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Workouts Quotes by Richard Simmons, Amyra Dastur, Luke Hemsworth, Summer Sanders, Shriya Saran, Disha Patani and many others.

Most workouts are way too aggressive. Thousands of lunges wear out the body.
When I came back to Mumbai after boarding school, I was 16 and I picked up weight training and yoga. This is when I also started dance classes and Pilates and then I started doing different workouts every month. I am now proficient in kick boxing, gymnastics, classical dance as well as yoga.
‘We’ve always been competitive. I yell at Liam all the time, ‘Move faster! Work harder!’ I’m like the trainer because I design all the workouts and implement and enforce them.
For me, music makes my smile brighter during my workouts. It adds that extra something that motivates me to go further or work harder!
I did my second film with Nagarjuna. First of all, he is a Virgo and all Virgo people are great. He is a very happy person who loves music, workouts and living a positive life. He is like a friend who can talk and chill with you anytime.
We’ve all tried to bunk our gym session or dance class. A single routine can get monotonous. That’s why I have decided to make my fitness regime fun by incorporating different workouts into my schedule. From dancing to yoga, I plan to keep it as interesting as possible so I’m never bored of working out.
I do all over body workouts, HIIT classes, boxing and lots of leg and back work.
If you say you’re going to do something, you do it. If you start it, you finish it. Yes sir, no ma’am. And you’ve got to have that kind of structure in your life. It kind of helped me be that disciplined person that I am, whether it’s with workouts, film or just the game of football.
We do a lot of different workouts, like hot yoga, to stay flexible, loose, and healthy.
I think offensive linemen generally took the weight room and the workouts much more seriously, because we saw that it was a vital part of our training. We needed to be big and strong, and our muscles needed to be in good shape to handle the beatings.
I had a couple of different workouts I’d do. One routine was 250 shots. I’d try to get a friend rebound for me. I’d count them.
My workouts always start with doing some cardio.
During workouts, I listen to Pandora, and I like the ’90s pop stations. ‘The Backstreet Boys‘ is fun!
I don’t eat anything before, but I can still go kill it at the gym and be in and out in 45 minutes or an hour, even doing workouts in the sauna to get the blood and sweat flowing.
The funny thing is, I really feel it if I don’t run. I start getting sluggish, and I feel like I need to do it. That’s how I know that the workouts are working – I miss them if I don’t have them.
Kai Ryssdal
I’m trying to get myself in good shape, do my workouts, so that when I am back, I am ready to go.
I like weightlifting and cardio workouts, and I’ll do a lot of circuit workouts and plyometric as well.
I’ve been working hard to lose weight and become healthier overall. I even started putting the workouts on my Snapchat so my fans can see how dedicated I am to being better.
In addition to intense workouts, you need to be mindful of what you are feeding your body in order to keep it looking trim and tight.
With all my workouts, I have a hard time keeping weight on. My body wants to keep losing weight so I have to eat more.
Taking time off if you’re not banged up can be trouble. It can lead to bad habits – in your workouts and in your diet.
I want my workouts to feel like a luxury, a way to pamper yourself and add a beautiful dimension to your everyday life.
I try to do two workouts three times a week.
Even at home, I am not too much into trainings and workouts.
Yoga is one of my preferred workouts, because it benefits my mind as well as my body.
Being a tight end, you have to be able to do everything. You have to be able to run routes; you have to be able to block, pass-protect, and run with the ball after a catch. So, that’s how I attack my workouts – focusing on doing everything.
One of my favorite workouts to do with my girlfriends is yoga. We are equally impatient with our yoga. We are those people who are sweating in the back, and we’ll be in downward dog giggling and looking at each other. And I know what we’re all thinking: What are we going to order for dinner afterward?
At the combine and at my workouts, I tried to be the perfect player. I tried to promote my strengths and conceal my weaknesses, and on paper, I kind of succeeded: I was the first pick in the draft. And with that, I inherited this big shiny trophy that I carried around, and it had one word engraved on it – anxiety.
One of my favorite things about traveling is experimenting with different workouts in different gyms. If I can’t get to a Gold‘s Gym, and I’m stuck in a small hotel gym, and it’s only got a medicine ball and a treadmill, how am I going to make sure I get a decent workout from this environment? I love that challenge.
Workouts, for me, are more about stress relief and having more energy to do the things I need to do. That’s a much healthier way of approaching exercise. All of those other things will come if you commit to it. It really is about being a happy person.
I snack on fruit and nuts. In the middle of my long workouts, I’ll have a protein shake.
A lot of people would question, ‘is twenty-five minutes or thirty minutes a day really enough to have a good physique?’ But that’s how I live my life: I do short and intense workouts so that I can enjoy my day and be with my family and not be in the gym for hours.
