not being able to work, provided there are choice moments during the year when they really can work.
What the study I chaired actually said was we needed tougher regulation of cash and capital in banks, as credit was too easy. Events proved that right.
The world on the outside was tougher than I imagined. I felt allergic to fresh air, and my feet hurt from wearing shoes again. I didn’t know how long I was going to live, so I did everything as fast as I could.
I wish I had tougher skin, but I don’t.
You make yourself tougher in the offseason.
As years go by, chances of winning here are getting slimmer. That’s just a matter of fact. It does get tougher, but it’s possible, there’s a tiny little chance.
Sometimes I say the medication is even tougher than the illness.
In Sweden, there’s a lot of talk of gender equality. That discussion isn’t as prevalent in the U.S. I feel that successful American women are tougher than Swedish women – they create their space.
As a human, you don’t have to be too conscious of your movement. I think it’s tougher playing a robot than a human, and even tougher playing a robot who begins showing traces of being a human.
I suppose when people are criticising you and saying that you are not really worthy of going to such a club as Liverpool, it gives you a little bit more drive and more desire to prove them wrong. And that can only help you in the long run: make you a little bit tougher mentally.
If it’s a shot for me, if I can make a play, create for someone else, I’ll do that. A lot of times you run a play, everybody’s watching, everybody’s locked in, everybody’s pulling over, and it just makes the game tougher for me.
The Celts were harder than anyone else, tougher, and rugged. We battered everybody.
There’s no question that we need tougher drunk-driving laws for repeat offenders. We need to take a lesson from European countries where driving isn’t a right but a privilege.
Well even before she was diagnosed with the cancer, I would have said that she was a lot tougher than me and most guys would probably say that about their wives and it’s probably true in most cases.
We must find a better way to enforce the Equalities Act, rather than require the injured party to sue a business, and we must, through legislation and legal action, get tougher on those organisations and industries who ignore or, worse still, exploit disabled people.
In the worst memoirs, you can feel the author justifying himselfforgiving himself – in every paragraph. In the best memoirs, the author is tougher on him- or herself than his or her readers will ever be.
If I were to compare the Olympic decathlon to fatherhood, I would say fatherhood is a lot tougher.
All musicians start out with ideals but hanging on to them in the face of media scrutiny takes real integrity. Tougher still is to live up to the ideals of your dedicated fans.
WWE was far more tougher than working for a film where you could take a shot and go and rest in the trailer, but for WWE, one had to exercise, eat well, fight, and even deal with injuries.
It’s a tougher gig than what people think it is. The proper, real, genuine, worldwide movie stars don’t get a lot of downtime from the world outside. That’s a tougher price, I think, than what people’s fantasy of fame account for.
Refusing to lift sanctions and adopting tougher rhetoric toward Iran would not be partisan issues. Plenty of Democrats think that those actions are both good politics and good policy.
If I want to go to Europe and get thrashed by the Europeans, that’s my business. Every race I lose I learn from and get tougher.
I know my destiny. I was born into animosity, bigotry and hatred. We had water for white folks, and water for coloured folks. White lines, black lines. I came from Beaufort in South Carolina, and it was tougher than Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.
I don’t think Wayne Rooney would be affected if you booed him, that’s just how he is, but others go under. They really suffer with it. I think I’m somewhere in the middle… now. I’ve become tougher as I’ve got older.
I obviously know how good I was, and people refer to the modern game being tougher.
It is tougher to control range on a guy who is as tall, lengthy, and busy as Amir Khan, who has a very good jab.
I do feel it’s tougher to make a comic scene work than performing an intense scene, for example.