Trouble Quotes

Trouble Quotes by Dennis Potter, Christian D. Larson, Josh Groban, Robert Frost, J. K. Rowling, Jim Harrison and many others.

The trouble with words is that you never know whose mouths they have been in.
To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
That you have no time to criticise others,
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
And too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
My school life was very much a wandering experience. I was having trouble in school and I was not making a lot of friends. So coming home and actually improvising on the piano and just coming up with melodies was an escape for me.
Education doesn’t change life much. It just lifts trouble to a higher plane of regard.
The trouble is, the other side can do magic too, Prime Minister.
I think the trouble with artists or chefs who whine about criticism is that if you love the good reviews, you have to at least read the bad ones.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is in trouble after tapes surfaced of him saying negative things about other Republicans. Actually the Schwarzenegger tapes surfaced last year, but they weren’t deciphered until this week.
When there’s trouble I don’t like running, but I’m afraid I got more in common with who I was, than who I am becoming
Trouble with mice is you always kill ’em.
The trouble with America is that there are far too many wide open spaces surrounded by teeth.
Charles Luckman
For nowhere either with more quiet or more freedom from trouble does a man retire than into his own soul, particularly when he has within him such thoughts that by looking into them he is immediately in perfect tranquility; and I affirm that tranquility is nothing else than the good ordering of the mind.
You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
I don’t think that any law enforcement got in trouble for the event in Eugene where police sprayed the tree-sitters who were protesting the cutting of the trees for the parking garage.
At every party there are two kinds of peoplethose who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other.
We got into all the trouble you could ever imagine. We figured that if the Jones boys and all the gangsters ran Chicago, we had our own territory now. All the stores, all the crime, we were in charge of everything, my stepbrother and my brother.
Persons of genius are, ex vi termini, more individual than any other people – less capable, consequently, of fitting themselves, without hurtful compression, into any of the small number of moulds which society provides in order to save its members the trouble of forming their character.
That’s the one trouble with this country: everything, weather, all, hangs on too long. Like our rivers, our land: opaque, slow, violent; shaping and creating the life of man in its implacable and brooding image.
I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear.
I don’t think goodness is something that you learn. If you’re left adrift in the world to learn goodness from it, you would be in trouble.
I am usually a fun-loving person, and I say most of the things in a jest. Sometimes I get in trouble, but over a period of time, I think people now realise that most of the things I say are in jest.
When I last went to Italy, over two years ago, I had a lot more trouble understanding the language than I used to when I lived there for a year. I used to speak very little but I could understand very well.
A readiness to believe ill of others, before we have duly examined it, is the effect of laziness and pride. We are eager to find aculprit, and loath to give ourselves the trouble of examining the crime.
If you’re having trouble, it’s because you just don’t know how – yet!
It would conduce to national progress and save a great deal of time and trouble if we cultivated the habit of never supporting the resolutions either by speaking or voting for them if we had not either the intention or the ability to carry them out.
The trouble is that after nine years as a Jack of all trades and Master of the Dominican Order, I have no expertise on anything except airports and exotic foods.
I just want a hot cup of coffee,black,and I don’t want to hear about your troubles.
Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
We’re going to bring our jobs back home. And if companies want to leave Arizona and if they want to leave other states, there’s going to be a lot of trouble for them. It’s not going to be so easy.
Too much trouble,” “Too expensive,” or “Who will know the difference” are death knells for good food.
I think that life is a paradox and you have to embrace that in your work and your belief systems… You can’t be a literalist, and that’s the trouble that people always find themselves in. That’s why people always hit a wall with any of my stuff, because you can’t take it literally.
I loved sports, so acting died and it was all sport. But I always used to get in trouble, because after lights out I would sneak out to watch things on TV.
I’m going to be a strict mum. I know that love is the most important thing – you’ve got to have lots of kisses and cuddles – but you also need to mix it with discipline or you’ll be in a heap of trouble.
Neutrality is a negative word. It is a word that does not express what America ought to feel. America has a heart, and that heart throbs with all sorts of intense sympathies… We are not trying to keep out of trouble; we are trying to preserve the foundations upon which peace can be rebuilt.
I was more like a middle child. My youngest brother was the baby, so he got all the attention that the baby gets. And my older brothers were getting into so much trouble that I was left in the middle, doing plays. I was up to no good, but my mother didn’t know it!
I’ ve got quite narrow feet and they are size 12. I would sometimes get blisters when I was younger but fortunately I don t have much trouble with my feet nowadays.
A poor creature who has said or done nothing worth a serious man taking the trouble of remembering.
He squeezed her hand. “Then I’ll come get you, wherever you are when it happens. We’ll be okay.” “But what about everybody else?” He stared out across the river, nodding slowly. “My guess is, everybody else is in big trouble.
Success is a terrible thing and a wonderful thing. If you can enjoy it, it’s wonderful. If it starts eating away at you, and they’re waiting for more from me, or what can I do to top this, then you’re in trouble. Just do what you love. That’s all I want to do.
Granpa said if there was less words, there wouldn’t be as much trouble in the world. He said privately to me that there was always some damn fool making up a word that served no purpose except to cause trouble.
And the trouble with me is that my ego just can’t accept a loss. I suppose that if I were more perfectly adjusted, I would toss off defeat, but my name is on this ball club. Thirty-six men publicly reflect me and reflect on me, and it’s a matter of my pride.
I’m going to take over the world. Everyone watch out, you’re in big trouble.
I’ve heard some designers talk about the design process being centred on invention, starting with a blank slate. I admire that and occasionally I’m capable of that, but I have to admit that I really have trouble working with completely open briefs.
It is evident that you contend against sin merely because of how it troubles you.
It’s really interesting that whenever you do something that is so out of character, like having an emotional outburst, that you don’t get in trouble.
All the troubles of the Church, all the evils in the world, flow from this source: that men do not by clear and sound knowledge and serious consideration penetrate into the truths of Sacred Scripture.
I love to give to charity, but I don’t want to be charity. This is why I have so much trouble with grace.
…the waiter has to come from a place of concentration, subjugation, and complete, limitless service. Nothing is too much trouble. The customer is always right, even when he is wrong. There is no limit to what you will do to serve while that person is in your bar and in your care.
I cannot help fearing that men may reach a point where they look on every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome trouble, every social advance as a first step toward revolution, and that they may absolutely refuse to move at all.
Ask those who love Him with a sincere love, and they will tell you that they find no greater or prompter relief amid the troubles of their life than in loving conversation with their Divine Friend.
It is a light thing for whoever keeps his foot outside trouble to advise and counsel him that suffers.
And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.
One only has an adventure when one makes a mistake, but [as] my grandmother used to say: “You don’t have to get out of trouble if you don’t get into trouble.”
Troubleshooters?” Michael asked. “When there’s trouble,” I told him, “they shoot it.
If the white man wants to live in peace with the Indian, he can live in peace. There need be no trouble. Treat all men alike. give them all the same law. Give them all an even chance to live and grow.
Never forget that I am paid for my troubles!
Troubles hurt the most when they prove self-inflicted.
None of us can be free of conflict and woe. Even the greatest men have had to accept disappointments as their daily bread. … The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them.
The reminder that there are people who have worse troubles than you is not an effective pain-killer.
That’s the trouble with languages. They have to be learned.
When you’re in trouble don’t depend on yourself. Don’t depend on people. Depend on God.
My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.
Charlie Brown: “Life is just too much for me… I’ve been confused right from the day I was born… I think the whole trouble is that we’re thrown into life too fast… We’re not really prepared…” Linus: “What did you want… A chance to warm up first?”
Everybody loves a thing more if it has cost him trouble.
People say both Obama and I have trouble laughing at ourselves. We can’t laugh at ourselves. That would be racist!
When I had troubles, I’d go out – with basketball, you can do it by yourself, too. So you’d go out and shoot, and you’d fantasize.
That was the trouble with so many reality programmes on televisioneveryone wanted fame these days without necessarily working at anything to achieve it.
In all my years of Ghost Hunting I have never been afraid, after all, a ghost is only a fellow human being in trouble
I did side planks for my obliques, which are one of my trouble areas. And traditional planks tone your back so you don’t have that little bit of fat hanging over your bra. Ugh!
Do not disturb yourself by picturing your life as a whole; do not assemble in your mind the many and varied troubles which have come to you in the past and will come again in the future, but ask yourself with regard to every present difficulty: ‘What is there in this that is unbearable and beyond endurance?’
I’m definitely shy, so it was definitely acting for me to drop a trench coat and be in a bikini and try to get my cousins out of trouble by using my body. That was definitely acting.
The legislator learns that when you talk a lot, you get in trouble. You have to listen a lot to make deals.
But no, I don’t generally have trouble with spelling mistakes.
Women candidates have two unique problems. They have trouble raising money and being taken seriously by the media.
The point is that getting married for lust or money or social status or even love is usually trouble. The point is that marriage is a maze into which we wander – a maze that is best got through with a great companion.
I think the immediate thing is we stand up to protect those people who are in trouble.
I love in Notting Hill. You live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are. My mother has
trouble remembering my name.
We always get into trouble when we doubt God’s love, because when we don’t trust him, we don’t obey him.
When she became very ill with heart trouble, I saw that it would be impossible for my parents to provide for my studies, and I obtained their permission to go to sea to make a career for myself there.
What is my message? That is what troubles me. I have not got a message.
William Thomas Stead
Chess teaches you to control the initial excitement you feel when you see something that looks good and it trains you to think objectively when you’re in trouble
So I never had trouble getting work or working or doing – I always worked. I worked when I went to college. I worked after school.
Digging a ditch where madness gives a bit
Digging a ditch where silence lives
Digging a ditch for when I’m old
Digging this ditch my story‘s told
Where all these troubles weigh down on me will rise …..
Where all these questions spinning round my head will die
Do not EXPECT troubles as they have a tendency not to disappoint.
If I loved a guy as much as I love my dog, the guy would be in serious trouble. Because I’m all over that dog, all the time.
Our trouble is not ignorance, but inaction.
The royal family‘s existence is a constant reminder of the hollowness of John Major’s rhetoric, and idiotic statements by its leading members a constant boost to the republican cause. They’re fine opening hospitals. It’s when they open their mouths they get into trouble.
Each man must have his I; it is more necessary to him than bread; and if he does not find scope for it within the existing institutions he will be likely to make trouble.
The trouble with most comedians who try to do satire is that they are essentially brash, noisy and indelicate people who have to use a sledge hammer to smash a butterfly.
Imogene Coca
There’s a class divide in black America that doesn’t seem to trouble black Americans so much, but whites use it and exploit it. The progress of a few is allowed to stand for the progress of everyone. We can’t afford that kind of disaffection at the moment.
I believe much trouble and blood would be saved if we opened our hearts more. I will tell you in my way how the Indian sees things. The white man has more words to tell you how they look to him, but it does not require many words to speak the truth.
Bad dreams are ghosts of our fears and worries, haunting us while we sleep. I doubt Valek is in trouble.
Mistake not. Those pleasures are not pleasures that trouble the quiet and tranquillity of thy life.
It is not a case of whether we want to wash our hands of Europe or want to help her to regain her feet. The troubles of Europe have been laid on our doorstep, so to speak, and will plague us, if we do nothing to cure them, whether we like it or not.
My whole family has been having trouble with immigrants ever since we came to this country.
The basic trouble with the church today is her unworthy concept of God… Our religion is weak because our God is weak… Christianity at any given time is strong or weak depending on her concept of God.
My idea is, that if capital and labor are left alone they will mutually regulate each other. People who think they can regulate all mankind and get wrong ideas which they believe to be panaceas for every ill cause much trouble to both employers and employees by their interference.
For I love the empress of my soul. I love and I cannot but love. You yourself see the whole of me. I shall fly to her, fall down before her: you were right to walk past me.. farewell and forget your victim, never trouble yourself more!