People like to talk a lot about me, about how I have anxiety or social disorders. I’ll admit to anxiety, but it has nothing to do with media or being in front of a camera or being around people. It has to do with dealing with the sparring that I’m going to have or the workouts that I’m going to have from day to day.
My workouts start with a really good stretching session.
The Gunnar Challenge offers new workouts every day, a meal plan and dailyverbal vitamins,’ which are a motivational video or workout tip. The thing that really makes the program work is the forum, where Challengers can communicate with each other and with me.
I’ve stayed sharp, basically through football workouts. I cater those workouts to track-specific things, so I don’t lose the rhythm I’ve always had to keep football and track in balance.
I mix up my workouts to make sure I get cardio, toning, and strengthening covered.
My workouts are based on very heavy, fast movements using weights, the science behind it being that the faster you move a weight, the more fast twitch fibres you rip and then repair.
I do a lot of weight training, and my workouts are intense, which include cardios, core body workouts, and functional training.
When I’m touring, I have to think of workouts that don’t require a gym.
I’m really big into yoga, so I go On Demand and look up workouts. I’m all about it.
To recover from workouts I typically drink a 20-gram protein shake, float in the pool for 15 minutes, then do a hot-and-cold tub contrast soak.
I play tennis and squash, apart from my regular workouts. With all the extra exercise, I just want to go home and sleep at the end of the day.
I’m a big believer in a balance of workouts – a well-balanced workout plan. Part of it is cardio, part strength training and then flexibility. You really need all three.
Whenever you leave home and your daily routine, it’s way too easy to abandon your regular workouts. That’s why resistance bands make great travel companions.
In the offseason, you can definitely get after it a little more. You can have very intense workouts and not have to worry about a match coming up in a day or two or in the next week.
I think the key to working out is for people to think of water – just allow the workouts to fill out the cracks in your lives and seep into wherever you can fit it in.
I remember seeing a story on Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte doing strongman workouts. That was awesome.
There are times I might coach one or two workouts a year when the regular coach gets caught in traffic.
Listen, we’ve drafted guys that wouldn’t come in for workouts before. It’s not the end of the world.
My colleagues think I’m crazy but my motto is, never miss a day. If we’re taping in L.A., I’ll get up at 2 a.m. to go run. If I’m on the road and the hotel doesn’t have a gym, I’ll find a 24-hour gym. I don’t know how to exist without my workouts.
My favorite thing do is HITT workouts, or high interval intensity workouts. like to do that because I’m not really a cardio person.
My workouts have inspired me to make an activewear line because it’s so difficult to find supportive clothing and clothing that’s cute and actually inspires you to get up.
I prefer not to use any machines. I focus a lot on cardio, which is what I do when I’m on stage. I also am into isometric workouts.
When I’m lifting heavy, doing squats, and doing upper-body workouts, it’s mostly about core and stability. But I’ll still do deadlifts. I also do tire workouts with these big 600-pound tires, flipping them and stuff like that.
Personally, I know that it’s taken me a few different kinds of workouts to find out what’s good for me because I completely relate sometimes, when I’m like, ‘I don’t really want to go to the gym because I don’t want people to see me like this.’
I work out more during a full four hours of a football game than I ever do in my workouts.
I’m really starting to get bored with myself, doing the same workouts. ‘Oh here we go again.’ I need someone to crack the whip. I need someone to kick my butt because sometimes I can end up taking it pretty easy on myself.
For evening workouts, I work out two body parts; a big muscle and a small, like, say, the chest and the triceps. I lift crazy weights and take no breaks while I’m at it.
My favorite outdoor activities are running, yoga, and functional training. My favorite indoor workouts are Pilates, kickboxing, functional training, and a lot of different exercises at the gym with and without weights – including TRX.
When I’ve stopped doing workouts and YouTube videos, I want this content that I’ve created to be used in schools all around the world. This is what I want to be remembered for.
I don’t really like to run or do traditional workouts. I find them very boring. I like to mix it up.
I just go in, go do my workouts, go as hard as I can and let the chips fall where they may.
Whenever I’ve had a rough day, I like to pour my frustration into my workouts.
The most important thing for staying in shape is having fun with your workouts.
Regardless of how I feel, I always push through all of my workouts before I get ready for the game, because even though I might not like it then, even though I might be a little tired or fatigued, in the long run, it pays off.
I surf online if I want some new combinations of workouts, and include them in my routine.
I’ve always been athletic – I ran track in high school – and it kept my blood pressure in check over the years. Once I was diagnosed with hypertension, I stepped up my workouts.
I get bored easily, so in general, I tend to mix up my workouts. I exercise in the gym with a trainer once a week when I’m in town, and I love yoga, golf and tennis.
