Untouchability Quotes

Untouchability Quotes by B. R. Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi and many others.

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.
It is a crime and a sin to regard a person as untouchable because he is born in a particular community.
Untouchability, I hold, is a sin, if Bhagavadgita is one of our Divine Books.
Hindu-Muslim unity, khaddar and removal of untouchability are to me the foundation of Swaraj.
If untouchability lives, Hinduism perishes and even India perishes, but if untouchability is eradicated from the Hindu heart, root and branch, then Hinduism has a definite message for the world.
Untouchability of foreign cloth is as much a virtue with all of us as untouchability of the suppressed classes must be a sin with every devout Hindu.
Hinduism dies if untouchability lives, and untouchability has to die if Hinduism is to live.
No stone should be left unturned to bring home to the family members that untouchability is a sin and a blot on Hinduism.
Untouchability is a many-headed monster and forms, some of them so subtle as not to be easily detected.
If untouchability is an integral part of Hinduism, the latter is a spent bullet.
Untouchability is a hydra-headed monster.
We shall dig our own grave if we do not purge ourselves of this curse of untouchability.
Untouchability is an error of long standing.
Untouchability is a terrible reality.
Diversity there certainly is in the world, but it means neither inequality nor untouchability.
The attack on untouchability is an attack on this high-and low-ness.
We cannot have real independence unless the people banish the touch-me-not spirit from their hearts.
There is no ‘as far as possible‘ on the question of untouchability. If it is to go, it must go in its entirety from the temples as from everywhere else.
We are too near the scene of tragedy to realize that this canker or untouchability has traveled far beyond its prescribed limits and has sapped the very foundation of the whole nation.
Let us, by praying, purify ourselves and we shall not only remove untouchability but shall also hasten the advent of Swaraj.
Whilst the Bihar calamity damages the body, the calamity brought about by untouchability corrodes the very soul.
What crimes, for which we condemn the Government as satanic, have not we been guilty of towards our own untouchable brethren?
Anger, lust and such other evil passions raging in the heart are the real untouchables.
Ravana was a rakshasa but this rakshasi of untouchability is even more terrible than Ravana.
The removal of untouchability is one of the highest expressions of ahimsa.
My mother would tell me that the shortest cut to purification after the unholy touch was to cancel the touch by touching any Mussalman passing by.
The untouchability of Hinduism is probably worse than that of the modern imperialists.
We shall together open the doors of good politics and will work without indulging in political untouchability.
The purification required is not of untouchables but of the so-called superior castes.