Balthazar was the kind of guy who used totally correct spelling and punctuation even when he was texting, which was sort of bizarrely hot. She was in serious trouble if commas could get her going.
The trouble in modern democracy is that men do not approach to leadership until they have lost the desire to lead anyone.
Trouble is only an opportunity in work clothes.
Natural law. Sons are put on this earth to trouble their fathers.
Forget your troubles and just get happy.
Ted Koehler
Never feel that a piece of criticism or advice is too much trouble to give, or that it exceeds your province.
The trouble with ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ is that there’s always more everything than places.
Nothing puzzles me more than time and space; and yet nothing troubles me less, as I never think about them.
The peace of nature and of the innocent creatures of god seems to be secure and deep, only so long as the presence of man and his restless and unquiet spirit are not there to trouble its sanctity.
She wears trouble like a crown. If she ever falls in love, she’ll fall like a comet, burning the sky as she goes.
I thought if the climate was heating that CO2 was the only forcing, and it would be late in the century before we had trouble. Now that we know about the other half of the forcing, it’s obvious that the trouble is coming much sooner.
I’ve always just had troubles with my family because I’m psychotic. It had nothing to do with that.
When you see a black guy on TV, he’s always a thug or always portrayed as someone that’s in trouble. It spreads the message to everyone else that that’s who we are. People often don’t try to understand black men as a whole. We’re creative, strong and influential.
Tough times never last, but tough people do.
Personally, I am more than ever inclined to believe that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are genuine. Without them I do not see how one could explain things that are happening today. More than ever, I think the Jews are at the bottom of all our troubles.
The trouble with talking about acting is that it’s like sex. It’s enormously fun to do but just dreadfully embarrassing when you have to talk about it.
The more I see of Arabs the less I think of them. By having studied them a good deal I have found out the trouble. They are the mixture of all the bad races on earth, and they get worse from west to east, because the eastern ones have had more crosses.
I don’t want to write every week, it’s too much trouble, and I shall only write when I want something. If you think I’m sick when I don’t write, you can send for me to come and tell you.
I don’t want to drive the markets crazy. I don’t want to create trouble, but rather order and rules and norms. We have to struggle against financial excesses, those who speculate with sovereign debt, those who develop financial products which have done so much harm.
I was going through troubles with my marriage, and I was just trying to focus and center myself. I was already rich and famous. I’ve got to figure out where I want to go and just get this thing aimed. I wrote this song [“Right Now”] and I kept singing it every day .
He who is sincere hath the easiest task in the world, for, truth being always consistent with itself, he is put to no trouble about his words and actions; it is like traveling in a plain road, which is sure to bring you to your journey‘s end better than byways in which many lose themselves.
In trouble waters I had to learn how to float
Last night I dreamed of a small consolation enjoyed only by the blind: Nobody knows the trouble I’ve not seen!
The people to whom your fathers told of the living God, and taught to call ‘Father,’ and whom the sons now seek to despoil and destroy, are crying aloud to Him in their time of trouble; and He will keep His promise, and will listen to the voices of His Hawaiian children lamenting for their homes.
John Wanamaker, founder of the stores that bear his name, once confessed: “I learned thirty years ago that it is foolish to scold. I have enough trouble overcoming my own limitations without fretting over the fact that God has not seen fit to distribute evenly the gift of intelligence.
Not to deny that it is a thinking people’s music, but when I listen to music if I ever catch myself thinking, I’m in trouble–I know something is wrong.
Brian Blade
Music can minister to minds diseased, pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow, raze out the written troubles of the brain, and with its sweet oblivious antidote, cleanse the full bosom of all perilous stuff that weighs upon the heart.
People, you know, had trouble with the character. Mindy is not immediately likeable. She does and says a lot of things that you don’t see in, forget female characters, any characters. Like, she says things like, “I’m going to hell because I don’t really care about the environment and I love to gossip.”
The foreman today does not merely deal with trouble, he forestalls trouble. In fact, we don’t think much of a foreman who is always dealing with trouble; we feel that if he is doing his job properly, there won’t be so much trouble.
The trouble with normal is it always gets worse.
The demon had trouble remembering what she was doing, but she was powerful, sort of the crazy Wendy of the lost lord-of-the-flies boys.
It’s important to be smart, but it’s also important to be active with your intelligence. The more you sit around over-thinking things, the more trouble you get into.
Alisa Valdes
I don’t take breaks, man. In the past, I used to spend my free time getting in trouble, and now I spend it working on my music. If I’m not playing drums with my cover band, Chevy Metal, I’m working on songs for myself.
Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.
Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women.
Forget the times of trouble, but not the truths they taught. Forget the days of sorrow, but not the strength they brought. Forget the storms you battled through beneath a heavy load – but not the light that led you safely down the unknown road.
Nothing in life is permanent, not even one’s troubles.
I used to have trouble in front of an audience. I felt uncomfortable.
It is terribly rude to tell people that their troubles are boring.
There’s too much down time making movies. That leads to boredom. And that leads to trouble.
To persuade is more trouble than to dominate, and the powerful seldom take this trouble if they can avoid it.
I shared this insight with some other boat owners, and they all agreed that, definitely, putting your boar into the water is asking for trouble. Most of them have had their boats sitting in their driveways long enough to be registered historical landmarks.
Keep your religion in your house. Shut off the loudspeakers Masjids. Our Aarti does not trouble, why should Namaaz harass others?
To take arms against a sea of troubles.
Hume‘s paradox does hold: power is in the hands of the governed. If they refuse to accept it, you’re in trouble, no matter how many guns you have.
The trouble with Russia is not that she is socialist but that she is Russia.
You don’t need spirituality to discover the troubles that come your way. But, it’s good to know that troubles are not unique to you alone.
The root-trouble of the present distress is that the Church has more faith in the world and the flesh than in the Holy Ghost.
That’s the trouble with loving a wild thing: You’re always left watching the door.
Bad things happen for multiple reasons, and only the Holy Spirit can reveal the source of trouble in any particular situation.
Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble.
For Europeans a president having an affair, especially in France, is a joke. No one cares, it would never bring this kind of trouble to a country.
It is not things in themselves which trouble us, but our opinions of things.
I have trouble sometimes watching actors – even when they do a great job – with an accent. It kind of removes me, somehow. And maybe at some point, yeah, it could be a really cool experience. It’s not something that I consciously think, “Oh yeah, I want to do a movie with an accent.” Not to say that it couldn’t happen.
I probably lived more of a rock-star life when I was 15. I got in trouble a fair amount. I cared more about hanging out and skipping school than studying. Which I am not recommending teenagers do if they read this.
Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it is too late. Today, this hour, this minute is the day, the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact that life is good, with all of its trials and troubles, and perhaps more interesting because of them.
He [Charles II] was utterly without ambition. He detested business, and would sooner have abdicated his crown than have undergone the trouble of really directing the administration.
The minds of human beings are not always entirely at one with the world in which they live, some people have trouble adjusting to reality, basically they’re just weak, confused spirits who use words, sometimes very skillfully, to justify their cowardice.
Americans have begun to understand that trouble does not start somewhere on the other side of town. It seems to originate inside the absolute middle of the homemade cherry pie.
If sexual relations between consenting adults are not part of the right to privacy guaranteed by the Constitution, then American democracy is in trouble.
When we hear His call and respond accordingly, there will be no limit to what God can and will do through His people. But if we do not even recognize when He is speaking, we are in trouble at the very heart of our relationship to Him.
The trouble with the average person is that he doesn’t trust himself sufficiently to create and deliver ideas.
Once you’re president, you can’t go anywhere without causing trouble. President Obama shows up in China, he’s chewing gum, they go crazy. A big stink because the president’s chewing gum. And you think, the Chinese are so easygoing about human rights. What’s the problem?
Writers seldom choose as friends those self-contained characters who are never in trouble, never unhappy or ill, never make mistakes, and always count their change when it is handed to them.
I looked back on the roaring Twenties – with its jazz, ‘Great Gatsby,’ and the pre-Code films – as a party I had somehow managed to miss. After World War Two, I expected something similar, a return to the period after the first war, but when the skirt lengths went down instead of up, I knew we were in big trouble.
I think poetry is the best thing I do. It’s certainly the purest. I seem to switch gears without too much trouble. Non-fiction is in many ways the easiest to write.
Some people think God does not like to be troubled with our constant coming and asking. The way to trouble God is not to come at all.
A big thing that gets people in trouble in the kitchen is not reading the recipe from start to finish before you cook it. Before you start anything, read through the entire recipe once.
Joyful let the soul be in the present, let it disdain to trouble about what is beyond and temper bitterness with a laugh. Nothing is blessed forever.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is in some trouble. Today, the Los Angeles Times broke a story that quoted six women who claimed that Arnold Schwarzenegger sexually harassed them. When asked about it, President Clinton said ‘six? That’s not enough experience to be governor.’
If we are bound to improve, we need not trouble to improve. The pure doctrine of progress is the best of all reasons for not being a progressive.
Keep your head on the ball. You’ve got to hit it first, then look where it goes. People get in trouble when they look for where the ball’s going, and they haven‘t even hit it yet.
I’m sure all actors have trouble. The guy who always plays the funny guy, he wants to be taken seriously. And there’s the action guy who wants to do serious stuff. Everyone’s grass is greener.
I’m interested in generating work for myself. I have trouble with this waiting-for-the-phone-to-ring lifestyle, especially after drama school, which was so creatively fulfilling.
The trouble with some of us is that we have been inoculated with small doses of Christianity which keep us from catching the real thing.
There are no circumstances in your life where God will not stand will not stand with you and help you, no matter what the trouble may be.
The real trouble with the doctor image in America is that it has been grayed by the image of the doctor-as-businessman, the doctor-as-bureaucrat, the doctor-as-medical-robot, and the doctor-as-terrified-victim-of-malpractice-suits.
The cool kindliness of sheets, that soon smooth away trouble; and the rough male kiss of blankets.
The best thing that happens to us is when a great company gets into temporary trouble…We want to buy them when they’re on the operating table.
The importance of detachment from things, the importance of poverty, is that we are supposed to be free from things that we might prefer to people. Wherever things have become more important than people, we are in trouble. That is the crux of the whole matter.
What trouble have you brought to my doorstep, Beka” she asked. “I don’t see where blaming me for things that began months ago will be useful,” I replied.
Almost everybody in the neighborhood had troubles, frankly localized and specified; but only the chosen had complications. To have them was in itself a distinction, though it was also, in most cases, a death warrant. People struggled on for years wit
Whoever lives sincerely and encounters much trouble and disappointment without being bowed down is worth more than one who has always sailed before the wind and has only known prosperity.
When I came to DreamWorks, I was in bad trouble. They were in bad trouble. They were millions of dollars in the hole and a few days from closing their doors. I was on my last leg.
What are the things we should pray for? First, our personal troubles…The greatest trouble we can ever know is thinking that we have no trouble for we can become hard-hearted and insensible to what is inside of us.
That’s the trouble with Nick. The only time he opens his mouth is to change feet.
If the government ever imposes a tax on books – and I wouldn’t put it past them – I’m in dead trouble.
What troubles me is not that movie stars run for office, but that they find it easy to get elected. It should be difficult. It should be difficult for millionaires, too.
If I’m not in the mood to deal with you, then I just don’t deal with you. I look at it like, me not dealing with you could save me a lot of trouble – me forcing myself to deal with you could bring me a lot of trouble. So I just play it by ear.
Somebody said us artists have trouble with success because art is derived from struggle. I disagree with that, because truely doing your art is success, whether you make money from it or not.
Britannia High is this new, edgy series which follows the lives of seven kids, their friendships, and the troubles they go through at stage school.