I think the problem people get into is they want to go into the gym and look at other people’s workouts, or they want to lift what other people are lifting. I started out really small. I actually did a lot of research, and I learned all about working out. So take gradual steps.
I try to get my workouts in in the morning.
You have your best workouts when you go in thinking you don’t want to do it, because you’re so satisfied with your own determination and grit.
My workouts are mostly interval-based, so I’m never running at a constant speed. I’m always switching it up because I don’t want my body getting used to one thing in particular.
I think the two most important parts of any athlete‘s workouts are his leg workouts and his core training.
Vimmia is my new favorite thing. I absolutely love the fabric. I do a lot of high-intensity workouts, so the clothing is perfect for that.
We made a lot of videos about home workouts, the food we were having etc., and trying to motivate ourselves and others. But when a few people in my building tested positive for COVID-19, we got anxious. I was feeling low, and that’s when Debina and I started meditating.
A quick 3-mile run around my neighborhood is what I find maximizes my quick workouts and gives me energy to get through my day.
I try to simulate as much as possible what we do on the field in my workouts, so when I get with the team I’m somewhere close.
Find the foods and workouts that make you feel great. Everyone‘s different. Find what works for you.
I drink a lot of Body Armor – it’s a sports drink. It offers great hydration, and it’s the best before/after drink for workouts. Orange mango is my favorite. Strawberry banana is a close second.
I always show up to the office sweaty! I’ll come in between workouts in a tennis skirt drenched in sweat. The only time that I actually look presentable is at meetings.
For me, it’s about moderation and discipline, and that’s something I picked up from my dad. I don’t believe in rigorous workouts but believe in eating right, going to bed early, and getting a proper workout.
A lot of my struggles with nutrition date back to my swimming days. I was a super-skinny young girl who would go through hours of intense training. Afterward, I’d be famished, but I had a two-hour trip home before dinner. When I did my hardest workouts, I often ate less; I was too tired to think about food.
I don’t like workouts that make you bulky.
I need a trainer if I’m doing gym workouts, because otherwise I’ll just mess around and go on my phone.
The point of workouts are no longer to do double 60-minute sessions or go to classes five times a week. You don’t want to burn out and beat your body up.
I really like to bike outdoors and love the weight-based workouts that I do. I am not the biggest fan of other cardio-based workouts. Off-season cardio sessions are pretty grueling.
It’s been good being able to go back to the Philippines, practice with the national team, do workouts and things.
Sometimes you’ve got to make your work and workouts co-exist.
I really don’t like splitting my workouts into lower body one day, upper body the next day – that makes me I feel like I’m working out every day, and I feel like I’m more tired during the season than I need to be.
There’s a tendency, guys get really excited and go through practice, and they want to stay for an extra hour after and do these workouts. What you should be doing is getting in the cold tub or getting your corrective exercises in with your strength coach, little things like that which can help you in the long run.
By learning about my body and making small, subtle changes, I find out what I enjoy and what is effective. I’m always finessing: adjusting my diet and my workouts. You have to figure out which exercises are fun and interesting and stimulate your brain – or else you’ll never keep at them.
Early in my career, I had difficulty breathing during workouts and my performance on the ice suffered. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with EIB and received the proper treatment that I was able to reach my peak performance.
I like to make my training sessions harder than an actual game with very high intensity workouts, lots of sprints and plenty of weight room lifts.
I can look at age curves and try to learn from that and say, ‘All right, maybe I need to adjust some workouts or spend more time in the cold tub.’
While I try to keep my fitness regimen consistent, during awards season, I’m especially conscious of what I’ll be wearing and plan my workouts accordingly.
Brain studies of mental workouts in which you sustain a single, chosen focus show that the more you detach from what’s distracting you and refocus on what you should be paying attention to, the stronger this brain circuitry becomes.
I try and avoid cardio because it makes me lose a lot of weight. Instead, I do resistance training, model fit workouts, and ballet.
Even for runners who never make the transition to more sophisticated workouts, easing into speedwork will lead to more enjoyable running.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize how important it is to vary your workouts.
I was captain of the pom-pom team, which was still dance, but we were athletes. We trained on the track and did workouts every single day after school.
I have been a vegetarian for a few years now, and I am honestly managing it quite well in sync with my workouts and maintaining my physique as well. From whey protein to cottage cheese to tofu, all my proteins, carbs and far content are well in place and balanced.
Besides surfing, I play tennis, volleyball, I swim, I run hills, or I do high-intensity, high-interval workouts. I’m up at 5 A.M. every day.
It’s really fun doing the ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts,’ as it just gives the fans a chance to see how we train.
