Von Quotes

Von Quotes by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Stacey D’Erasmo, Elsa Hosk, Maye Musk, Beanie Feldstein, Johnny Gargano and many others.

I like so many different directors: Scorsese, Coppola, Cassavetes, Jarmusch, Gus van Sant, Woody Allen and the greats like Fellini, Bergman, Tarkovsky and among current filmmakers von Trier, Ang Lee, Wong Kar-wai.
The spirits of Havelock Ellis, Magnus Hirschfeld and Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebbing waft through the text to lend ‘The Third Sex‘ an air of scientific authority.
Stacey D’Erasmo
My eyeliner is this Kat Von D Tattoo Liner… I’ve tried every single eyeliner, and this is the best. I use it in Mad Max Brown.
My personal style icons are Diane Von Furstenberg and Linda Fargo. For strength and their own style, Christine Lagarde and Angela Merkel.
I did my first little kidsmusical, ‘The Sound of Music,’ at 5, in a jungle gym, essentially. I was a made-up Von Trapp child, Ingrid Von Trapp.
When I was Cedrick Von Haussen, the champion of Liechtenstein, I was only 18 years old. I was super, duper young. I started traveling around for wrestling when I was 16, so I had only been wrestling a few years at that point.
I went through the whole student revolution thing and the last thing you wanted was people to think you were Friedrich von Trapp.
You can’t beat a Diane Von Fostenburg wrap dress; I always tend to go for the wrap dresses with a little more structure. I also love Prada shoes.
Lars Von Trier is a genius. Every film he makes is so honest and powerful.
Growing up, I had one very specific idea of what a wedding should be, and that was the wedding of Fraulein Maria and Captain von Trapp in ‘The Sound of Music.’
I think Von Miller‘s got great style. For a defensive end, I think he has receiver-type style, swag.
In 1989, I was awarded the Von Neumann Prize in Operations Research Theory by the Operations Research Society of America and The Institute of Management Sciences. They cited my works in the areas of portfolio theory, sparse matrix techniques and the SIMSCRIPT programming language.
I met someone with a title on my first day, Baronet von Something, and I thought: ‘Look at me, I’ve really grafted. Who are these people who have just waltzed into Oxford? I don’t want to hang out with those people. They’re nothing like me.’
I got the honor of traveling some with Kerry Von Erich. He was as close to a rock star as I’ve ever seen. He had a presence that when he walked into a room, it was like Elvis walking into the room.
Sea-Monkeys are hybrid brine shrimp and the brainchild of the mail-order entrepreneur Harold von Braunhut in 1957. When their crystallized eggs are submerged in water, minuscule crustaceans emerge; they can grow up to 2 inches long.
Carl von Rokitansky is one of the founders of scientific medicine and systematized it, looking at what the clinical symptoms mean. The medicine we practice today, which is infinitely more sophisticated, is Rokitansky’s medicine.
No one has characterized market mechanisms better than Friedrich von Hayek.
I studied classics, and I find it mystifying that we had Medea and Electra and Antigone and all these amazing characters, and they don’t really exist in cinema now. The only person who’s really doing it, and he gets loads of criticism for it, is Lars Von Trier.
As Ludwig von Mises conclusively demonstrated in 1912, money does not and cannot originate by order of the State or by some sort of social contract agreed upon by all citizens; it must always originate in the processes of the free market.
After preliminary work by a number of other distinguished mathematicians and economists, game theory as a systematic theory started with von Neumann and Morgenstern’s book, ‘Theory of Games and Economic Behavior,’ published in 1944.
The Danish filmmakers are a unique breed of filmmakers, with the Dogme films and Lars von Trier.
I like the acting. It’s how I started, and I sort of feel that if I don’t give it a little shot now, and I go back, then I’m pretty much done with it. I mean, at what age am I going to do it at? Although, when you see Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow doing it, I guess the answer is 80.
Now I’ve been embraced by the real von Trapps. Those eight months I spent on that film set have been a gift for the rest of my life.
I have always had a longing to talk about this Nazi period because my parentsgeneration wouldn’t talk about it after the war at all. From an actor‘s point of view, it’s amazing to play in one year the Nazi Albert Speer and Claus von Stauffenberg.