Mitch Hewer
If you have trouble hearing God speak, you are in trouble at the very heart of your Christian experience.
Oh, God. I’m in big trouble. Because I’m staring. I can’t keep my eyes from ogling his chiseled triceps and biceps and every other “eps ‘ he has. The butterflies in my stomach have just multiplied tenfold as my wandering gaze meets his.
We’re not just a band playing songs, we’re a safe place to go forget your troubles.
Jaime Preciado
I don’t think you would have any trouble at all in deciding that you are thinking of some event and then visualizing it happening with its consequences, and constructing a rational analysis of it without being able to verbalize it adequately in anything like its full complexity.
It is a device of mine never to grudge trouble in the pursuit of what seems to me really good and never to grudge payment for it afterwards.
Luck’s a chance, but trouble’s sure.
Always run to the short way; and the short way is the natural: accordingly say and do everything in conformity with the soundest reason. For such a purpose frees a man from trouble, and warfare, and all artifice and ostentatious display.
That’s the trouble with honorable mentions: they let everyone know you applied and didn’t win.
When I’m writing new material, I never have any trouble coming up with ideas.
I don’t care what you have done before or what you are capable of: if you come up against a guy like me, you are in trouble.
Things are to be used and God is to be loved. We get into trouble when we begin to use God and love things.
Jay Kesler
I think my mother has always understood what a romantic idealist I am, so she’s never had trouble supporting what might be aberrant behavior to others.
Safe Harbor is a state of mind… its the place – in reality or metaphor – to which one goes in times of trouble or worry. It can be a friendship, marriage, church, garden, beach, poem, prayer, or song.
I have trouble with modern art. But in general, all art forms fascinate me – art is the way human beings express what we can’t say in words.
Why people used to go to clubs was to have a great time and to forget their troubles and worries and stresses of the week and enjoy themselves and I think that the music was a huge, important part of that
So are you saying that somebody went to all the trouble to make you a crypt a thousand years ago on the off chance that you might turn up one day, walk in, and have a convenient heart attack?
I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.
Yesterday Gary Condit spent the whole day attending an agricultural meeting. Boy, that’s when you know a congressman‘s in real trouble: when he spends the whole day actually working.
That initial anger she had felt turned to sadness, and now it had become something else, almost a dullness of sorts. Even though she was constantly in motion, it seemed as if nothing special ever happened to her anymore. Each day seemed exactly like the last, and she had trouble differentiating among them.
I understand that when people try to wind me up, it’s because I’m playing well. Whenever I had trouble, it was because I reacted to something. Now I’m much more focused on the game and on doing my job.
Ordinary [people] avoid troubles. Extraordinary [people] turn them into advantage.
Enoch L. Johnson
If people use common sense and their own guiding moral compass, I think they’ll generally stay out of trouble.
An oak tree is an oak tree. That is all it has to do. If an oak tree is less than an oak tree, then we are all in trouble.
I was in New York. Hitchcock was in California. He rang me to make a report on his progress and said, I’m having trouble. I’ve just sacked my second screenwriter.
Some of our weaknesses are born in us, others are the result of education; it is a question which of the two gives us most trouble.
People struggled on for years with ‘troubles,’ but they almost always succumbed to ‘complications.
He who knows no hardships will know no hardihood. He who faces no calamity will need no courage. Mysterious though it is, the characteristics in human nature which we love best grow in a soil with a strong mixture of troubles.
The best remedy for disturbances is to let them run their course, for so they quiet down.
When you have kids that have no jobs and are not in school, too often they get themselves into trouble. So what we have got to do is invest in education and in jobs, something which I have fought for, rather than more jails and incarceration.
Having your own show, where you’re not in trouble all the time, because you’re kind of the boss, is a wonderful experience. If I made mistakes everyone was very nice to me.
Let me tell you something – being thought of as a beautiful woman has spared me nothing in life. No heartache, no trouble. Love has been difficult. Beauty is essentially meaningless and it is always transitory.
Even the word depression itself was the terminological product of an effort to soften the connotation of deep trouble. In the last century, the term crisis was normally employed. With time, however, this acquired the connotation of the misfortune it described.
Never play cards with a man called Doc. Never eat at a place called Mom’s. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own.
I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.
Might I trouble you to open the window, for chloroform vapour does not help the palate.
The pleasures of the world are deceitful; they promise more than they give. They trouble us in seeking them, they do not satisfy us when possessing them, and they make us despair in losing them.
I liked being a minor because you can’t get into trouble. Now I just have to try and behave myself.
Reason can be fought with reason. How are you going to fight the unreasonable? The trouble with you, my dear, and with most people, is that you don’t have sufficient respect for the senseless. The senseless is the major factor in our lives. You have no chance if it is your enemy.
The Buddhists think that, because we’ve all had infinite previous lives, we’ve all been each other’s relatives. Therefore all of you, in the Buddhist view, in some previous life … have been my mother – for which I do apologize for the trouble I caused you.
Let us not see today’s troubles as a reason to give up; let us see them as an opportunity for God to deliver.
In physics, your solution should convince a reasonable person. In math, you have to convince a person who’s trying to make trouble. Ultimately, in physics, you’re hoping to convince Nature. And I’ve found Nature to be pretty reasonable.
The whole importance of Iraq is that we have now created two things. One, Iraq is in the Arab heartland in terms of an attraction for people who want to fight the Americans and their allies. It’s far greater than anything Afghanistan was aftertheSoviets invaded. It’s easy to get to, there’s no trouble with languages.
The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead.
My dad just wanted me to find something to do to keep me out of trouble. Boxing was the great escape.
The trouble with all of us is we are where we shouldn’t be.
Ryan Seacrest: Trouble, trouble trouble. So why do girls go for the bad guys, what is it Taylor Swift? Why? Taylor Swift: Because maybe we could change them! Everybody wants to like tame a lion.
I have a hard time believing athletes are overpriced. If an owner is losing money, give it up. It’s a business. I have trouble figuring out why owners would stay in if they’re losing money.
As husbands, I think one reason we have some trouble with Paul‘s command to love our wives “as Christ loved the church,” is that we don’t really fully know how Christ loves the church.
Scott Means
City’s just a jungle; more games to play Trapped in the heart of it, tryin’ to get away I was raised in the country, I been workin’ in the town I been in trouble ever since I set my suitcase down
The trouble with taxonomic boxes is… that that they tend to be empty, however beautiful they are on the outside.
I don’t do anything in order to cause trouble. It just so happens that what I do naturally causes trouble. I’m proud to be a troublemaker.
You must be made miserable before you can know true Christian joy. Indeed the real trouble with the miserable Christian is that he has never been truly made miserable because of conviction of sin. He has by-passed the essential preliminary to joy, he has been assuming something that he has no right to assume.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
One trouble: to be a professional anything in the United States is to think of oneself as an expert and one’s ideas as semisacred, and to treat others in a certain way – professionally.
It is always in the midst, in the epicenter, of your troubles that you find serenity.
Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.
Ernest Benn
Though my natural instinct is to wish for a life free from pain, trouble, and adversity, I am learning to welcome anything that makes me conscious of my need for Him. If prayer is birthed out of desperation, then anything that makes me desperate for God is a blessing.
Growing up in New York is like living in a horror museum because there are so many strange people walking the streets and riding the subways. You learn to develop a tough front if you live here, just in case you get into any kind of trouble and you need to talk your way out of it.
I try to presume that no one is interested in me. And I think experience bears that out. No one’s interested in the experiences of a stranger – let’s put it that way. And then you have difficulty combined with presumptuousness, which is the most dire trouble with poetry.
All true histories contain instruction; though, in some, the treasure may be hard to find, and when found, so trivial in quantity, that the dry, shriveled kernel scarcely compensates for the trouble of cracking the nut.
Even a good politician, someone who is very ambitious, chooses not to see trouble.
I have a beautiful daughter, beautiful wife.They look like me, we all happy and I don’t have no trouble. And I ain’t that much in love with no woman to go through that hell – ain’t no one woman that good.
I really hope that people feel permission to talk about their own troubles, but also to celebrate themselves.
I used to sell furniture for a living. The trouble was, it was my own.
When you take your troubles to God, you may have them but they don’t have you.
When I play from my mind I get in trouble.
Troubles cured you salty as a country ham, smoky to the taste, thick-skinned and tender inside.
It is not easy to be sure that being yourself is worth the trouble, but we do know it is our sacred duty.
When I was saying, ‘White people go to hell,’ I never had trouble finding a publisher. But when I say, ‘Black and white unite and fight, destroy capitalism,’ then you suddenly become unreasonable.
Every day I observe more and more the folly of judging of others by ourselves; and I have so much trouble with myself, and my own heart is in such constant agitation, that I am well content to let others pursue their own course, if they only allow me the same privilege.
I mean, some people say, ‘Oh, God, if [Jobs] got run over by a bus, Apple would be in trouble.’ And, you know, I think it wouldn’t be a party, but there are really capable people at Apple. My job is to make the whole executive team good enough to be successors, so that’s what I try to do.
So I think all gays who are born gay are overwhelming conservative, maybe apolitical, and all those angry gays, causing trouble for everybody, I don’t think they were born gay. I think they are just angry at their fathers.
God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless He has a specific plan by which great blessing can come out of the difficulty.
It is pleasant to recall past troubles.
It is impossible for a believer, no matter what his experience, to keep right with God if he will not take the trouble to spend time with God. Spend plenty of time with him; let other things go, but don’t neglect Him.
The trouble with words is that they give us the illusory sense that we are making ourselves understood as well as understanding what others are saying. However, when we turn around and come face-to-face with our destiny, we discover that words are not enough.
There’s no such thing as a writer‘s block. If you’re having trouble writing, well, pick up the pen and write. No matter what, keep that hand moving. Writing is really a physical activity.
You can’t fool me, comrade. You want to put on a cowboy hat and keep lawless bank robbers in line.” “No time. I have enough trouble keeping you in line.
When I realized I was having trouble reading, I was too embarrassed to ask for help. Some teachers believed in me, but I just wasn’t focused on school – I was into the music and trying to please my dad.
I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had my problems in the past, I’ve had my troubles, but you move on. I had a great life and I am really thankful for it.
That’s the trouble with cookbooks. Like sex education and nuclear physics, they are founded on an illusion. They bespeak order, but they end in tears.
Yes, it’s funny, isn’t it? You try to do what’s best for the people you love, and you just end up in trouble for your efforts.
The stronghold of the contemplation of Christ’s glory affords the soul rest, for it will be made evident that our troubles grow on the root of an over-valuation of temporal things. The mind is its own greatest troubler.
One trouble is that when Government gets into a business it tends to make it uneconomic for anyone else.
Disturbances in society are never more fearful than when those who are stirring up the trouble can use the pretext of religion to mask their true designs.
The streets would have chewed me up and spit me out and I knew that, but I found my own ways and different knacks for getting in trouble and being reckless with my life. And I’ve overcome a lot of personal demons and to be alive is really my greatest achievement.
You know a little drink now and then never hurt nobody, but when you can’t git started without asking the bottle, you in trouble.
I think every American has a role in saving this country. Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, independent, it doesn’t matter. We all know the country’s in trouble. We may disagree on how to solve it, but we all know the country’s in trouble.
I’m trouble, but in a good way.
See, when you mess something up, you learn for the next time. It’s when people compliment you that you’re in trouble. That means they expect you to keep it up.
The trouble, dollIs not moving mountains, butDigging the ground that you’re on
It didn’t make any more sense to me then than it does now, how life can pile troubles up on a man what don’t deserve them, while letting some of the biggest jackasses and scoundrels alive waltz their way through long, untroubled existences.
Contentment, as it is a short road and pleasant, has great delight and little trouble.
If it has tires or testicles, you’re going to have trouble with it.