It’s difficult to motivate yourself to do the workouts when you get older but I train hard.
My workouts include aerobic exercise for a healthy cardiovascular system; strength training to maintain muscle tone and bone density; core strength exercise for a stable mid-section; and stretching to maintain mobility.
After an injury left me unable to perform my usual routine, I focused on the best upper body workouts to keep myself fit and strong.
I normally did isolation/bodybuilding-style workouts. But since coming to the Performance Center, the strength and conditioning coach has me doing a lot of different workouts I’ve never done before, and it’s really shocked my body in a good way.
I didn’t care about the draft. I didn’t want to do the workouts – they put you in two-on-two full-court drills with guards. That’s not going to help me.
After workouts, I always try to eat protein right away, like a protein smoothie or an organic protein bar – you get them online.
Cheer for your teammates, regardless of whether they’re fast or slow, veteran or neophyte, varsity or JV. Or rally the spirits of someone who’s had a bad performance. Also, encourage stragglers during tough workouts; jog back to ‘pick up’ a runner who’s behind during a long run.
It’s tricky when I’m constantly traveling and adjusting to new time zones and trying to also keep up with my workouts.
We’re constantly on the road, and we all love to eat, so we try to find balance. We never like to deprive ourselves, but we do try to eat clean as much as possible and sneak in workouts wherever we can so we feel energized and don’t feel bad when we eat that extra handful of Flaming Hot Cheetos!
My favorite workouts are the ones that don’t feel like I’m working out! So, dance is a big one. Another is any kind of isolated moves, like ballet moves. Anything that works the glutes and legssign me up! And I like to blast the music. I have to get lost in the music. That helps.
With both kids, I started working out again at 16 days postpartum, but I treated myself with kindness, doing mild workouts, because my fitness level was lower.
Sometimes I go through a yoga phase or a spinning phase, but I try to vary my workouts so my body doesn’t get used to any one thing.
I plan my workouts around my blowouts and often retouch the root and do curls if it gets messy after a workout.
One of my all-time favorite workouts is boxing.
No matter what I do, it’s all about the workouts. When I travel, I make sure I get my workout in first. When I’m in camp for a fight, I don’t travel at all, and I train three times a day. The secret is to just keep working.
Football players are constantly talking about their workouts, trading secrets, helping each other become the best players they can be. Now that I’m retired, it’s no different.
I don’t like gyms, but I try to get my heart rate up once a day. I don’t do long workouts because it’s boring.
Have a specific goal every time you hit the gym; this way, your workouts have built-in purpose.
A lot of people have ridiculous misconceptions about diet and workout routines. It is not about exotic greens and workouts from the western world. It is about what works for you the best.
I like to be very consistent with workouts and getting a good amount of sleep. I’ve really been enjoying Pilates lately. It’s actually really tough to fit in my schedule, but if I can get in a workout three times a week while we’re shooting, that feels right. Any more seems to deplete my energy.
Once I changed my diet, I noticed I had a ton of energy – I was more lively and ready for the workouts; my body was better. I noticed it was definitely the stuff I was putting in my body that made me feel better.
Obviously it’s more fun having my teammates there and having all that camaraderie, but individual workouts are not a loss.
D’Brickashaw Ferguson
It’s been quite a long time that I’ve been working out, so I know what sort of workouts work for which muscle group and overall strength.
The one thing I like to do is challenge my body, so I just transition between a bunch of different workouts all the time.
People like to talk a lot about me, about how I have anxiety or social disorders. I’ll admit to anxiety, but it has nothing to do with media or being in front of a camera or being around people. It has to do with dealing with the sparring that I’m going to have or the workouts that I’m going to have from day to day.
Before I left for the bubble, a couple days prior I started taking notes on everything I was doing, how my workouts were and stuff like that. I just did it throughout the bubble. It does help me for sure. It keeps me locked in, just always reminding myself of what I need to do.
Home workouts are great, but if you can get out, that’s even better. If you tell yourself you’re going to go do planks in the spare bedroom, you might get interrupted and not get your workout in.
There’s nothing like a shake-up when you are on the street just training and everybody in the league is with their team engaged in offseason workouts.
If I wasn’t in a profession where I will be seen by so many people, I don’t think there would be a limit to my pizza intake and my workouts wouldn’t be so frequent. So, I’m just really glad to be part of this industry.
P90X and Insanity are awesome workouts for young guys who aren’t beat up. DDPYoga is for guys who are beat up. It’s the fountain of youth for beat-up guys.
If I’m winning a lot and going deep in a tournament, I don’t do a lot of heavy workouts. I’ll instead do a lot of short sessions where we focus on functional exercises, with the matches obviously being the major workout for each day.