Hildegard von Bingen conveys spiritual ecstasy, if we’re talking of Western music. What bothers me about Western music is that it doesn’t have an esoteric dimension in the way the music of the East has, whether it be Byzantine chant, the music of the Sufis, or Hindu music.
I know the von Trapps well. I’ve known them for many years and they are very reluctant to let anybody on to their property or to let anybody film them. They are constantly getting requests from all around the world to do shows about them or having news stories done and they’re very private people.
I love Lars von Trier. ‘Dogville’ is my favourite movie of the last 20 years. ‘Nymphomaniac’ and ‘Melancholia’ aren’t quite as exciting as ‘The Kingdom‘, ‘Breaking the Waves‘, or ‘The Idiots‘, but I’ll always love him for being him.
I adored ‘Breaking The Waves,’ so when Lars von Trier wanted me in ‘Dogville,’ I was beside myself with joy. He works in a way that nobody I’ve ever worked with works.
I think Too Faced is the yin to my yang. When you look at Kat Von D beauty and Too Faced and put them together, they look like complete opposites, but there are tons of similarities.
When I was doing ‘Family Ties,’ I was not quite that mellow as a real father. In fact, my wife used to call me Captain Von Trapp from ‘The Sound of Music.’ I tended to be a little more authoritarian. I had been a very disciplined child myself, so I made the mistake of thinking one size fits all.
When Lars Von Trier calls me, I say yes without reading the script because often the script hasn’t been written yet, and if Fincher called me again, I’d say yes without reading the script, too.
I came to Berlin not to visit its museums and galleries, its operas, its theaters… but for the sake of seeing and speaking with the world’s greatest living manAlexander von Humboldt.
I would like to have you quote me, Erich von Stroheim, as having said on this day of this month of this year this one thing: you Americans are living on baby food.
Ava DuVernay, Sheryl Crow, Diane von Furstenberg, Ashley Graham, Tracy Reese, Pat Benatar, Issa Rae, Betty White – they’ve all shattered glass ceilings, whether in music, fashion, or film.
Lars von Trier makes funny, radical movies, some packing power. But, he’s not a provocateur. He’s making adult movies for an adult audience. Pasolini, too. Fassbinder, too.
‘Il faut vivre’ might almost be the French national motto from 1940 to June 1944, but who is to say ours would have been any different if the Germans had paraded victoriously through London and Generalfeldmarschall Von Runstedt made his headquarters at Claridge’s?
I’ve worked with Lars von Trier on many films, and there’s always a female character that’s like an open woundeverything just pours out of this person.
I was Aladdin, and then I was Captain Von Trapp from ‘Sound Of Music‘ when I was 7 or 8, and then King Arthur. I was always the lead. I’ve always enjoyed being onstage, acting obnoxious, being someone that wasn’t me, hiding behind a character.
The big thing in my family growing up is that everybody had to play a musical instrument. We were like the von Trapps.
In ‘The Sound of Music,’ I was a von Trapp daughter in a white dress with a blue satin sash, and my line was, ‘I’m Brigitta. I’m 12, and all I want is a good time.’ I got a laugh. And I was so delighted, I laughed, too. Sadly, that’s a problem I still have – onstage, I laugh hysterically at how funny I am.
I can’t speak American dog very well. There was a lot of improvisation with Uggie – like when I put the dog on the table or sometimes I follow him, sometimes he follows me. I had a lot of treats in my pocket. We worked with Omar Von Muller, the dog trainer. It was very easy because it was a big movie.
Growing up, I had one very specific idea of what a wedding should be, and that was the wedding of Fraeulein Maria and Captain von Trapp in ‘The Sound of Music.’
I mean, if you are director like Lars Von Trier who is able to get actors on a table like Lauren Bacall, Ben Gazzara, James Caan, Nicole Kidman, Chloe Sevigny, Stellan Skarsgard, Udo Kier, all in the self-service situation in the same room, the same trailer, no money, then you must have something that everybody accepts.
Diane von Furstenberg is an extraordinary woman. She’s modern. She’s a mother, a grandmother, a leader.
I wasn’t thrilled about ‘The Sound Of Music’ – not the movie itself but my role in it. Captain Von Trapp was a bore, and they tried to help by giving it a bit more cynicism, but it wasn’t my favourite role. I enjoyed the music, and I loved Julie Andrews.