Linda J. Furney
The trouble with you, Vic,” he said, “is that you think of the world as a sort of huge museum with too many visitors allowed in.
The chief trouble with jazz is that there is not enough of it; some of it we have to listen to twice.
Every time I’ve gotten myself into trouble, it’s because I’m choosing a project based on a long-term career goal as opposed to something that speaks to me at the moment.
Canada has become trouble recently … It’s always the worst Americans who go there … We could have taken them over so easy. But I only want the western part, with the ski areas, the cowboys, and the right wingers. They’re the only good parts of Canada.
Deep in the meadow, hidden far away A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
The trouble with psychology is that it doesn’t take human nature into account.
Men are even lazier than they are timorous, and what they fear most is the troubles with which any unconditional honesty and nudity would burden them.
Obviously, I’m not looking in the core of the reactor, but I am looking at what, at that time, was considered the source of the trouble, which was the water and where it was.
Perhaps love is like a resting place, a shelter from the storm. It exists to give you comfort, it is there to keep you warm, and in those times of trouble when you are most alone, the memory of love will bring you home.
Why did people try to shush trouble away as if it were an unruly child?
So go back to the books. They will comfort you and cheer you. If you earnestly work with them, neither sorrow nor anxiety nor distress nor suffering need trouble your mind any more, no, not evermore.
Americans are nervous; Americans are restless; and what troubles me the most is that Americans are uncharacteristically pessimistic.
I was never a big guy in pubs. I was never the main kind of aggressor or anything like that, but I found myself in trouble because I always had a mouth that would come back with something, and there was just never anyone who could make me be quiet.
Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.
A contented mind is a hidden treasure, and trouble findeth it not.
It is not the failure of others to appreciate your abilities that should trouble you, but rather your failure to appreciate theirs.
Well, I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy. I just like to know what your interest is.
If you take the ’70s with Blaxploitation pictures, there was a proliferation of black-content films and motion pictures, television, stage plays and so forth at a time when Hollywood was in trouble financially, and it was cheaper to do black films to keep the lights on until they could reestablish themselves.
I can carry a tune with a three-note range. Once I’m out of that range, I’m in trouble.
There may be difficulty at the moment, but I will not lose the Virtue that I possess. It is when the ice and snow are on them that we see the strength of the cypress and the pine. I am grateful for this trouble around me, because it gives me an opportunity to realize how fortunate I am.
The trouble with plays these days is that they’re too easy to understand.
A long while ago an eager group of reformers wrote to me asking if I could suggest anything that would improve the morals of the American people. I replied that the trouble with the American people in general was not lack of morals but lack of brains.
When God has not taken away our trouble or temptation yet, with His grace in our lives, we are content.
I still have trouble identifying grammatical structures by name, though I know them as matters of usage.
We shall all of us die, so why should I grudge a little trouble?
Women often seemed to leave things unsaid, and in his limited experience it was what they did not say that proved the most trouble.
If you get a show named after you, and then play another character, that’s fine. But if you do a show that’s an ensemble show like… MASH, then you’re in trouble.
I had a few friends who we hung out with and that was it. We’d ride together, get in fights, go dancing, just causing trouble basically.
You listen to the audience. The audience is wrong individually and always right collectively. If they don’t laugh, it isn’t funny. If they cough, it isn’t interesting. If they walk out, you are in trouble.
That is the trouble with happiness-all of it is built on top of something that men want.
Many people and governments share the mistaken belief that science, with new, ingenious devices and techniques, can rescue us from the troubles we face without our having to mend our ways and change our patterns of activity. This is not so.
Let us hope that for many it does mean the end of trouble so far as earning a livelihood is concerned, that it means happy and comfortable home living honestly earned. But there are other troubles ahead for her, and plenty of hard work.
The trouble with a series as it gets older is it can feel like a tradition, and tradition is the enemy of suspense, and it’s the enemy of comedy. It’s the enemy of everything, really. So you have to shake it up.
When [ Paul Johnson] got to me he was in trouble, because I’m an old-fashioned conservative: married when I was 21, stayed married, 3 kids, live in the suburbs, no scandals, so nothing to write about. So what he did is concoct one of the nuttiest claims I’ve ever seen.
The National Park Service shot a mule in the face. He survived but had trouble swallowing and often food came out of his nose.
Good days are to be gathered like grapes, to be trodden and bottled into wine and kept for age to sip at ease beside the fire. If the traveler has vintaged well, he need trouble to wander no longer; the ruby moments glow in his glass at will.
Never wait for trouble.
Many people nowadays who discover that they have a major symptom, whether psychological or physical, begin to study it. They get drawn very deeply into the area of their trouble. They want to know more than their doctor. That’s a curious thing, and not at all the way it used to be.
When you have one million dollars, you’re a lucky person. When you have 10 million dollars, you’ve got trouble, a lot of headaches.
Nobody can be exactly like me. Even I have trouble doing it.
Obama needs Facebook to help him get reelected. Facebook needs Obama to keep them out of trouble with Congress and countless government agencies.
There is trouble with a wife, but it’s even worse with a woman who is not a wife.
The trouble with wedlock is that there’s not enough wed and too much lock.
I’d like people to like me. I think most of my friends like me! I’m real and I get in trouble for speaking my mind. I will definitely tell you the truth because I have to. I get in trouble that way.
Keith Michael
The trouble with records is that they’re too short.
Does God ask us to do what is beneath us? This question will never trouble us again if we consider the Lord of heaven taking a towel and washing feet.
The best way to avoid trouble is to make sure no one wants to trouble you.
While it’s true a small treat won’t blow your budget, indulging every day could – the same way a slice of cake probably won’t hurt but, if you make it a daily habit, you may have trouble fitting in your pants.
I avoided writers very carefully because they can perpetuate trouble as no one else can.
One can get very fond of the people one meets in bars. The trouble is they then appear sort of different in the daylight and you realize that taking them with you is rather like taking a goldfish for a walk: not entirely correct, and surprising for the next people you run into.
I dont believe you need high capacity magazines to go hunt. If you have to use 100 rounds to shoot a deer, youre in trouble.
The trouble with this country is that there are too many politicians who believe, with a conviction based on experience, that you can fool all of the people all of the time.
Epicurus was in favour of friendly sex but not of grand passions or marriage and children, viewing them as sources of trouble and vexation.
Troubles are as endless as pleasures are brief.
That is straight out of Gandhi. If people are not afraid of the dictatorship, that dictatorship is in big trouble. … If you fight with violence, you are fighting with your enemy’s best weapon, and you may be a brave but dead hero.
Social media is a double-edged sword. I’ve gotten in trouble for announcing, too soon, something that the network or the studio wanted to do, and it steals some of the thunder, so to speak.
The sky has never been the limit. We are our own limits. It’s then about breaking our personal limits and outgrowing ourselves to live our best lives.
All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me.
I asked them if it wasn’t too much trouble, if I wasn’t being too pushy, if they could execute what we were trying to do. And if it didn’t make them too angry, if they also wanted to play some defense on the other end, that would be great.
Pleasure is nothing else but the intermission of pain, the enjoying of something I am in great trouble for till I have it.
If we continue to think of ourselves mostly as consumers, it’s going to be very hard to bring our environmental troubles under control. But it’s also going to be very hard to live the rounded and joyful lives that could be ours. This is a subversive volume in all the best ways!
It is not materialism that is the chief curse of the world, as pastors teach, but idealism. Men get into trouble by taking their visions and hallucinations too seriously.
I’ve never been in trouble. I’ve never had detention or anything. I wasn’t a teacher‘s pet though either.
Arnaz Battle
The trouble with plastic surgery is that after 10 years, gravity wins out and you have to have another one in a year or so.
Whenever I think of the high salaries we are paid as film actors, I think it is for the travel, the time away, and any trouble you get into through being well known. It’s not for the acting, that’s for sure.
When you invite trouble, it’s usually quick to accept.
Trouble comes not because we have taken any wrong step but because we are in a complex and contradictory world.
I really lived life to its fullest and that got me in trouble from time to time.
I wanted more of those sweltering kisses. I felt terrible about that. But the warm sunny fragrance of him…he smelled better than any human being I’d ever met. “Okay” I said unsteadily, “forget what I said about not exchanging names. Who are you?” “For you, honey…I’m trouble.” -Haven & Hardy
It is the business of little minds to shrink.
This was the trouble with families. Like invidious doctors, they knew just where it hurt.
Most people, in fact, will not take the trouble in finding out the truth, but are much more inclined to accept the first story they hear.
Four-fifths of all our troubles would disappear, if we would only sit down and keep still.
The target of preventive war must have several characteristics. It must be virtually defenceless; it must be important enough to be worth the trouble; it must be possible to portray it as the ultimate evil and an imminent threat to our survival.
Well the Lone Ranger and Tonto, they are riding down the line fixing everybody’s troubles, everybody except mine.
I don’t so much mind the falling, but I do seem to select the hardest spots to light on.
I got into foul trouble, so I really kind of had to play on egg shells from there on out.
There ain’t nothing more to write about and I’m rotten glad of it, because if I’d know’d what trouble it was to make a book, I wouldn’t a tackled it.
I’ve gotten in trouble with every race you can imagine.
We should not clap our hands and mourn, for he is out of trouble. You are still in it.
David Ruffin
I don’t want to write every week, it’s too much trouble, and I shall only write when I want something. If you think I’m sick when I don’t write, you can send for me to come and tell you.
Robert Gould Shaw
The thing I’ve learned traveling through the United States is that the people in each city are usually awesome, it’s generally the ‘talking heads‘ that give us trouble.
Christopher Sieber
The destructive character lives from the feeling, not that life is worth living, but that suicide is not worth the trouble.
David O. Russell‘s best films are thrilling high wire acts that run the moment to moment risk of tumbling to the ground. In his latest, “Joy,” Russell has more trouble than usual keeping his balance on the wire.
If I had a view like this to look down on every day, I would have the energy and inspiration to conquer the world. The trouble is, when you most need such a view, no one gives it to you.
fanaticism is the only way to put an end to the doubts that constantly trouble the human soul.
There is never much trouble in any family where the children hope someday to resemble their parents.
People are disposed to mistake predicting troubles for causing troubles and even for desiring troubles.
About 15 years ago I went though a period of a year or so when I just couldn’t find anything good. My wife noticed I was having trouble reading menus. I bought some cheap reading glasses in a drug store. I got home and suddenly all these books that weren’t good were good.
Somebody must be up and somebody must be down. Trouble is, campaigns are messy, subtle creatures that don’t follow convenient narratives.
The troubles of this world pass, and what we have left is what we have made of our souls.
The great trouble is that the preachers get the children from six to seven years of age and then it is almost impossible to do anything with them.
When you are kind to someone in trouble, you hope they’ll remember and be kind to someone else. And it’ll become like a wildfire.
My understanding of God has come from my own personal experiences. Because I was in trouble so many times in New York that if you were me, you would believe in God too.
You can end half your troubles immediately by no longer permitting people to tell you what you want.
everything comes and goes; pleasure moves on too early and trouble leaves too slow
We are all great landed proprietors, if we only knew it. What we lack is not land, but the power to enjoy it. Moreover, this great inheritance has the additional advantage that it entails no labor, requires no management. The landlord has the trouble, but the landscape belongs to everyone who has eyes to see it.
Thomson’s views on the recent age of the world have been for some time one of my sorest troubles.
Acknowledging your mistakes also has its pluses, but we often don’t have trouble recalling or mulling over those. The point is, if you don’t acknowledge your successes the same way you acknowledge your mistakes, you’re sure to have a memory full of blunders.
The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.
The trouble with opportunity is, it never announces when it comes. It’s only after it’s gone, you’d realize that you missed it.
I’m busy gettin rich. I don’t want trouble. I made enough for 2 niggas, boy, stunt double.
Most people don’t pray until they’re in trouble.
When people need help they pray a lot.
But after they get what they want, they slow down.
If a man takes five showers a day, his body will be clean.
Praying five times a day helps me clean my mind.
When our troubles are many we are often by grace made courageous in serving our God; we feel that we have nothing to live for in this world, and we are driven, by hope of the world to come, to exhibit zeal, self-denial, and industry.
It feels good to be winded, having trouble breathing, chest hurts [during a workout]… I’m alive.
No medicine is more valuable , none more efficacious, none better suited to the cure of our temporal ills than a friend to whom we may turn for consolation in time of trouble, and with whom we may share happiness in time of joy.
Aelred of Rievaulx
When trouble comes, wise men take to their work; weak men take to the woods.
The wise man does not expose himself needlessly to danger, since there are few things for which he cares sufficiently; but he is willing, in great crises, to give even his life – knowing that under certain conditions it is not worthwhile to live.
The trouble with law is lawyers.
My mouth has a tendency to get me into trouble, but because I’m so small and I take on people who are lager than me. If someone punched me, I’d get my drummer beat them up.
We all have the dark, ignorant shadow inside us. I have worked endlessly to reveal it and heal it in me, but of course there’s some primitive weird stuff in me. The Tea Party is about exhorting white supremacy, though, so I’ve had a tiny bit of trouble experiencing sympathy.
Every honest researcher I know admits he’s just a professional amateur. He’s doing whatever he’s doing for the first time. That makes him an amateur. He has sense enough to know that he’s going to have a lot of trouble, so that makes him a professional.
The only trouble with this world today lies in our lack of understanding of the power of imagination.
Our country is in deep trouble. To talk and re-litigate in 1998, or even what Mitt Romney said or didn’t say in 1994 or 2002, I don’t think most people really care.
I suppose that, after the passion of love, water rights have caused more trouble than anything else to the human species.
I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.
I guess we’re even,Sadie.First,Walt and I rushed off to save you in London.Then,you and Walt rushed off to save me.The only one who got shafted on both deals was Walt.Poor guy gets hauled all over the world pulling us out of trouble
Aggressiveness is not the main trouble with the human species, but rather an excess capacity for fanatical devotion.
It was Einstein who made the real trouble. He announced in 1905 that there was no such thing as absolute rest. After that there never was.
Once they call you a Latin Lover, you’re in real trouble. Women expect an Oscar performance in bed.
children once settled and confident can mostly be left, it seems, to manage their difficulties without us. Only what we must do, always and unalterably, is hold their hand firmly in general goodwill, then they themselves seem to deal with their own particular troubles far better than we can.
The inmost significance of the exaggerated value which is set upon hard work appears to be this: man seems to mistrust everything that is effortless; he can only enjoy, with a good conscience, what he has acquired with toil and trouble; he refused to have anything as a gift.
The acquisition of riches has been for many men, not an end, but a change, of troubles.
Take your burdens, and troubles, and losses, and wrongs, if come they must and will, as your opportunities, knowing that God has girded you for greater things than these.
That’s the trouble with trying to influence an undecided voter. First you have to find one.
The trouble with a liar is he can’t remember what he said.
Recently a guy was having trouble with his computer. So he unplugs it, takes it out in the alley, pulls out a gun, and shoots it eight times. Coincidentally, that’s how Hillary got rid of her emails.
When trouble ends even troubles please.
Oh, I don’t know. That digression business got on my nerves. I don’t know. The trouble with me is, I like it when somebody digresses. It’s more interesting and all.
When I was growing up in my area, the worst problem for us was we never had a purpose, I’d just be looking for stuff to do, I would be bored, that’s how we would get into trouble.
Quotations cause all kinds of trouble.
I know I’m going to get in trouble!
This is going to take a while. I’m a fantasy author. We have trouble with the concept of brevity.
If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life.
The great trouble with magicians is the fact that they believe when they have bought a certain trick or piece of apparatus, and know the method of procedure, that they are full-fledged mystifiers.
It saves a lot of trouble if, instead of having to earn money and save it, you can just go and borrow it.
Are the worst enemies of society those who attack it or those who do not even give themselves the trouble of defending it?
I’ve heard stories about me as a kid. My dad got me a T-shirt that said “here comes trouble,” and when I ask my mom what I was like, she just sighs with this weary tone and says, “Oh, you were really busy.”
The trouble is, if you go too far towards being polite, the label that applies is “doormat“.
I think I never expected “Gender trouble” to have any particularly revolutionary effect so whatever effects it has, I’m always surprised.
Just as there are rocks which receive the constant shock and spray, the battering of waves, so there are heads about which passions roar.
Rosamond Marshall
Understanding is becoming aware of the fact that civilization itself is in trouble and we have done it by overpopulating the planet, and by moving toward self-service and greed. These sort of things are directly the wrong approach.
I’ve always believed that a lot of the trouble in the world would disappear if we were talking to each other instead of about each other.
Well, no. I was getting into trouble messing around with it for roles. So one night I went home, cut it down with a pair of scissors and then got in the bath and shaved it all off. I’ve never looked back.
Magic causes as much trouble as it cures.
what we call a home is merely any place that succeeds in making more consistenly available to us the important truths which the wider world ignores, or which our distracted and irresolute selves have trouble holding onto.” (p123) Architecture of Happiness
Saruman,” I said, standing away from him, “only one hand at a time can weild the One, and you know that well, so do not trouble to say we!
We are Bayern Munich and English teams always have trouble as soon as they leave the island.
Writing your name can lead to writing sentences. And the next thing you’ll be doing is writing paragraphs, and then books. And then you’ll be in as much trouble as I am!
The best way to cope with trouble is to stay out of it as much as possible.
I think authors can get into trouble viewing the subject matter as their turf
The trouble ain’t that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain’t distributed right.
Every human being has the right to ask the reason, why, and to have his question answered by himself, if he only takes the trouble.
Idiots, Halt muttered. If we were here to cause trouble, we could simply ride them both down
Religion does not blithely promise some sort of no-trouble, no-problem, no-poverty world; but rather a spirit, a power, an enthusiasm that endows everyone with the ability to overcome any and all of it.
One pretty woman means fun at the dance. Two pretty women means trouble in the house. Three pretty women means run at the hills.
Most of the time most people know the right thing to do …its the doing of it that gives them trouble
I do have trouble with titles.
The trouble is. . .that everybody sneers at restrictions and demands freedom, till something annoying happens; then they demand angrily what has become of the discipline.
Could you help me catch the moon?” “I might be able to give you some advice,” the old man said reluctantly. “But first you should think this over, boy. When you love something, you have to make sure it loves you back, or you’ll bring about no end of trouble chasing it.
Environmental pollution is a blight on people’s quality of life and a trouble that weighs on their hearts.
If you don’t concentrate on counting the money, people soon realize that money is not the focus of your consciousness, so they give you everything other than money: kudos, acclaim, praise, etc., etc. And sooner or later you’ll be in trouble.
As for pictures and museums, that don’t trouble me. The worst of going abroad is that you’ve always got to look at things of that sort. To have to do it at home would be beyond a joke.
You don’t realize that you’re intelligent until it gets you into trouble.
Why did people manufacture trouble when there was already so much of it in the world?
Check bags are fun. I just make sure there won’t be anything illegal in my check bag which is forbidden at a cabin of a plane. Just leaving things like scissors and such out of my carry-on things in order to avoid troubles with some certain airline, y’know.
There was a second problem that was still not a technical problem… the project became classified. I couldn’t work on it after having gone to all that trouble. I was considered a security risk, so I could not get a clearance.
The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out. There’s no innocence. Either way, you’re accountable.
Honesty is a foundation, and it’s usually a solid foundation. Even if I do get in trouble for what I said, it’s something that I can stand on.
Be careful that the love of gain draw us not into any business which may weaken our love of our Heavenly Father, or bring unnecessary trouble to any of His creatures.
I’m a field Negro. The masses are the field Negroes. When they see this man’s house on fire, you don’t hear these little Negroes talking about ‘our government is in trouble’. They say, ‘The government is in trouble.’
When I was a kid, I got in trouble for lying a lot, and I had a teacher say, instead of lying, write it down, because if you write it down, it’s not a lie anymore; it’s fiction.
All it means is that, while our minds may have trouble communicating, our bodies don’t have any problem at all.” “I don’t think it’s that simple.” “Sure it is.” “The earth moved,” she said softly. “That has to be more than bodies communicating.
Did you know that five out of three people have trouble with fractions.
It is a comfort, in anguish, to be reminded of the scale of one’s own troubles against the mighty breadth of the world.
No evil lost is wailed when it is gone.
It often happens that things are other than what they seem, and you can get yourself into trouble by jumping to conclusions.
The trouble with real life is, there’s no reset button.
Faith pulls the black mask from the face of trouble, and discovers the angel beneath.
When you borrow trouble you give your peace of mind as security.
I said from the very beginning, I don’t want a big house, I don’t want big grounds, I don’t want the trouble with the maintenance and all of that.
Honestly, I’m cool with everyone, and people pick up on that. I’d say, ‘I’m not gay, but it’s all good.’ It’s kind of like going to Paris when you don’t know the language; some Americans get into trouble over there, but I’m just like, ‘Sorry, I don’t speak French.’
The methods by which men have met and conquered trouble, or been slain by it, are the same in every age.
My troubles are many They’re deep as a well I swear there ain’t no Heaven And I pray there ain’t no hell But I’ll never know by living only my dying will tell. And when I die and when I’m gone There’ll be, one child born And a world to carry on, to carry on.
As long as I remember that the glory is His and not my own. When I confuse that, I get in trouble. We think that we glorify ourselves, and the object is to glorify God first, and in doing that you become glorified, you get glorified.
The stuff that I got in trouble for, the casting for The Godfather or the flag scene in Patton, was the stuff that was remembered, and was considered the good work.
I ended up at fifty, over-the-hill, thinking I had no future. Finally, I realized that I had allowed myself to write less than I could. … As writers true to ourselves, it will always be hard, and if we’re good, we’ll always be in trouble. Let’s be sure we deserve it.
Waldo Salt
Wisdom consists of knowing how to distinguish the nature of trouble, and in choosing the lesser evil.
I don’t fret much about the natural life spans of shoe companies. If stores don’t do the right things, they cease to exist, and that doesn’t trouble me at all.
I was a mimic when I was a child. I mimicked the teacher and made friends that way, actually. That was a very subversive activity, because I was a goody-goody who never got in trouble. But if I went off in the corner and mimicked the teacher, people loved it.
Many minds that have withstood the most severe trials have been broken down by a succession of ignoble cares.
Troubles are a blessing that force you to change, to believe.
Like every young man growing up in the puritanical Eisenhower 1950s, I had a hell of a time getting laid. I suppose that’s why I was always intrigued by, and terribly envious of men who had no trouble at all in bedding a vast variety of desirable women.
Great power constitutes its own argument, and it never has much trouble drumming up friends, applause, sympathetic exegesis, and a band.
As a man gets older, if he knows what is good for him,, the women he likes are getting older too. The trouble is that most of them are married.
I have trouble sometimes watching actors – even when they do a great job – with an accent.
Civilization has evolved toward more acceptance, understanding and tolerance of global thinking. If we accept differences, our creativity booms. It makes life much more colorful. It also makes humanity much more safe. If we see pureness somewhere as something to be desired, the trouble starts.
I just know that there are plenty of people who are in terrible trouble and can’t get out. And so I’m impatient with those who think that it’s easy for people to get out of trouble.
Concentrate on your job and you will forget your other troubles.
Troubles are usually the brooms and shovels that smooth the road to a good man‘s fortune.
He was impossibly gorgeous. I had trouble taking it in at times
Anyone who thinks they have a monopoly on truth, and there is only one way to see the world, always gets us into trouble.
The thoughts of others Were light and fleeting, Of lovers‘ meeting Or luck or fame. Mine were of trouble, And mine were steady; So I was ready When trouble came.
The trouble is that all the investigators proceeded in exactly the same spirit, the spirit that is of scientific curiosity, and with no possibility of telling whether the issue of their work would prove them to be fiends, or dreamers, or angels.
Robert Strutt, 4th Baron Rayleigh
I think I was maybe a ned. I don’t know. I had a trakkie, a cap and got into trouble when I was younger and I don’t remember other neds round about me, so I suppose I must have been one. But a thinking ned, an intelligent ned.
I never base characters on real people – you can get into so much trouble that way!
Bored people looked for drama and caused trouble.
Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.
It’s not the questions that get us in trouble – it’s the answers.
Things end. People leave. And you know what? Life goes on. Besides, if bad things didn’t happen, how would you be able to feel the good ones?
The trouble with talking about irony is, it’s such a slippery thing that the second you start talking about it, you’re a better example of it than you are an analyst.
Here’s a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don’t worry, be happy
In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy
Don’t worry, be happy now
That’s the trouble with having the whole world love you. One day, you wake up and it’s flirting with your best friend instead. And you don’t know what to do. You’re thrown.
I have a lot of trouble with scripts. I have a lot of trouble imagining things while I’m reading them.
This is my favorite story of the week. The Republican National Committee is in trouble after spending nearly $2,000 at a bondage club in Hollywood. You know what I call a Republican who spends a lot of money in a strip club? A Democrat.
Now that I am conscious of the world of chronic pain, when I see somebody walking down the street who’s having trouble, I feel a sadness for them. I notice.
The trouble with being a daydreamer who doesn’t say much is that the teachers at school, especially those who don’t know you very well, are likely to think you’re rather stupid. Or, if not stupid, then dull. No one can see the amazing things that are going on in your head.
In West Virginia yesterday, a man was arrested for stealing several blow-up dolls. Reportedly, police didn’t have any trouble catching the man because he was completely out of breath.
Trouble teaches men how much there is in manhood.
You trouble me so, Rand al’Thor. Light, sometimes I think the Creator made you just to trouble me.
What people have trouble getting their head around is the idea that a celebrity, somebody whom they admire, somebody who seems to have everything, would even be depressed.
I’m over the Oscar thing. I feel that if you really want an Oscar, you’re in trouble. It’s like wanting to be married – you’ll take anybody. If you want the Oscar really badly, it becomes a naked desire and ambition. It becomes very unattractive. I’ve seen it.
I made straight A’s and never got into any trouble, and I still impose those standards on myself. So writing is my chance to escape and become the sleaziest, scummiest role.
I have come to regard with some suspicion those who claim that the Bible never troubles them. I can only assume this means they haven’t actually read it.
Whether you’re on a sports team, in an office or a member of a family, if you can’t trust one another there’s going to be trouble.
I find it interesting to see people – mostly people who are younger than I am – going to considerable trouble to try to reproduce things from an era that was far more physical, from a less virtual day.
One woman reads another’s character Without the tedious trouble of deciphering
The trouble with anger is, it gets hold of you. And then you aren’t the master of yourself anymore. Anger is. And when anger is the boss, you get unintended consequences.
The minute you hesitate you are in trouble.
Film noir has a mood that everyone can feel. It’s people in trouble, at night, with a little bit of wind and the right kind of music. It’s a beautiful thing.
To speak broadly, the troubles of life as we find them are mainly traceable to the heart or the purse.
The terrible, tragic fallacy of the last hundred years has been to think that all man’s troubles are due to his environment, and that to change the man you have nothing to do but change his environment. That is a tragic fallacy. It overlooks the fact that it was in Paradise that man fell.
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected.
Learn the alchemy true human beings know. The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given the door with open.
I shall always feel respect for every one who has written a book, let it be what it may, for I had no idea of the trouble which trying to write common English could cost one—And alas there yet remains the worst part of all correcting the press.
The first time you face up to a googly you’re going to be in trouble if you’ve never faced one before
Trevor Bailey
The Bollywood distribution system is so corrupt that they have trouble making money off movies. So they sell shoes that an actress stepped in. If they turned up the amps some, maybe they could sell the actresses.
When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened
The evils of mortals are manifold; nowhere is trouble of the same wing seen.
…as absurd and dishonest as claiming that the trouble with computer games is that they stop people watching television.
A goodlookin horse is like a goodlookin woman, he said. They’re always more trouble than what they’re worth. What a man needs is just one that will get the job done.
The trouble with thinking was that, once you started, you went on doing it.
I’m real good at troubleshooting;
When there’s trouble…I start shooting.
Intelligence, it might be said, has caused our troubles; but it is not unintelligence that will cure them. Only more and wiser intelligence can make a happier world
The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them.
Maybe some people just had trouble with forever.
Black men – one might be the president. Well, America’s in too much trouble – I don’t want that job now.
I spent a lot of time in London when I was growing up and I’ve always picked up accents without even really meaning to. It used to get me into trouble as a child.
God is inside you and inside everybody else. You come into the world with God. But only them that search for it inside find it. And sometimes it just manifest itself even if you not looking, or don’t know what you looking for. Trouble do it for most folks, I think. … Yeah, It. God ain’t a he or a she, but a It.
I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast I am alone in the night Been trying hard not to get into trouble, but I I’ve got a war in my mind So, I just ride
“Gender trouble” is old. I mean, you know, in New York, it is old. I mean it’s sweet. I mean people are really kind about it but it’s like a former love affair you had and you’re done.
Adrian sighed. “I knew you staying out of trouble was too good to be true.
Donald Trump, I hate to tell people who are concerned about it, is not going to be impeached. The American people believe in giving somebody a fair chance. He’s a new president. There have been troubles, there have been problems.
Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.
Away with tears and fears and troubles! United in wedlock with the eternal Godhead Itself, our nature ascends into the Heaven of Heavens. So it would be impious to call ourselves ‘miserable.’ On the contrary, Man is a creature whom the Angels-were they capable of envy-would envy. Let us lift up our hearts!
If the scholar feels that he must know everything about any topic, he is in trouble – and will not publish with a clear conscience.
Boxing is the best job in the world to let off steam, and people are in trouble when Tyson wants to let off steam
The trouble with most therapy is that it helps you feel better. But you don’t get better. You have to back it up with action, action, action.
The simple power of prayer can save us all kinds of time and trouble if we will ask God to give us wisdom and discernment in our relationships.
Love always causes trouble, that’s true, but in its favour, it energizes.
I think once you start putting phony figures into financial statements, you get in a lot of trouble. And we’ve seen so much of that in the last 20 years.
That’s the whole trouble. When you’re feeling very depressed, you can’t even think.
The counselor at our clinic would cry with the girls at the drop of a hat. She would find their weakness and work on it. The women were never given any alternatives. They were told how much trouble it is to have a baby.
I don’t accept at all the quite popular argument that the press is responsible for the monarchy‘s recent troubles. The monarchy’s responsible for the monarchy’s recent troubles. To blame the press is the old thing of blaming the messenger for the message.
I was seen in earlier years by family members and people of authority as somebody wasting his time. I had trouble with the restrictions of conformity. It made me edgy.
So is the savage buffalo, especially delighting in dark places, where he can wallow in the mud and slake his thirst without much trouble; and here also we find the wild pig.
I am by nature a perfectionist, and I seem to have trouble allowing anything to go through in a half-perfect condition. So if I made any mistake it was in working too hard and in doing too much of it with my own hands.
I’ve been a Mac guy for 20 years. Even if I’m having trouble with the latest MacBook Pro, I’m still a Mac guy.
I know only one thing. when i sleep, i know no fear, no, trouble no bliss. blessing on him who invented sleep. the common coin that purchases all things, the balance that levels shepherd and king, fool and wise man. there is only one bad thing about sound sleep. They say it closely resembles death.
I felt that I was really living in the moment. I did not know where my life was going, but right now the future did not trouble me.
I wouldn’t give my troubles to a monkey on a rock.
God can take better care of you than you could ever take of yourself. He could open doors for you that you could never open. He can close doors that will keep you out of trouble. God can give you favor everywhere that you go.
I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.
Polar bears can swim 100 miles. They aren’t like us. We might be ‘stranded‘ on an ice floe if there’s no land nearby, and we had no helicopter and no jet ski. We might be in trouble, but they’re polar bears, and they can live in icy cold water by design. They love it.
No relationship is easy, and nobody should ever think it is. The minute you start forgetting the needs of the other person is when you get in trouble.
What is the source of all this trouble? I’m saying that the source is basically in thought. Many people would think that such a statement is crazy, because thought is the one thing we have with which to solve our problems. That’s part of our tradition.
I had no trouble communicating, the player‘s just didn’t like what I had to say.
Consider that the trials and troubles, the calamities and miseries, the crosses and losses that you meet with in this world, are all the hell that ever you shall have.
Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard‘s leg, and owlet’s wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
The trouble is I don’t believe my unbelief.
It’s more this instinct to get in trouble, and then get myself out of trouble. That’s what painting is for me.
I’m from the generation that had the boys’ door and the girls’ door when you went to school, and you got in big trouble if you went in the wrong one.
That’s the trouble with being me. At this point, nobody gives a damn what my problem is. I could literally have a tumor on the side of my head and they’d be like, ‘Yeah, big deal. I’d eat a tumor every morning for the kinda money you’re pulling down.’
When Christ possesses the will He keeps it fixed. The trouble comes when we take matters out of His hand and try to handle them ourselves.
Today’s secular libertarians, who want to remove biblical religion from public life, have trouble making sense of the civil rights movement because it was so clearly a religiously inspired movement that entered the public arena and made a major difference in American life.
Bruce L. Shelley
Jazz in itself is not struggling. That is, the music itself is not struggling… It’s the attitude that’s in trouble. My plays insist that we should not forget or toss away our history.
The only time anyone has ever gotten into serious trouble was when he decided he could do nothing about something.
We shouldn’t just consider the desire of government to do what it wants to do. We should always consider the resistance of people. The culture of Iranian people doesn’t let the government drag people into deep trouble or backlash. Maybe government wants it, but the culture doesn’t let it go on.
He has turned defensive boxing into a poetic art. Trouble is, nobody ever knocked anybody out with a poem.
Eddie Shaw
Psychoanalysts believe that the only “normal” people are those who cause not trouble to either themselves or anyone else.
The planting of a tree, especially one of the long-living hardwood trees, is a gift which you can make to posterity at almost no cost and with almost no trouble, and if the tree takes root it will far outlive the visible effect of any of your other actions, good or evil.
Your trouble’s easy borne when everybody gives it a lift for you.
To anyone who took the trouble to look, I was plainly visible, but when people are expecting to see nothing, that is usually what they see.
I had lots of trouble in school as a child, and I lost confidence. Teachers thought I was stupid. I learned to read very late, when I was 11. Dyslexia wasn’t recognized then, and the assumption was you were incapable of thinking.
I grew up in a house that had a whole lot of trouble. As much trouble as you could imagine.
Don’t believe everything you read in the press. If somebody starts with me, I try to mess them up, but I don’t look for trouble.
Trouble shared is trouble halved.
This is my country. The Russian people are in bit of trouble. Russian court doesn’t work. Russian education decline every year. I believe that Russia has a chance to be free. Has a chance. It’s difficult, but we must do it.
Boris Nemtsov
Keep any description of trouble or sickness or error minimal, for there is something inside which is listening, and it says, ‘Oh! You like this! I will make you a lot more of it.’
If God has called you, the more they block your way, the more that trouble and temptation, the more God’s love is provoked. Each attempt to stop you asks for more evidence from God.
Nobody stopped believing that other people were more guilty than they were. Why do people have so much trouble seeing their own faults but such an easy time seeing everyone else’s?
He had a come-and-get-me-baby-I’m-pure-trouble-and-you’re-gonna-love-it kind of attitude.
I always managed to get in trouble, like every kid. But I had to learn a lot of hard lessons on my own, without parents who would nurture me and guard me through that part of life, at a very young age.
I have no idea who coined the term ‘the New Journalism,’ or when it was coined. I have never even liked the term. Any movement, group, party, program, philosophy or theory that goes under a name with ‘new’ in it is just begging for trouble, of course.
Give a man health and a course to steer, and he’ll never stop to trouble about whether he’s happy or not.
I was working with Michael Shannon and I was like, “Oh man I’m having trouble with this scene.” And he’s like, “Well, then just open it up.” I was like, “But, the mark?” And I was like, what’s wrong with me? And he was like, “Dude, what’s wrong with you?”
No man is without his load of trouble.
The only really satisfactory confidante for your troubles is someone who enjoys them, and this inevitably cuts out anyone who actually loves you.
Celia Fremlin
If you’re a good experienced player, you wknow what it takes to do. If you’re in trouble, you know how to change. One hundred percent of my game is instinct. I never stop and think I’m going to hit a ball crosscourt or down the line. I just do it.
I’ve never been one to just do what I’m told. I don’t say that necessarily with pride, it’s just something that has gotten me in trouble before.
things are never so indescribably ghastly that they can’t get worse.
Trouble shots are surprisingly easy if you activate your imagination. You simply must be able to imagine exactly what flight the ball will take before you can play any shot well.
I would like to find a way in which people in Saudi Arabia could learn that they can be something other than a Muslim. Some people may not realize this. Of course, there is the problem that you can get in trouble or get stoned.
…well, if women’s work was never done, why trouble about how much of it wasn’t being accomplished at any given moment?
The man who looks for security, even in the mind, is like a man who would chop off his limbs in order to have artificial ones which will give him no pain or trouble.
We are living in a time of trouble and bewilderment, in a time when none of us can foresee or foretell the future.
Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends.
A woman doing comedy doesn’t offend me, but sets me back a bit. I, as a viewer, have trouble with it. I think of her as a producing machine that brings babies in the world.
The trouble with being number one in the world – in anything- is that it takes a certain mentality to attain that position, and that is something of a driving, perfectionist attitude, so that once you do achieve number one, you don’t relax and enjoy it.
Imprudence gets us into more trouble than actual misdeeds do.
There’s no doubt that there is star treatment. It’s discussed in the meetings. Obviously, people don’t pay an enormous amount of money to sit in those courtside seats to see players like Kobe, LeBron, Shaq – all the greats – sit on the bench and be in foul trouble.
Follow your heart. It rarely leads you astray. It’s thinking that gets us into trouble.
People will be able to raise their concerns: what are local officers doing about the drug dealing in the local park? What’s happening about the pub where all the trouble is? And the police will have to respond.
The trouble with conspiracies is that they rot internally.
Will, pure will, without the troubles and complexities of intellect – how happy! how free!
Wise are they who have learned these truths: Trouble is temporary. Time is tonic. Tribulation is a test tube.
One of the things that you have trouble with politicians, particularly in Washington, is when you get mad at them and you can’t touch them; you can’t punch them; you can’t yell at them.
Whatever our individual troubles and challenges may be, it’s important to pause every now and then to appreciate all that we have, on every level. We need to literally ‘count our blessings,’ give thanks for them, allow ourselves to enjoy them, and relish the experience of prosperity we already have.
When my wife drives, there’s always trouble. The other day she took the car. She came home. She told me, There’s water in the carburetor. I asked her, Where’s the car? She said, In a lake.
I have many sources of inspiration. I’d have to point to Dr. Martin Luther King, first and foremost. But my parents were good, hardworking folks who kept us in the church and the public schools, and out of trouble, for the most part.
Trouble is a part of life, and if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you enough chance to love you enough.
He who has not first laid his foundations may be able with great ability to lay them afterwards, but they will be laid with trouble to the architect and danger to the building.
There will always be trouble so there will always be a time for heroes
My thing is, I know kids cuss, they do their thing, but I tell my kids, ‘Don’t do it in earshot of any adults, or you’re in trouble.’
Troubles forereckoned are doubly suffered.
I have followed my heart my whole life – the crazy kid, a contrarian by nature, and I’ve been in trouble in points in my career.
If women are often frustrated because men do not respond to their troubles by offering matching troubles, men are often frustrated because women do.
It’s very disconcerting to start out and to say, “I’m going to tell the truth,” and then to realize it’s that much trouble.
I wish people who have trouble communicating would just shut up.
Either your troubles make you better, or they make you bitter. We must always examine what’s going on in our hearts.
The trouble with me is that every match I play against five opponents: umpire, crowd, ball boys, court, and myself.
The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.
The economy is in tatters; your job is in trouble – if you still have a job. And you know what? I’ve been saying it for years.
Why tone down my aggressiveness? When I do, I get in trouble.
The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.
Patrick Young
As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all – the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them.
Rule Number One in the India Savage Life Code: When in doubt or possible trouble, lie.
Much of what I say might sound like it’s stirring up trouble, but it’s the truth!
Really? What did you cost me again? I ask. A lot of trouble. Don’t worry. You’ll get it all back,he says.
The book Love and Trouble is asserting that sexuality lives inside us, and in the culture, and in the people who do things to us – and the forms reflect that.
That is the trouble, everybody is giving everything in the world a piece of their minds. Whereas what we want is not a piece of somebody’s mind, even the best mind, so much as an open heart and an open spirit.
I did not know from a scientific perspective why I did not believe in evolution – but I knew from a Biblical perspective it had to be wrong or my faith was in trouble.
I hung about the dangerous frontier of “guess,” avoiding with infinite trouble to myself and others the broad valley of reason.
I had trouble making friends because we moved around so much.
Necessity moderates more troubles than reason.
If nations always moved from one set of furnished rooms to another — and always into a better set — things might be easier, but the trouble is that there is no one to prepare the new rooms. The future is worse than the ocean — there is nothing there. It will be what men and circumstances make it.
When one guy undermines the other, it only causes trouble, and the team isn’t successful. It’s very important for both of us to accept our role and help the team. One guy can get hot, and if that’s Alex, I’ll support him and help any way I can.
Ease is the enemy of the artist. When things get too easy, you’re in trouble.
Inside of all the makeup and the character and makeup, it’s you, and I think that’s what the audience is really interested in… you, how you’re going to cope with the situation, the obstacles, the troubles that the writer put in front of you.
It’s okay. You aren’t my type. What’s your type? Someone who gets into less trouble.
Why should you trouble yourself about the future? You do not even properly know about the present. Take care of the present, the future will take care of itself.
Some flowers give out little or no odour until crushed.
Abby May Alcott
The trouble with the future is that it usually arrives before we’re ready for it.
It is a higher exhibition of Christian manliness to be able to bear trouble than to get rid of it.
There were always a couple of loonies who caused all the trouble.
…The unconscious has no time. There is no trouble about time in the unconscious. Part of our psyche is not in time and not in space. They are only an illusion, time and space, and so in a certain part of our psyche time does not exist at all.
Families out there know that if they get in trouble and they’ve spent up a bunch of money and they’ve borrowed and they are up to hock to their necks, the thing they’ve got to do is start paying off what they owe and cut back their spending.
The great trouble with you Americans is that you are still under the influence of that second-rate – shall I say third-rate? – mind, Karl Marx.
Trouble is one of God’s great servants because it reminds us how much we continually need the Lord.
The trouble with being quoted a lot is that it makes other people think you’re quoting yourself when in fact you’re merely repeating yourself.
You’ve got to keep the stage world and your real world separated or you’re headed for trouble.
The trouble with writing fiction is that it has to make sense, whereas real life doesn’t.
Dad, I wrote. I’m with Alice. Edward‘s in trouble. You can ground me when I get back. I know it’s a bad time. So sorry. Love you so much. Bella.
Your first big trouble can be a bonanza if you live through it. Get through the first trouble, and you’ll probably make it through the next one.
The trouble is that thinking looks like loafing. Who wants to pay people for daydreaming?
Obviously the trouble with having a hit with something like a cover of a ballad, you attract a whole new set of listeners, which is great, but on the other hand they start to pigeonhole you a little bit.
Tracey Thorn
Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse of impossibility; for it thinks all things lawful for itself, and all things possible.
While politicians, clergy, creators of advertisements, and other worthies assert stoutly that the family is the foundation of society, the nuclear family, as an institution, is currently in grave trouble.
With acting, you wanna see if you can get into trouble without knowing how you’re gonna get out of it. It’s like the exact opposite of war, where you need an exit strategy. When you’re acting, you should get all the way into trouble with no exit strategy, and have the cameras rolling.
Despite all the troubles of our world, in my heart I have never given up on the love in which I was brought up or on man’s hope in love. In life, just as on the artist’s palette, there is but one single colour that gives meaning to life and art–the colour of love
The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely.
When we go deep enough or high enough, we meet. It is only on the surface that we differ and sometimes clash. True, we do not always find our way to the depth or the height, or we do not take the trouble to do so.
Like the great white pines whose roots grow shallow under the forest floor, they are the first to fall in a storm; so is society whose family values are built on a shallow foundation, are the first to crumble at the first sign of trouble.
If I had a formula for bypassing trouble, I would not pass it around. Trouble creates a capacity to handle it.
In Literature, only trouble is interesting.
You can imagine thistle-down so light that when you run after it your running motion would drive it away from you, and that the more you tried to catch it the faster it would fly from your grasp. And it should be with every man, that, when he is chased by troubles, they, chasing, shall raise him higher and higher.
Yemen produces coffee, Egypt cotton, Iraq dates, Palestine oranges, and Syria trouble.
African American boys oftentimes fall behind in school early, start feeling discouraged, check out, drop out, end up on the streets and then get into trouble.
Americans are in serious intellectual trouble – in danger of losing our hard-won cultural capital to a virulent mixture of anti-intellectualism, anti-rationalism and low expectations.
Light troubles speak; the weighty are struck dumb.
If you would not have affliction visit you twice, listen at once to what it teaches.
That’s the trouble with awards for a body of work. They always come at both a good time and a wrong time. Good because they tell you what you’ve been doing was worth the doing and wrong because they ought to come when you’re young and excited and hungry for assurance that what you’re doing is worth the doing.
My childhood was surrounded by trouble, illness, and my dad’s alcoholism, but as I said, we just didn’t have the time to be impressed by all those misfortunes. I have an idea that the Irish possess a built-in don’t-give-a-damn that helps them through all the stress.
The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing – and then marry him.
So much pressure in this life of mine, I cry at times, I once contemplated suicide and woulda tried, but when I held that nine, all I could see was my mama‘s eyes, no one knows my struggle, they only see the trouble, not knowing it’s hard to carry on when no one loves you.
Never underestimate a child’s ability to get into more trouble.
On Wenlock Edge the wood‘s in trouble;His forest fleece the Wrekin heaves;The wind it plies the saplings double, And thick on Severn snow the leaves.
I think they’re having trouble adjusting to the emotions they have outside of their dreams. At any rate, they keep acting like demented teenagers from a porno version of a John Hughes film. (Asmodeus)
I don’t want to get myself in trouble – and I don’t think I’m super important or anything – but I think it’s so funny that when you look at the business and the way that people make decisions in their lives, whether they’re in art or music or they’re in industry, they forget that being unique is the answer.
I have trouble voicing my thoughts… I can’t communicate very well that way.
Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.
Monsieur, sit down; listen to me. I am not a heathen, I am not hard-hearted, I am not unchristian, I am not dangerous, as they tell you; I would not trouble your faith; you believe in God and Christ and the Bible, and so do I.
A million people can call the mountains a fiction, yet it need not trouble you as you stand atop them.
We do not run from the troubles and dangers that are truly ours, and it is better to learn what they are earlier than later, and if we don’t run from the others, we are fools.
Baby, your nothing but too much trouble. Gotta bury this love and bury the shovel.
If I ever got into trouble with my sisters or was slacking off, it was always my punishment that I couldn’t go to a practice or a game. That was the worst thing in the world.
Gurus Enable you to see new things. The trouble with Gurus is that you can rarely see beyond them.
Kiran Nagarkar
I hope to read a Harry Potter novel soon, to see what it’s all about. I admit to being annoyed that many good light fantasy writers have had trouble getting published, in England and elsewhere, when it is obvious the readers were waiting for us all along.
The trouble with learning from experience is that you never graduate.
How often have we ourselves said or have heard others exclaim in times of crisis or trouble, ‘I just don’t know where to turn’? If we will just use it, there is a gift available to all of us-the gift of looking to God for direction. Here is an avenue of strength, comfort, and guidance.
There is bound to be a certain amount of trouble running any country. If you are president, the trouble happens to you. But if you are a tyrant you can arrange things so that most of the trouble happens to other people.
The trouble is, walking in Venice becomes compulsive once you start. Just over the next bridge, you say, and then the next one beckons.
Time and trouble will tame an advanced young woman, but an advanced old woman is uncontrollable by any earthly force.
You are allowed to do this – don’t worry about the rules, don’t worry about getting into trouble, your job is to take care of the customer. Your job is to make the person leave happy.
John E. Pepper, Jr.
School was a big source of anxiety for me. I hated school. I have social anxiety, and it developed when I was a kid. I had trouble going to birthday parties. It was always there. I begged my mom to let me be home-schooled at one point for a semester because I was so miserable at school.
If I had a horse buck with me now, I’m a little disappointed. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m a little disappointed if I couldn’t keep the horse out of trouble, whereas it used to be a source of pride, and now it’s sort of source of shame if I let the horse get lost.
But then, that was the trouble with relationships generally. They had their own temperature and there was no thermostat.
My husband is so confident that when he watches sports on television, he thinks that if he concentrates he can help his team. If the team is in trouble, he coaches the players from our living room, and if they’re really in trouble, I have to get off the phone in case they call him.
It is refreshing to be able to express my views without having to toe a party line. It has got me into trouble on the odd occasion, but I am not going to stop saying what I think.
My father raised us to step toward trouble rather than to step away from it.
A man to whom you do a favor will not understand if you say nothing, make no noise, just walk away. You may cause more trouble by refusing a bribe than by accepting it.
I’m walking away from the Troubles in my Life.
The trouble with our ideals is that if we live up to all of them, we become impossible to live with.
The trouble with most of us is that we know too much that ain’t so.
In the West, you don’t get in any trouble if you tell the truth, but you still can’t do it. Not only can’t you tell the truth, you can’t think the truth. It’s just so deeply embedded, deeply instilled, that without any meaningful coercion it comes out the same way it does in a totalitarian state.
The trouble was that he was talking in philosophy but they were listening in gibberish.
Don’t worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday.
Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses have been specially designed to help people develop a relaxed attitude to danger. At the first hint of trouble, they turn totally black and thus prevent you from seeing anything that might alarm you.
I was always a class clown, so I never had trouble fitting in; I just had trouble finding out where I really wanted to be.
The trouble with simple living is that, though it can be joyful, rich, and creative, it isn’t simple.
I once heard someone say morality was method. Do you hold with that? I suppose you wouldn’t. You would say that morality was vested in the aim, I expect. Difficult to know what one’s aims are, that’s the trouble, specially if you’re British.
There’s been more than one time when I’ve said something, and sort of the middle of what I’ve said is not said but thought, and therefore assumed to be understood, which is a ridiculous assumption on my part, but sometimes gets me in trouble.
The trouble with doing nothing is that you can never take any time off.
I took three steps and was wrapped in his arms, where I belonged. No confusion here. No worries here. No troubles here.
Getting out of bed is a good way to leave your troubles behind.
I often have trouble falling asleep at night, so when I’m lying in bed I think up stories. That’s where I do a lot of my thinking. I also get a lot of ideas while I’m reading – sometimes reading someone else’s stories will make me think of one of my own.
You do not know me,’ said Tortoise. ‘I am a changed man. I have learned that a man who makes trouble for others makes trouble for himself.
It doesn’t matter,” said Adrian, smiling. He rested a hand on my shoulder. “Some things are worth the trouble.
Man’s troubles are rooted in extreme attention to senses, thoughts, and imagination. Attention should be focused internally to experience a quiet body and a calm mind.
The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends entirely upon a clear notion of the truth that the liar and deceiver wishes to hide.
Musical composition should bring happiness and joy to people and make them forget their troubles.
When trouble haunts me, need I sigh?No, rather smile away despair
Make love and not war! ‘Cause we don’t need no trouble.
What we need is love
To guide and protect us on.
If you hope good down from above,
Help the weak if you are strong now.
If I had my life to live over, I would perhaps have more actual troubles but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.
Sociology is really in trouble as a field. I can tell you, because I’ve known young people who have wanted to go into it, and they have been uniformly advised, if you are a free thinker, stay away from sociology.
A man loved by a beautiful woman will always get out of trouble.
The trouble with climate change is it’s an extraordinarily diverse and complex issue, but for example if the BBC would let me make some of the programmes I’d like to make on climate change, I bet you there would be a change of emphasis.
The trouble, in my opinion, with corporate America today, is that everything is thought of in quarters.
I’m happy with my career and I’m not going to have the trouble of being typecast.
The family is in flux, and signs of trouble are widespread. Expectations remain high. But realities are disturbing.
I think everyone should be with who they love. I don’t want to be controversial or stir up a bunch of trouble but people are going to love who they are going to love. I think gay couples should be allowed to marry. They should suffer just like us heterosexuals. Ha ha ha!
As bad as I was, as much trouble and worry as I caused my mother, I loved her.
Solitude, I reflected, is the one deep necessity of the human spirit to which adequate recognition is never given in our codes. It is looked upon as a discipline or penance, but hardly ever as the indispensable, pleasant ingredient it is to ordinary life, and from this want of recognition come half our domestic troubles.
I decided to always sing in the back with the chorus and never went up front because I had trouble performing.
There is really no crisis except an artificial one…If the great American people will only keep their temper, on both sides of the line, the trouble will come to an end.
Few [books] get translated and the ones that do have trouble making it into the mainstream. It’s more likely that Americans will discover another culture through an American writer rather read a writer from that culture.
If you could have a book called My Favorite Six Stories, I don’t think I’d have trouble doing that.
Nature is what you don’t have to trouble about. It looks after itself.
Good journalism is being criminalized or otherwise rendered perilous to its best practitioners. Attack a government agency like the CIA, or a Fortune 500 member …, or the conduct of the military in Southeast Asia and you find yourself in deep trouble, naked and often alone.
A party like this isn’t about the surprise factor. It’s about someone going to so much trouble that it just… overwhelms you.
If the thing is impossible, you need not trouble yourselves about it; if possible, try for it.
This is an hour of history that troubles our minds and hurts our hearts.
Growing up, I was in and out of trouble in group homes and other institutions, and when I was 14, I was locked up in a psychiatric hospital for a number of months for behavioral problems.
I get anxious about a lot of things, that’s the trouble. I get anxious about everything. I just can’t stop thinking about things all the time. And here’s the really destructive part – it’s always retrospective. I waste time thinking of what I should have said or done.
The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.
I think the first year and a half that I was in New York I was having trouble just living somewhere. Back in them days the city was a lot different than it is now.
I know the police cause you trouble
They cause trouble everywhere
But when you die and go to Heaven
You’ll find no policemen there.
Goebel Reeves
They act as if they supposed that to be very sanguine about the general improvement of mankind is a virtue that relieves them from taking trouble about any improvement in particular.
It’s like getting into film – I didn’t say early on, ‘I’m going to become a filmmaker,’ ‘I’m going to show my work at MoMA.’ When you start to think those things, you’re in trouble.
It is one of the great troubles of life that we cannot have any unmixed emotions. There is always something in our enemy that we like, and something in our sweetheart that we dislike.
When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command. Very often, that individual is crazy.
No doubt, the poetry, overjoyed by swallowing the beverage of passionate thoughts, delights the mind. But she does not realize the sorrows and troubles of the poor. Forget depicting the beauty of passions and present your poetry as a necklace of thought gems to swell the soul.
If you’re not spending 80 percent of your time marketing and selling, you are headed for trouble.
They say when trouble comes close ranks, and so the white people did.
Any coalition has its troubles, as every married man knows.
To ignore your conscience is to invite trouble.
Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!
My friend and I were up to all sorts of shenanigans at school. But one time it ended up disrupting the whole class and we got in trouble. His parents told him he wasn’t allowed to hang out with me any more. I had a friendship break-up in third grade. It was brutal.
Out of the darkness came Mr Carsington’s deep voice, cool and calm. ” Pray don’t trouble yourselves, gentlemen. It is merely a villain come to cut our throats, rob our stores and ravish our women. No need for alarm. Mrs Pembroke has the matter in hand.
The pessimist borrows trouble; the optimists lend encouragement.
The trouble with a mask is it never changes
I like stirring things up. I’m on the side of the kids more than I am on the adults. And occasionally I find some adults that have that same mischievous streak, so I don’t get in too much trouble.
Elves and Dragons! Cabbages and potatoes are better for me and you. Don’t go getting mixed up in the business of your betters, or you’ll land in trouble too big for you. ~Hamfast Gamgee (the Gaffer)
Give people, including yourself, clear permission to make mistakes . . . and to fix the problems. Since nobody’s perfect, mistakes should be allowed. Cover-ups shouldn’t. Cover-ups create twice the trouble.
Psychotherapy theory turns it all on you: you are the one who is wrong. If a kid is having trouble or is discouraged, the problem is not just inside the kid; it’s also in the system, the society.
I think we are ready to know that there are going to be people who are ready to save the world, who come out when you’re in trouble and make sure that you’re okay.
If we keep on talking about masculine and feminine and following those stereotypes, then we will make women suppress and despise their so called masculine qualities and men suppress and despise their so called feminine ones, and that’s where all the trouble starts.
You will know that wretched men are the cause of their own suffering, who neither see nor hear the good that is near them, and few are the ones who know how to secure release from their troubles.
A factory can be closed down, its chimneys smokeless, waiting for the worker to come back to his job, and all will be peaceful. But the moment workers are imported, and the striker sees his own place usurped, there is bound to be trouble.
The trouble with an alarm clock is that what seems sensible when you set it seems absurd when it goes off
I thought it was terrible. I don’t know who to believe. Williams was very loyal and honest. Nobody could ever say different. Sometimes, that got him into a lot of trouble. But after he died and they cut his head off, that made me sick.
To die, and thus avoid poverty or love, or anything painful, is not the part of a brave man, but rather of a coward; for it is cowardice to avoid trouble, and the suicide does not undergo death because it is honorable, but in order to avoid evil.
You don’t get into trouble because of the things you don’t know. It is the things you don’t know you don’t know that really get you into a mess.
Men do not get up and do mischief, without there is someone in the head of it.
Diplomacy in a sense is the opposite of writing. You have to disperse yourself so much: the lady who comes in crying because shes had a fight with the secretary; exports and imports; students in trouble; thumbtacks for the embassy.
A lot of women have trouble with their mothers-in-law.” Raphael’s look was priceless. “My mother is an insane archangel.
In searching for a way out of my own troubles, I had found my way into the troubles of others, some long gone, and now I was trying to find my way back out, through their troubles, as if we human beings can ever learn from one another.